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[edit] H

  • HelpML
  • HumanML: for describing contextual (emotional, social, pragmatic) information about instances of human communication

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[edit] K

[edit] L

[edit] M

  • MathML: a language describing mathematical notation
  • Medical Markup Language
  • Microformats: a piece mark up that allows expression of semantics in an HTML (or XHTML) web page
  • MOWL
  • MusicXML: an XML-based music notation file format.
  • MXML: a language used to declaratively lay-out the interface of applications, and also to implement complex business logic and rich internet application behaviors

[edit] N

[edit] O

  • ODD: A 'One Document Does-it-all' TEI format for simultaneously recording project documentation and meta-schema definition from which you can generate RELAX NG, W3C XML Schema, and DTDs as well as formatted documentation.
  • ODRL: an XML-based standard Rights Expression Language (REL) used in Digital Rights Management systems
  • Office Open XML: is a Microsoft file format specification for the storage of electronic documents
  • OIOXML: an XML-markup language created by the Danish government to ease communication from, to and between Danish governmental instances
  • OML: an XML format for outlines, based on OPML.
  • OPML: an XML format for outlines
  • Open eBook: the e-book format defined by Open eBook Publication Structure Specification.
  • OpenDocument: a document file format used for describing electronic documents
  • Open Mathematical Documents (OMDoc), based on OpenMath and MathML, but with a greater coverage.
  • OpenMath - a markup language for mathematical formulae which can complement MathML.
  • OSIS – Open Scripture Information Standard, an XML-markup schema that defines tags for marking up Bibles, theological commentaries, and other related literature.

[edit] P

  • phyloXML - XML for phylogenetic and phylogenomic applications
  • PMML

[edit] R

[edit] S

[edit] T

  • Text Encoding Initiative – guidelines for text encoding, with schemas and a mechanism to customise to individual project needs.
  • ThML – Theological Markup Language created by Christian Classics Ethereal Library (CCEL), to create electronic theological texts.
  • TMX
  • TREX: a simple schema language
  • Topicmaps

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