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Mind mapping software is used to create diagrams of relationships between ideas or other pieces of information. It has been suggested that the mind mapping technique can improve learning/study efficiency up to 15% over conventional note taking.[1]

Some mind mapping software is 3D, though full 3D functionality is difficult to achieve with the forms of interface devices readily available to users. Some mapping programs incorporate other learning optimization techniques including electronic flashcard style testing.

The following is a list of mind mapping software.


[edit] Free software

There are a number of free software packages that allow the creation of, or otherwise support mind maps.

Software Licence Genre Platforms Notes Screenshot
Compendium (software) GPL Compendium approach to the mapping and management of information, ideas, and arguments Cross-platform

FreeMind GPL Project management Cross-platform
FreeMind screenshot
Pimki Ruby License Wiki UNIX/Linux, Microsoft Windows
WikkaWiki GPL Wiki Cross-platform
  • Written in PHP
  • Uses MySQL
  • Native support for FreeMind maps
  • Based on FreeMind
Mindmaps in WikkaWiki
VUE Educational Community License Educational software Cross-platform
  • Written in Java
  • Can also be used for building presentations.
VUE screenshot.
XMIND EPL and LGPL Project management and Knowledge management Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Mind maps, spreadsheets, fishbone diagrams, tree charts, org-charts.
  • Online sharing
  • Compatible with Freemind.
  • Used to be proprietary.
  • Written in Java.

[edit] Proprietary software

There are many pieces of proprietary software that allow the creation of mind maps.

Software Publisher Platforms Notes/Features
Buzan's iMindMap Buzan Online Ltd Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Desktop application that provides organic Mind Mapping methods to create Maps for brainstorming, organising, creative thinking, project management and planning. Integrates with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and iWorks.
3D Topicscape Microsoft Windows
ConceptDraw MINDMAP Computer Systems Odessa Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows Mind Mapping, Brainstorming
Inspiration Inspiration Software Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, Palm Visual Learning, Mind Mapping
MindGenius MindGenius Microsoft Windows First released in 2001, now certified for vista and available in three specific versions (Business, Home, Education). Integrates with Microsoft Office, type and return feature allows users to capture information easily.
MindManager Mindjet Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Desktop application comes in Basic and Pro versions. Integrated with Microsoft Office, available Gantt chart add-in, built-in spreadsheet, Fluent UI.
MindMapper SimTech Systems Microsoft Windows
  • Mind mapping, idea visualization, brainstorming
  • Process Flow, Org Charts, Fishbone diagramming
  • Concept maps and Flowcharts
  • Project Management with built in Gantt Charts
  • Built in Presentation
  • Post it style memo notes
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office 2007
MindMeister MeisterLabs Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Online AJAX-based mind mapping tool with sharing, real-time collaboration facility, WikiMap (edit this map mode for registered users), Skype and Twitter integration, import/export and offline mode (using Google Gears). Free account allows limited number of maps, paid subscription gives greater access to features.
Mindomo Expert Software Applications Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux Online/Offline Flash-based mind mapping tool with free and paid versions.
MindView MatchWare Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Mind mapping, brain storming, project planning, timelines, gantt charts, XML-support, interoperability with Microsoft Office
NovaMind NovaMind Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
  • Mind Mapping, Presentation, Screenwriting
  • (Note: One of the only programs that has a free layout mode where you can put the branches where you like.)
OmniGraffle The Omni Group Mac OS X
PersonalBrain TheBrain Technologies Windows, Mac OS X, Unix, Unix-like Graphically intensive and customizable GUI, extremely cross-platform. Notes, calendar, Microsoft Outlook features
SmartDraw Microsoft Windows Microsoft Word & PDF export, basic automation
Solution Language Tool Solution Language Oy Microsoft Windows organic mind maps and activity maps
Visual Mind Mind Technologies Microsoft Windows Supports collaboration (client/server) mode.
XMind Pro XMind Ltd. Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Mind maps, spreadsheets, fishbone diagrams, tree charts, org-charts.
  • Compatible with Mindmanager/Freemind.
  • Presentation
  • Audio Notes
  • Gantt View/Task Info
  • Embed Web Search
  • Online Sharing
  • Map Shot
  • Map Merge

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Farrand, Paul; Hussain, Fearzana and Hennessy, Enid (May 2002). "The efficacy of the 'mind map' study technique". Medical Education 36 (5): 426–431. doi:10.1046/j.1365-2923.2002.01205.x. 

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