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PEBKAC is an acronym which stands for "Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair".[1] The phrase is used by computer experts as a humorous[2] way to describe user errors.

In 2006, Intel began running a number of PEBKAC web-based advertisements[3] to promote its vPro platform.

[edit] Other variations

  • POBCAC ("Problem Occurs Between Computer and Chair")
  • PIBKAC ("Problem Is Between Keyboard And Chair")
  • PEBCAC ("Problem Exists Between Chair and Computer")
  • PEBCAS ("Problem Exists Between Chair and Screen")
  • PEBCAT ("Problem Exists Between Chair and Terminal")
  • PEBMAC ("Problem Exists Between Monitor And Chair")
  • PEBCAK ("Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard")
  • EBKAC ("Error Between Keyboard And Chair")
  • BCAK (bee kack) ("Between Chair and Keyboard" error)
  • PICNIC ("Problem In Chair Not In Computer")
  • IEBKAC ("Interface Error Between Keyboard and Chair")
  • PEBKAM ("Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Monitor") which is where the user would appear on a system flow-chart if they were considered part of the machine as a processing component.
  • IUE ("Incompetent User Error")

The automotive repairpersons' version is referring to the cause of a problem as a "loose nut between the steering wheel and the seat."

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