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The twelve animals

of Chinese zodiac:

Rat Ox
Tiger Rabbit
Dragon Snake
Horse Sheep
Monkey Rooster
Dog Pig

The Rat () was welcomed in ancient times as a protector and bringer of material prosperity. It is an animal associated with wealth, charm, and order, yet also associated with aggression, death, war, the occult, pestilence, and atrocities. In the Chinese Zodiac, the Year of the Rat is associated with the earthly branch symbol . In some parts of the world, a year associated with this animal is referred to as Year of the Mouse because the word may be translated to "rat", "mouse", or more broadly, "rodent".


[edit] Historical Quotes

"I have conquered an empire but I have not been able to conquer myself." - Peter the Great, a Rat

"The best political weapon is the weapon of terror. Cruelty commands respect. Men may hate us. But, we don't ask for their love; only for their fear." - Heinrich Himmler, a Rat

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander the Great, a Rat

"When I am dead and opened, you shall find `Calais' lying in my heart." - Queen Mary I of England (Bloody Mary), a Rat

[edit] Years and the Five Elements

The Rat portrayed in the Zodiac Fountain in Almaty

Persons born within these date ranges can be said to have been born in the "year of the Rat," while also bearing the following elemental sign:

[edit] Attributes

Rat people are born under a sign of charm and aggressiveness. They are expressive and can be talkative sometimes, they like to go to parties and spend quiet times chatting with their friends although it is rare to catch a Rat sitting quietly.

Rat people usually have more acquaintances than real friends and they revere and cherish those close to them. Once you become their real friends, they will treat you as their family. Rats are self-contained and keep problems to themselves. And even though they can be talkative sometimes, they never confide in anyone.

Sometimes they are mean, narrow-minded and suburban in outlook, Rat people are nevertheless honest. They can always make a success of their lives as long as they manage to master their perpetual discontent and their insistence on living for the present moment.

The Rat is considered quick-witted. They are confident and usually have good instinct. Stubborn as they are, they prefer to live by their own rules rather others. They are very organized and talented, perhaps that is why the Rat makes a good businessman or politician. Unfortunately, as soon as the Rat earns money, he spends it.

Stamp from Kyrgyzstan celebrating the "Year of the Rat" (Чычкан жылы)

The Rat possesses attributes ranging from charming and humorous to honest and meticulous. The Chinese say those born in these years make good and wise advisors, yet they can never decide for themselves and change direction constantly. However, Rats at times hunger for power and money, leading some to be gamblers and others to be manipulative or petty. Their greed can lead them into a destructive trap.

Rats are blessed with a sharp wit, they possess a marvelous sense of humor, which makes them stimulating and amusing company to have around. Generally extroverted, they may well be described as opportunists for they prefer to live off their wits rather than labor long and hard to earn their daily bread.

Rats should have a happy childhood and a carefree youth. However, the second part of their lives may be stormy and problematic. They may be prone to lose money in a bad business deal or their happiness in an unfortunate love affair. The third part of their lives will be comfortable, and their old age as peaceful as could be wished. It is important to note whether the Rat was born in the summer or the winter of the year. In summer the lofts and granaries are full, but in winter the Rat will be obliged to go out and forage for food, and must watch out for the traps set along the way. In human terms, this could mean the risk of prison or an accidental death.

The Rat is not romantic, but he is sensual and loving. Rat people could be hard to see through at first glance, because they are also very protective, but even though they are not easy but they are worth it.

Traditionally, Rats should avoid Horses, but they can usually find their best friends and love interests in Monkeys, Dragons, and Oxen. [1]

[edit] Famous people born in the year of the rat

Alexander the Great, Al Gore, Amancio Ortega Gaona, Antonio Banderas, Ashlee Simpson, Ben Affleck, Billy Crystal, Burt Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Cat Stevens, Charles I of England, Claude Monet, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, Edmund Giambastiani, Edward III of England, Eminem, Franklin Pierce, Galileo Galilei, George H. W. Bush, George Washington, George William Casey Jr., Giovanni di Bicci de' Medici, Hugh Grant, James Spader, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jeremy Irons, Jimmy Carter, John McCain, Josh Duhamel, Jude Law, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Lewis Hamilton, Louis Armstrong, Luis Figo, Luiz Felipe Scolari, Marcello Lippi, Marlon Brando, Michael Chang, Mozart, Pavel Nedved, Paul Nitsche, Pierluigi Collina, Prince Charles, Prince Harry of Wales, Rafael Benítez, Richard Nixon, Rivaldo, Robert Redford, Rudi Völler, Rubens Barrichello, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Sean Penn, Shaquille O'Neal, Silvio Berlusconi, Sven-Göran Eriksson, The Queen Mother, William Shakespeare, Yves Saint Laurent, Zinedine Zidane

[edit] Traditional Rat Attributes/Associations

Zodiac Location 1st
Ruling hours 11pm-1am
Direction North
Season and month Winter, December
Lunar Month Dates December 7-January 7
Gemstone Garnet
Colors Black, red, white
Roughly equivalent western sign Sagittarius
Polarity Yang
Food Peas, cabbage, pork
Positive Traits Meticulous, shrewd, charismatic, charming, ambitious, quick-witted, expansive, eloquent, humorous
Negative Traits Controlling, venal, narcissistic, manipulative, ruthless, vindictive, power hungry, critical, arrogant, narrow-minded, stubborn
Countries Flag of Germany Germany, Flag of Austria Austria, Flag of Sweden Sweden, Flag of Iceland Iceland, Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands, Flag of Thailand Thailand, Flag of Brazil Brazil, Flag of Colombia Colombia, Flag of French Polynesia Polynesia

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