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Reification may refer to:

  • Reification (computer science), making a data model for a previously abstract concept
  • Reification (fallacy), fallacy of treating an abstraction as if it were a real thing
  • Reification in Gestalt psychology, where an object is perceived as having more spatial information than is actually present in the original stimulus
  • Reification (knowledge representation), used to represent facts that must then be manipulated in some way
  • Reification (linguistics) in natural language processing, where a natural language statement is transformed so actions and events in it become quantifiable variables
  • Reification (Marxism) (German: Verdinglichung), the consideration of an abstraction or an object as if it had living existence and abilities; at the same time it implies the thingification of social relations
  • Reification (statistics), the consideration of a `perfect' model which is used to make inferences connecting (imperfect) model results with experimental observations

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