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This is a list of applications written for KDE and sorted by categories. The categories used here are mostly the same KDE itself uses.


[edit] Editors

[edit] Education

[edit] Games

[edit] Graphics

[edit] Internet

[edit] Multimedia

[edit] Office

[edit] Personal Information Management

[edit] Software Development

  • KDESvn - Graphical Subversion client.
  • KDevelop - Integrated development environment for multiple languages.
  • Umbrello - UML diagram applicaition

[edit] System

[edit] Toys

  • Karamba - Desktop applets program.
  • KTeaTime - Tea cooking timer.
  • KWorldClock - Displays the time anywhere on earth.
  • AMOR - Amusing Misuse Of Resources. Desktop creature.
  • Kodo - Measure how far you move your mouse.

[edit] Utilities

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