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Ajax may refer to:


[edit] Mythology

  • Ajax (mythology), son of Telamon, ruler of Salamis and a hero in the Trojan War, also known as "Ajax the Great"
  • Ajax the Lesser, son of Oileus, ruler of Locris and a less prominent combatant in the Trojan War

[edit] People

[edit] Information technology

[edit] Sports

[edit] Football

[edit] Handball

[edit] Racing

  • Ajax II, a champion Australian racehorse of the 1930s

[edit] Vehicles

[edit] Fiction

  • Ajax (Sophocles), one of the seven surviving plays by the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles
  • Ajax (Disney), a fictional company (the Disney equivalent of Looney Tunes' Acme Corporation)
  • Ajax Duckman, a character in the animated television series Duckman
  • Martian Manhunter, a comic superhero called Ajax in Brazil and Portugal
  • Ajax (comics), the name of two fictional characters from the Marvel Universe
  • Ajak, another Marvel Comics character, a member of the Eternals, sometimes known as "Ajax the Greater"

[edit] Music

[edit] Places

[edit] Other

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