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SubEthaEdit icon
SubEthaEdit screenshot
A SubEthaEdit session
Developed by TheCodingMonkeys
Latest release 3.2.1 / December 12, 2008
Operating system Mac OS X
Type Text editor
License Proprietary

SubEthaEdit is a collaborative real-time editor designed for Mac OS X. The name comes from the Sub-Etha communication network in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series.

Apart from the usual text-editing capabilities, collaborative editing is one of SubEthaEdit's marquee features. The collaboration is document-based, non-locking, and non-blocking. Anyone participating in the collaborative edit can type in the document anywhere at any time. Using Bonjour (formerly Rendezvous) and BEEP, SubEthaEdit works without any configuration on the LAN but can also coordinate collaborative editing over the Internet. SubEthaEdit is particularly popular for distributed pair programming and collaborative note-taking in conferences. TheCodingMonkeys licensed this "Subetha Engine" for use in Coda in 2007.

Other SubEthaEdit features include:

SubEthaEdit editing a Wikipedia page locally with WikiMarkup syntax highlighting

SubEthaEdit was first released under the name Hydra in early 2003. For legal reasons, the name was changed to SubEthaEdit in late 2004. The first version of Hydra was built in just a few months with the intent of winning an Apple Design Award, which it did at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2003.

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