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Evan Williams at Twitter office, December 2007.

Evan Williams (born 31 March 1972[citation needed] in Nebraska) is an American Entrepreneur who has founded several Internet companies.

Williams and Meg Hourihan co-founded Pyra Labs to make project management software. A note-taking feature spun off as Blogger, one of the first web applications for creating and managing blogs. Williams invented the term "blogger" and was instrumental in the popularization of the term "blog."[1] Pyra survived despite the departure of Hourihan and other employees, and was eventually acquired by Google on February 17, 2003[2].

Williams left Google in October 2004[3] to co-found Odeo, a podcasting company. In late 2006, Williams co-founded Obvious Corp with Biz Stone[4] and other former Odeo employees. Obvious Corp. has acquired all previous properties of Odeo, Inc., including Odeo and Twitter, another project started by Williams.

Obvious Corp. spun out Twitter into a separate company[5] in April 2007. Sonic Mountain acquired Odeo[6] in May 2007.

PC Magazine named Evan Williams, Paul Bausch and Hourihan, the Blogger team as People of the Year in 2004.

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