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The Happy Hacking Keyboard is a small computer keyboard produced by PFU Systems. The current models in production are the Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2, available only in Japan[1], and the Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2.

A white Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 with blank keys.


[edit] Common Features

Happy Hacking Keyboards lack a numeric keypad, and keys outside the typewriter key area are mainly accessible through the Fn key. The keys are arranged in a layout resembling the Sun Type 3 keyboard. Specifically:

  • The control key is found where most keyboards place the caps lock. This is the only control key on the keyboard.
  • The esc key is located to the left of the 1 key; the key normally found there is at the right end of the same row.
  • The delete key is located directly above the enter key; the key normally found there is the second rightmost key on the row above it. Furthermore, this is an actual delete key, not a historically named backspace. Backspace is accessible through Fn+Delete.
  • The windows/command key is located between the space bar and the alt keys, and is represented by .

On the far side of the keyboard there are DIP switches. These may be used to[2]

  • Turn the delete key into a backspace. Fn+Delete remains backspace, and Fn + top-right key remains delete.
  • Swap the alt and ◊ keys
  • Enable/disable downstream USB ports on USB models.

[edit] Features by Model

Model Name Model # Color Switch Type Interface Blank Keytops Introduced EOL Other Features
Happy Hacking Keyboard PD-KB02 White Membrane PS/2, Sun, ADB No Unknown Dec 10, 2006[3] Buzzer (Sun), Power supply switch (Sun/Mac)
Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite PD-KB100W White PS/2 June 7, 1999[4] Unknown Was also available in black and white non-labeled versions[5]
Happy Hacking Keyboard Lite 2 PD-KB200W/P White March 15, 2001[6] Arrow keys, 2-port USB hub. Available in Japanese and English layouts.
PD-KB200B/P Black
PD-KB200U/W White USB
PD-KB200U/B Black
PD-KB200MKW White Mac version, has command and option keys in addition to the other Lite 2 features.[7]
PD-KB200MKB Black
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional PD-KB300 White Capacitive[8] Unknown Dec 10, 2006[3]
PD-KB300B Charcoal Gray
PD-KB300NL White Yes
PD-KB300BN Charcoal Gray
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2 PD-KB400W White No Mar 24, 2006[9] 2-port USB hub
PD-KB400B Charcoal Gray
PD-KB400WN White Yes
PD-KB400BN Charcoal Gray
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HG[10] PD-KB500W White No Unknown Unknown Special 10-year anniversary models[11]
PD-KB500B Black
PD-KB500WN White Yes
PD-KB500BN Black
Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional HG JAPAN[12] PD-KB500J Wajima-style lacquer

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