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The following is a list of cryptids and relicts, those animals studied under the field of cryptozoology. Their presumptive existence is often derived from anecdotal or other insufficient scientific evidence.

Every animal on this page is marked as one of the following:

  • Unconfirmed – cryptids whose existence is alleged but not demonstrated.
  • Discredited – [explanation] – cryptids who have a body of evidence against their existence.
  • Proposed [animal name] – cryptids with an accepted alternative explanation.
  • Extinct – animals who are now extinct, but which cryptozoologists believe may have an extant relict population.

Or as one of the following, if it is not considered a cryptid anymore:

  • Confirmed – [animal name] – animals once thought to be cryptids but whose existence has now been confirmed.
  • Hoax – cryptids once thought to be real, but for which it has been conclusively proven that they were a hoax.
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[edit] E

Name Other names Status Description Location

[edit] A

Acinonyx jubatus guttatus Woolly cheetah Confirmed Big cat – alleged genetic variant of cheetah Africa
Adjule Kelb-el-khela Unconfirmed Canine – unrecognized canid form report from western part of Sahara by local people, and live in packs. Possible some isolation population of very rare African wild dog. North Africa
Agogwe Unconfirmed Small Bipedal Eastern Africa
Agta Kapre Discredited Primate, forest-dwelling hominid Visayas, Philippines
Ahool Unconfirmed Flying animal, giant bat Indonesia
Akkorokamui Unconfirmed Fish Japan; Thailand
Alan Owlman, Mothman Unconfirmed Flying animal, bird-man Philippines
Almas Abnauayu, almosty, albasty, bekk-bok,
biabin-guli, golub-yavan, gul-biavan, auli-avan,
kaptar, kra-dhun, ksy-giik, ksy-gyik, ochokochi,
mirygdy, mulen, voita, wind-man, Zana
Unconfirmed Primate or hominid Asia/Caucasus
Altamaha-ha Altie Unconfirmed River animal Georgia (U.S. state)
Amarok Discredited Giant wolf of Inuit mythology Arctic
"Ameranthropoides loysi" De Loys' ape Proposed – probable misidentification of a spider monkey Primate South America
Amomongo Negros ape Unconfirmed Primate Negros, Philippines
Andean wolf Hagenbeck wolf, Andean mountain wolf, Dasycyon hagenbecki Extinct Canine High Andes
Appalachian Black Panther Unconfirmed All-black Appalachian species of jaguar – thousands of miles out of range for jaguars and hundreds for mountain lions (which have never been scientifically documented to exhibit melanism). Several sightings were confirmed domestic dogs. Mountain regions of Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia of the United States
Arctodus simus Giant short-faced bear Extinct (possibility one still exists unconfirmed)[citation needed] Giant grizzly bear Canada and USA
Atmospheric Jellyfish Atmospheric beasts Unconfirmed Flying creature Upper atmosphere
Ayia Napa sea monster Sea beast, O filikos teras, Nappis Unconfirmed Cross of various prehistoric sea creatures Cyprus

[edit] B

Banshee Screaming spirit Unconfirmed Ghostly predicter of deaths in a family; screams Ireland; USA
Barmanou Unconfirmed Primate Middle East/Asia
Batutut Ujit Unconfirmed Hominid East Asia
Bear Lake Monster Unconfirmed Lake animal Idaho/Utah (United States)
Beast of Bodmin Moor Beast of Bodmin Unconfirmed Large Felid United Kingdom
Beast of Bray Road Michigan Dogman,Wisonson Werewolf Unconfirmed Carnivorous mammal Wisconsin (United States)
Beast of Busco Churubusco turtle; Oscar Unconfirmed Reptile/dinosaur United States
Beast of Dean Moose-pig boar-like mammal United Kingdom
Beast of Gévaudan Unconfirmed Carnivorous mammal France
Bergman's bear God bear; irkuiem Extinct Bear Asia
Bessie Unconfirmed Lake animal Lake Erie, North America
Bigfoot Sasquatch, Skookum Unconfirmed, Proposed to be Gigantopithicus. Hominid or primate North America
Bili ape Bondo mystery ape Confirmed-Unverified Primate – Alleged variant population of Pan troglodytes Democratic Republic of Congo
Black Shuck Old shuck Unconfirmed Carnivorous mammal Coast of East Anglia, England
Bloop Unconfirmed Gigantic creature/Unconfirmed sound South American southwest coast
British big cats Alien big cats (ABCs), phantom cats, English lions
beast of Bodmin, Beast of Exmoor
Proposed escaped animals Carnivorous mammal Great Britain
Bondegezou Confirmed Tree-kangaroo Australia
Brosno dragon Unconfirmed Lake animal Lake Brosno, Russia
Bukit Timah Monkey Man BTM Unconfirmed Forest-dwelling hominid or primate Singapore
Bunyip Unconfirmed (legendary creature) Lake and cave animal Australia
Burmese gray wild dog Unconfirmed Canine Burma
Buru Extinct Reptile or giant lungfish India
Burrunjor Arnhem Rex Unconfirmed Living Dinosaur Australia

[edit] C

"Cadborosaurus willsi" Caddy, "Cadborosaurus" Unconfirmed Sea Animal Pacific Coast of North America
Canvey Island Monster Proposed anglerfish or batfish Bipedal United Kingdom
Caspian Tiger Persian Tiger Extinct Tiger Turkey
Cat-fox Confirmed-Unverified Mammal Borneo
Champ "Champtanystropheus" Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Champlain, North America
Chessie (sea monster) Discredited Sea Animal Atlantic Coast of United States/Chesapeake Bay
Chupacabra Goat Sucker Unconfirmed Reptile/Mammal/Canine, possibly 2 species; thought to be a supernatural/alien creature by some Mexico/Puerto Rico/Texas
Con Rit Many-finned Sea Serpent, Cetacean Centipede, Great Sea-Centipede, Cetioscolopendra aeliana Unconfirmed Sea Animal Southeast Asia, coast of Algeria

[edit] D

Dingonek Jungle walrus Unconfirmed A walrus that reportedly lives in the heart of Africa Western Africa
Duende Fireball Uncomfirmed Flying fireball; some cultures believe they are witches Southwestern US, Mexico
Dahu Unconfirmed Herbivorous Mammal France, Switzerland
Deinotherium Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Africa
Devil Bird Ulama Discredited Bird Sri Lanka
Dobhar-chu Carnivorous Mammal Discredited Ireland
Dodo Extinct Flightless Bird Mauritius
Dover Demon Unconfirmed Bipedal, alien-like Dover, Massachusetts, USA
Dragon Unconfirmed, Mythical Flying serpent-like reptile (occasionally has legs) Worldwide
Ebu Gogo Homo floresiensis, "Hobbit" Supposedly extinct, but allegedly still seen by some Small primate or possible early hominid Flores, Indonesia
Elasmotherium Giant Rhinoceros Extinct Herbivorous Mammal Asia
Elwedritsche Unconfirmed Mammal Germany
Ennedi tiger Hadjel, Gassingram, Vossoko, Mourou N'gou, Mamaimé, Dilali, Saber-toothed cat Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Chad, Africa
Emela-ntouka Chipekwe, Irizima, Aseka-moke Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur or an undiscovered aquatic rhinoceros Republic of the Congo

[edit] F

Fangfish Mouthfish Discredited A red-eyed fish with huge fangs (only 2 pics exist, and it is a corpse). A beach
Fairy Pixie, Sprite, Faerie (original spelling) Unconfirmed, some photographic evidence admitted to be hoaxed, others, yet unexplained. Flying humanoid, however small Worldwide
Fear liath Am Fear Liath Mòr, The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, Greyman Unconfirmed Primate; possible humanoid Scotland
Flatwoods Monster Green Monster, Braxton County Monster Unconfirmed Extraterrestrial; spade-headed-alien United States, West Virginia
Flying Rod Sky Fish, rod, sky squid Discredited Possible bird or insect, likely a camera illusion Worldwide
Fouke Monster Boggy Creek Monster Unconfirmed Primate; possible humanoid United States, Arkansas
Fur-bearing Trout Discredited Fish with hair; hairy trout North America

[edit] G

Garou Loup Garou, Cajun werewolf Unconfirmed Wolf-like creature US, Louisiana
Gazeka Discredited Mammal Papua New Guinea
Gambo Unconfirmed Sea Animal Africa
Giant anaconda Unconfirmed Giant snake South America
Giant Snake of Mt. Tsurugi Unconfirmed Reptile Japan
Giglioli's whale "Amphiptera pacifica" Unconfirmed Sea Animal Off Chile, Scotland and France (Mediterranean)
Gloucester Sea Serpent Great Sea Serpent of New England Unconfirmed Sea serpent United States, Massachusetts
Goatman The Maryland Goatman, Chevo Man Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, Wisconsin, Maryland, New York State
Grassman Kenmore Grassman, Ohio Grassman Unconfirmed Bigfoot-like; primate Kenmore, Akron, Ohio, United States
Grass Mud Horse Caonima, Cao Ni Ma Hoax Alpaca-like China (Gobi Desert)
Griffin Gryphon (different spelling) Unconfirmed, Mythical Chimera, half lion and half eagle or a combination of a horse, lion and eagle Worldwide, origins in ancient Greek mythology
The Grinning Man Indrid Cold, Karl Ardo, Demo Hassan (names of supposed Grinning Men encountered by contactees) Unconfirmed Extraterrestrial, Men In Black (MIB) Elizabeth, New Jersey and Point Pleasant, West Virginia, United States
Gnomes Goblin Unconfirmed Small humanoid Argentina

[edit] H

Hellhound Discredited A hound which appears to people surrounded by flames as if from hell. The legend is if you see it three times you will have an untimely death. Worldwide
Hibagon Hinagon Unconfirmed Primate Japan
High-finned sperm whale Unconfirmed Cetacean Shetland Islands
Hitodama onibi, guǐ-huǒ, gwäe-fo Discredited Human Souls Japan
Hodag The Dag; Nasobatilus Discredited; the main original proponent of its existence later admitted it to be a hoax Carnivorous Mammal/Lizard United States, Wisconsin
"Homo gardarensis" Discredited Hominid (acromegalic Homo sapiens?) Greenland
Hoop snake Hoax Reptile United States/Australia
Huaychivo Discredited Carnivorous mammal Yucatan (Mexico)
Hyote Discredited Canine United States, Maryland

[edit] I

Igopogo Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Simcoe, Ontario
Iliamna Lake Monster Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Iliamna, Alaska
Inkanyamba Unconfirmed Lake Animal Africa
Isshii Issie Unconfirmed Lake Animal Japan

[edit] J

Jackalope antelabbit, aunt benny, Wyoming thistled hare, stagbunny Hoax, influenced by rabbits infected with the Shope papillomavirus Herbivorous Mammal North America
Japanese Wolf Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Japan
Javan Tiger Indonesian Tiger Extinct Tiger Eastern Java
Jersey Devil Leeds Devil Unconfirmed Winged bipedal horse United States, esp. New Jersey

[edit] K

Kaijin Unconfirmed Sea Monster Japan
Kala Bandar Black Monkey, Monkey-man of Delhi Unconfirmed Big black monkey seemed to be the reason of disaster in areas around Old Delhi (India) India
Kappa Gatarō, Kawako Unconfirmed, Mythical Bipedal Japan
Kapre Agta Unconfirmed Primate, forest-dwelling hominid Philippines
Kasai Rex Discredited Reptile/Dinosaur, possibly Carcharodontosaurus Africa
Kelpie None Discredited Water-Horse/Werwolf Hybrid British Isles
Kikiyaon Unconfirmed Carnivore Bird Africa
Kingstie Lake George Monster Discredited Lake Animal North America, Lake Ontario
Kongamato Unconfirmed Pterosaur/Bird/Bat Kenya
Komodo Dragon Confirmed, possibility of large 30ft relatives unconfirmed Giant Monitor lizard Komodo islands
Kraken Giant Squid, Colossal Squid Proposed Giant or Colossal squid Sea Animal World's Oceans
Kting Voar Holy Goat, Snake-eating Cow, Khting Vor, Linh Duong, Pseudonovibos spiralis Discredited Herbivorous Mammal Vietnam, Cambodia
Kumi Lizard Extinct; unconfirmed Reptile/Giant monitor lizard New Zealand
Kusshii Unconfirmed Lake Animal Japan

[edit] L

Lagarfljóts Worm lagarfljóts ormurinn Unconfirmed Lake Animal Iceland
Lake Tahoe Monster Tahoe Tessie Discredited Lake Monster Nevada, United States
Lake Tianchi Monster Lake Chonji Monster Unconfirmed Lake Animal China
Lake Van Monster Monster of Lake Van Unconfirmed Lake Animal Turkey
Lake Worth monster Lake Worth Goatman, Texas Bigfoot Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal United States, Texas
Lariosauro Como Lake monster Unconfirmed Water reptile Italy
Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp Lizard Man of Lee County Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, South Carolina
Lizard Men Draconian, Reptoid, Dinosauroid, Dragonoid, Reptilian Unconfirmed, Theoretical Bipedal Worldwide
Loch Ness Monster Nessie, Nessiteras rhombopteryx Unconfirmed Lake Monster Loch Ness, Scotland
Loveland Frog Loveland Lizard Unconfirmed Bipedal lizard or frog, first saw in Loveland, Ohio Ohio, United States
Lusca Unconfirmed Sea Animal World's Oceans

[edit] M

MacFarlane's Bear Ursus inopinatus Extinct Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Mahamba (giant crocodile) Unconfirmed Reptile Republic of the Congo
Maltese Tiger Blue Tiger Proposed tiger with abnormal coloration due to mutation Carnivorous Mammal China
Mamlambo Unconfirmed Lake Animal South Africa
Manananggal Unconfirmed Humanoid Philippines
Mande Barung Mande Burung, Indian Yeti Unconfirmed Humanoid North East India
Manipogo Winnipogo Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Manitoba, Canada
Manticore Discredited Lion-Dragon Asia Mainland
Mapinguari Unconfirmed Herbivorous Mammal Amazon Rainforest
Maricoxi Unconfirmed Primate South America
Marozi Spotted Lion Unconfirmed Lion-like cat Africa
Marsupial Lion Thylacoleo, Thylacoleo carnifex Extinct Carnivorous marsupial mammal Australia
Mbielu-Mbielu-Mbielu Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Republic of the Congo
Mecheny Unconfirmed Primate Asia
Megalodon Carcharodon Extinct, Considered by some to still exist Giant Prehistoric Shark World's Oceans
Megalania prisca Giant Australian monitor lizard Extinct Reptile/Giant prehistoric Komodo Dragon Australia
Menehune Unconfirmed Primate United States, Hawaii
Merpeople Mermaid Merman Unconfirmed, many hoaxes have been discredited. Man-Fish The Seven Oceans and several seas
Minhocão Unconfirmed Caecilian South America
Minnesota Iceman "Homo pongoides" Unconfirmed Primate United States, Minnesota
Mitla Fawcett's zorro or Fawcett's cat Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Bolivia rainforest
Mngwa Nunda Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Moa Giant emu Extinct Giant Flightless Bird New Zealand
Moehau The Hairy Moehau, The Moehau Monster Unconfirmed Primate New Zealand
Mokele Mbembe Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Republic of the Congo
MoMo Missouri Monster Discredited Primate United States, Missouri
Mongolian Death Worm Allghoi (or orghoi) khorkhoi Unconfirmed Worm-like animal Gobi Desert
Mono Grande Unconfirmed Hominid South America
Montauk Monster Mounty Unconfirmed Possible partly decomposed and mutilated carcass of a dog which looked like a monster Montauk, Long Island
Morag Unconfirmed Lake Animal Scotland
Mothman Indrid Cold, The Grinning Man (Human form) Unconfirmed Winged Bipedal West Virginia, United States
Muckie Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lakes of Killarney, Ireland
Muc-sheilch Unconfirmed Lake Animal Scotland
Muhuru Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Kenya
Mussie Unconfirmed Lake Animal Ontario, Canada
Muwa waray-waray, mawa Unconfirmed Primate, forest-dwelling hominid Eastern Samar, Philippines
Muhm mumh Unconfirmed Primate, Mountain-dwelling hominid; Female shaped animal (some old inhabitants say it was a goat-like creature, with head of female). Several dead bodies of Muhms were reported after great Earthquake of 1935. Quetta, Pakistan
Mylodon Extinct, though considerd by some to still exist Giant Prehistoric Ground Sloth Southern Patagonian forests

[edit] N

Nabau Unconfirmed Giant Snake Malaysia
Nahuelito Unconfirmed Lake Animal Argentina
Nandi Bear Chemosit,[1] Chimiset, Chimisit, Duba, Engargiya, Gadett, Ikimizi, Kerit, Kikambangwe, Kikomba, Koddoelo, Ngoloko, Sabrookoo, Shivuverre Proposed hyena Carnivorous Mammal Africa
Ndendeki (giant turtle) Unconfirmed Reptile Republic of the Congo
Neo-Giant Unconfirmed Primate Worldwide
Ngoima (giant monkey-eating Eagle) Unconfirmed Carnivore Bird Republic of the Congo
Ningen Unconfirmed Sea monster with human features Antarctic Ocean. Pacific Ocean near Japan.
Ngoubou Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Cameroon
Nguma-monene Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Republic of the Congo
Người Rừng Forest People Unconfirmed Primate Vietnam
Nyalmo Unconfirmed Primate Asia

[edit] O

Ogopogo N'ha•a•itk, Naitaka Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Okanagan, Canada
Okapi Confirmed A creature that looks as if it would be a cross of a zebra and a giraffe Africa
Old Yellow Top Unconfirmed Primate Canada
Olitiau Unconfirmed Winged Animal Cameroon
Orang-Bati Unconfirmed Bipedal Indonesia
Orang Mawas Mawa, Orang Dalam, hantu jerang gigi Unconfirmed Primate Malaysia
Orang Pendek Unconfirmed Primate, has been associated with Homo floresiensis Sumatra
Owlman Cornish Owlman, The Owlman of Mawnan Unconfirmed Bird England
Ozark Howler Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal United States, Arkansas & Missouri

[edit] P

Phantom cats Alien Big Cats (ABCs) Proposed escaped animals Carnivorous Mammal Worldwide
Phantom kangaroo Proposed escaped animals Marsupials Various
Phaya Naga Unconfirmed Lake Animal Laos, Thailand
Phoenix Unconfirmed, Mythical Legendary Bird Worldwide
Pinatubo lake monsters Discredited – groups of fish swarming together, seeming like an unknown creature Lake animal, giant eel Zambales, Philippines
Pizzly Confirmed Polar bear-Grizzly bear hybrid Rare in Alaska and Canada, also bred in zoos
Pogeyan Unconfirmed – known to local people, sighted by Western naturalist Grey big cat; possible leopard colour morph or out-of-place Asian lion Ghats (Himalayan foothills), India
Popobawa Unconfirmed Africa
Pope Lick Monster Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, Kentucky
Pressie Unconfirmed Lake Creature United States, Michigan
Pukwudgie Unconfirmed Bipedal United States, Massachusetts

[edit] Q

Queensland Tiger Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Australia

[edit] R

Raijū Unconfirmed Lightning creature Japan
Rapuwai Unconfirmed Hominid or primate New Zealand
Rat king Unconfirmed Group of rats Europe
Renton River Beast Unconfirmed Humanoid United States/Pacific Northwest
Rhinoceros Dolphin Unconfirmed Cetacean
Road Troll Discredited Humanoid United States
Ropen indava, duwas, seklo-bali, kundua, wawanar Unconfirmed Flying animal/Pteradactyl Papua New Guinea
Row Discredited Reptile New Guinea
Ryugyo Unconfirmed Sturgeon-like fish Japan

[edit] S

Salawa Seth, Salaawa Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Egypt
Sea monk Discredited – misidentifications of known animals Sea Animal World's Oceans
Sea Monsters Unconfirmed Sea Animal World's Oceans
Great Sea Serpent Unconfirmed Sea Animal World's Oceans
Setontot Discredited Malaysia
Selma Seljordsormen Unconfirmed Lake Animal Lake Seljord, Telemark, Norway
Shug Monkey Unconfirmed Primate Europe
Shunka Warakin Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal; wolf-like, boar-like, hyena-like American West (especially Montana)
Sigbin Unconfirmed Canine, Cat-fox, civet Philippines
Simurgh "Dog-bird" Unconfirmed Bird Iran
Sirrush Mushrushu Unconfirmed Reptile/Dinosaur Africa, Ancient Babylon
Skunk Ape Unconfirmed Primate Florida, United States
Skvader Hoax Mammal Sundsvall, Sweden
Slow Down Unidentified sound Sea creature Pacific Ocean
Smilodon Saber Tooth Tiger Extinct, though considerd by some to still exist Prehistoric Big Cat Deep jungles in Colombia, southern Argentina
Steller's Sea Cow Extinct Sea Animal Bering Strait
Storsjöodjuret Unconfirmed Lake Animal Sweden
Stronsay Beast Discredited – identified as basking shark Sea Animal Orkney, Scotland
Sucuriju Gigante Giant Bull Eater; Giant Anaconda Unconfirmed Giant boa Amazonia

[edit] T

Takitaro Unconfirmed Giant fish Japan
Tatzelwurm Unconfirmed Reptile/Amphibian European Alps
Thunderbird Unconfirmed Giant bird North America
Thylacine Tasmanian Tiger, Tasmanian Wolf Extinct (possibly still existent and is still a main priority for Tasmanian government to keep safe in case it is) Carnivorous Marsupial Tasmania, Australia
Tjutjuna Chuchunaa Unconfirmed Primate Russia
Trinity Alps giant salamander Unconfirmed Salamander United States, California
Trunko Unconfirmed Sea Animal South Africa
Tsuchinoko Unconfirmed Reptile/Snake Japan
Tsul 'Kalu Unconfirmed Primate American West
Turtle Lake Monster Unconfirmed Lake Monster Saskatchewan, Canada
Tapire-Lauara Unconfirmed Lion/Pig The Amazon Rainforest

[edit] U

Unicorn Unconfirmed, Mythical Horse Europe

[edit] V

Veo Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Indonesia

[edit] W

Waheela Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal Canada
Waitoreke Unconfirmed Carnivorous Mammal New Zealand
White Orca Confirmed Feb 23, 2008 near Kanaga Volcano[2] Oceanic Mammal United States, Alaskan Waters
Willy Unconfirmed Aquatic Creature Willoughby, VT, USA
Wippy Whippy Unconfirmed Lake Monster Lake Massawippi, Canada
Wolpertinger "Crisensus bavaricus" Hoax Mammal Germany
Winnie Unconfirmed lake monster Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire
Wucharia Unconfirmed Canine Danakil depression, Eritrea

[edit] Y

Yeren Unconfirmed Primate (possible hominin) China
Yeti Abominable Snowman Unconfirmed Primate Asia (Himalayas)
Yowie Unconfirmed Primate Australia

[edit] Z

Zanzibar Leopard Panthera pardus adersi Extinct Big cat Zanzibar
Zuiyō Maru "plesiosaur" New Zealand Monster Discredited – Basking shark carcass Christchurch coast of New Zealand

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