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A popular element of the James Bond franchise is the exotic equipment and vehicles he is assigned on his missions, which often prove to be critically useful.

The original books and early adaptations had only relatively minimal pieces like the modified attache case in From Russia with Love. However, the gadgets took on a more spectacular profile in the film version of Goldfinger, and its tremendous success encouraged the following films to have Bond supplied with still more equipment. For instance, it became an expected scene in each film where Q would present and demonstrate Bond's assigned tools for the mission, and it was a near guarantee that each and every piece would be invaluable to Bond in the field. In this sense, Bond gadgets became a prime example of the literary technique of Chekhov's gun.

Fans eventually complained that the use of gadgets became excessive in the Roger Moore films, particularly in Moonraker, and subsequent productions struggled to find a balance in which gadgets could have a place without giving the impression that the character unduly depended on them or using stories that arbitrarily included situations that exactly fit the use of the gadgets assigned.

This article concerns the gadgets James Bond typically carried on his person, along with additional gadgets used by others. For his gadget vehicles, see List of James Bond vehicles.


[edit] Sean Connery era (1962-1967; 1971)

[edit] Dr. No

Geiger counter 
Bond has to request one from Britain before using it to determine the radioactivity of Crab Key, suggesting they were an uncommon piece of equipment.
Self-destructor bag 
M tells Bond that the case notes will be sent to him at the airport in one of these.
Rolex Submariner on crocodile strap.

[edit] From Russia With Love

Here is a list of items that come with the briefcase

  • AR-7 .22 survival rifle w/ infrared telescope
  • 50 Gold Sovereigns
  • Tear Gas Cartridge disguised as talcum powder
  • Ammunition for Rifle
  • Throwing Knife
Bond had one to notify him if he ever needed to contact MI6. It is worth nothing that Bond also had a phone installed in his car as well.
Bug detector 
A small device that is designed to detect the presence of a phone tap device in a regular telephone.
Tape recorder camera 
A small reel-to-reel tape recorder hidden within a camera, used to interrogate Tatiana.
Dagger shoe 
A shoe with a poisoned blade concealed within worn by SPECTRE agents, including Rosa Klebb. The blade would pop out of the front of the shoe, making kicks extremely dangerous. One pair was used by Morzeny to kill Kronsteen after his plan failed. The gadget also makes a cameo scene in Die Another Day in Q's lab. The Dagger Shoe would also be referenced in the film The Punisher (1989) starring Dolph Lundgren (Venz from A View to a Kill). This shoe is both used by the Punisher and a member of the Yakuza. This gadget makes several comedic appearances in the 1999 film "Wild Wild West," staring Will Smith and Kevin Kline, the latter of which plays the character who invents said gadget. The dagger tipped shoe is also used by the Joker in the film "The Dark Knight".
A gift from the Royal Navy installed below the Russian embassy. Used to eavesdrop on the Russian conference room.
Garrote watch 
A wristwatch from which a wire garrote can be drawn. Used by Red Grant first to strangle a man dressed as Bond as part of a training exercise in the opening scene and later to attempt to strangle the actual Bond in the film's climax but was turned against Red Grant by Bond. Bond kept his watch as a souvenir as shown in the film On Her Majesty's Secret Service and is referenced in an episode of The Simpsons where President George H.W. Bush moves in across the street from the Simpson Residence and carries a watch identical to Grant's which was apparently issued by The CIA.
Lektor Decoder 
Typewriter sized decoding device used to decipher encrypted Russian messages.

[edit] Goldfinger

Aston Martin DB5 
This Q-Branch edition vehicle contains the following modifications
  • revolving licence plates
  • tire slashers that doubled as spinner hubcaps
  • passenger ejector seat
  • rear bulletproof shield
  • forward machine guns concealed behind the headlights
  • rearward defenses including smoke and oil slick sprayers
Homing beacons 
Bond is given two homing beacons from Q-branch. The first is larger and used when Bond tracks the villain, Auric Goldfinger, to his base. The second is smaller and allows MI6 to know where Bond is. Bond hides it in a secret compartment in the heel of his shoe. Later, Bond removes it from the shoe and attempts to send a message to headquarters by wrapping the note around the transmitter and slipping it into someone's pocket. The plan fails because the pocket's owner is killed and disposed of in a car crusher, which presumably destroys the device.
Attaché case 
Reference is made to Bond having an attaché case (see also previous film) that Bond is told was damaged or possibly destroyed when examined by Goldfinger's personnel. Most likely it was opened improperly and then exploded during the examination.
Bowler hat 
Oddjob, Goldfinger's henchman, uses a special bowler hat with a metal disc inside the brim as a throwing weapon. The hat is capable of slicing through stone and metal when thrown hard enough.
Rolex Submariner on a NATO issue two-tone drivers strap
Industrial Laser 
Used by Goldfinger trying to kill Bond. Powerful enough to put a laser dot on the moon, but at very close range able to cut through steel. This laser was later used to cut open the vault of Fort Knox. This film showcases the very first of its kind, as this weapon takes on various forms throughout the James Bond series.
Gold Plated Gun 
While not the same one that Francisco Scaramanga uses, this pistol is what Goldfinger ends up indirectly killing himself with.
Atomic Bomb 
Used to contaminate the Fort Knox gold supply.
Nerve Gas Canisters 
Outfitted to aircraft belonging to Pussy Galore's Flying Circus. Goldfinger intended to anaesthetise the military personnel at Fort Knox for 24 hours, yet Pussy Galore replaces the gas with a harmless substance.
Wetsuit with rubber duck on top piece 
An almost comical attempt at stealth. Bond uses this as a cover to infiltrate an enemy facility.

[edit] Thunderball

Aston Martin DB5 
the same car used in Goldfinger with a slight modification; rearward spraying water jets.
Homing Pill 
When Bond takes this pill, it emits a signal that can be detected only by a certain receiver.
Air supply 
A small device that can be carried on the person without notice and when in use, is held in the mouth to provide 4 minutes of air in emergencies when the user has to go underwater.
Jet pack 
Used to propel Bond into the air when escaping after killing Col. Bouvar.
Underwater Jet Pack 
During the final undersea battle, Bond is equipped with a bulky scuba tank that not only propels him through the water faster than anyone can swim; it is equipped with two explosive-tipped spear guns. It also has a frontal headlight.
Breitling 'Top Time' Diver Chronometer watch 
with built-in Geiger Counter.
Underwater camera 
capable of taking eight shots in darkness using an infra-red film.
A Geiger counter camera 
Given to Bond who then gives it to Domino to find the bombs on the yacht.
Miniature flare
a pocket-sized flare gun firing a red signalling beacon.
Cassette recorder hidden in book 
Bond uses this to learn that Quist is hiding in his hotel room.
Disco Volante Hydrofoil 
High speed escape boat complete with underwater hatch for the smuggling of nuclear missiles.
Disco Volante Cocoon
Used by Largo as a decoy device during his escape attempt from the American Navy. The cocoon forms the rear part of the Disco Volante; the front part can transform into a hydrofoil boat. Equipped with smoke screen emitter, at least two Browning machine guns, and a gun-shielded automatic cannon.
Electrocution Staff Chair 
Blofeld uses this seat to 'punish' SPECTRE agents who have failed in their terrorist missions. With the press of a button, Blofeld electrocutes the staff member on the seat which he sits on, then the seat drops down into the floor and comes back up a clean new seat, disposing of the dead body which was sitting on it.
Comes as a grappling suspender attached to a weather balloon that Bond can attach to his utility harness. With the aid of a specialized aircraft installed with specialized braces, Bond and Domino are hoisted up into the air and out of the area.

[edit] You Only Live Twice

Mini-rocket Cigarette 
Tiger gives Bond a cigarette capable of shooting a jet powered projectile accurately up to 30 yards. Used in Blofeld's volcano to kill a technician standing by the entrance controls to enable his allies to storm the base.
Safe cracker 
A small device that can easily be carried in a jacket pocket and works by attaching it to a safe the operator wants to open.
Gyrojet rocket guns 
Prototype guns using a small rocket-propelled projectile rather than conventional ammunition. A limited number were made in real life for trials by the US and British military forces, but the design never caught on, and the guns and ammunition are now very collectible (and therefore highly sought after and expensive).
Boeing CH-47 Chinook with Magnet
Requested by Aki to dispose of unwanted pursuers in a car chase.
Wallis WA-116 Series 1 gyroplane (codename Little Nellie) 
Aircraft that can be assembled and disassembled to fit into several small cases. Comes with rocket launchers, air mines, machine guns, rear-mounted flamethrowers, and AA missiles.
X-Ray Desk
Used by Osato to identify any concealed firearms that his prospective 'clients' may have.
Bo with retractable spear 
used by a spectre henchmen who infiltrated Tanaka's base in an attempt to assassinate Bond.

[edit] Diamonds Are Forever

Fingerprint Identification Device 
A projector-like device used by Tiffany Case in her Amsterdam apartment to identify her guests. One such example of how this device is used is when she takes the glass which Bond was using, then dusting the surface for a print and running it through the device and comparing it along a known fingerprint sample of her supposed guest.
Pocket snap trap 
A small gadget hidden in a pocket to give a person performing an unwanted search on the wielder a painful surprise.
Fake Fingerprint 
Bond uses a fake fingerprint that clings to his thumb to trick Tiffany Case into believing he is Peter Franks.
Mountaineering Pistol
Fires a grappling piston, complete with line; range about 10-15 meters. Also used as an improvised weapon against (a fake) Blofeld.
Electro-Magnetic RPM Controller 
Q created a ring that, when used, ensures a jackpot at the slot machines every time.
Grappling suspenders 
In the last leg of Bond's elevator-top ride to Willard Whyte's suite, Bond uses the grappling cord built into his suspenders. The gadget's design is similar to that of the belt in GoldenEye.
Voice changer 
Blofield uses this to trick employees that he is Willard Whyte. You also see one of these in Q Branch and is demonstrated to Bond. Q remarks that he made one for "the kids last Christmas."
Trick Elevator 
Used by Blofeld in Willard Whyte's building to incapacitate Bond. A spray of white smoke is emitted from the ceiling of the elevator rendering the occupant unconscious. A version of this elevator is used by villain Karl Stromberg in his sea lair where the floor separates ejecting the occupant into the shark tank (from the film The Spy Who Loved Me).
Water Sphere 
Used by Bond to "walk" on water when he is parachuted near Blofield's platform.
Bomb Surprise 
Cake with an explosive filling. Baked by Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, and unsuccessfully deployed against Bond. The bomb ended up being tied to Mr. Wint's rear end and tossed overboard, with explosive results.
Moon Buggy 
Used in the supposed fake filming of a moon landing in a SPECTRE lab. Bond hotwires this vehicle and escapes the guards of the lab. It includes robotic arms which Bond uses against some of the security personnel of the facility.
An escape water vehicle hoisted by an industrial crane to lower it from the top of the oil rig to the water surface. This vehicle was intended for Blofeld's use in the case that his plan fails (and it does). However, he does not get the chance to use the little boat when Bond decides to use it as a wrecking ball on his facility.
Worlds Greatest Marching Band Cassette Tape 
Tape used to control the laser satellite's movements.
Industrial Satellite Laser 
The final product of all the diamond smuggling throughout the movie. Built by light refraction expert Dr. Metz, this laser is activated by using several hundred diamonds to concentrate and amplify a laser beam strong enough to destroy ICBM facilities, submarines, and other strategic targets. Blofeld uses this device to extort money from Washington DC. Similar devices appear in Goldeneye and in Die Another Day which are satellite weapons deployed from outer space.

[edit] Never Say Never Again (non-EON; 1983)

Pen gun 
A fountain pen emblazoned with the Union Flag of the UK that can fire an explosive charge; it was used to kill Fatimah Blush. A delay in the explosive made Bond quip the device still needed work.
Rolex Wristwatch 
Equipped with a small laser beam cutting tool.
Motion-sensing bomb 
Actually Bond's cigarette case, supposedly equipped with a gyroscope that would trigger the detonator when moved. Used to fool a henchman into letting 007 crash Largo's charity ball. This was the only time Bond improvised by inventing a fake gadget on the spot.

[edit] George Lazenby era (1969)

[edit] On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Radioactive lint 
In the beginning of the movie, Q is showing M a homing device made out of regular lint. "Placed in an opponent's pocket, the location fix and anti-personnel uses should be obvious." M is more concerned with locating Bond, who is nowhere to be found.
Safe cracker 
A device that consists of a flexible cable ending in a grapple that is meant to be fitted on a typical safe combination lock. The machine would then examine the lock, figure out its combination and open the safe. In addition, the device sports an Olivetti wet-type photocopier that could allow for easy copying of secret documents to minimize the chance of the owner learning of the break in by missing documents. Wet-type photocopiers are actually unsuitable for field missions because they must not be tilted lest the highly-toxic transfer liquid spills out. Unlike the safe cracker used in You Only Live Twice, this device was quite slow, taking close to an hour to open the safe (in the film, Bond uses the device while the safe's owner is on a lunch break and barely completes the job before the man returns).
Minox B 8x11 Camera 
Bond uses a small camera to take snap shots of a map that shows where the "Angels Of Death" are to release a biological agent.

After Bond resigns from MI6, we see him cleaning out his desk, and gadgets from past films are shown, including the air supply from Thunderball and Red Grant's garotte watch from From Russia with Love.

[edit] Roger Moore era (1973-1985)

[edit] Live and Let Die

It should be noted that although Major Boothroyd/Q and Q Branch are not present in this film, this film remains the most gadget heavy in the series.

Rolex Submariner 
Given to Bond by Moneypenny, after being "repaired" by Q Branch. This specially modified Submariner has a powerful electromagnet that, in theory, can even deflect a bullet. It also featured a spinning bezel which acted as a rotating saw that enabled Bond to cut his rope restraints and escape a pool full of man-eating sharks and then go on and rescue Solitaire.
Bug Sweeper 
a hand-held device that can sweep a room for electronic microphones.
Clothing Brush Communicator 
A radio hidden inside a clothing brush with a key, allowing it to transmit messages in morse code.
Shark gun 
Fires special pellets that expel highly-pressurized air to make the target explode. Although it is designed for combating sharks, Bond is able to activate a pellet manually before forcing Dr. Kanaga to swallow it.
The 'Felix Lighter' 
Radio transmitter/receiver disguised as a car cigarette lighter installed in a CIA vehicle, which Bond uses to contact his friend, Felix Leiter.
for unknown reasons, this robotic replica of Baron Samedi pops out of the grave during the sacrificial voodoo scene of Solitaire. Bond quickly dispatches of this fake and the real Samedi appears.
Flute Communicator 
Baron Samedi uses this device as a regular flute and as a direct radio transmission communicator to Dr. Kanaga
Voodoo Figures 
Found in the jungles of Dr. Kananga's island, they shoot poison darts at unwanted guests, as well as recently useless agents to Kanaga such as Rosie Carver.
Trap Door 
Used in both the New Orleans location of Fillet of Soul restaurant and in "Voodooland" in San Monique to gain entrance to Dr. Big/Kananga's secret underground lair of operations.
Bulletproof Glass in Taxi 
used by one of Kananga's henchmen to prevent Bond and the recently defected Solitaire from escaping.
Trick Coffin 
Coffin like device with a false bottom that is used to pick up the recently deceased on the ground. Such was used on the murdered MI6 agent investigating a Fillet of Soul restaurant in New Orleans.
1971 Cadillac Eldorado
Used by Kananga's henchmen in New York, it fires poisonous darts from its side mirror.
Quarrel's Boat 
This boat contains a secret panel with several unspecified buttons. This gadget is never used in the film.
Mechanical Prosthetic 
Tee Hee's mechanical arm which contains a very strong claw capable of cutting through solid objects as well as bending the barrel of a gun such as Bond's Walther PPK. Tee Hee uses this arm as his own was eaten by an alligator, and eventually it is the cause of his (supposed) death as Bond cuts the joint wires that control his claw, and tosses him out of a very fast moving train.

This movie is noteworthy in that the gadgets break their own stereotype several times.

Magnetic Watch (see above) 
this is one of the rare occasions when a gadget actually fails to save Bond, when threatened by alligators. He does escape the peril, but by using a non-gadget solution.
Flamethrower Spray Can 
In Bond's hotel room at San Monique, a snake appears. Bond quickly uses his hairspray can with his cigar as a makeshift blowtorch to kill the snake. This is unusual as it was not a Q branch gadget.
Coffee maker 
An ordinary household item which makes M ask "Is that all it does?"

[edit] The Man With The Golden Gun

Nearly all gadgets in this film belong to the main villain, Francisco Scaramanga.

The Golden Gun 
Scaramanga assembles his Golden Gun using a pen (which acts as the barrel) inserted into a cigarette lighter (which acts as the firing chamber, the lid acting as the hammer), a cigarette case (which acts as the handle), and a cuff link (which acts as the trigger). This gun however is limited to only one bullet.
Gold Bullets 
Handcrafted by specialty munitions manufacturer Lazar, these bullets are made of 23-karat gold, thus flattening upon impact. This action, combined with Scaramanga's extraordinary markmanship, expedites the rate of death of the victim 
Fake Nipple 
Bond uses this as part of his disguise
Solex Agitator 
Device that enables the utilization of solar energy as a power source on an industrial scale.
Industrial Laser Cannon 
a weapon that comes with the use of the solex agitator. Similar to the industrial lasers used by Auric Goldfinger and Blofeld, this weapon was used to destroy Bond's aircraft docked at Scaramanga's island.
AMC Matador – Flying car 
Seemingly standard automobile, with the exception of the dashboard converting from speedometer to avionics panel and an interface for wings and jet attachments. Scaramanga uses this to escape from Bond.
Tracking Device 
used to track Scaramanga's flying car
Chinese Junk 
One of Scaramanga's vessels, it features a communication device used by MI6 to contact Bond and an autopilot.
RMS Queen Elizabeth 
A ship that sank in 1972 under mysterious circumstances. This derelict actually houses MI6 operations in Hong Kong harbor.
Scaramanga's Fun Palace 
Filled with replicas of historic figures significant to Scaramanga such as Al Capone as well as several moving mirrors and a Saloon. Also contains a replica of James Bond himself.

[edit] The Spy Who Loved Me

Lotus Esprit S1 
A Q-Branch customized vehicle with several gadgets.
  • ink blaster used to impair enemy windshields on their vehicles or as an underwater smoke screen to elude enemy submarine craft.
  • surface to air missiles
  • torpedoes (underwater mode)
  • landmines (also can be used underwater)
  • can convert from land use to underwater submarine use
Micro-Film Reader 
Assembled from two components:
Ski Pole/Gun 
A special designed ski pole which is modified to fire .30 caliber rounds from a four shot magazine in the handle.
Seiko Quartz watch 
Basically working like a pager, it had a built-in telex that allowed MI6 to send important messages to Bond, printing them out like a miniature teletype. The tape bore some resemblance to labelmaker tape.
Stun Gas Cigarette 
The cigarette used by Soviet agent Triple X, could unleash a knockout blow of stun gas when blown through.
Sharp Tea Tray 
Although never used, it is shown tested in Q's lab, cutting off a mannequin's head. The tray, in conjunction with a magnetic levitation delivery system, was lethal.
SS Liparus oil tanker 
Not really an oil tanker, her massive size contains a launch bay in the aft section of the ship where 3 nuclear subs can be housed. Other high tech toys this ship conceals includes a mini monorail system from which the cars can be ejected out of a hatch on the side of the ship and convert into speedboats, a bulletproof control room with slots fitted for machine guns and flamethrowers for the Liparus crew to use against the submarine crews, nuclear ICBM missiles, and the submarine tracking and electrical interference system used to capture the Soviet, British and American submarines.
The undersea headquarters of Karl Stromberg located off the coast of Sardinia, Italy in the Mediterranean Sea. This entire facility has several different gadgets and features, including a bay for arriving/departing helicopters, trick elevators into the shark tank for recently un-welcomed guests, a dining table with a gun placement, a diverse aquarium, and an escape capsule completely stocked with wine and caviar.

[edit] Moonraker

Wrist dart gun 
Can fire both cyanide-coated and armor-piercing darts. He uses these to save himself from a centrifuge and kill Sir Hugo Drax.
Safe-cracking device 
X-ray safe cracking device that is concealed within a cigarette case.
Seiko Wristwatch 
Contains a remote detonator and explosive charge and fuse inside the back compartment.
A mini-camera imprinted with 007.
Moonraker Laser Gun 
A laser gun that can be shot in space. The gun is also used in the video game 007 Nightfire. A version of this gun is shown being tested to somewhat gruesome effect on a wax dummy during Bond's visit to the MI6 monastery. They were tested at Q-Branch, and used by United States Outer Space Marine Infantry and Drax Industries armaments.

Exploding Bolas (seen tested in the MI6 monastery) : Designed to entrap an object, such as a human, and explode when the bola balls hit each other.

Mexican Machine gun (seen tested in MI6 monastery) 
A cleverly disguised machine gun which is contained in a mannequin of a Mexican taking a siesta. The mannequin splits open, revealing the gun.
Gondola Hovercraft 
Enabled Bond to escape Drax henchmen in Venice by transforming into a land based hovercraft when necessary.
Poison Pen 
One of CIA agent Holly Goodhead's toys. Bond uses this particular gadget to dispose of Drax's pet python.
Perfume Flamethrower 
Another toy of Holly Goodhead
A notebook that shoots a small dart, belonging to Holly Goodhead
A transmitter hidden in Holly Goodhead's purse.
Hydrofoil Boat 
A boat equipped with explosive mines, torpedoes, and an escape glider

[edit] For Your Eyes Only

Seiko Wristwatch 
Receives digital message read-outs and contains a 2-way radio/transmitter for voice communications.
The Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator, or ATAC, was lost when the British spy ship St. Georges was sunk. This device controls all of Britain's Polaris ICBM nuclear submarines and can render them either inoperative or co-ordinate the use of them against major western cities or against Britain herself. Later recovered by Bond, who at the end destroys it to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.
An early computer-like device to assemble a phantom photo of a person by selecting characteristics from a variety of lists including hair color, hair style, nose form, style of eyeglasses etc. Located in MI6 headquarters and used by Bond and Q to put together an image of henchman Emile Leopold Locque. This device references the Identicast system referred to in the Ian Fleming novel Goldfinger.
Grappling suspenders 
Similar to the ones used in 'Diamonds are Forever,' this is used to scale Kristatos' St. Cyril's monastery.
Lotus Espirit
Equipped with an explosive anti-theft device. Possibly contained other gadgets/weapons.
Mini Submarine
Contains an air pressure system to allow divers in and out while underwater.
Remote Control Helicopter
Blofeld rigged this helicopter to take Bond on a wild ride during the pre-opening credits sequence. It comes complete with electric shock wires to kill the current pilot. Bond however dismantles the remote control system and takes Blofeld on a ride into a chimney stack.

[edit] Octopussy

Seiko Wristwatch 
Contains a universal radio direction finder. This works in conjunction with listening device inside Bond's fountain pen. The watch is a Seiko G757-5020.
Montblanc fountain pen 
Contains a mixture of Nitric and Hydrochloric acids. Contains an earpiece listening device that works in conjunction with Bond's wristwatch.
Attaché case 
Contains a false bottom which conceals a high explosive bomb.
TV Watch 
Receives moving color images over the air [1]. Bond uses this device towards apprehending Kahn later in the film.
Yo-yo saw 
A rotating buzzsaw blade attached to a string so that it could be used in the same manner as a conventional yo-yo. Used by an assassin to kill MI6 agent Vijay, and later by the same assassin against Bond and Octopussy.
Indian rope trick 
A high-tech version of the familiar magic trick tested in MI6, the rope could extend skyward when a button was pressed.
The Crocodile 
a miniature motorboat disguised as a crocodile. Bond used this to get to Octopussy's island.
Homing device 
a small tracker inserted into the Faberge egg that Bond steals during an auction. The device also contains a microphone that works with the listening device in the pen described above.
Horse Stall 
A mobile horse stall that conceals a mini Acrostar Jet
Q-Branch Hot Air Balloon 
Equipped with surveillance cameras to track various enemy movements. This is used in conjunction with Bond's TV Watch in which he can receive video signals from the balloon.
A bomb fitted into the base of a circus cannon. Intended to blow the circus show, as well as an entire city in West Germany off the map with the intention of removing all US installations in Europe leaving it vulnerable to a Russian invasion. This is the sixth time in the James Bond film series where an atomic or nuclear based weapon of mass destruction is involved. These films are Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball, The Spy Who Loved Me, and For Your Eyes Only.

[edit] A View to a Kill

Polarizing Sunglasses 
Allows the ability of seeing clearly through tinted glass.
Contains a miniature camera.
Zorin dentification Device 
Installed within the walls of Zorin's Paris Estate office, this computer integrated system allows Zorin to quickly identify any suspicious clients.
Uses ultra-violet light to read previously written material by picking up the indentations of pen marks on paper.
Zorin Desk Lamp 
Installed throughout the many quarters of his Paris estate. These lamps allow his surveillance team to monitor any conversations made by any of his guests.
Electric Shaver 
Contains an electronic eavesdropping detector.
Credit Card 
Has an electronic ability to open locks.
One of Q Branch's surveillance inventions. A small, animal-like remote controlled camera unit that can transmit audio/video from the head of the unit to a receptacle for the signal. It was used as demonstration near the beginning of the movie and at the end to find Bond.
RC Steroid injector 
Used by Max Zorin as a button on his walking cane to enhance the performance of his racing horses during a race.
Zorin dirigible 
Conceals inside an outdoor office trailer, positioned for a quick getaway.
Zorin Microchip 
Impervious to Electro-Magnetic shock waves created from outer space. This microchip or similar reverse-engineered microchips are used on the prototype Eurocopter Tiger helicopter in GoldenEye which is impervious to Electro-Magnetic shock waves caused by the main weapon of that film.
Zorin Walking Cane 
Contains an RC steroid injector used to improve the performance of his racing horses during a race. Also contains various controls for his racetrack and various other materials at his estate.
Razor Sharp Butterflies 
Used by Mayday to dispose of Bond's contact at the Eiffel tower.
Zorin Balloon 
Comes with conference room equipped with convertible office table with map. Also comes with an exit chute with retractable staircase to eject recently unwelcome business partners.
wrecked frontal sled piece of a snowmobile. Used by bond as a snowboard when his skis are damaged. Generally considered to have sparked the international interest in snowboarding as a sport.
Bug Detector 
Just like the one used in From Russia With Love, this is a small device that is designed to detect the presence of a phone tap device in a regular telephone.

[edit] Timothy Dalton era (1987-1989)

[edit] The Living Daylights

Philips Keychain
  • Contains capsule of stun gas (effective up to 5 feet) which is activated by a whistle combination. (Bond's was the first bars of "Rule, Britannia!". It's unclear if this is a standard setting.) The gas disorientates any normal person for up to 30 seconds. This explanation causes Bond to remark "You don't find too many normal people in this business, Q..."
  • Contains an explosive charge which is activated by a personalized whistle combination. (Bond's was a wolf whistle, something that Q commented was "most appropriate" for 007.)
  • Contains a lockpick which was claimed by "Q" to be able to "open 90% of the world's locks".
Miniature Binoculars 
Contained on normal looking eye-glass frames.
Ghetto Blaster 
While never used by James Bond, we see this gadget tested in Q-Branch for the Americans. The ghetto blaster (a 1980s slang term) is a 1980s stereo boombox that can fire a rocket.
Revolving Sofa 
Q is also testing a sofa that swallows whoever sits on it.
Guard Wristwatch 
used by General Pushkin to alert the guards at Bond's appearance
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Volante 
This vehicle from Q-Branch comes with an assortment of useful gadgets. Listed below are the gadgets that come with this vehicle
  • Hubcap Laser
  • Forward missile launcher
  • Concealed Rocket Propulsion system
  • Outrigger Retractable skis
  • Retractable tire spikes
  • Self destruct mechanism
Cello & Case 
Although not technically a gadget, the Cello Case was used as a sitting sled in a downhill snow chase and the Cello was used as a steering rudder and as a crude dummy for the guards to shoot at.

[edit] Licence to Kill

Dentonite Toothpaste 
Plastic explosives disguised as ordinary toothpaste. The receiver that picks up the signal from Bond to blow the explosives is disguised as a packet of cigarettes.
Signature Camera Gun 
A camera that when put together became a sniper rifle that can be programmed to fire for only one person due to a scanner built into the grip.
Laser Polaroid Camera 
When the flash is used on this camera, it shoots a laser. The pictures it takes are X-rayed.
Exploding Alarm Clock 
Q carries it with him to Isthmus, but it is not used. "Guaranteed never to wake up anybody who uses it."
Radio Transceiver Broom 
used by Q to communicate with Bond's companion while disguised as a groundsman.
Genuine Felix Leiter/Lighter 
Mini flame thrower concealed in a cigarette lighter case. A gift from Felix Leiter's wedding, the first given gadget and the final gadget used in this film.
Manta Ray overcover 
used to disguise Bond as a Manta Ray when infiltrating Krest's ship

[edit] Pierce Brosnan era (1995-2002)

[edit] GoldenEye

A size 34 leather belt. It conceals a piton hidden behind the buckle. It can fire out up to 75 feet of high tensile wire designed to support the weight of an average person.
Ballpoint Pen (Parker Jotter) 
Contains a class four grenade. A 2 inch long fuse is armed after three clicks in succession. Another three clicks disarms it. Used by Bond to escape his captors after Boris nervously clicks it.
An Omega Seamaster Pro (the first of James Bond's non-Seiko/Rolex gadget watches) with built-in laser cutter and a remote detonator.
Piton Gun 
Fires grappling hook (piton) and has a laser cutting attachment.
Digital Binoculars 
Auto focus/zoom, digital camera, satellite uplink to send visual data.
X-Ray Document Scanner 
Q has a document scanner disguised as a tea-tray.
Phone Booth Trap 
Q Branch is testing a BT telephone box with a large airbag inside which expands, crushing anyone inside against the wall of the box.
Wheelchair and Leg Cast missile 
Tested by Q Branch, this gadget was made to look like someone had broken their leg, when in fact, the leg hid a missile, which could be fired from the seated position.
Door Decoder 
Small Device that can be fitted onto keypad locked electronic doors that finds the combination and displays it on its screen. Used by 006 in the pre-credit sequence.
Ejector Seat 
An ejector seat disguised as an ordinary office chair. Adjusting it will blast the chair across a distance. Is only seen whilst Q is telling Bond to bring everything back in pristine condition.
Eurocopter Tiger 
specially modified Tiger able to withstand electro-magnetic shockwaves from outer space (caused by the Goldeneye EMP satellites). It is possible that this helicopter utilizes Zorin microchip technology which is mentioned by Q himself to be impervious to EMP shockwaves from outer space.

[edit] Tomorrow Never Dies

Mobile Phone 
This was a concept phone designed by Ericsson. The phone had a variety of features, including:
  • a stun gun,
  • a fingerprint scanner/analyzer/transmitter that can also be used for opening high-tech fingerprint-identification locks
  • Antennae lock pick, which detaches from the phone and when inserted into a keyhole, hitting a key on the phone can then open the lock.
  • "Flip-open" remote control for operating his BMW 750iL (Directional steering pad, LCD monitor for the front and rear view, controls to fire rocket launcher and operate the car's other defense mechanisms)
Much of the phone's style, including its "flip-open" design, was incorporated into Ericsson's R380 "smartphone" a few years later. The R380 combined a fully functional mobile phone, PDA-like tools and WAP services.
Omega Seamaster watch 
Taken by Bond from the Chinese safehouse, the watch had a small, detachable charge that could be detonated by turning the watch's dial. It was later used to remotely destroy a glass jar that had a grenade lodged inside.
Walther P99 
A gun Bond acquires from the Chinese safehouse in Saigon. It replaced Bond's Walther PPK, present for the first half of the film. Since Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond has used the P99.
Cigarette lighter 
A disguised timed explosive/grenade.
Spike Fan 
Weapon developed by Wai Lin's counterpart division to Q Branch. Appears to be a Chinese fan, but when opened, several metal spikes with strings attached are thrown. Due to its brief appearance with no additional explanation, it's unclear whether the strings are for entanglement or a similar purpose like a tazer, or to retract the spikes.
Rickshaw Defense Mechanism 
This was used to knock out an enemy. A button is pressed, and an upper part of a bike-based rickshaw, which appears to be parked, ejects, knocking out the target.
Dragon Flamethrower 
Bond commented on the fact that this device was "very novel." Although this appears to be a sculpture of a dragon, pulling back one of the ears emits a high yield flamethrower, which makes the sculpture look like a fire-breathing dragon.
Wristband Grappling Hook 
A wristband that shoots a grappling hook that Wai Lin uses to escape a building in the beginning
Earring Lock pick 
At least one of Wai Lin's earrings conceals a lock pick, which she uses to escape from a pair of handcuffs.
Sea-Vac Drill
Used by Elliot Carver to destroy anything in his path -- only to fall victim to it, himself.
BMW 750il 
Car used by 007 in Hamburg. Equipped with cell phone to control the car's functions, front and rear view LCD monitor, rockets, high voltage security system, and secret compartment.

[edit] The World Is Not Enough

Q Boat 
Built by Q for his retirement. This boat comes equipped with submersible capabilities, although it was never properly finished.
Air Snow Machines 
Snow Mobiles with built in aircraft propellers similar to the use of Air Boats in the southern United States. They also have limited air capability with their built in parachutes.
Omega Seamaster Wristwatch 
Contains a Grappling hook with fifty feet of high-tensile micro-filament and a high intensity lighted bezel.
Multifunction Lock Pick 
Concealed in a normal looking credit card with a removable strip that activates a spring-loaded multifunction lock pick.
Eye-glasses (#1) 
Remotely detonates an explosive "flash-bang" charge. The explosive charge is actually housed in the pistol that is confiscated from Bond in the film's opening scene.
Eye-glasses (#2) 
Enables X-ray vision for checking for concealed weapons.
Ski Jacket 
Conceals an escape pod which inflates into a sealed sphere made of aluminum-coated plastic and Kevlar reinforcement. This feature appears to be based on the Zorb.
Contains a flamethrower and a machine gun (was seen only in Q's testing lab).
Nuclear Bomb 
Attempted to be detonated through the use of a submarine's nuclear reactor. This marks the seventh and final time in the James Bond film series (before the reboot with Daniel Craig) where an atomic or nuclear based weapon of mass destruction is involved. These films are Dr. No, Goldfinger, Thunderball , The Spy Who Loved Me, and For Your Eyes Only, and Octopussy.

This film marks the only one occasion in the Bond film series (as of 2008) where Bond has expressed concern as to what Q will think when equipment is destroyed ("Q's not gonna like this!" when his BMW Z8 is sawn in half.

[edit] Die Another Day

Glass-Shattering Ring 
A "standard issue" ring for the finger which is actually an "ultra high-frequency single digit sonic agitator unit" that can shatter bullet-proof glass (or any " 'unbreakable' glass", as commented by Q in the movie).
Contains a sliding panel with a hidden compartment containing communications equipment, explosives, detonators and a Walther P99 pistol.
Omega Wristwatch 
Contains an explosive detonator and laser beam cutter. The new Q states that this watch is Bond's 20th, which is a reference to the fact that Die Another Day is the 20th James Bond film.
Mini Air Supply 
Similar device as used in Thunderball, which provides a few minutes of oxygen.
Virtual Combat Training Simulator 
This device allows the user to enter a virtual environment with the assistance of four computerized columns, a special pair of sunglasses, and a special weapon. This training simulator is tested by 007. One such program contains a scenario in which MI6 Headquarters is attacked and the user must eliminate all threats as they see fit. Miss Moneypenny makes some recreational use of another version of the program, where she is romancing with James Bond over a desk.

Because this film marks the 40th Anniversary of James Bond films in addition to the film being the 20th in the franchise, there are multiple references to each previous official film. Some examples include:

Cloaking Device 
Used to 'hide' Bond's vehicle by utilizing high tech imaging.

[edit] Daniel Craig era (2006-present)

Since the reboot of the franchise with Casino Royale, the character of Q and his lab have been absent from the films. While Bond is still outfitted with a number of gadgets, they seem less futuristic and awe inspiring than before, all containing technology that is commercially available or close to being so, because these two movies depict the beginning of Bond's career as a double 0, presumably before Q's tricks were installed.

[edit] Casino Royale

Aston Martin DBS V12 
The car has a glove compartment filled with assorted tools and weaponry, including a high-tech first aid kit and portable defibrillator used to combat poisoning. (The vehicle itself, apart from a bulletproof windshield, appears to not have any added features.)
Sony Ericsson K800 
Cellphone with sophisticated GPS and 3.2 megapixel digital camera, with the ability to take multiple pictures very rapidly.
Microchip implant 
Bond is implanted with a microchip that helps MI6 keep track of Bond's whereabouts; it also monitors Bond's vital signs which are transmitted back to MI6 for analysis.
Tracking device 
Similar to the implant in Bond's arm, this tracking device is placed in Le Chiffre's inhaler.
Omega Seamaster wristwatch
Explosive Keychain 
Originally used in the attempt to destroy a commercial airliner in Miami. Bond removes this from the fuel truck and attaches it to a henchman's belt loop.

[edit] Quantum of Solace

Walther PPK 
The Walther PPK returns, after having been replaced at the end of Tomorrow Never Dies by the P99.
Aston Martin DBS V12
Sony Ericsson C902 
This cell phone has a built in identification imager, capable of compiling a composite facial image of a potential suspect even when the person being photographed is looking to the side. This phone can also receive information immediately regarding the suspect as it is also tied into the MI6 data mainframe.
Omega Seamaster wristwatch
Microsoft Surface
Although not directly used by Bond, the MI6 office featured a multi-touch computer interface.
MI6 Profile Touchscreen 
Similar to the Microsoft Surface, this tool used by MI6 gathers information regarding possible suspects in an investigation, and relays it back to Bond through his mobile phone.
Quantum Earpiece 
Although not a spectacular gadget, it is a Q shaped earpiece that 007 uses to listen in on Dominic Greene and his plots.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Complex 
An entire facility that is run by or possibly a large fuel cell generator itself. It is part of Greene's plot to monopolize Bolivia's water supply and use it to extort the country.

[edit] Standard signature items (most films)

Walther PPK/P99 
First issued in the film Dr. No, this semi-automatic double action pistol was intended to replace Bond's .25 ACP Beretta pistol after it backfired and caused him injury to his chest. This pistol has an overall weight of 590 g (21 oz) and a caliber of 7.65 mm. Bond was threatened to be demoted to standard intelligence duties unless he accepts use of the pistol. Bond later upgrades to a Walther P99 9 mm semi automatic pistol in the film Tomorrow Never Dies before exchanging it for the traditional PPK in the film Quantum of Solace .
Rolex/Seiko/Omega Seamaster Wristwatch 
Standard wristwatch complete with several different gadgets ranging from lasers, communication devices, homing beacons, explosives, etc. Made standard to all 00 Agents and has aided and saved Bond in several dangerous situations. Former 00 Agent Alec Trevelyan also uses a watch similar to Bond's.
Made standard by Major Boothroyd in the film From Russia With Love. Contains several gadgets built in and is used by all MI6 personnel.
Used to contact Bond when needed for new assignments. It comes in many forms from a key chain to a wristwatch.
Safe Cracker 
a pocket device used to open safes.
Mini Camera 
used to take small reconnaissance photos of various blueprints and strategic locations.
Homing Device 
Placed in various different locations on Bond's clothing and/or gadgetry.
Aston Martin DB5
Signature vehicle of James Bond, as seen in several films all containing various Q Branch gadgetry.

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