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This list of project management topics gives an overview of project management topics.


[edit] Project management activities

Project management is composed of several different types of activities such as:

  • Analysis and design of objectives and events
  • Planning the work according to the objectives
  • Assessing and controlling risk (or Risk Management)
  • Estimating resources
  • Allocation of resources
  • Organizing the work
  • Acquiring human and material resources
  • Assigning tasks
  • Directing activities
  • Controlling project execution
  • Tracking and reporting progress (Management information system)
  • Analyzing the results based on the facts achieved
  • Defining the products of the project
  • Forecasting future trends in the project
  • Quality Management
  • Issues management
  • Issue solving
  • Defect prevention
  • Identifying, managing & controlling changes
  • Project closure (and project debrief)
  • Communicating to stakeholders

[edit] Project management artifacts

The following documents serve to clarify objectives and deliverables and to align sponsors, clients, and project team's expectations.

These documents are normally hosted on a shared resource (i.e., intranet web page) and are available for review by the project's stakeholders (except for the Stakeholder Analysis, since this document comprises personal information regarding certain stakeholders. Only the Project Manager has access to this analysis). Changes or updates to these documents are explicitly outlined in the project's configuration management (or change control plan).

[edit] Project Management tools

Project Management tools include:

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