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Stargate SG-1 is an the American science fiction television series created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner. The series resumes the story of the 1994 Stargate film, where a military team led by Colonel Jack O'Neil and supported by the egyptologist Daniel Jackson use an ancient alien artifact called the Stargate to travel to a planet where an alien named Ra oppressed the planet's people by posing as a god. After the Earth team defeated Ra, O'Neill returns to Earth while Daniel Jackson stays on the planet. The series pilot, which takes place roughly one year after the events of the film,[1] reveals that Ra was not the only alien to use Stargates to transport human slaves to many worlds for thousands of years.

Stargate SG-1 premiered on July 27, 1997 on the subscription channel Showtime. After five seasons on the same network, the Sci Fi Channel adopted Stargate SG-1 and would air it for five further seasons, totalling to 214 episodes in ten seasons (seasons 1 through 7 consisted of 22 episodes, and season 8 through 10 had 20 episodes each). Since the American broadcast splits each season to allow the production to catch up, the British channel Sky One aired the second part of some seasons before their American counterpart. Stargate SG-1's finale episode premiered in the United Kingdom on Sky One on March 13, 2007. The Sci Fi Channel concluded the tenth season on June 22, 2007. All seasons of Stargate SG-1 are available on DVD, and two direct-to-DVD Stargate films have continued the series, the first released in March 2008, the second in July 2008.

The cast of the first five seasons consisted of Richard Dean Anderson starring as Col. Jack O'Neill, Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson, Amanda Tapping as Cpt./Maj. Samantha Carter (who would be promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in Season 8 and to Colonel in the films), Christopher Judge as the Jaffa alien Teal'c, and Don S. Davis as Maj. Gen. George Hammond. Michael Shanks left the series after Season 5 and was replaced by Corin Nemec as the extraterrestrial human Jonas Quinn in Season 6. Shanks continued to have a recurring role in season 6, rejoined the cast in Season 7, and stayed part of the main cast until the series' end. After Don S. Davis' departure from Stargate SG-1 after Season 7, Richard Dean Anderson's character was promoted to Brigadier General in Season 8 - Anderson left the series's main cast after that season, but continued to appear periodically. Ben Browder and Beau Bridges replaced them as Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell and Maj. Gen. Hank Landry in Season 9, respectively. The last actor to join the main cast was Claudia Black, who resumed her previously recurring role as Vala Mal Doran in Season 10.


[edit] Series overview and home release

Product Episodes DVD release date Blu-Ray
release date
United States (R1) United Kingdom (R2) Australia (R4)
Season 1 (1997–1998) 21(+1) May 22, 2001[2] October 21, 2002[3] March 1, 2004
Season 2 (1998–1999) 22 September 9, 2002[2] January 27, 2003[3] February 18, 2004
Season 3 (1999–2000) 22 June 17, 2003[2] February 24, 2003[3] May 11, 2004[4]
Season 4 (2000–2001) 22 September 2, 2003[2] March 31, 2003[3] August 17, 2004[4]
Season 5 (2001–2002) 22 January 20, 2004[2] April 28, 2003[3] November 17, 2004[5]
Season 6 (2002–2003) 22 March 2, 2004[2] February 2, 2004[3] January 17, 2005[4]
Season 7 (2003–2004) 22 October 19, 2004[2] February 28, 2005[3] March 14, 2005[4]
Season 8 (2004–2005) 20 October 4, 2005[2] February 27, 2006[3] August 17, 2005[6]
Season 9 (2005–2006) 20 October 3, 2006[2] February 9, 2007[3] August 15, 2006[7]
Season 10 (2006–2007) 20 July 24, 2007[2] December 3, 2007[3] August 26, 2007[4]
The Complete Series Collection 214 October 9, 2007[2] December 3, 2007[8] November 28, 2007
Stargate: The Ark of Truth Film March 11, 2008[2] April 14, 2008[9] April 8, 2008[10] January 13, 2009[2]
Stargate: Continuum Film July 29, 2008[2] August 18, 2008[11] August 5, 2008[12] July 29, 2008[2]
The Complete Collection 214 & 2 Films TBA November 17, 2008[13] March 10, 2009[14]

[edit] Season 1 (1997–1998)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 101A "Children of the Gods (Part 1)" Mario Azzopardi Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright July 27, 1997 (Showtime)
The Stargate Program is revived when Apophis, an alien of the same race as Ra, comes to Earth through the gate seeking hosts. Jack O'Neill and new SG-1 recruit Samantha Carter are sent to Abydos to locate, and bring back, Daniel Jackson
2 101B "Children of the Gods (Part 2)" Mario Azzopardi Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright July 27, 1997 (Showtime)
O'Neill and Daniel befriend Apophis' first prime Teal'c, a Jaffa (one who is an incubator to a larval Goa'uld), and Teal'c joins their side. He helps SG-1 return to Earth, though they cannot save Daniel's wife Sha're and his friend Skaara, who have been taken as hosts. 
3 102 "The Enemy Within" Dennis Berry Brad Wright August 1, 1997 (Showtime)
After being infested by a Goa'uld parasite in the previous episode, Major Kawalsky shows signs of possession. The symbiote is removed, but Kawalsky remains possessed and is killed by Teal'c. 
4 103 "Emancipation" Jeff Woolnough Katharyn Michaelian Powers August 8, 1997 (Showtime)
SG-1 visits a planet inhabited by the Shavadai, a nomadic tribe descended from the Mongols. They regard women as property, and restrict their rights in the belief that to do otherwise would bring "demons" (the Goa'uld) down upon them. Carter ends up being 'sold', but when Carter beats a chieftain in hand-to-hand combat, the team changes the tribe's opinions about the rights of women. Guest staring Soon-Tek Oh
5 104 "The Broca Divide" Bill Gereghty Jonathan Glassner August 15, 1997 (Showtime)
SG-1 travels to P3X-797 (), a planet divided into 'Light' and 'Dark' sides. While the inhabitants of the light side have a Bronze Age culture bearing similarities to the Minoan civilization, the dark side is infected with a deadly plague that turns people into savages, and the SGC is locked down when SG-1 brings it home. Dr. Fraiser manages to synthesize a cure for both peoples. 
6 105 "The First Commandment" Dennis Berry Robert C. Cooper August 22, 1997 (Showtime)
As SG-9 is on P3X-513 and long overdue, SG-1 is sent after them to find out what has happened to them. They soon discover that the commander of SG-9 has set himself up as a God on the planet. 
7 106 "Cold Lazarus" Kenneth J. Girotti Jeff F. King August 29, 1997 (Showtime)
By the work of a strange blue crystal, a duplicate of Jack O'Neill returns to the SGC in his place. When the real Jack returns, they locate the alien, who, they discover, was only trying to heal Jack's pain over the loss of his son. 
8 107 "The Nox" Charlie Correll Hart Hanson September 12, 1997 (Showtime)
When SG-1 meet a Jaffa patrol on P3X-774 (), they and a Jaffa soldier are killed. Once revived by the Nox, SG-1 tries to persuade them to aid them, as they have the secret of invisibility. But the Nox are pacifists and send SG-1 and the Jaffa home in safety. 
9 108 "Brief Candle" Mario Azzopardi Katharyn Michaelian Powers September 19, 1997 (Showtime)
The inhabitants of the planet Argos (P3X-8596, ) are descended from the ancient Greeks, who were implanted nanocytes into their bloodstream as part of the Goa'uld Pelops' experiments to create an advanced host. As a result, the Argosians aged rapidly and only lived for about 100 days. O'Neill becomes infected with the responsible nanites, but Carter is able to deactivate the nanocytes, restoring the Argosians to normal human lifespans. 
10 109 "Thor's Hammer" Brad Turner Katharyn Michaelian Powers September 26, 1997 (Showtime)
SG-1 visits the planet Cimmeria (P3X-974), a planet inhabited by Viking descendants, in search of allies against the Goa'uld. Upon arrival, O'Neill and Teal'c are trapped in a labyrinth, where the only exit is through Thor's Hammer, a device to destroy Goa'uld, but preserve the host. Goa'uld weapons are rendered inoperative but not earth guns. They encounter the giant humanoid Unas, the first host of the Goa'uld, who tries to kill them and can regenerate even after being shot with a machine gun. Daniel Jackson must destroy the device that could someday have saved his wife in order to free his friends. 
11 110 "The Torment of Tantalus" Jonathan Glassner Robert C. Cooper October 3, 1997 (Showtime)
SG-1 go to Heliopolis (PB2-908, ) and recovers Dr. Ernest Littlefield, who went through the Stargate in 1945 and never returned. Daniel nearly stays behind to study a 'book' detailing the meaning of human existence, left behind by the Four Great Races
12 111 "Bloodlines" Mario Azzopardi Jeff F. King October 10, 1997 (Showtime)
Teal'c's son Rya'c is to be implanted with his first Goa'uld larva on Chulak, so SG-1 goes to prevent it. However, Rya'c falls ill and can only be saved by a symbiote; Teal'c donates his own, and receives a stolen one for himself. We also meet Teal'c's first teacher Bra'tac, formerly the greatest of all Jaffa warriors and now still a spry 133 years old, who had taught Teal'c that the Goa'uld were false gods. 
13 112 "Fire and Water" Allan Eastman Katharyn Michaelian Powers October 17, 1997 (Showtime)
On P3X-866 (), SG-1 is given a false memory of Daniel's death by his alien abductor Nem. Nem is a member of an amphibious species named Oannes (Ohne), and wants to know from Daniel what happened to his mate Omoroca in ancient Babylon. Ultimately, Daniel remembers the obscure fact from his studies of ancient myths, and is allowed to go home. 
14 113 "Hathor" Brad Turner Jonathan Glassner October 24, 1997 (Showtime)
The Goa'uld Hathor (one of the mothers of all Goa'uld) brainwashes the men of the SGC with pheromones, and nearly makes O'Neill host to a larval Goa'uld conceived with Daniel. She flees after the unaffected women of Stargate Command retake the facility. 
15 114 "Singularity" Mario Azzopardi Robert C. Cooper October 31, 1997 (Showtime)
On the planet Hanka (P8X-987, ), SG-1 rescues a small girl who turns out to have had an inoperable Naqahdah bomb put in her by Nirrti to destroy the SGC. Ultimately the girl is given to the care of Dr. Janet Fraiser, the SGC medic, after they discover that the bomb will dissolve if she is kept away from the Stargate. 
16 115 "Cor-ai" Mario Azzopardi Tom J. Astle January 23, 1998 (Showtime)
The Byrsa, human inhabitants of the planet Cartago (P3X-1279, ) that was once enslaved, condemn Teal'c for the atrocities he once committed under Apophis. He is sentenced to death, but when the Goa'uld attack, Teal'c saves his accuser's life and proves he is a changed man. 
17 116 "Enigma" Bill Gereghty Katharyn Michaelian Powers January 30, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 rescues a group of highly advanced Tollan from their homeworld, P3X-7763 (). The military and the NID take an interest in their technology, and attempt to imprison them for research purposes before Daniel helps them take refuge with the Nox
18 117 "Solitudes" Martin Wood Brad Wright February 6, 1998 (Showtime)
Carter and O'Neill are stranded on an icy planet when the Stargate malfunctions on their return journey to Earth. However, it turns out that they have merely been redirected to a second Stargate in Antarctica. 
19 118 "Tin Man" Jimmy Kaufman Jeff F. King February 13, 1998 (Showtime)
11,000 years ago, the inhabitants of the planet On Altair (P3X-989) were forced underground by deadly radiation, and eventually transferred their minds into exact android duplicates to survive. By the time SG-1 visits their planet, there is only one remaining individual, Harlan, who creates android replicas of the Earth team to aid him. When this is discovered, the androids must accept that they will stay off-world, and the real SG-1 returns home. 
20 119 "There But For the Grace of God" David Warry-Smith Robert C. Cooper February 20, 1998 (Showtime)
On P3R-233 ( ), Daniel finds a strange alien mirror and is accidentally transported into an alternate universe. Before he returns, he learns that Apophis will attack Earth in ships from a certain Stargate address. 
21 120 "Politics (Part 1)" Martin Wood Brad Wright February 27, 1998 (Showtime)
Senator Robert Kinsey shuts down the Stargate program (as the gate represents a global risk), despite Daniel's warnings that Apophis will attack Earth, and that the Stargate may be Earth's only defense. (This episode is a clip show.) 
22 121 "Within the Serpent's Grasp (Part 2)" David Warry-Smith Jonathan Glassner March 6, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 uses the Stargate to go to , the address Daniel discovered. This turns out to be Apophis' ship, where they find that Skaara has been made host to Apophis' son Klorel. The ship reaches Earth, and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. 

[edit] Season 2 (1998–1999)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
23 201 "The Serpent's Lair (Part 3)" Jonathan Glassner Brad Wright June 26, 1998 (Showtime)
Teal'c's former mentor Bra'tac joins their fight and together they embark on a mission of planting bombs to destroy Apophis' ship and halt the attack on Earth. Eventually they destroy the two ships and escape in Death Gliders
24 202 "In the Line of Duty" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper July 3, 1998 (Showtime)
When the planet Nassya (P3X-382, ) falls under attack by the Goa'uld, Carter is possessed by a Goa'uld. When the Goa'uld is discovered, he claims to be Jolinar, a member of the Tok'ra, a legendary faction opposed to the Goa'uld System Lords. When Jolinar is assassinated, he saves the life of Samantha Carter. 
25 203 "Prisoners" David Warry-Smith Terry Curtis Fox July 10, 1998 (Showtime)
After being sentenced to life imprisonment on the planet Hadante, SG-1 escapes with the help of a female inmate named Linea, who has great herbal knowledge. After they set her free, they discover she is known as the "Destroyer of Worlds" for once having deliberately created a vaccine that caused contagious sickness killing half the population of a planet. 
26 204 "The Gamekeeper" Martin Wood Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright July 17, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 discover a world where all the people are enclosed in a virtual reality, believing that their planet is dead. SG-1 become trapped in the virtual reality, but inform the residents that their planet is beautiful again, and they all go free. 
27 205 "Need" David Warry-Smith Robert C. Cooper, Damian Kindler July 24, 1998 (Showtime)
Offworld, Daniel stops a young woman from killing herself. She turns out to be the daughter of the ruler of the planet who had overthrown the Goa'uld overlord but to keep the other Goa'ulds from finding out, he keeps the people virtually enslaved and sending back naqadah. She falls in love with him and uses the narcotic properties of the Sarcophagus to keep him with her, but once home he is rehabilitated and eventually let back into SG-1. He visits the woman, whose father had died, and she promises to improve the lot of her people. 
28 206 "Thor's Chariot" William Gereghty Katharyn Powers July 31, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 returns to Cimmeria ("Thor's Hammer") to help defend the planet when the Goa'uld invade. They contact Thor who shows himself as an Asgard. He is annoyed with SG-1's interference but comes via ship and eliminates the invasion nevertheless. 
29 207 "Message in a Bottle" David Warry-Smith Michael Greenburg and Jarrad Paul August 7, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 brings back a mysterious sphere from P5C-353. The sphere suddenly sprouts rods that impales O'Neill's shoulder, pinning him to the wall. After attempts to remove it, SG-1 discover it contains microscopic aliens that feed on energy who are the last of an alien race. They eventually agree to be relocated to P4G-881, a planet that is more suitable home than Earth. 
30 208 "Family" William Gereghty Katharyn Powers August 14, 1998 (Showtime)
Bra'tac brings word that Apophis has kidnapped Teal'c's son Rya'c. Returning to Chulak with SG-1, Teal'c finds that his son is brainwashed loyal to Apophis. Apophis had implanted some deadly pathogen on Rya'c which would have destroyed all life on earth if activated. Rya'c They resort at last to a zat-blast on him to overcome the brainwashing chemical. 
31 209 "Secrets" Duane Clark Terry Curtis Fox August 21, 1998 (Showtime)
Having to fulfill a promise to Sha're's father Kasuf, Daniel and Teal'c return to Abydos. Upon their arrival, Daniel learns that his wife, after having been captured by the Goa'uld, is now pregnant by Apophis. On earth, the Stargate Program is under risk of being exposed by a reporter. 
32 210 "Bane" David Warry-Smith Robert C. Cooper September 25, 1998 (Showtime)
Teal'c is stung by a strange insect while exploring BP6-3Q1. Upon returning to earth, the virus begins changing Teal'c's DNA into its own. He escapes the SGC and develops a friendship with a small scruffy girl, and is ultimately cured. 
33 211 "The Tok'ra (Part 1)" Brad Turner Jonathan Glassner October 2, 1998 (Showtime)
Jolinar ("In the Line of Duty") has left a mental imprint on Carter, who dreams of the Stargate address of the hidden Tok'ra base at P34-353J (, ). While SG-1 find and liaise with the Tok'ra, Carter's father Jacob is dying of cancer. 
34 212 "The Tok'ra (Part 2)" Brad Turner Jonathan Glassner October 9, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 offers an alliance with the Tok'ra, but it is turned down because Earth doesn't have enough to offer. Meanwhile, Selmak is a Tok'ra whose host is dying and the alliance deal is re-kindled when Jacob offers himself as a new host. 
35 213 "Spirits" Martin Wood Tor Alexander Valenza October 23, 1998 (Showtime)
SG-1 discovers a migratory people descended from the Native American Salish tribes on PXY-887. The Salish refuse to allow the SGC to mine their planet's large deposits of the valuable metal trinium, believing it would upset the spirits of the natural world. Under pressure from above, General Hammond orders mining to proceed without Salish permission, incurring the ire of their "spirits", in fact advanced aliens who freed the Salish from the Goa'uld a millennium ago. The Salish Spirits attack the SGC, until SG-1 convinces them that burying their Stargate would be a better solution than destroying the base. 
36 214 "Touchstone" Brad Turner Sam Egan October 30, 1998 (Showtime)
Inhabitants of the planet Madrona accuse SG-1 of stealing 'the Touchstone', an artifact that can control their planet's weather. The Madronans claim that men dressed in SGC uniforms took the device, and SG-1 suspect that maybe the thieves are using the second gate found in Antarctica. 
37 215[15] "The Fifth Race" David Warry-Smith Robert C. Cooper January 22, 1999 (Sky One)
On P3R-272 (), O'Neill is grabbed by a Repository of the Ancients, and has alien knowledge downloaded into his mind. Before Jack's mind is overrun, he discovers a gate address to the Asgard homeworld, who remove the information from his brain, saving his life. 
38 216[15] "A Matter of Time" Jimmy Kaufman Misha Rashovich January 29, 1999 (Sky One)
SG-10 stranded on the planet designated P3W-451, which is close to a newly formed black hole. The SGC opens the gate to find out what happened, but they can't shut it down afterwards. Soon they realise that since the planet is near to a black hole, its intense gravity is causing time dilation, so if they don't shut down the gate very soon, it will destroy the SGC, and in time, the entire planet. They are eventually able to make the stargate jump to P2A-870. 
39 217[16] "Holiday" David Warry-Smith Tor Alexander Valenza February 5, 1999 (Sky One)
SG-1 meets an elderly man called Machello and learns that he has been hunted by the Goa'uld his entire life due to his inventions of technological devices meant to oppose them. Machello convinces Daniel to grasp a device made to switch bodies, and then escapes, leaving Daniel to die in the old body of Machello's. 
40 218[16] "Serpent's Song" Peter DeLuise Katharyn Powers February 12, 1999 (Sky One)
Apophis's death glider crashes on PB5-926 (). Dying, he is brought to the SGC. Sokar tries to attack Earth as he wants him, but is stopped when they hand over the dead Apophis. However, Sokar will use a sarcophagus to revive him and torture him indefinitely. 
41 219 "One False Step" William Corcoran Michael Kaplan and John Sanborn February 19, 1999 (Sky One)
After a UAV crashes into a large white plant off-world (PJ2-445), SG-1 encounters inhabitants who appear to be dying en masse. SG-1 discover that the aliens depend on the large plants for survival because of an essential infrasound they emit, and rectify the situation. 
42 220 "Show and Tell" Peter DeLuise Jonathan Glassner February 26, 1999 (Sky One)
A young boy warns SGC of a plot by invisible non-humanoid aliens (rogue Re'tu, who exist in large numbers on P63-2031) to destroy all humans. A minority of the Re'tu wage war on the Goa'uld by eliminating their potential hosts: humans. They operate in 5-man suicide units, which are capable of setting off an explosion equivalent to a small tactical nuke. SG-1 decide his warning is real, and call the Tok'ra for help, who provide TER's that locate the Re'tus already hiding on the base, and eliminate them. 
43 221 "1969" Charles Correll Brad Wright March 5, 1999 (Sky One)
When SG-1 steps through the gate to P2X-555 (), a solar flare sends SG-1back in time. They meet a young General Hammond, then a lieutenant, who helps them due to a note ("Help them", plus dates of what Carter figures out must be solar flares). They find the Stargate of 1969 and activate it during another solar flare, returning home. 
44 222 "Out of Mind (Part 1)" Martin Wood Jonathan Glassner and Brad Wright March 12, 1999 (Sky One)
O'Neill, Carter and Daniel awaken from stasis in what appears to be the SGC, 80 years in the future. They discover it is actually a Goa'uld hoax by Hathor. Meanwhile, Teal'c leaves the SGC to find SG-1. (This episode is a clip show.) 

[edit] Season 3 (1999–2000)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
45 301 "Into the Fire (Part 2)" Martin Wood Brad Wright June 25, 1999 (Showtime)
The SGC sends a rescue mission to Hathor's base to retrieve SG-1, and O'Neill kills Hathor. Using Tok'ra tunnels already present on the planet, SG-1 escapes and returns home. 
46 302 "Seth" William Corcoran Jonathan Glassner July 2, 1999 (Showtime)
A Goa'uld named Seth has lived on Earth for thousands of years and now is the leader of a dangerous cult. SG-1 uses zats to overcome the cult members' brainwashing, and in the ensuing rescue, Seth is killed by Carter. 
47 303 "Fair Game" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper July 9, 1999 (Showtime)
Captain Carter is promoted to the rank of Major. The Asgard warn the SGC that the Goa'uld are planning an attack on Earth. With the help of the Asgard, SG-1 negotiates with three Goa'uld System Lords, Cronus, Nirrti, and Yu, to bring Earth into the Protected Planets Treaty. At first, the system lords demand surrender of both Stargates, but after SG-1 solves the mystery of an attempted assassination of Cronus (by Nirrti), they are allowed to keep the stargates. 
48 304 "Legacy" Peter DeLuise Tor Alexander Valenza July 16, 1999 (Showtime)
On PY3-948, SG-1 finds corpses of several humans who had clearly once had Goa'uld symbiotes. Upon returning, Jackson shows signs of schizophrenia. The cause is a Goa'uld-killer of Ma'chello's (having a strange effect on a non-Goa'uld), and the devices are neutralised. 
49 305 "Learning Curve" Martin Wood Heather E. Ash July 23, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 visits a planet named Orban () where knowledge is harvested through its children (called "Urrone"). When a Urrone reaches a certain age, their nanites are harvested and they regress to an infantile state and remain that way as the Orbanians have no concept of traditional education. After the Urrone Merrin teaches Earth how to build naqahdah generators, O'Neill causes a diplomatic incident by refusing to return Merrin for her Averium and introducing her to Earth culture. O'Neill eventually relents, partly at Merrin's insistence. At her Averium, her experiences are transferred to the entire Orbanian race, who rediscover learning "the old way" and begin teaching their children again. 
50 306 "Point of View" Peter DeLuise Jonathan Glassner, Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper and Tor Alexander Valenza July 30, 1999 (Showtime)
Using the mirror from "There But For the Grace of God", an alternate Carter and Kawalsky come to the SGC from an Earth that has been invaded by the Goa'uld. SG-1 saves the alternate reality by contacting the Asgard there. 
51 307 "Deadman Switch" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper August 6, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 is captured by a bounty hunter who uses them to help catch a Tok'ra. The Goa'uld has his race addicted to a drug that can be supplied only by them, but he repents at the last moment and asks Sam to help free him from the drug. 
52 308 "Demons" Peter DeLuise Carl Binder August 13, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 visits a planet ruled by a Goa'uld-infested Unas, who uses the persona of the Devil to keep the residents ruled by fear. They free the people of the 'devil' and instruct them to bury the Stargate. 
53 309 "Rules of Engagement" William F. Gereghty Terry Curtis Fox August 20, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 discovers a planet where Apophis was training human slaves to infiltrate the SGC. SG-1 shows them footage of Apophis dying, and they all renounce him as a false god. 
54 310 "Forever in a Day" Peter DeLuise Jonathan Glassner October 8, 1999 (Showtime)
After being found on P8X-873, Daniel's wife Sha're is killed by Teal'c to prevent the Goa'uld controlling her from killing Daniel. Jackson then starts seeing visions of a residual thought transferred to him by Sha're in the last moments - he must find her son, a Harcesis
55 311 "Past and Present" William F. Gereghty Tor Alexander Valenza October 15, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 travels to a world named Vyus (P2Q-463) where the people have lost their memories in an event called the "Vorlix" and are in search of their Elders. Ke'ra, a young woman who assists them to research the world's past, connects strongly with Daniel. SG-1 soon learns that the people they have encountered are in fact the Elders made younger and discovers that Ke'ra is in fact Linea (from season 2's "Prisoners"), who inadvertently caused the Vorlix while experimenting with reversing aging. The SGC helps the Vyans recover their memories, but Linea chooses to forget her old self and start anew. 
56 312 "Jolinar's Memories (Part 1)" Peter DeLuise Sonny Wareham and Daniel Stashower October 22, 1999 (Showtime)
Jacob/Selmak is captured by Sokar. Jolinar was the only person to escape from Sokar's home moon Ne'tu near the planet Delmak, and Carter has residual memories of the method. SG-1 is captured, and discovers that Apophis controls the moon. 
57 313 "The Devil You Know (Part 2)" Peter DeLuise Robert C. Cooper October 29, 1999 (Showtime)
SG-1 manages to escape from Ne'tu with Jacob and Selmak and make it back to Earth, using a Tok'ra bomb that blows up the moon and destroys Sokar's ship, killing Sokar with it. Apophis, however, escapes, and has risen again. 
58 314 "Foothold" Andy Mikita Heather E. Ash November 5, 1999 (Showtime)
Stargate Command is under control by aliens originating from P3X-118 (). They use a frequency-based technology that allows them to mimic the appearance of other beings, i.e. humans. Carter must ask Colonel Maybourne to help her retake the base. 
59 315 "Pretense" David Warry-Smith Katharyn Powers December 12, 1999 (Sky One)
Skaara/Klorel crash lands on the Tollans' new homeworld Tollana () and the Tollan invite SG-1 to represent Skaara in a trial to decide whether Skaara or Klorel has the right to use Skaara's body. Skaara wins. Lya of the Nox and SG-1 prevent a Goa'uld attack on Tollana. 
60 316 "Urgo" Peter DeLuise Tor Alexander Valenza December 19, 1999 (Sky One)
The members of SG-1 are implanted with an AI named Urgo. They manage to rectify the problem by visiting Urgo's creator on P4X-884 (), who implants Urgo in himself instead to improve his personality. 
61 317 "A Hundred Days" David Warry-Smith Brad Wright January 7, 2000 (Sky One)
A friendly planet named Edora (P5C-768, ) will be destroyed by meteorite bombardment soon. Stargate Command moves most of the population to another planet but O'Neill is trapped. SG-1 uses a particle beam to breach the iris that formed over the offworld gate, and retrieve O'Neill. 
62 318 "Shades of Grey" Martin Wood Jonathan Glassner January 14, 2000 (Sky One)
After stealing technology from the Tollan, O'Neill is forced to retire. He joins a rogue SG team dedicated to obtaining advanced technology by any means and then store them on . However, O'Neill was actually on a secret mission as a double agent to find and capture the rogues. He also comes across the Tiernod, a cave-dewelling race on PX3-595 under the protection of the Asgard, who gave them invisibility devices to hide from predators. 
63 319 "New Ground" Chris McMullen Heather E. Ash January 21, 2000 (Sky One)
SG-1 visits a planet designated P2X-416 (, PoO ), where the countries of Bedrosia and Optrica are in the middle of a war about the origin of life. The Bedrosians, who believe a Goa'uld created humans on their world, mistake SG-1 (minus Teal'c) for infiltrators and refuse to accept their account that the Stargate is a transportation device as the Optricans have always claimed. Teal'c frees his team with help from Nyan, one of a minority of Bedrosian scientists willing to approach the Optrican position with an open mind. 
64 320 "Maternal Instinct" Peter Woeste Robert C. Cooper January 28, 2000 (Sky One)
Daniel knows that the Harcesis is on a planet called Kheb; Bra'tac knows how to get there as it is the planet that the Jaffa believe to be the destination of their soul after death (P9C-292, ). They find a Zen monk who teaches Daniel about the ways of Ascension and an ascended being (Oma Desala) saves the child. 
65 321 "Crystal Skull" Martin Wood Story:Michael Greenburg and Jarrad Paul Teleplay: Brad Wright. February 4, 2000 (Sky One)
SG-1 finds a Mayan ziggurat in a lepton-rich environment on planet P7X-377; inside is a crystal skull that makes Daniel a ghost. Daniel's grandfather Nicholas Ballard found a similar skull in Belize and helps out. When they return to the planet, giant aliens who have vaguely humanoid but insubstantial forms, appear and return Daniel to normality. 
66 322 "Nemesis (Part 1)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper February 11, 2000 (Sky One)
Thor's starship has been infected by Replicators. In order to keep it from landing on earth, SG-1 disables the deceleration engines so the ship burns up in the atmosphere and crashes in the Pacific. While they attempt escape to P3X-234 (), one replicator remains. 

[edit] Season 4 (2000–2001)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
67 401 "Small Victories (Part 2)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper June 30, 2000 (Showtime)
The Replicator on Earth has reproduced and taken over a submarine; O'Neill and Teal'c neutralise the threat. Carter goes with Thor to defend the Asgard homeworld from the Replicators. They use the Asgard's newest ship (named the O'Neill) to lure the Replicators into hyperspace, where the ship is blown up. 
68 402 "The Other Side" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright July 7, 2000 (Showtime)
Humans on the planet Euronda () contact Stargate Command for help; they are fighting a losing war against an enemy they call the "Breeders" and have run out of food and fuel supplies. SG-1 travels to Euronda and make an alliance to trade heavy water for advanced technology to combat the Goa'uld. 
69 403 "Upgrades" Martin Wood David Rich (Robert C. Cooper did an uncredited re-write) July 14, 2000 (Showtime)
The Tok'ra Anise gives O'Neill, Carter, and Daniel Atanik arm devices that greatly increase their strength and speed. But the devices rely on a virus that is eventually neutralized by the human immune system, causing the members of SG-1 to lose the strength they gained. However, they don't realize this until they are on a mission on PX9-757 (), a planet where Apophis builds a new prototype mothership. 
70 404 "Crossroads" Peter DeLuise Katharyn Powers July 21, 2000 (Showtime)
The SGC is visited by Shan'auc, a female Jaffa who has discovered how to communicate with her larval Goa'uld symbiote and claims that she has information that could destroy the Goa'uld. 
71 405 "Divide and Conquer" Martin Wood Tor Alexander Valenza July 28, 2000 (Showtime)
The Goa'uld can impose subconscious programming on humans. The Tok'ra have a test to detect the programming and when it is applied to the staff of Stargate Command, Carter and O'Neill are found to be affected. 
72 406 "Window of Opportunity" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 4, 2000 (Showtime)
After an encounter with an Ancient time device on P4X-639 (), O'Neill and Teal'c get trapped in a time loop that only they know about. 
73 407 "Watergate" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper August 11, 2000 (Showtime)
The Russians have been using the second Stargate in secret, but after dialing a world that is completely under water, they lose contact with their Stargate facility and approach Stargate Command for help. The reason is discovered to be microscopic beings that live in, and control, water. They broke free and attempt to return home through the Stargate by controlling human bodies and emitting enough energy to keep a Stargate open indefinitely. 
74 408 "The First Ones" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise August 18, 2000 (Showtime)
While helping with the excavation of fossilized Goa'uld on P3X-888, the homeworld of the Goa'uld and the Unas, Daniel Jackson is captured by the Unas Chaka. The rest of SG-1 tries to find him. 
75 409 "Scorched Earth" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 25, 2000 (Showtime)
Earth resettles a group of Enkaran refugees, a race of humans who have become specifically adapted to their homeworld and thus require exact environmental conditions, to another planet, but an alien spaceship is transforming the new planet into a hostile environment. The ship preserves elements of the Gadmeer civilization, a non-humanoid sulfur-based race that once faced extinction in a war, and they cannot restart their civilization on another planet. SG-1 eventually brokers a deal by which the Gadmeer ship would transport the Enkarans to their original homeworld before resuming its work. 
76 410 "Beneath the Surface" Peter DeLuise Heather E. Ash September 1, 2000 (Showtime)
The members of SG-1 have had their memories altered and been put to work in an underground industrial complex. They must recover their memories in order to escape. 
77 411 "Point of No Return" William Gereghty Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 8, 2000 (Showtime)
An odd man called Martin Lloyd has inexplicable knowledge of the Stargate and claims that he is from outer space. He remembers his home address (). He turns out to belong to a small group of men who deserted their homeworld after losing a war against the Goa'uld. After failing to find anything but more hardship, they chose to desert the rest of their race and hide out on Earth. 
78 412 "Tangent" Peter DeLuise Michael Cassutt September 15, 2000 (Showtime)
Teal'c and O'Neill test-fly the first experimental aircraft based on combined Earth and Goa'uld technologies, but soon someone else takes control of the X-301. Sam and Daniel enlist Jacob/Selmak's help to rescue them. 
79 413 "The Curse" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 22, 2000 (Showtime)
Daniel's old professor has died. Daniel goes to the funeral and discovers a controversy surrounding the professor's death. SG-1 discovers that a Goa'uld may have escaped from an ancient canopic jar the professor's team was studying. 
80 414 "The Serpent's Venom" Martin Wood Peter DeLuise September 29, 2000 (Showtime)
The Tok'ra and Stargate Command want to sabotage a meeting of Heru'ur and Apophis, who want to form an alliance on neutral ground on the homeworld of the extinct Tobin race, decendends of the Phoenicians. The planet is surrounded by a minefield. SG-1 discovers Heru'ur has captured Teal'c and intends to use him as a peace offering. Jacob/Selmak plans to meet Teal'c and Rak'nor, a supposed friend of Teal'c's on the inside, on the third moon of the planet Tichenor. 
81 415 "Chain Reaction" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie January 5, 2001 (Sky One)
Hammond abruptly resigns as head of the SGC, and is replaced by General Bauer. O'Neill suspects there is more to it than Hammond will admit and refuses to let the matter rest. General Bauer sends an SG team to the Goa'uld planet P3S-452 obtain naqahdah
82 416 "2010" Andy Mikita Brad Wright January 12, 2001 (Sky One)
In an alternate timeline, Earth has defeated the Goa'uld with the help of the Aschen, a bland and humorless advanced people from a world designated P4C-970. Earth discovers too late that the Aschen plan to depopulate the planet by secretly sterilizing much of the population through life-extending drugs. Thus, the former members of SG-1 sacrifice their lives to send a warning back in time to themselves not to contact the Aschen homeworld P4C-970. The season 5 episode "2001 (Stargate SG-1)" resumes this story. 
83 417 "Absolute Power" Peter DeLuise Robert C. Cooper January 19, 2001 (Sky One)
The Harcesis has come to visit the SGC and puts Jackson in a coma-like state. Jackson experiences what it means to have all the knowledge of the Goa'uld. 
84 418 "The Light" Peter Woeste James Phillips January 26, 2001 (Sky One)
SG-1 discovers a world abandoned by the Goa'uld where there is a room with a beautiful, mesmerizing light display. But the light may have an insidious effect. 
85 419 "Prodigy" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie February 5, 2001 (Sky One)
Carter meets a brilliant USAF cadet while lecturing at the Air Force Academy, but the cadet has a problem with authority. Carter decides to show her there are possibilities she isn't aware of. On an off-world mission on M4C-862, a moon 42,000 light-years from Earth, energy-based creatures take a dislike to the Tau'ri and Carter and the cadet must work on a solution to get everyone home. 
86 420 "Entity" Allan Lee Peter DeLuise February 9, 2001 (Sky One)
Stargate Command sends a probe through the Stargate to P9C-372 (), a world inhabited by electronic lifeforms. The base computer system is compromised by what is apparently a very advanced computer virus, which eventually displaces Samantha Carter's mind from her body. 
87 421 "Double Jeopardy" Michael Shanks Robert C. Cooper February 16, 2001 (Sky One)
After Cronus's army captures the android counterparts of SG-1 ("Tin Man") on the planet Juna (P3X-729, ), the members of the real SG-1 must work with their robot duplicates to free the planet. 
88 422 "Exodus (Part 1)" David Warry-Smith Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie February 23, 2001 (Sky One)
Apophis is on his way to Vorash, the planet the Tok'ra are using as a base. Carter and Jacob/Selmak attempt to wipe out Apophis' fleet by sending a Stargate linked to a black hole into the local sun. 

[edit] Season 5 (2001–2002)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
89 501 "Enemies (Part 2)" Martin Wood Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie June 29, 2001 (Showtime)
In a distant galaxy, the team is captured by Apophis, who has brainwashed Teal'c. Replicators overrun Apophis' ship and SG-1 escapes before he dies as the ship crashes into Delmak. 
90 502 "Threshold (Part 3)" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright July 6, 2001 (Showtime)
To end Teal'c's newly formed loyalty to Apophis, Bra'tac uses an old Jaffa ritual that will either bring Teal'c back or kill him. Now Teal'c must relive his memories of being in the service of Apophis and realise that Apophis is a false god. 
91 503 "Ascension" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper July 13, 2001 (Showtime)
After returning from Velona (P3X-636), a planet full of ruins, Carter is visited by a mysterious young man named Orlin who can walk through solid objects. But everyone believes that she is seeing things. It later turns out that the Ancients destroyed Velona and left Orlin behind as punishment after he had provided the Velonans with an advanced weapon in their fight against the Goa'uld
92 504 "The Fifth Man" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 20, 2001 (Showtime)
O'Neill remains on a planet designated P7S-441 to protect Lieutenant Tyler, a fifth member of SG-1 whom only the other members of SG-1 can recall. He turns out be a Reol, a race of lanky humanoids nearly hunted to extinction by the Goa'uld. They naturally secrete a chemical that implants false memories and illusions in others. 
93 505 "Red Sky" Martin Wood Ron Wilkerson July 27, 2001 (Showtime)
After Carter overrides some of the security dialing protocols on the Stargate, SG-1 travels to K'Tau (P39-865, ) and discovers that the sun has been shifted to the infrared end of the spectrum. All life on the planet is doomed, and SG-1 are responsible. The planet's inhabitants are worshippers of the Asgard, but the Asgard refuse to help. 
94 506 "Rite of Passage" Peter DeLuise Heather E. Ash August 3, 2001 (Showtime)
Dr. Fraiser's adopted daughter, Cassandra, develops telekinetic abilities, but the strain of producing so much energy is causing multiple organ failure. SG-1 must make a deal with a forgotten enemy in order to save her - but at a terrible price. 
95 507 "Beast of Burden" Martin Wood Peter DeLuise August 10, 2001 (Showtime)
Chaka, the Unas whom Dr. Jackson befriended, has been kidnapped and taken to a planet where humans use Unases as slaves. Jackson wants to rescue Chaka, but O'Neill is reluctant to interfere. 
96 508 "The Tomb" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 17, 2001 (Showtime)
SG-1 gets trapped in an ancient ziggurat on P2X-338 () along with a Russian team and an alien creature possessed by a Goa'uld. 
97 509 "Between Two Fires" William Gereghty Ron Wilkerson August 24, 2001 (Showtime)
The Tollan, in a highly unusual change of policy, agree to share advanced technology with Earth. But SG-1 soon learns that there's something else going on. 
98 510 "2001" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright August 31, 2001 (Showtime)
SG-1 discovers an agricultural planet named Volia (P3A-194, ), whose inhabitants introduce them to their more technologically advanced neighbours, the Aschen, who propose an alliance with Earth. Volia was once industrialized, but the Aschen covertly sterilized much of their population using a cure for a plague as pretense. By the time the Volians realized what was happening and fought back, it was too late. After research by Daniel Jackson and Teal'c reveals the Aschen to be the civilization whose gate address they forbade themselves from dialing ("2010"), Earth breaks off contact, leaving the Aschen with an innocuous database of catastrophically dangerous Stargate addresses, including the black hole planet from season 2's "A Matter of Time". 
99 511 "Desperate Measures" William Gereghty Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 7, 2001 (Showtime)
Carter is kidnapped by a dying millionaire, forcing O'Neill to team up with Harry Maybourne in order to find her. 
100 512 "Wormhole X-Treme!" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie September 8, 2001 (Showtime)
When Stargate Command learns of a television show whose premise closely resembles its operations, SG-1 investigates. They find that an alien named Martin Lloyd ("Point of No Return") is giving the producers their ideas. 
101 513 "Proving Ground" Andy Mikita Ron Wilkerson March 8, 2002 (Sky One)
SG-1 is running training simulations for a group of new recruits. Things begin to get more serious when aliens invade. 
102 514 "48 Hours" Peter F. Woeste Robert C. Cooper March 15, 2002 (Sky One)
Returning from a mission on P3X-116 (, Teal'c fails to make it through the Stargate before it deactivates. If the wormhole is re-opened, his pattern will be lost forever. Daniel must make a deal with the Russians for help. Carter must collaborate with Dr. Rodney McKay
103 515[17] "Summit (Part 1)" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie March 22, 2002 (Sky One)
There is a truce among the Goa'uld and the System Lords meet on a heavily guarded space station. The Tok'ra plan to kill them all, but require a human who can speak fluent Goa'uld and Daniel is the only qualified candidate. The Tok'ra create a version of the Reol chemical ("The Fifth Man") for the undercover mission. Meanwhile, Anubis attacks an outpost of Kali on the planet Cerador, destroying two motherships. Lord Zipacna attacks Revanna, the site of the main Tok'ra base after Vorash, under orders from Anubis. 
104 516[17] "Last Stand (Part 2)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper March 29, 2002 (Sky One)
A powerful System Lord shows himself for the first time in a thousand years and offers to destroy the Tau'ri and Tok'ra. Meanwhile, SG-1 and Lt. Elliot/Lantash are trying to escape the Tok'ra base. 
105 517[17] "Fail Safe" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie April 5, 2002 (Sky One)
SG-1 must stop a rogue asteroid on a collision course with Earth using their Goa'uld cargo ship. 
106 518 "The Warrior" Peter DeLuise Christopher Judge April 12, 2002 (Sky One)
The Jaffa rebellion has a new leader named Kytano, who seems almost too good to be true. SG-1 visits Kytano's Jaffa camp on the planet Cal Mah (meaning "sanctuary") to negotiate an alliance. However, Kytano sends rebel Jaffa on a suicide mission to , a stronghold of Nirrti, and when Kytano sends Teal'c on a suicide mission against the Goa'uld system lord Yu, he finds that the new leader isn't what he seems. 
107 519 "Menace" Martin Wood James Tichenor April 26, 2002 (Sky One)
The team finds an android that somehow managed to survive a Replicator attack. They learn she is the mother of all Replicators, but has the mentality of a young child. 
108 520 "The Sentinel" Peter DeLuise Ron Wilkerson May 3, 2002 (Sky One)
The Latonans are a once-advanced race that abandoned technology to focus on mental development. Their homeworld Latona (P2A-018) is defended by a 500-year-old device called the Sentinel, which was inadvertently deactivated by rogue NID operatives seeking to reverse-engineer it. With Latona being invaded by the Goa'uld Svarog, SG-1 brings the NID agents (from the season 3 episode "Shades of Grey") with them to repair the Sentinel and save the Latonans from the Goa'uld. 
109 521 "Meridian" Will Waring Robert C. Cooper May 10, 2002 (Sky One)
Daniel incurs lethal radiation exposure when he prevents a potentially cataclysmic accident in a weapons laboratory on the planet Langara (P9Y-4C3). While the alien government responsible for the lab accuses him of attempting to sabotage their research, the Kelownan Jonas Quinn tries to negotiate with SG-1. 
110 522 "Revelations" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie May 17, 2002 (Sky One)
An Asgard scientist Heimdall is stranded on Adara II, a planet under attack by the Goa'uld. As the Asgard have no spare ships, they ask Stargate Command to help, using their salvaged Goa'uld cargo ship. 

[edit] Season 6 (2002–2003)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
111 601 "Redemption (Part 1)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper June 7, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
Anubis has found an ancient weapon capable of destroying the Stargate - and Earth along with it - by slowly building up an overcharge of energy in its superconducting ring. 
112 602 "Redemption (Part 2)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper June 14, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
Jonas comes up with a plan to prevent the Stargate from destroying the Earth. Meanwhile, Teal'c is preparing to attack the planet on which Anubis's weapon is based. Jonas Quinn joins SG-1. 
113 603 "Descent" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie June 21, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 attempts to salvage a Goa'uld mothership that has been mysteriously abandoned in space near Earth. Unfortunately, the ship crashes in the ocean. SG-1 discovers that Thor's consciousness is still in the central computer. 
114 604 "Frozen" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper June 28, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
The Antarctic team investigating the site where the second Stargate was found discovers a frozen Ancient. The team starts to suffer the effects of a deadly virus. 
115 605 "Nightwalkers" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 12, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
Bizarre behavior in an American small town proves to be the result of Goa'uld activity. 
116 606 "Abyss" Martin Wood Brad Wright July 19, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
O'Neill has been captured by Ba'al but is being held in a fortress too well protected for Stargate Command to help. However, Jonas believes that Lord Yu might be persuaded to lend assistance. 
117 607 "Shadow Play" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 26, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
The Kelownan government contacts the SGC, offering to exchange naqahdriah for advanced technology. Jonas's old professor asks him to help a secret resistance group and prevent a world war. 
118 608 "The Other Guys" Martin Wood Damian Kindler August 2, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
Dr. Felger worships SG-1, and when he has the chance to rescue them from a Goa'uld mothership, he doesn't hesitate. 
119 609 "Allegiance" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise August 9, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
The Jaffa rebellion, the Tok'ra, and Stargate Command are temporarily forced to share Earth's Alpha Site (a secret refuge) when the Tok'ra are attacked. Suspicion between the Tok'ra and the Jaffa turns hostile when a series of murders occurs. 
120 610 "Cure" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler August 16, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 visit Pangar, a planet once ruled by Ra. The Pangarans offer a wonder drug called Tretonin in exchange for gate addresses, but fail to mention that the drug is produced by using the progeny of the former Tok'ra queen Egeria. The drug also destroys the user's immune system, causing a crisis when supplies ran low. After Egeria is freed by the Tok'ra Kelmaa, she tells the remorseful Pangarans how to free themselves from the tretonin. 
121 611 "Prometheus (Part 1)" Peter F. Woeste Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 23, 2002 (Sci Fi Channel)
A reporter has information about the Stargate Program and threatens to broadcast it on television. The SGC offers a deal to allow her access to the Prometheus on the condition that nothing is aired until the Stargate Program is made public. 
122 612 "Unnatural Selection (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright December 4, 2002 (Sky One)
The Asgard have called all the Replicators in the Asgard galaxy to one planet, Halla, but the time dilation device that was meant to trap them on the planet has failed to activate. The Asgard want SG-1 to use the Prometheus to find out why. 
123 613 "Sight Unseen" Peter F. Woeste Ron Wilkerson December 11, 2002 (Sky One)
On a deserted planet designated P9X-391, SG-1 discovers a piece of Ancient technology. When it's moved to Earth for study, people begin to have inexplicable hallucinations. 
124 614 "Smoke & Mirrors" Peter DeLuise Katharyn Powers December 18, 2002 (Sky One)
Senator Kinsey is shot, and all the evidence seems to show that O'Neill was the assassin. 
125 615 "Paradise Lost" William Gereghty Robert C. Cooper January 8, 2003 (Sky One)
Maybourne offers to help the SGC find a cache of advanced alien weapons, but he is not telling them everything he knows. 
126 616 "Metamorphosis" Peter DeLuise Jacqueline Samuda and James Tichenor January 15, 2003 (Sky One)
The Russian team discovers a planet where Nirrti has been experimenting on the human population to create the perfect host. 
127 617 "Disclosure" William Gereghty Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie January 22, 2003 (Sky One)
The Americans and the Russians reveal the existence of the Stargate to the Chinese, French, and British governments. Senator Kinsey tries to use the meeting to hijack the program, but Hammond has a card up his sleeve. (This episode is a clip show.) 
128 618 "Forsaken" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler January 29, 2003 (Sky One)
SG-1 finds a wrecked spacecraft whose crew claims to have been fighting off aggressive aliens ever since they crashed. It later turns out that the crew are in fact prisoners of the Serrakin ship Seberus. The Serrakin are an advanced race who once helped free the human Hebridans, descendends from the Celts, from the Goa'uld millennia ago. Since then, the two peoples have lived together in a largely harmonious merged society on the planet Hebridan and there is frequent interspecies marriage, which is opposed by a minority of human racial purists. 
129 619 "The Changeling" Martin Wood Christopher Judge and Brad Wright February 5, 2003 (Sky One)
Teal'c finds himself jumping between different realities of Earth and the planet Kresh'ta, where a meeting of 108 Jaffa rebel leaders are ambushed by the Goa'uld System Lords. Only Daniel seems to display any continuity. 
130 620 "Memento" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler February 12, 2003 (Sky One)
On the maiden flight of the Prometheus, the reactor overloads, and SG-1 must find the Stargate buried on the alien planet Tagrea in order to obtain spare parts from Earth. Tagrea was once ruled by the Goa'uld Heru-ur, and the memory of his occupation was so traumatic that the Tagreans buried their Stargate and wiped out all traces of their earlier history, so as to make a new start. Despite opposition from xenophobic elements of the Tagrean military, the progressive Chairman Ashwan assists SG-1 in locating the Stargate and eventually opens relations with Earth. 
131 621 "Prophecy" Will Waring Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie February 19, 2003 (Sky One)
SG-1 finds a planet where the population worship Ba'al and work in the mines to provide his representative, Lord Mot, with a tribute of naqahdah. SG-1 intends to stop him, but things get complicated when Jonas starts seeing visions that could kill him. 
132 622 "Full Circle" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper February 19, 2003 (Sky One)
Daniel contacts Jack O'Neill and tells him that Anubis has located the Eye of Ra, an enormously powerful weapon. SG-1 must get the Eye from Abydos, before Anubis. Anubis appears over the planet and threatens to destroy it. 

[edit] Season 7 (2003–2004)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
133 701 "Fallen (Part 1)" Martin Wood Robert C. Cooper June 13, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
Daniel is found living on Vis Uban ("place of great power", P4T-3G6), a planet where the Ancients began building their greatest city when they were struck by a plague. Although Daniel has total amnesia, he helps SG-1 to destroy Anubis' superweapon. 
134 702 "Homecoming (Part 2)" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie June 13, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
With knowledge of naqahdriah, Anubis attacks Kelowna and SG-1 must come up with a plan to save them. 
135 703 "Fragile Balance" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise and Michael Greenburg June 20, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
O'Neill wakes up one morning to find himself 30 years younger, much to the annoyance of the Colonel. It is soon learned that the same process that caused him to get younger is also causing him to die. 
136 704 "Orpheus" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise June 27, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
Teal'c is shot by a Jaffa as they retreat through the gate and his self-confidence is greatly wounded. Meanwhile, Jackson remembers that Rya'c and Bra'tac are held prisoner on the planet Erebus where Jaffa prisoners of war must build Ha'tak ships. Teal'c must regain his confidence if they are to be saved. 
137 705 "Revisions" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 11, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
P3X-289 has a toxic atmosphere but there is a forcefield dome protecting an idyllic village. That is, idyllic except for the fact that its inhabitants are disappearing one by one without noticing it themselves. 
138 706 "Lifeboat" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright July 18, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
While exploring P2A-347, SG-1 encounters the crashed alien space ship Stromos containing a plethora of cryogenic pods. The team separates, and Daniel's mind becomes host to many different minds of the ship's crew. When SG-1 investigates the alien ship to find a way to cure Daniel, they discover that the minds of the passengers from the planet Talthus are being saved in the ship's computer. They also find that one of the crew is awake and he was the one to download the other minds into Daniel's body. The crewman also carries many minds within himself. When a pod would fail he would download the person's mind into his own. Since he was becoming delirious he wanted to save more of the crew by putting them into Daniel. With his help, SG-1 is able to remove the other minds from Daniel and awaken the passengers of the ship, sending them to a planet named Ardena. 
139 707 "Enemy Mine" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise July 25, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
SGC have found a planet with rich deposits of Naqahdah but the local population of Unas do not welcome the mining team. 
140 708 "Space Race" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler August 1, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
Carter helps the Serrakin Warrick (season 6's "Forsaken") to enter his spaceship in a dangerous race on his planet Hebridan (P4X-131). The prize is a lucrative contract. 
141 709 "Avenger 2.0" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 8, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
Felger ("The Other Guys") is about to be fired and desperate to persuade General Hammond to give him another chance. He invents a computer virus able to deactivate a Stargate, and targets one of Baal's principal naquadah mining sites on P5S-117 () to test of the virus. However the virus spreads on its own and the entire network is shut down. 
142 710 "Birthright" Peter DeLuise Christopher Judge August 15, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 meet a group of all female Jaffa from a planet named Hak'tyl (meaning "liberation"), who have set up their own rebel base. They were rebels against the Goa'uld Moloc who forced his Jaffa to sacrifice their female babies in fire; many of these female Jaffa were rescued as infants by their leader Ishta (Jolene Blalock). 
143 711 "Evolution (Part 1)" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler, Michael Shanks and Peter DeLuise August 22, 2003 (Sci Fi Channel)
Teal'c and Bra'tac are attacked by a black armoured warrior, impervious to all known weapons, who is found to be a human Goa'uld mutant created by Anubis. Daniel visits Honduras to find a hidden artifact which may hold the key to defeating them. 
144 712 "Evolution (Part 2)" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler, Michael Shanks and Peter DeLuise December 15, 2003 (Sky One)
O'Neill goes to Honduras to rescue Jackson and in the meantime Carter, Jacob/Selmak and Teal'c must destroy the facility on the planet Tartarus () where Anubis is creating the new warriors, using a Goa'uld queen to spawn new symbiotes. 
145 713 "Grace" Peter F. Woeste Damian Kindler January 6, 2004 (Sky One)
Carter is on the Prometheus while the ship is on its way to Earth, and is attacked from a spaceship of a type they have never seen before. They try to escape by hiding in a nebula but all the crew except Carter disappear. 
146 714 "Fallout" Martin Wood Corin Nemec, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie January 13, 2004 (Sky One)
Jonas Quinn informs SGC that Naqahdriah is created in a catalytic reaction and the process is ongoing on Kelowna. If the reaction goes deep enough, heat and pressure will destabilise the Naqahdriah and it will blow the planet apart. Meanwhile, Jonas has been working with the brilliant young scientist Kianna, and have a mutual romantic attraction, but she is not what she seems. 
147 715 "Chimera" Will Waring Robert C. Cooper January 20, 2004 (Sky One)
Osiris has been visiting Jackson by night and using a mind control device to try and find the Lost City of the Ancients. SG-1 decide to attempt to capture her. However, Carter's new boyfriend Pete might get in the way. 
148 716 "Death Knell" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise January 27, 2004 (Sky One)
The Alpha Site, where a prototype anti-supersoldier weapon is being created, is attacked by one of Anubis's drones, Carter escapes but she is on her own and the drone is hunting her. 
149 717 "Heroes (Part 1)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper February 3, 2004 (Sky One)
A film crew arrive at SGC to make a documentary but find their welcome less than enthusiastic. 
150 718 "Heroes (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper February 10, 2004 (Sky One)
Help is sent to rescue of an SG member who is unable to get to the gate. However, on the mission, a member of the SGC is killed. 
151 719 "Resurrection" Amanda Tapping Michael Shanks February 17, 2004 (Sky One)
SGC find the base of a rogue NID operation which has been attempting to mix the DNA of humans and Goa'uld, but all the agents except one have been killed. 
152 720 "Inauguration" Peter F. Woeste Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie February 24, 2004 (Sky One)
A new President has been elected and must be briefed on the Stargate Program. However, as usual, the new Vice President Kinsey has his own agenda. (This episode is a clip show.) 
153 721 "Lost City (Part 1)" Martin Wood Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper March 2, 2004 (Sky One)
The SGC locates a Repository of the Ancients on P3X-439 and when Anubis attacks, O'Neill downloads their knowledge into his brain again. Finally, Bra'tac warns SG-1 that Anubis plans an attack on Earth. Hammond is replaced by Dr. Elizabeth Weir. 
154 722 "Lost City (Part 2)" Martin Wood Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper March 9, 2004 (Sky One)
As Anubis' fleet arrives, SG-1 flies to Proclarush Taonas (), a planet with an Ancient outpost and a ZPM. SG-1 locate another outpost in Antarctica back on Earth, from where O'Neill is able to destroy Anubis' fleet using the Ancient weapon. 

[edit] Season 8 (2004–2005)

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
155 801 "New Order (Part 1)" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 9, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Three System Lords meet with the SGC after their defeat of Anubis. Carter is abducted by Fifth. O'Neill is awakened and creates a device of Ancient design. 
156 802 "New Order (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper July 9, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
O'Neill saves the new Asgard homeworld Orilla from the Replicators, and Carter is released by Fifth. Jack is promoted to Brigadier General and replaces Weir as commander of the SGC. 
157 803 "Lockdown" Will Waring Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 23, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
An outbreak of disease is in fact the effect of possession by the ethereal remains of Anubis. Anubis escapes the SGC through the Stargate, though Carter alters his destination to a frozen, barren planet. 
158 804 "Zero Hour" Peter Woeste Robert C. Cooper July 30, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
When SG-1 goes missing, Ba'al demands a ransom. After giving the SGC a booby-trapped ZPM, Camulus makes a deal to return to Ba'al on an assassination mission. Ba'al was bluffing: SG-1 returns late from their mission. 
159 805 "Icon" Peter F. Woeste Damian Kindler August 6, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Tegalus is a world divided between two nuclear-armed nations engaged in a cold war: the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation, both of which possess a large arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles. When the SGC sends a MALP to Tegalus, religious fanatics who still worship the Goa'uld start a short-lived coup d'etat. Daniel gets trapped on Tegalus but manages to coordinate a secret strategic attack from the SGC by sending a radio message through the Stargate in Goa'uld, and is rescued. 
160 806 "Avatar" Martin Wood Damian Kindler August 13, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Teal'c is trapped in a virtual reality training machine that delivers electrical shocks when he fails his objectives. Daniel enters the game in an attempt to save Teal'c from cardiac arrest and together they fight against the increasing difficulty of the game. 
161 807[18] "Affinity" Peter DeLuise Peter DeLuise August 20, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Teal'c moves into an off-base apartment, where he becomes involved with his neighbor, Krista, who has an abusive boyfriend. Teal'c is charged with murdering the boyfriend and Daniel disappears while trying to prove Teal'c is innocent. 
162 808[18] "Covenant" Martin Wood Ron Wilkerson August 27, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Alec Colson, the powerful leader of aerospace and biotech conglomerates, holds a press conference to announce that aliens exist, that they've already attacked Earth once, and that several governments are aware of this fact. Colson gives the governments involved 24 hours to tell the truth. When the time expires, he shows a living Asgard alien to the media. 
163 809 "Sacrifices" Andy Mikita Christopher Judge September 10, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Rya'c plans to marry a woman of the Hak'tyl, which makes Teal'c angry. Ishta brings the Hak'tyl to the SGC because they believe that their location has been compromised. Carter attempts to find a suitable planet for them. The Goa'uld Moloc captures Ishta on a planet named Goronak. 
164 810 "Endgame" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 17, 2004 (Sci Fi Channel)
Having recently acquired the Tok'ra symbiote poison, the Trust plan to steal the Stargate and eliminate the Jaffa. Teal'c tries to make a deal with the undercover Tok'ra Zarin on a planet deisgnated P3S-114 (). 
165 811 "Gemini" Will Waring Peter DeLuise December 14, 2004 (Sky One)
RepliCarter informs the SGC that Fifth has made all Replicators immune to O'Neill's disruptor, and promises to help them modify the weapon. In fact, her presence was needed to develop the immunity. She destroys Fifth and escapes to lead the replicators. 
166 812 "Prometheus Unbound" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler December 21, 2004 (Sky One)
The crew of the Prometheus are incapacitated and removed, except Daniel, when it is hijacked by Vala, a pirate. Vala wishes to trade the ship for Naqahdah, but Daniel succeeds in retaking control of the ship. Vala escapes. 
167 813 "It's Good to Be King" William Gereghty Michael Greenburg, Peter DeLuise, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie January 4, 2005 (Sky One)
SG-1 finds that Harry Maybourne has become king on the planet where he took forced retirement. The planet is now under a Goa'uld threat, but Maybourne has found writings by a time-traveling Ancient that prophecy SG-1 will defeat the Goa'uld Ares. 
168 814 "Full Alert" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie January 11, 2005 (Sky One)
Russia and the United States reach DEFCON 1 because the Goa'uld may have compromised both governments via the Trust, which has been entirely assimilated. War is avoided, though Robert Kinsey, now a Goa'uld, escapes. 
169 815[19] "Citizen Joe" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper January 18, 2005 (Sky One)
An Indiana barber who carries the ATA Gene has his life ruined when, through an Ancient device, he begins to have visions of SG-1's missions. His life is given back to him when O'Neill informs his nearly-divorced wife of what had been going on. (This episode is a clip show). 
170 816[19] "Reckoning (Part 1)" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler January 25, 2005 (Sky One)
Teal'c is preparing the Jaffa rebellion to capture the Holy planet Dakara, where the first larval Goa'uld implantation took place. Daniel is abducted by RepliCarter so she can discover the location of the Dakara Superweapon in his subconscious. Ba'al also moves his forces to Dakara by the order of Anubis
171 817[19] "Reckoning (Part 2)" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler February 1, 2005 (Sky One)
Struggling with RepliCarter, Daniel halts the Replicators long enough for Samantha Carter, Jacob Carter, and Ba'al to use a combination of the device that dials every Stargate in the galaxy and the Dakara Superweapon to destroy all Replicators. But RepliCarter kills Daniel Jackson. 
172 818[19] "Threads" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper February 8, 2005 (Sky One)
Daniel Jackson must choose death or powerless Ascension whilst Anubis plans to end all life in the galaxy using the Dakara Superweapon – until Oma Desala stops him. Jacob Carter and Selmak are in trouble. Daniel is returned to human form on Earth. 
173 819 "Moebius (Part 1)" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper February 15, 2005 (Sky One)
SG-1 uses an Ancient Puddle Jumper to time-travel back to ancient Egypt to recover a ZPM. However, they cause Ra to take the Stargate at Giza with him when he leaves Earth, altering the future so the SGC doesn't exist. 
174 820 "Moebius (Part 2)" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper February 22, 2005 (Sky One)
An alternate-reality SG-1 must go back in time and fix the past to save the future. In the process, the team must re-recruit Teal'c and find the real Daniel Jackson, who is still in ancient Egypt. Alternate-timeline O'Neill and Carter express their love. 

[edit] Season 9 (2005–2006)

With the departure of Jack O'Neill, General Hank Landry takes command, Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell joins the team as their new leader. A new enemy appears, whose powers rival that of the Ancients.

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
175 901 "Avalon (Part 1)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper July 15, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell is recruited by the SGC as leader of SG-1 but finds the original SG-1 has disbanded. Trying to find out how to bring them back together, Vala Mal Doran arrives with an artifact which could reveal an ancient treasure, and he finds this his only opportunity to reunite the team. 
176 902 "Avalon (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Robert C. Cooper July 22, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
After passing all of the tests found in Avalon, the makeshift SG-1 discovers the treasure, along with an Ancient long-range communication device. Hoping to find actual Ancients, Daniel and Vala are given control of the bodies of two people in a distant galaxy. Although... it's not what they expected. 
177 903 "Origin (Part 3)" Brad Turner Robert C. Cooper July 29, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
When Daniel and Vala follow a mysterious man to find answers to their questions, they discover the Ori. The Ori, like the Ancients, are ascended beings, but pure evil entities that feel the need to be worshipped. Now, that the Ori know of life in another galaxy, they begin to send their missionaries, Priors, through the Stargate. The first planet visited by a Prior in the Milky Way is P3X-421. 
178 904 "The Ties That Bind" Will Waring Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 5, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
Hoping to disconnect the kor mak bracelet ("Avalon"), Daniel, Teal'c, Mitchell, and Vala try to pry the information out of the person she stole them from in the first place. When he wants something in return, they discover that his request isn't so easy to complete, and they must go on a series of quests to please his demands. 
179 905 "The Powers That Be" Will Waring Martin Gero August 12, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
In order to steer the planet P8X-412 away from Origin, SG-1 is tricked by Vala into going to the planet she previously ruled as a Goa'uld. The inhabitants of the planet know nothing of the downfall of the parasites, and they believe that Vala is still their god, until a prior shows up, and attempts to expose her for who she is. 
180 906 "Beachhead" Brad Turner Brad Wright August 19, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
Samantha Carter returns to the SGC when the Ori seize control of a planet named Kallana () as a foothold in the Milky Way Galaxy. After several attempts to halt the process, they discover that they have been helping the Ori achieve their goal, instead of foiling their efforts. The Ori have been building an enormous Stargate to allow their ships to enter the Milky Way, but they are stopped by Vala, who apparently dies in the process. 
181 907 "Ex Deus Machina" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 26, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
After Ba'al contacts Stargate Command, they learn he has been living on earth for several months as the head of a major corporation. His demands are that he is allowed to live in peace, or he will blow up naqahdah bomb somewhere in America. Yet Gerak is determined to capture him... and takes a less "subtle" route. 
182 908 "Babylon" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler September 9, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
A group of legendary Jaffa attacks SG-1 on a planet designated P9G-844 and captures Mitchell. While the rest of the team is forced to retreat, Mitchell is accused of killing one of the Jaffa. As punishment, he must square off against the slain Jaffa's brother, but he could be Mitchell's salvation. 
183 909 "Prototype" Peter DeLuise Alan McCullough September 16, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 finds a man frozen in Ancient stasis on P3X-584, and brings him back to the SGC to find out his story. But when Daniel researches the laboratory where the man was found, he discovers that he was grown by Anubis to be a genetically advanced human. 
184 910 "The Fourth Horseman (Part 1)" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler September 16, 2005 (Sci Fi Channel)
When a disease breaks out across America, evidence leads it to be the Ori's doing. Preparing to track down a viable cure, an old friend (Orlin) takes on an unfamiliar human form to help out, but it might not be enough when the team's adverse ally joins the Ori. 
185 911 "The Fourth Horseman (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler January 6, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
While Orlin is working on a cure for the Prior plague, Mitchell and Daniel capture a Prior offworld to further the research of the antidote. Teal'c tries to stop Gerak, now a Prior, from corrupting the entire Jaffa Council towards Origin. 
186 912 "Collateral Damage" Will Waring Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie January 13, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 encounters the Galarans, a civilization that flourished under the umbrella of the Asgard Protected Planets Treaty, after centuries of Goa'uld domination. Due to the disengagement of the Asgard from the Milky Way, the Galarans have become concerned for their safety and developed a memory-grafting device, with which they hope to accelerate their technological development. They are eager to trade this technology with Earth in exchange for hyperdrive technology. After Mitchell's first dose of the memory-grafting device, he is accused of murder. Now the rest of the team must ally themselves with local scientists to prove his innocence. 
187 913 "Ripple Effect" Peter DeLuise Brad Wright, Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie January 20, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Multiple SG-1s show up at Stargate Command, leading the "real" team to conclude that they have each been inadvertently displaced from different parallel realities. 
188 914 "Stronghold" Peter DeLuise Alan McCullough January 27, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Ba'al brainwashes members of the Jaffa High Council to thwart their move toward democracy. Cameron Mitchell faces a tough decision when he learns that an old friend is about to die. 
189 915 "Ethon" Ken Girotti Damian Kindler, Robert C. Cooper February 3, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
The Rand Protectorate ("Icon") converts to Origin and is rewarded with the design for a powerful satellite weapon. Although a costly SGC intervention succeeds in opening a dialogue between Rand and Caledonia towards the resettlement of the Caledonians on another planet, talks soon break down and the two nations annihilate one another. The Prometheus is caught in a firefight when SG-1 tries to rescue Daniel. 
190 916 "Off the Grid" Peter DeLuise Alan McCullough February 10, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 is captured on an alien world after a deal with the Lucian Alliance goes bad ... and the planet's Stargate goes missing. 
191 917 "The Scourge" Ken Girotti Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie February 17, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
The Ori have engineered a bioweapon of bugs (known as R-75 or "Prior bugs"), asexual, fast-reproducing, omnivorous insects. When given meat, its numbers increase dramatically and they become voracious swarming predators, able to strip a human to the bone in moments. They prefer darkness and spend most of their time underground, where they hunt via echolocation. When a group of Earth diplomats go on a tour on the off-world Gamma Site research base, R-75 overrun the base and consume most of the base personnel. 
192 918 "Arthur's Mantle" Peter DeLuise Alan McCullough February 24, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Mitchell and Carter are shifted to another dimension, making them invisible to everyone at the SGC. Teal'c and SG-12 discover that the Sodan have been brutally attacked. 
193 919 "Crusade" Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper March 3, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Vala Mal Doran makes contact with Stargate Command from the Ori home galaxy, and tells the story of her life undercover in a village of followers building the Ori's invasion fleet. 
194 920 "Camelot (Part 1)" Martin Wood Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie March 10, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 discovers the village of Camelot on PX1-767 () and must face Merlin's security system when they go in search of an Ancient weapon. And the Ori invasion begins. 

[edit] Season 10 (2006–2007)

After a crushing defeat from the newly arrived Ori fleet, SG-1 must redouble their efforts to counteract the influence of the Priors in the Milky Way, discover the Sangraal, repel the Ori themselves, and save the day for the last time. This is the last season of the show's ten year run, and the last year it will air alongside its sister series Stargate Atlantis.

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
195 1001 "Flesh and Blood (Part 2)" Will Waring Robert C. Cooper July 14, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Following their devastating attack on Milky Way forces, the Ori leave the scene to begin their holy crusade and purify the galaxy of evil. As the remnants of the makeshift Milkyway fleet come together, Vala gives birth to her baby, the Orici, genetically altered by the Ori to command their forces. 
196 1002 "Morpheus" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 21, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Questing for the Sangraal, the team ends up in a mess of trouble when they are struck with a sleeping sickness on Vagonbrei (aka Verus Gen Bree, ). Meanwhile, Landry must decide whether or not Vala can be trusted to remain at the SGC, but it might not be up to him when the IOA step in. 
197 1003 "The Pegasus Project" Will Waring Brad Wright July 28, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 visits Atlantis with two goals: to find new clues about the location of Merlin's superweapon and to disable the Supergate by connecting it to a black hole. As McKay assists SG-1 in their elaborate plan to "jump" a wormhole into the Supergate, Daniel and Vala search the city's database for information, eventually confronting the Ancient known as Morgan Le Fey. 
198 1004 "Insiders" Peter F. Woeste Alan McCullough August 4, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
When an Al'kesh crashes only a few miles away from Cheyenne Mountain, the team finds Ba'al, and he asks them to capture his rebellious clones; in exchange, he offers information about the whereabouts of Merlin's weapon. As the clones are brought in for questioning, SG-1 must determine which Ba'al is the real one. 
199 1005 "Uninvited" Will Waring Damian Kindler August 11, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
The team discovers several creatures, that only appear on worlds where the SGC has used the Sodan cloaking devices. Things get worse when another creature appears in the woods on Earth where Mitchell and Landry are spending some "quality time". 
200 1006 "200" Martin Wood Brad Wright, Robert C. Cooper, Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, Carl Binder, Martin Gero, Alan McCullough August 18, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Martin Lloyd contacts the SGC, looking for their assistance in writing a feature movie to follow up Wormhole X-treme, allowing the audience to see some of the team's most creative fantasies. It also marks Colonel Mitchell's 200th time through the event horizon, and is the 200th episode in the series. 
201 1007 "Counterstrike" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie August 25, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
Deadly battles erupt between the Ori, led by Adria, and the Jaffa, after 100,000 villagers are wiped out by a powerful energy wave which Adria believes was SG-1's doing. She captures Daniel and Vala and uses her powers against them to determine the nature of the weapon. 
202 1008 "Memento Mori" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 8, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
During a dinner out, Vala is captured by the Goa'uld Athena, where she attempts to pry memories out of Vala's subconscious during her time as a host. When things go wrong, Vala develops amnesia and runs away and she must begin to piece herself back together. 
203 1009 "Company of Thieves" Will Waring Alan McCullough September 15, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
After the Odyssey, and most of SG-1, is attacked and captured by the Lucian Alliance, Mitchell must infiltrate the organization to save his friends from being caught in the crossfire in a deadly Lucian Alliance civil war, but the situation may quickly go awry. 
204 1010 "The Quest (Part 1)" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie September 22, 2006 (Sci Fi Channel)
SG-1 continues its search for the anti-Ori weapon, whilst Ba'al appears to be one step ahead of them. They visit a medieval world where they have to pass a series of tests... which none have ever passed. Now SG-1 must team up with their enemies to find it. 
205 1011 "The Quest (Part 2)" Andy Mikita Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie January 9, 2007 (Sky One)
The Quest continues for the anti-Ori weapon, with Adria close behind. Eventually they find Merlin, frozen in stasis. Because the first Sangraal was destroyed, Merlin starts construction of a new one, but when he appears to die it is up to Daniel to complete the weapon. 
206 1012 "Line in the Sand" Peter DeLuise Alan McCullough January 16, 2007 (Sky One)
In an attempt to utilize Merlin's phase shifting technology, SG-1 answers the cry of a village pressured by Origin, and they attempt to phase shift the entire area. The plan appears to have been successful, until the device fails, and the Ori forces begin their onslaught. Meanwhile, Tomin, ordered to convert Vala to Origin, begins to question his faith in the religion when his views on the Ori's teachings clash with those of the Prior leading the assault, who is using the teachings to justify his actions. 
207 1013 "The Road Not Taken" Andy Mikita Alan McCullough January 23, 2007 (Sky One)
Carter experiments with Arthur's Mantle even further, but her studies send her to an alternate universe where the Ori are only hours away from obliterating the planet. In order to return home, Carter must help, but when things finally seem to go her way, President Landry won't allow Carter to return. 
208 1014 "The Shroud" Andy Mikita Story: Brad Wright&Robert C. Cooper Teleplay:Robert C. Cooper January 30, 2007 (Sky One)
When SG-1 discovers a village tempted by Origin without any threats of destruction, they find that their own teammate, Daniel Jackson, has been turned into a Prior of the Ori. After he is captured, the team must decide whether he can be trusted. Meanwhile, Daniel claims to be able to destroy the Ori once and for all. 
209 1015 "Bounty" Peter DeLuise Damian Kindler February 6, 2007 (Sky One)
After SG-1 destroys a Lucian Alliance kassa shipment near the planet Rolan, the Lucian Alliance places a bounty on all of the members of the team, threatening national security and lives. Meanwhile, Mitchell returns to his hometown for a high school reunion, accompanied by Vala... and bounty hunters hot on their trail. 
210 1016 "Bad Guys" Peter DeLuise Martin Gero and Ben Browder February 13, 2007 (Sky One)
The team gates to a planet where they discover that the DHD is a prop in an exhibit, in turn, when they ask for help they appear to have come out of nowhere. Now SG-1's mistaken for hostage-taking rebels and they are forced to play the part in order to survive. 
211 1017 "Talion" Andy Mikita Damian Kindler February 20, 2007 (Sky One)
A former foe of Teal'c's has turned to the way of Origin and bombed a Jaffa summit on a Jaffa world named Dar Eshkalon attempting to rekindle the council. The aftermath appears to have killed many Jaffa, and leaves Bra'tac hanging on to his life by threads. Teal'c now decides to go on a single-minded quest for revenge... and not even SG-1 can stop him. 
212 1018 "Family Ties" Peter DeLuise Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie February 27, 2007 (Sky One)
Vala's father, Jacek, makes a deal with the SGC for sanctuary in exchange for helping stop an attack on Earth. As Jacek attempts to repair his relationship with Vala, General Landry is inspired to reach out to his daughter, Dr Lam, and his ex-wife. 
213 1019 "Dominion" William Waring Alex Levine (story), Alan McCullough (teleplay) March 6, 2007 (Sky One)
In an attempt to capture Adria, the team uses Vala as bait, only to have Ba'al beam the Orici away in SG-1's time of victory. When they track down the parasite, they discover Ba'al wants to end the reign of the Ori just as much as the SGC, and he's taken on an unfamiliar form to do so. 
214 1020 "Unending" Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper March 13, 2007 (Sky One)
The Asgard summon SG-1 to tell them that their experiments to halt their genetic degeneration have failed, meaning they are a dying race. Because of this, the Asgard have decided to give "everything [they] have and know" to the Tau'ri. When the Ori show up, the Asgard commit mass suicide, and in order to preserve the Asgard legacy, Carter puts up a time dilation field around the Odyssey to prevent its destruction. 

[edit] Movies

Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Original DVD Release Date
Children of the Gods – Final Cut[21] Mario Azzopardi Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright To Be Announced To Be Announced
The pilot for Stargate SG-1 is being recut into a special edition DVD movie with all new visual effects, added footage and a new score composed by Joel Goldsmith.[20] 
Stargate: The Ark of Truth Robert C. Cooper Robert C. Cooper March 24, 2008 (Sky One) March 11, 2008 (R1)
SG-1 travels to the Ori home galaxy to find a device called the Ark of Truth that will end the war once and for all, but Vala's husband, Tomin, wants to come along... and to make things worse, the IOA have their own plans. This movie marks the end of the Ori arc. 
Stargate: Continuum Martin Wood Brad Wright August 18, 2008 (Sky One) July 29, 2008[22] (R1)
Ba'al alters the timeline, preventing the Stargate Program on Earth from occurring and restores the Goa'uld to power, with Qetesh (Vala) as his queen and Teal'c as his First Prime. 
Untitled Stargate SG-1 film Martin Wood[23] Brad Wright and Carl Binder[23] To Be Announced To Be Announced
Plot summary to be announced. No title as of early January 2009,[23] but announced to be filmed in 2009.[24] Brad Wright stated this film would center on the Jack O'Neill character, and it is Wright's goal to reunite as many of the SG-1 cast as possible. Wright has already stated that Claudia Black won't reprise her role as Vala Mal Doran.[25] 

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