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The Jericho intertitle, written in staticesque font, is accompanied by Morse code specific to each episode.

Jericho is a television drama series produced by Carol Barbee,[1] Jon Turteltaub,[2] Dan Shotz,[3] Jonathan Steinberg,[4] Josh Schaer,[4] and Stephen Chbosky.[4] Set in the fictional town of Jericho, Kansas in the aftermath of the "September attacks",[5] simultaneous nuclear attacks on 23 American cities, the series follows the town's struggle to survive. The first season begins with the detonation of the bombs, the resulting isolation of the town and confrontations between family, friends, and even neighboring towns.[6] The second season begins with the arrival of a new federal government, the imposition of a police state, and Jake Green's (Skeet Ulrich) and Robert Hawkins' (Lennie James) attempt to expose the masterminds behind the attack.[7]

Jericho originally aired from September 20, 2006 to March 25, 2008 on CBS in the United States. For the first season, 22 episodes were ordered and separated into two runs of 11 episodes each. The series went on hiatus after the "fall finale" episode of November 29, 2006, and returned with a recap episode on February 14, 2007. The remaining 11 episodes of the first season were then broadcast from February 21, 2007 to May 9, 2007. Because of lackluster results during the latter half of the first season,[8] the show was not renewed.[9] After a large fan outcry[10] CBS ordered seven additional episodes for a trial second season,[11] which began airing on February 12, 2008 and ended on March 25, 2008. Though the second season received favorable reviews,[12][13] it was ultimately canceled.[14]

Episodes of Jericho are also available in various new media formats. Seasons one and two have been released on DVD for Regions 1 and 2 and a "Complete Series" DVD has been released for Region 1.[15] CBS streams the episodes for free on its website;[16] as of March 27, 2009, the entirety of season one without commentary and season two with commentary is available.[17] iTunes[16] and Amazon Unbox[18] also sold the episodes. The series did exceptionally well online, which may have been a complicating factor in deciding to cancel the series.[16]


[edit] Series overview

Episodes Originally aired DVD Release
Premiere Finale Region 1 Region 2
Season 1 22[1] September 20, 2006 May 9, 2007 October 2, 2007[19] March 10, 2008[20]
Season 2 7 February 12, 2008 March 25, 2008 June 17, 2008[21] September 29, 2008[22]
Complete Series 29 September 20, 2006 March 25, 2008 June 17, 2008[15]  —

[edit] Episode list

[edit] Season 1: 2006–2007

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Morse Code[2]
1 1 "Pilot" Jon Turteltaub Stephen Chbosky September 20, 2006 JERICHO PILOT
Jake Green returns to his hometown of Jericho, Kansas after a five year absence, telling his family and friends different stories on where he had been. Jake leaves town after a disagreement with his father, but as he is driving, there is a nuclear explosion in nearby Denver. In the aftermath, Jake finds a group of young children on a field trip and saves their bus driver, who had been injured during a crash. A prison bus also crashes, and the convicts escape and kill the sheriff of Jericho. The town's citizens become even more worried when they learn of a second nuclear explosion. 
2 2 "Fallout" Jon Turteltaub Stephen Chbosky September 27, 2006 JERICHO FALLOUT
Radioactive fallout threatens Jericho when a storm from the Denver-area approaches; Jake and his brother Eric attempt to shelter citizens in basements, public fallout shelters, and the local salt mine. Emily Sullivan accidentally picks up two escaped prisoners; Jake kills them after they attack her. Robert Hawkins finds a ham radio broadcasting Morse code, and is disturbed by a message he receives. He takes a map of the United States and adds push pins to many major cities. 
3 3 "Four Horsemen" Jon Turteltaub Stephen Chbosky October 4, 2006 JERICHO THREE
The episode opens with a flashback to before the explosions; Robert Hawkins is shown in an NBC suit, handling a metal canister. After the flashback, those hiding in the salt mine reemerge, but one of them dies of a suspicious heart attack. Jake's friend Stanley Richmond reappears, and reports seeing a group of tanks heading towards Denver. Jake devises a plan to a group of volunteers, "Four Horsemen", to search for news, but his plan is interrupted by a faint news report of similar attacks on multiple major cities. Gray Anderson, who it is later revealed had left the heart attack victim to die, publicly challenges Mayor Green, who in return privately attacks him. The town agrees Jake's plan to search for information. Jake finds a plane that has carried out an emergency landing, and returns with its flight recorder. The town holds a cookout and the Hawkins family wishes to attend, but Robert Hawkins will not let them do so. 
4 4 "Walls of Jericho" Martha Mitchell Ellie Herman October 11, 2006 HE KNOWS ROB
As natural gas begins to run low, the remaining supply is reapportioned for the local medical center. A man dying of radiation poisoning and burns is caught as he attempts to break into the pharmacy. Jake realizes that the man, Victor Miller, had reached the town using the car of one of the "Four Horsemen". Miller tells Jake and Hawkins that he had led a group of refugees from Denver. When Jake leaves, Hawkins speaks to Miller, who tells Hawkins of an unidentified traitor in their organization before suddenly dying of a heart attack. The town searches for the refugees, and finds them dead. Hawkins sends an email to an unidentified recipient, telling them of the traitor and that the "rally point is no longer secure." 
5 5 "Federal Response" Duane Clark Mike Ostrowski October 18, 2006 THERE IS A FIRE
As Eric and Mary Bailey discuss their extramarital affair, the electricity suddenly returns. The telephones deliver a broadcast message from the government. A power spike destroys many of the transformers, and fires start in the town library and at the trailer park. After the fire, April Green informs Eric that she no longer intends to file for divorce. Hawkins bypasses a federal internet block and accesses Jake's passport history, which shows visits to South American and Middle Eastern countries. ICBMs are seen passing overhead as the episode ends. 
6 6 "9:02" J. Miller Tobin Nancy Won October 25, 2006 THE EMP HITS
An ICBM launched in the previous episode detonates; its electromagnetic pulse renders most electronics useless. Jericho's citizens slowly adapt to a life without electricity and outside goods. Jake's former friend, Mitchell Cafferty, steals food and horses from the town. He and other raiders take Jake hostage and it is revealed that Cafferty is the reason why Jake originally left Jericho. Cafferty is eventually captured and vows revenge on Jake. Stanley needs pesticides for his crops, and unwillingly surrenders part of his harvest to the town to receive them. Meanwhile, Robert Hawkins' daughter, Allison, discovers Robert's map, and Robert tells her that he works as a spy for the United States government. 
7 7 "Long Live the Mayor" Sanford Bookstaver Josh Schaer, Jonathan E. Steinberg November 1, 2006 PRAY FOR NYC
Gray Anderson, another of the "Four Horsemen", returns to Jericho. He is suspicious of newcomers to Jericho after what he saw on his trip and wishes to interrogate them. Meanwhile, Emily Sullivan's estranged father, Jonah Prowse, comes to bail out Mitchell Cafferty; he agrees to return the stolen supplies and to stay away from Jericho in return for Cafferty's release. However, Gray and Eric do not uphold the deal, and Jonah breaks Cafferty out. Mayor Green falls ill and though Emily gets medicine from Jonah, he needs more specialized antibiotics to survive. Jake and Eric decide to travel to a hospital in Rogue River. Heather Lisinski kisses Jake before he leaves. 
8 8 "Rogue River" Guy Bee Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia November 8, 2006 ROB NOT FBI
Jake and Eric travel to Rogue River to obtain medicine for their father. Upon arrival, they see that FEMA has evacuated the entire town. Dr. Kenchy Dhuwhalia tells that that a private military company called Ravenwood was tasked with transporting the patients at the hospital, but instead killed them and looted the hospital. When the mercenaries return, Jake and Eric ambush them and return to Jericho with the doctor, but accidentally leave behind Eric's identification. Gray Anderson questions Robert Hawkins, who tells him that he is an FBI Special Agent; Gray agrees to keep this information confidential. April tells her in-laws that she is pregnant, while Eric decides to leave her for Mary Bailey. 
9 9 "Crossroads" Paul McCrane Robert Levine November 15, 2006 1ST SURPRISE
Goetz, a Ravenwood unit leader, arrives at Stanley's farm and steals gasoline. Gray, Jake, and Robert Hawkins create an armed checkpoint to block the bridge leading into town. The three plan to destroy the bridge to prevent Goetz from getting across the river. The Richmonds refuse to evacuate, and Eric reports this to his father, who gives orders against destroying the bridge. Jake defies his father and moves to the center of the bridge with a detonator in his hand. When a Ravenwood sniper trains his weapon on Jake, Hawkins shoots him. Eric arrives with Jonah Prowse and some of his men, and Ravenwood retreats. Jonah attempts to drive a wedge between Jake and the townspeople before leaving. Mayor Green rebukes the town for their idea of destroying the bridge, but later allows Jake to create a security force: the Rangers. Meanwhile, Emily Sullivan dreams of her planned wedding day with her fiance Robert and thinks about her feelings for Jake. Eric tells his mother of his intent to leave April. 
10 10 "Red Flag" Martha Mitchell Mike Ostrowski November 22, 2006 IT BEGINS WITH
Airplanes drop parcels of supplies around Jericho. Mayor Green worries about possible food contamination, but Gray undercuts him by eating some of the food. As retaliation for Gray's efforts to break a deal between Gracie Leigh and Jonah, Jonah attacks Stanley and steals a generator. Mayor Green, Jake and Hawkins organize a raid, but Emily breaks into Jonah's compound and steals it from a shocked Jonah. Stanley and Mimi Clark begin a relationship, and Eric finally learns of Amy's pregnancy. With the recovered generator, Hawkins reinstalls lights along Main Street for the Thanksgiving Day celebrations, during which Gracie is stabbed to death. 
11 11 "Vox Populi" James Whitmore Jr. Carol Barbee November 29, 2006 6 AND ENDS WITH
Gray Anderson heads a lynch mob and goes after Jonah Prowse, who he believes killed Gracie. Jonah arrives at his daughter Emily Sullivan's house and claims that Mitchell Cafferty killed Gracie. After his wounds are bandaged, Jonah flees but is quickly recaptured by Gray, who is subsequently elected mayor. Gray plans to kill Jonah in an ad hoc tribunal, but Johnston Green's disapproval forces Gray to exile him instead. Dale Turner inherits Gracie's store; Mitchell Cafferty demands a share of the profits and threatens to kill him when he refuses. Dale calmly shoots and kills Mitchell. At the end of the episode, a group of refugees led by Emily's fiancé, Roger Hammond, arrives in Jericho. Meanwhile, Hawkins tells his contacts that he is compromised and that they are to proceed without him, but they produce a satellite image of him with his family and say they will see him soon. 
11.5 11.5 "Return to Jericho" Rob Klug  — February 14, 2007 BACK NEXT WEEK. 36 HOURS BEFORE BOMBS
A recap episode detailing the events of the first eleven episodes. 
12 12 "The Day Before" Matt Earl Beasley Mike Kelley February 21, 2007 BLOODSHED
The flashback episode starts at 36 hours before the attacks, and focuses on Jake and the Hawkins. Robert Hawkins is given a truck, a nuclear bomb, and his target - Columbus, Ohio. Instead of traveling there and detonating his bomb, he kidnaps his estranged wife and children and forcibly moves them to Jericho, subduing two police officers in the process. His wife points a gun at him, but before anything more can happen, the Denver bomb explodes. Jake's friend tries to co-opt him for an illegal cargo run operation in the Middle East. Jake's friend is executed by Ravenwood; Jake rescues his friend's girlfriend and decides to travel back to Jericho. Meanwhile, Emily's fiancé Roger tries to get her to move to Chicago with him after a successful job interview, but later rejects the offer and begins to fly home after Emily states that she will not move away from Jericho, only to have his plane crash after the bombs. The episode then moves to present day. A group of refugees, led by Roger and including Robert's contact, arrives in Jericho. 
13 13 "Black Jack" Helen Shaver Jonathan E. Steinberg, Dan Stolz February 28, 2007 BLEEDING KS
Fuel begins running low; to procure supplies and parts of the windmill, Heather, Jake, Johnston Green, and Dale decide to travel to Black Jack Fairground, a trading post. At the trading post, the group learns more about the outside world and finds a seller for their windmill parts, but decide not to buy from him after discovering bloody shackles in his storeroom. Dale tries to steal a governor for the windmill but is caught, and is about to be executed when a group from Jericho's neighboring town New Bern, saves him. The two groups make a deal -- Heather will go to New Bern and build windmills for both towns, while Jericho gives New Bern salt from their mine. Meanwhile, Gail confronts Mary about her affair with Eric and Roger tells Emily about what happened to him on his way back to Jericho. Sarah Mason and Robert Hawkins decide to kill "the old man," the leader of their conspiracy, though it seems that Sarah has betrayed Hawkins. 
14 14 "Heart of Winter" Steve Gomer Nancy Won March 7, 2007 4 DOWN 4 TO GO
When Jake, Stanley and Mimi go hunting, they are attacked by bandits who steal their supplies and winter clothing. Mimi starts to run back to town and meets Johnston and Gail Green, who eventually bring more help. Jake, delirious, admits to killing a young girl while in Iraq. Hawkins and Sarah go to visit the "old man"'s house, and Sarah convinces Hawkins to move his "Package", the nuclear bomb, before he can attack them. Hawkins tells his wife Darcy that the family must move again soon; she agrees but warns him not to trust Sarah. Sarah meets with the "old man" who had been watching them and kills him when he asks why she is taking so long. Emily notices Roger is spending a lot of time with the refugees that he arrived with. 
15 15 "Semper Fidelis" James Whitmore Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia March 14, 2007 THEY WILL NEED IT
The town continues to face a growing food and fuel shortage. A platoon of Marines arrive with a tank and promises of reconstruction. Before the Marines are able to render assistance, they are suddenly ordered back to Dodge City. Mayor Anderson, anxious to receive supplies quickly, throws a farewell dinner and fireworks display. Jake and his father independently deduce that the Marines are impostors, and confront them. They take the tank and cast the Marines out of town. Meanwhile, Sarah holds Hawkins and his family at gunpoint to force Robert to give her the nuclear bomb. During a confrontation, Allison shoots and kills Sarah, and Darcy Hawkins leaves with her children. Hawkins pretends to be Sarah and arranges a meeting with her contact. 
16 16 "Winter's End" Kevin Dowling Frank Military March 28, 2007 A COSTLY DEAL
April goes into premature labor, and she and her child die during childbirth. New Bern arrives with one wind turbine. Johnston Green, aware of the town's electricity needs, asks for several more, but the mayor of New Bern demands a heavy payment of salt and crops, in addition to ten men to help build the turbines. Eric and Stanley are among the ten men. Jake warns Russell, Heather's friend from New Bern, to keep the men safe. Russell mentions that Heather knew of the turbine's delivery but did not want to come. Darcy Hawkins moves in with Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Taylor's family temporarily, and backs up Roger when he claims that Sarah decided to travel south on her own. Meanwhile, Dale threatens a farmer at gunpoint to enforce a deal. 
17 17 "One Man's Terrorist" Christine Moore Stephen Chbosky, Mike Ostrowski April 4, 2007 ROB EXPOSED
The tank from Semper Fidelis is discovered, and Gray admits that no relief is coming. Gray Anderson and Roger argue over what to do with the refugees after Gray announces the refugees must leave. The refugees attack the police and barricade themselves in the church. Gray tries to force them out with tear gas, but accidentally kills one of them. Roger captures Gray and holds him at gunpoint; during a struggle, Gray is shot in the stomach. Gail Green devises a compromise: the refugees are allowed to stay with the residents of Jericho, but Roger is to be exiled, a decision he does not protest. Hawkins travels to Nebraska to meet people who think they are meeting Sarah and the nuclear bomb, and places a tracking device on their vehicle. Dale and Skylar continue to strong-arm people to get supplies. 
18 18 "A.K.A." Sanford Bookstaver Robbie Thompson April 11, 2007 WHO RAN RED BELL
Jake and Jimmy break into Robert Hawkins' house and discover many fake IDs. Jake demands that Hawkins tell him the truth, and Hawkins agrees, but warns Jake that he will regret it. Hawkins had been part of a CIA team organized as part of Project Red Bell to recover 25 stolen Russian nuclear bombs from extremist groups. Hawkins had infiltrated his assigned terrorist group enough to obtain several of the bombs, but his handler, Sarah Mason, insisted on going after all of them. When the extremists learned of Project Red Bell, they moved up their attack. Robert took his bomb (destined for Columbus, Ohio), alerted New York police about their bomb threat, and moved to Jericho with his family, as it was the designated "safe" fallback town. Jake tells Jimmy that Hawkins is an FBI agent and is to be trusted. Hawkins realizes that the government supervisor of Project Red Bell, Thomas Valente, was the same man who he saw in the previous episode. 
19 19 "Casus Belli" Steven DePaul Karen Hall April 18, 2007 ONE GOT AWAY
The men who had gone to New Bern return with the windmills but without Eric and Heather. When Jake and Hawkins go to New Bern to find Eric, they discover that Mayor Constantino, covetous to Jericho's food and salt, is arming New Bern to go to war with Jericho. Jake and Hawkins try to stop the military offensive, but Jake is caught. Constantino riles up the town by making it believe that Jericho intends to attack it, and points to Jake and Eric as "proof". Eric tells Jake that Heather is dead. 
20 20 "One If By Land" Seith Mann Joy Gregory April 25, 2007 WE PLEDGE
Several New Bern residents arrive in Jericho to complete a secret salt trade with Dale and Skylar; Gray stops the trade, but someone fires a gun and several people are wounded. Jake and Eric are tortured for information on Jericho's defenses by New Bern police. Jake tells Maggie Mullen, a fake Marine from Semper Fidelis, to give up Hawkins' location at Heather's friend Ted's cabin. Hawkins kills the police officers sent after him, steals an ammunition truck, and detonates it in the middle of New Bern. Johnston Green, who had gone to New Bern to look for his sons, commandeers a truck, and escapes along with Jake, Eric, Maggie, Hawkins, and Ted. Meanwhile in Jericho, Gail and Mary reconcile, and Dale seizes more power after arbitrarily raising prices and refusing to accept currency. 
21 21 "Coalition of the Willing" Guy Bee Frank Military, Josh Schaer May 2, 2007 ALLEGIANCE
Constantino demands that Jericho surrender several farms and a large portion of the salt mine or face an invasion. When Gray Anderson refuses, New Bern begins shelling Jericho. Gray sends a small force to attack the artillery squad, and all but four of the force are killed. Gray seems willing to possibly surrender, but Johnston Green does not allow this. Emily meets and convinces her father, Jonah Prowse, to help Jericho. Dale raises a militia, and although he wishes to use it for his own financial gain, he agrees to help the town. The two groups join with the main Jericho force, and kill the entire New Bern artillery squad. Jonah, who had originally agreed to help for half the resources gained, instead executes the wounded New Bern soldiers, takes all of their resources, and leaves. New Bern Sheriff Constantino meanwhile says that he will be coming with a much larger force. Hawkins reveals a secret arsenal of weapons and arms every able-bodied person. Johnston takes military command, and they prepare to face the invading force. 
22 22 "Why We Fight" Sanford Bookstaver Carol Barbee, Jonathan E. Steinberg May 9, 2007 TO THE FLAG
This episode is interspersed with flashbacks to Eric's wedding day, when Jake was inebriated, and people expected him to give a wedding toast criticizing his brother.
New Bern begins their initial attack on Jericho. Though at first outgunned, with Hawkins' satellite access and the tank, Jericho manages to drive them away. Johnston Green is mortally wounded, and dies soon after. Hawkins tracks a large group of New Bern reinforcements led by Constantino, however, Thomas Valente, who now seems to be a member of the federal government, geolocates Hawkins through his satellite access. Darcy, who had reunited with Robert Hawkins, speculates that he wants to destroy the bomb before it could be used as evidence against him. Heather Lisinski is shown to be alive and at a Marine base; she urges Colonel Hoffman to intervene in the Jericho-New Bern battle. Though he claims he cannot, Thomas Valente tells him to stop the battle and search for a "terrorist". The episode ends on a cliffhanger; Jake rejects Constantino's call to surrender with a reply of "Nuts!", and the battle begins. Meanwhile, Hawkins, who is about to destroy a train full of New Bern reinforcements, sees an incoming squadron of military helicopters. 

[edit] Season 2: 2008

# # Title Directed by Written by Original airdate Morse Code[3]
23 1 "Reconstruction" Steve Boyum Carol Barbee, Jonathan E. Steinberg February 12, 2008 WE'RE BAAACK
The Allied States of America, a new government based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming begins the process of rebuilding the area. Major Beck, the military commander of the region, declares an end to the Jericho-New Bern feud and offers a general amnesty, in the belief that any additional penalties would only strengthen the feud. He also appoints Heather Lisinski as ambassador between the two towns. Angered by the amnesty, Jake, Eric, and several of the Rangers plot to kill Constantino. Hawkins abandons the plan, and Beck preemptively repeatedly warns Jake not to try his plan. When Eric decides to go ahead with the plan anyway, Jake tries to stop him and offers a credible story to Beck to save his brother's life. Jake then accepts Beck's offer for him to become Sheriff of Jericho. Meanwhile, Robert and Darcy Hawkins meets with a newly arrived member of Robert's team, Chavez, who informs them that the country had been roughly split in two countries along the Mississippi River, with Texas remaining independent. Stanley and Mimi get engaged. 
24 2 "Condor" Christopher Leitch Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia February 19, 2008 J&R RAN BOXCAR
Jericho prepares for a visit from new President Tamachiro. People start to feel uneasy after Jericho is given revisionist history textbooks and Gray Anderson is asked to represent the region at an unelected Constitutional Convention. Gray agrees to go to the Convention, but promises he will ask tough questions there. He also installs Eric as Acting Mayor. A California reporter explains to Jake that the government tells newspapers what to publish and often covers up bad news. Jake tells the reporter that he has news of the attacks, but the reporter soon turns up dead. Chavez, Robert, and Darcy covertly download several Presidential files; Chavez is exposed and captured during the attempt. Jake slips Chavez a key, and he escapes from military custody. Hawkins' universal password can open all but a folder named Project Boxcar; neither he nor Chavez had ever heard of it. Chavez leaves for Texas to see if he can get the Texas government to listen to Hawkins. Valente informs Beck that Ravenwood will be coming to oversee the day-to-day administration of Jericho. 
25 3 "Jennings & Rall" John Peters Joy Gregory February 26, 2008 CALLER KNOWS ALL
Dale returns from a trading expedition with information that the "Hudson River virus", a dangerous and contagious disease, had "jumped" the Mississippi. Goetz of Ravenwood seizes and orders the vaccines' destruction in Cheyenne; agents in Jennings & Rall (J&R), the civilian company working with the government and owner of Ravenwood, are powerless to stop him. After Heather talks with another town plagued by the virus, she tells Dale to hijack a J&R transport truck. Though Goetz is suspicious and tortures a doctor, a friendly J&R employee falsely informs him that the vaccines were destroyed, allowing the town to be secretly inoculated. Meanwhile, to protect his identity, Hawkins tells Beck that he is an FBI agent loyal to the United States of America who is also looking for Sara. He tells Beck some truths about Sara; after Valente flatly denies them, Beck agrees to work with Hawkins. Hawkins decodes a phone number and expects to talk to another member of his team, but instead speaks with an unknown person who claims he wants to help him. Bonnie decides to go to Cheyenne to check out possible job opportunities. 
26 4 "Oversight" Steve Gomer Robert Levine March 4, 2008 A COSTLY DEATH
Dale is forced to start smuggling to continue importing goods under J&R's tight regulations. Goetz temporarily shuts down Dale's store; after an informant tells him that Dale is the primary smuggler, arrests him. Jake gets Beck to declare Dale a terror informant, which frees him. Mimi finds that some money may have been embezzled from J&R's stash, and reports it to her supervisor, who tells Goetz. Goetz demands that Mimi brings in her private ledger, which Mimi agrees to do, but arrives at her house with an armed force later that day anyway. Bonnie tries to cover for Mimi, but when Ravenwood demands to search the house, she shoots several Ravenwood employees before being killed herself. Meanwhile, "John Smith" tells Hawkins that Beck has a radiological scan of the area, and he needs to take it. He and Jake are forced to ask Heather to steal it from his office, which she reluctantly does. Beck becomes disturbed when he sees a video of Valente dealing with possible terrorists. 
27 5 "Termination for Cause" Guy Bee Rob Fresco March 11, 2008 THO IT IS DARK
Goetz and his team learn that Mimi Clark is still alive and surround the medical center while Beck deals with an uprising in New Bern. Goetz starts taking hostages to force the Rangers to leave, but this only alerts Hawkins to the situation. Mimi awakens, and Hawkins has "John Smith" give him the email address of one of Goetz's bosses. Jake identifies Goetz's informant and has him and a captured Ravenwood agent reroute Goetz to a crossroads near Stanley's farm. There, Goetz's boss arrives and fires him. After he leaves, the Rangers, as well as several people from New Bern who had been tracking Goetz, arrive and kill all the Ravenwood employees except for Goetz in a battle, as Beck had argued that nothing happen to him in retribution. Jake wants to turn Goetz over to Beck, but Constantino had ordered that Goetz be killed. While Jake and Russell, Heather's brother from New Bern, argue, Stanley shoots Goetz. Goetz is hung outside at an entrance to New Bern. 
28 6 "Sedition" Scott Peters Carol Barbee, Matthew Federman, Stephen Scaia March 18, 2008 KNOW OUR FLAG
Major Beck arrests Jake and puts him in solitary confinement, hoping that he will give up the Rangers' and especially Stanley's location. The Rangers ambush a military convoy and demand Jake's release; Beck declares the Rangers to be in open insurrection. Normal citizens of Jericho begin guerrilla warfare against the military. Jake's mother is given permission to visit Jake; after the visit, she gives the Rangers enough information for them to find and free Jake. Meanwhile, Chavez tells Hawkins to deliver the bomb to Texas. John Smith tells Hawkins to wait a few days; Hawkins agrees but starts to Texas immediately. John Smith betrays Hawkins to Beck, who attack him. Hawkins manages to escape, but abandons his laptop and the bomb. John Smith is revealed to be the mastermind behind the September attacks, who now wishes to use Hawkins' bomb to destroy Cheyenne and the J&R leadership. 
29 7 "Patriots and Tyrants" Seith Mann Dan Shotz, Jonathan E. Steinberg March 25, 2008 IS STILL THERE
Jake and Hawkins travel to Cheyenne and meet with one of Hawkins' teammates, Cheung. They plan to seize the bomb, which is being covertly transported in an ambulance by the Cheyenne government. John Smith is present at the scene, and manages to kill Cheung and injure Hawkins before escaping. Hawkins has Jake drive the truck to the Texan embassy, where they receive political asylum. The Texan ambassador gives them a plane, and Jake and Hawkins fly off with the bomb.[4] During the flight they are harried by Cheyenne planes, but planes from the Texas Air National Guard shoot them down. They land in Texas, where the bomb is tested.[5] Meanwhile, Beck receives orders to move ahead with his crackdown. Eric agrees to work with Constantino for his resistance movement, but later finds Constantino's tactics repugnant and repudiates him. Heather berates Beck for his crackdown and he arrests her. However, after looking through the evidence in Hawkins laptop, Beck arrives at Bonnie's grave and grants amnesty to Jericho. He and his soldiers decide to refuse to take orders from the Cheyenne leadership. Gray Anderson returns at Jake and Hawkins' bequest and raises Johnston Green's "Don't Tread on Me" Army Rangers flag. 

[edit] Notes

1.^  This does not include the recap episode (Return To Jericho).
2, 3.^  The sounds heard as the intertitle is shown can be deciphered with International Morse Code into episode-specific messages.
4.^  In the original ending, Hawkins acts as a diversion at the airport to buy Jake more time. A third season would have focused on rescuing Hawkins and on "John Smith".[23]
5.^  After the episode ends, a war begins, in which the Columbus government and Texas defeat Cheyanne.[23]

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