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This list of billionaires is based on an annual ranking of the world's wealthiest people compiled and published by Forbes magazine on March 9, 2006.[1] Forbes is an American national business magazine. There are 793 billionaires on Forbes list with 102 newcomers, from 49 countries. More than half of the billionaires are from the United States and Germany. 2006 saw an increase in billionaires from Russia, India, and Brazil mainly due to economic growth in these countries. The combined net worth of the list is US$2.6 trillion, an 18% increase from 2005.[2]

The total net worth is an estimate measured in United States dollars, based on the closing stock prices of the stock exchanges on which each person's company is listed on, and exchange rates on February 9, 2006. Stock prices are defined as shares of ownership in a corporation, and exchange rates are defined as how much one currency is worth in terms of another. This list only represents each person's valuation on a single day due to daily fluctuations among exchange rates and stock valuations. The first 100 billionaires are listed here, and the billionaires ranked 101–334 are found at List of billionaires (2006) 101-334.

[edit] Top billionaires

The following list is the ranking of the world's richest billionaires on March 9, 2006, and does not reflect changes since that date.

Icon Description
Has not changed from the list for 2005.
Has increased from the list for 2005.
Has decreased from the list for 2005.
# Name Net worth (USD) Citizenship Sources of wealth
&0000000000000001.0000001 Gates, BillBill Gates $52.0 billion  United States Microsoft
&0000000000000002.0000002 Buffett, WarrenWarren Buffett $42.0 billion  United States Berkshire Hathaway
&0000000000000003.0000003 Helú, Carlos SlimCarlos Slim Helú $30.0 billion  Mexico Telmex
&0000000000000004.0000004 Kamprad, IngvarIngvar Kamprad $28.0 billion  Sweden IKEA
&0000000000000005.0000005 Mittal, LakshmiLakshmi Mittal $23.5 billion  India Mittal Steel Company
&0000000000000006.0000006 Allen, PaulPaul Allen $22.0 billion  United States Microsoft
&0000000000000007.0000007 Arnault, BernardBernard Arnault $21.5 billion  France LVMH Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton
&0000000000000008.0000008 Al-Waleed, PrincePrince Al-Waleed $20.0 billion  Saudi Arabia Kingdom Holding Company
&0000000000000009.0000009 Thomson, KennethKenneth Thomson $19.6 billion  Canada The Thomson Corporation
&0000000000000010.00000010 Shing, Li KaLi Ka Shing $18.8 billion  Hong Kong, China Cheung Kong Group; Hutchison Whampoa
&0000000000000011.00000011 Abramovich, RomanRoman Abramovich $18.2 billion  Russia Sibneft; Rusal; Chelsea F.C.
&0000000000000012.00000012 Dell, MichaelMichael Dell $17.1 billion  United States Dell Inc.
&0000000000000013.00000013 Albrecht, KarlKarl Albrecht $17.0 billion  Germany ALDI
&0000000000000014.00000014 Adelson, SheldonSheldon Adelson $16.1 billion  United States Las Vegas Sands
&0000000000000015.00000015 Bettencourt, LilianeLiliane Bettencourt $16.0 billion  France L'Oréal
&0000000000000015.00000015 Ellison, LarryLarry Ellison $16.0 billion  United States Oracle Corporation
&0000000000000017.00000017 Walton, ChristyChristy Walton $15.9 billion  United States Wal-Mart
&0000000000000017.00000017 Walton, JimJim Walton $15.9 billion  United States Wal-Mart
&0000000000000019.00000019 Walton, S. RobsonS. Robson Walton $15.8 billion  United States Wal-Mart
&0000000000000020.00000020 Walton, AliceAlice Walton $15.7 billion  United States Wal-Mart
&0000000000000021.00000021 Walton, HelenHelen Walton $15.6 billion  United States Wal-Mart
&0000000000000022.00000022 Albrecht, TheoTheo Albrecht $15.2 billion  Germany ALDI
&0000000000000023.00000023 Ortega, AmancioAmancio Ortega $14.8 billion  Spain Inditex
&0000000000000024.00000024 Ballmer, StevenSteven Ballmer $13.6 billion  United States Microsoft
&0000000000000025.00000025 Premji, AzimAzim Premji $13.3 billion  India Wipro
&0000000000000026.00000026 Brin, SergeySergey Brin $12.9 billion  United States Google
&0000000000000027.00000027 Page, LarryLarry Page $12.8 billion  United States Google
&0000000000000028.00000028 Johnson, AbigailAbigail Johnson $12.5 billion  United States Fidelity Investments
&0000000000000029.00000029 Nasser Al-Kharafi and family $12.4 billion  Kuwait M. A. Kharafi & Sons
&0000000000000029.00000029 Anthony, Barbara CoxBarbara Cox Anthony $12.4 billion  United States Cox Enterprises
&0000000000000029.00000029 Chambers, Anne CoxAnne Cox Chambers $12.4 billion  United States Cox Enterprises
&0000000000000032.00000032 Persson, StefanStefan Persson $12.3 billion  Sweden H&M
&0000000000000033.00000033 Koch, CharlesCharles Koch $12.0 billion  United States Koch Industries
&0000000000000033.00000033 Koch, David H.David H. Koch $12.0 billion  United States Koch Industries
&0000000000000035.00000035 Kwok, RaymondRaymond Kwok, Thomas Kwok, and Walter Kwok $11.6 billion  Hong Kong, China Sun Hung Kai
&0000000000000036.00000036 Merckle, AdolfAdolf Merckle $11.5 billion  Germany Phoenix Pharmahandel
&0000000000000037.00000037 Rajhi, Sulaiman Bin Abdul AlSulaiman Bin Abdul Al Rajhi $11.0 billion  Saudi Arabia Al Rajhi Bank
&0000000000000037.00000037 Alekperov, VagitVagit Alekperov $11.0 billion  Russia Novolipetsk Steel
&0000000000000037.00000037 Berlusconi, SilvioSilvio Berlusconi $11.0 billion  Italy Fininvest; Mediaset; A.C. Milan
&0000000000000037.00000037 Kee, Lee ShauLee Shau Kee $11.0 billion  Hong Kong, China Henderson Land Development
&0000000000000041.00000041 Lisin, VladimirVladimir Lisin $10.7 billion  Russia Novolipetsk Steel
&0000000000000042.00000042 Michael Otto and family $10.4 billion  Germany Otto GmbH
&0000000000000043.00000043 Omidyar, PierrePierre Omidyar $10.1 billion  United States eBay
&0000000000000044.00000044 Vecchio, Leonardo DelLeonardo Del Vecchio $10.0 billion  Italy Luxottica; Ray-Ban
&0000000000000044.00000044 Michele Ferrero and family $10.0 billion  Italy Nutella
&0000000000000044.00000044 Jr., Forrest MarsForrest Mars Jr. $10.0 billion  United States Mars, Incorporated
&0000000000000044.00000044 Mars, JacquelineJacqueline Mars $10.0 billion  United States Mars, Incorporated
&0000000000000044.00000044 Mars, JohnJohn Mars $10.0 billion  United States Mars, Incorporated
&0000000000000044.00000044 Vekselberg, ViktorViktor Vekselberg $10.0 billion  Russia Renova Group
&0000000000000050.00000050 Fridman, MikhailMikhail Fridman $9.7 billion  Russia Alfa Group
&0000000000000051.00000051 Spiro Latsis and family $9.1 billion  Greece EFG Bank European Financial Group
&0000000000000052.00000052 Kluge, JohnJohn Kluge $9.0 billion  United States Metromedia
&0000000000000053.00000053 Icahn, CarlCarl Icahn $8.7 billion  United States Trans World Airlines
&0000000000000053.00000053 Kerkorian, KirkKirk Kerkorian $8.7 billion  United States Tracinda Corporation
&0000000000000055.00000055 Birgit Rausing and family $8.6 billion  Sweden Tetra Laval
&0000000000000056.00000056 Ambani, MukeshMukesh Ambani $8.5 billion  India Reliance Industries
&0000000000000056.00000056 Serge Dassault and family $8.5 billion  France Dassault Industries
&0000000000000056.00000056 Rausing, HansHans Rausing $8.5 billion  Sweden Tetra Laval
&0000000000000059.00000059 Galen Weston and family $8.4 billion  Canada George Weston Limited, Associated British Foods
&0000000000000060.00000060 Klatten, SusanneSusanne Klatten $8.1 billion  Germany Altana, BMW
&0000000000000061.00000061 Rudolf August Oetker and family $8.0 billion  Germany Dr. Oetker
&0000000000000062.00000062 Deripaska, OlegOleg Deripaska $7.8 billion  Russia Rusal
&0000000000000063.00000063 Redstone, SumnerSumner Redstone $7.7 billion  United States Viacom
&0000000000000064.00000064 Mordashov, AlexeiAlexei Mordashov $7.6 billion  Russia Severstal
&0000000000000065.00000065 Newhouse, DonaldDonald Newhouse $7.5 billion  United States Condé Nast Publications
&0000000000000065.00000065 Jr., Samuel Newhouse,Samuel Newhouse, Jr. $7.5 billion  United States Condé Nast Publications
&0000000000000065.00000065 Wertheimer, AlainAlain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer $7.5 billion  France Chanel
&0000000000000065.00000065 Würth, ReinholdReinhold Würth $7.5 billion  Germany Würth
&0000000000000069.00000069 Safra, JosephJoseph Safra and Moise Safra $7.4 billion  Brazil Banco Safra
&0000000000000070.00000070 Knight, PhilipPhilip Knight $7.3 billion  United States formerly Nike
&0000000000000071.00000071 Soros, GeorgeGeorge Soros $7.2 billion  United States Soros Fund Management
&0000000000000072.00000072 Bertarelli, ErnestoErnesto Bertarelli $7.1 billion  Switzerland Serono
&0000000000000072.00000072 Kerimov, SuleymanSuleyman Kerimov $7.1 billion  Russia Gazprom, Sberbank
&0000000000000074.00000074 Green, PhilipPhilip Green and Cristina Green $7.0 billion  United Kingdom Bhs, Arcadia Group
&0000000000000074.00000074 Pinault, FrancoisFrancois Pinault $7.0 billion  France PPR
&0000000000000074.00000074 Finck, August vonAugust von Finck $7.0 billion  Germany Allianz
&0000000000000077.00000077 Amoudi, Mohammed AlMohammed Al Amoudi $6.9 billion  Saudi Arabia Corral Petroleum Holdings
&0000000000000077.00000077 Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair and family $6.9 billion  United Arab Emirates Mashreq Bank
&0000000000000079.00000079 Schaeffler, Maria-ElisabethMaria-Elisabeth Schaeffler and Georg Schaeffler $6.8 billion  Germany Schaeffler Group
&0000000000000080.00000080 Ergen, CharlesCharles Ergen $6.7 billion  United States Dish Network Corporation
&0000000000000080.00000080 III, Edward Johnson,Edward Johnson, III $6.7 billion  United States Fidelity Investments
&0000000000000082.00000082 Lee Kun-hee and family $6.6 billion  South Korea Samsung
&0000000000000082.00000082 Quandt, StefanStefan Quandt $6.6 billion  Germany BMW
&0000000000000084.00000084 Rajhi, Saleh bin Abdul Aziz AlSaleh bin Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi $6.5 billion  Saudi Arabia Al-Rajhi Bank
&0000000000000084.00000084 Rafael del Pino and family $6.5 billion  Spain Ferrovial
&0000000000000084.00000084 Ho, StanleyStanley Ho $6.5 billion  Hong Kong, China Shun Tak Holdings
&0000000000000084.00000084 Møller, Mærsk Mc-KinneyMærsk Mc-Kinney Møller $6.5 billion  Denmark A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group
&0000000000000084.00000084 Murdoch, RupertRupert Murdoch $6.5 billion  United States News Corporation
&0000000000000089.00000089 Anschutz, PhilipPhilip Anschutz $6.4 billion  United States The Anschutz Corporation
&0000000000000089.00000089 Plattner, HassoHasso Plattner $6.4 billion  Germany SAP AG
&0000000000000089.00000089 Potanin, VladimirVladimir Potanin $6.4 billion  Russia Interros
&0000000000000089.00000089 Prokhorov, MikhailMikhail Prokhorov $6.4 billion  Russia Interros
&0000000000000093.00000093 Yevtushenkov, VladimirVladimir Yevtushenkov $6.3 billion  Russia Sistema
&0000000000000094.00000094 Arison, MickyMicky Arison $6.1 billion  Israel Carnival Corporation & plc
&0000000000000094.00000094 Engelhorn, CurtCurt Engelhorn $6.1 billion  Germany DePuy
&0000000000000094.00000094 Flick, Friedrich KarlFriedrich Karl Flick $6.1 billion  Germany Daimler-Benz
&0000000000000094.00000094 Khan, GermanGerman Khan $6.1 billion  Germany Alfa Group
&0000000000000094.00000094 Perelman, RonaldRonald Perelman $6.1 billion  United States Revlon
&0000000000000094.00000094 Quandt, JohannaJohanna Quandt $6.1 billion  Germany BMW
&0000000000000100.000000100 Duncan, DanDan Duncan $6.0 billion  United States Enterprise Products
&0000000000000100.000000100 Grosvenor, GeraldGerald Grosvenor and family $6.0 billion  United Kingdom Grosvenor Group
&0000000000000100.000000100 Taylor, Jack C.Jack C. Taylor $6.0 billion  United States Enterprise Rent-A-Car

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