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Latest release 4.2.2 / April 2nd 2009
Operating system Mac OS X v10.5.0 or later
Type HTML editor
Website Realmac Software

RapidWeaver is a template-based website creation tool, from Realmac Software, and is exclusive to Mac OS X.

RapidWeaver was one of the first web editors (along with Site Studio) to use user-selectable templates to define a website's complete appearance. This enforces consistency in the website's appearance and function, although some may see it as too constraining.

There is a thriving market for third-party templates, and technically skilled users can also create their own. There are also plugins, which add new features to the application.

RapidWeaver can generate pages of different kinds, such as styled text, weblog, contact forms, image galleries, Flash slideshows, and podcasts; it also has a built-in FTP uploader, and integration with iPhoto and .Mac.


[edit] The RapidWeaver workflow

RapidWeaver is modal, insofar as it is either in editing or previewing mode. Every page plugin has its own interface displayed in the Edit mode that allows users to change its content via typical Mac methods, such as drag-and-drop. Changes can be previewed in the Preview tab, which uses Apple's WebKit to render pages (the same rendering engine that Apple's Safari uses).

The pages are organized in an outline in a pane on the left of RapidWeaver UI. The structure of the outline reflects the structure of the web site (including the parent-child relationship for nested navigation). A site's navigation information can be changed by dragging and dropping pages within the outline.

RapidWeaver can also publish entire sites by transferring files from the user's computer to the webserver.

[edit] Plugins included with RapidWeaver

  • Blog
  • Contact Form
  • File Sharing
  • HTML Code
  • iFrame
  • Movie Album
  • Offsite Page
  • Photo Album
  • QuickTime
  • Styled Text

[edit] Theme developers

One of RapidWeaver’s notable characteristics is its ability to use site themes that simplify the website creation process for the user. There are a large number of third-party developers who create themes for RapidWeaver.

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