List of museums and cultural institutions in New York City

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New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions and historic sites, many of which are internationally known. This list contains the most famous or well-regarded organizations, based on their mission.


[edit] Museums

[edit] Art

[edit] Culture or history

[edit] Design

[edit] Nature and Life Sciences

The AMNH in 2000

[edit] Children's museums

[edit] Performing arts

The Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center.

[edit] Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

[edit] Music

[edit] Theaters

[edit] Historically significant sites

[edit] Historic House Trust

Most of the following are Registered Historic Places covered in the county lists

[edit] National Parks of New York Harbor

None of these are National Parks

Grant's tomb 2004

[edit] Other Historic Sites

Following are already listed Registered Historic Places

[edit] World Trade Center site

[edit] Libraries

New York Public Library, central block, built 18971911, Carrère and Hastings, architects (June, 2003). Located at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street

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