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A high IQ society is an organization that limits its membership to people who are within a certain high percentile of Intelligence quotient (IQ) test results. The oldest, largest, and most well-known such society is Mensa International,[1] which was founded by Roland Berrill and Dr. Lancelot Ware in 1946. Other early societies were Intertel (founded by Ralph Haines in 1966), the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (founded by Dr. Christopher Harding in 1974) and Prometheus Society (founded by Dr. Ronald K. Hoeflin in 1982).


[edit] Entry requirements

High IQ societies typically accept a variety of standardized intelligence tests. Some conduct proprietary or alternative tests to determine membership eligibility.

  • Variable entry conditions: Sigma Society (Sigma, Sigma II, Sigma III, Sigma IV, Sigma V, Sigma VI)

The ceiling of most standardized (validated and normed) intelligence tests is at around 99.9th percentile. Measurements above this level need — for a credible result — a calculation, extrapolation and interpretation (including observations during the tests and sub-tests) by psychometricians experienced in high IQ testing, and at least two differently designed standardized tests (among these at least one supervised) should be performed. Measurements above 99.9999th percentile are rather doubtful as no sufficient correlation studies and norms are available.

[edit] Differences, characteristics

Many high IQ societies have specific areas of interest, like creativity (ISI-Society and Vinci Society), social activities (International High IQ Society, Mensa International), poetry (Poetic Genius Society), music (Chorium), contributions to humanity (International Society for Philosophical Enquiry), Christianity and Religion (Sunesis Society), broad and frequented discussion-boards (Cerebrals Society, Civiq Society, ePiq Society, Milenija, Prometheus Society, Camp Archimedes, Triple Nine Society, The Ultranet), Mathematics and Physics (Milenija, Pi Society, GenerIQ Society), and Spanish-speaking individuals (Altacapacidadhispana, Neurocubo, Elateneo/s, Encefálica).

Some high IQ societies and organizations offer public areas in their boards where also non-members may participate (e.g. Cerebrals Society, Mega Foundation, World Intelligence Network, Milenija).

Two organizations represent networks with several independent high IQ societies:

  • Mega Foundation: with The Ultranet and Mega International Society

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