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Echelon comes from the French, 'échelon', meaning a rung of a ladder. It usually refers to Echelon formation, a formation in aerial combat, tank warfare, naval warfare and medieval warfare; also used to describe a migratory bird formation. Each element of the formation (on one wing of the echelon) will be both further out from the lead element and further back than the preceding element.

The acronym, ECHELON, refers to an intelligence gathering network run by an international alliance of signals intelligence organizations known as UKUSA.

Other meanings include:


[edit] Science

  • Echelon crack, a cracking pattern that indications a response to shear stress, often found in streets crossing zones of seismic creep
  • Echelon (geology), in geology, a set of short linear features which overlap or are staggered in a line that runs obliquely to the strike of the individual features
  • En echelon veins, geological feature
  • Row echelon form, in mathematics, a kind of matrix
  • A spectroscope, invented by Albert Abraham Michelson in 1898

[edit] Music

[edit] Games

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[edit] Other

  • Riding in an echelon, a road bicycle racing technique to make maximum use of another rider's slipstream in a crosswind
  • Third Echelon is the name of a fictional sub-agency within the National Security Agency featured in the Splinter Cell series of games and novels created by Tom Clancy

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