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Delicious Library
Delicious Library icon

Screenshot of Delicious Library 2 including the new integrated iTunes feature.
Developed by Delicious Monster
Latest release 2.0 / May 2008
Operating system Mac OS X Tiger for Delicious Library
Mac OS X Leopard for Delicious Library 2
Platform Apple Macintosh
Type media catalog
License shareware

Delicious Library is a media cataloguing application for Mac OS X, developed by Delicious Monster. The software allows users to manage their collections of books, movies, CDs and video games by entering them manually or by using a Bluetooth scanner, an iSight camera, or a USB-keyboard-type barcode scanner (such as a modified CueCat).

Released in November 2004, Delicious Library sold $250,000 in its first month.[1]

Delicious Library 2 was released officially on May 27, 2008, although the final version was available from March 25.


[edit] Features

Delicious Library was applauded for its user interface, which inspired the movement among developers known as the Delicious Generation. It was also acclaimed for several features, including:

  • Use of an iSight camera as a barcode reader;
  • Use of a Bluetooth barcode scanner;
  • Mini Bookshelf Dashboard widget;
  • Use Spotlight to find items quickly;
  • Compatibility with ratings, to suggest other items to a user;
  • Integration with Mac OS X's native Address Book application to allow "lending management";
  • Syncing with an iPod;
  • Use of Voice Search;
  • Shelves or the whole library can be printed;
  • Recommendations of books, movies, CDs or videogames can be sent via email;
  • Custom Collections allow the user to create their own "shelves" to organize their media.

[edit] Awards

[edit] Entering media

There are several ways to enter a media item into Delicious Library. The user can:

  • Import their Library from another application (like Bookpedia);
  • Drag and drop a URL from Amazon;
  • Enter the title manually;
  • Enter the ISBN or UPC by hand;
  • Use an iSight to scan the barcode;
  • Use a videocamera connected through FireWire to scan a barcode;
  • Use a Webcam connected through USB to scan a barcode, provided the webcam is visible to the system either by means of driver software like Macam or - using built-in drivers from Mac OS X 10.4.3 and up - supports the USB video class;
  • Use a Bluetooth enabled barcode scanner (which can be purchased directly through Delicious Library itself) to scan a barcode.

The CueCat barcode scanner was not made to be used with programs like Delicious Library, although there is a way to make it work. This method transforms CueCat into a device that simply reads the barcode, types it into the screen in the same format as a keyboard types, and then clicks the enter button.

[edit] Easter Eggs

  • When a Star Wars item is added, Delicious Library says 'I am your father' in the whisper voice;
  • When a Harry Potter item is added, Delicious Library says 'Voldemort' in the whisper voice:
  • When A Brief History of Time is added, the library talks about science concepts in a mock-synthesized voice;
  • When Rock Band is added, Delicious Library sings a portion of Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden in the whisper voice.

[edit] References

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