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The soundtrack of the computer and video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in 1992 in the fictional U.S. West Coast state of San Andreas, required that the game's radio stations reflect the music tastes of the time and area, in addition to covering current events in the state of San Andreas, and even weather forecasts. Together with several pieces of early-1990s music, the soundtrack also included songs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. Many of the songs interpolate or sample other songs which feature in this or other GTA titles, such as Ice Cube's "Check Yo Self", which samples "The Message", which was featured in Vice City or "Weekend" which appears in its original form on Paradise FM in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.

Primarily, the player can hear the radio when the protagonist acquires a vehicle. He can also listen to the radio in the audio options menu if not in a car. The station that will be playing when the player gets in is determined by several factors, and players can change it or switch it off as desired. The only vehicles in which the player cannot access the radio are the emergency and police vehicles (which use the Police radio station), tractors, bicycles, forklifts, the Bandito sandrail, and certain boats. Radio stations, or some of the songs featured on them, can also be heard in the background in certain locations, such as bars, clothing stores, clubs, casinos, and safehouse wardrobes. The Xbox and PC versions of the game allow the player to create their own custom radio stations with user imported tracks. However, unlike previous GTA titles, which also offered this feature, San Andreas can place commercials between tracks.[1]

The official soundtrack, available on Interscope Records, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack and the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Official Soundtrack Box Set collection were released internationally on November 23, 2004 and December 7, 2004 respectively. Michael Hunter is the composer of the theme song and incidental music.


[edit] Music Stations

[edit] Bounce FM

Bounce FM logo

DJ: The Funktipus
Genre: Funk, R&B

Summary: Bounce FM is a funk radio station hosted by The Funktipus (voiced by George Clinton[3]) Surprisingly, Marvin Trill of WCTR's Area 53 host, calls into Bounce FM foolishly thinking that 'The Party Ship' (Bounce's sub-heading/nickname) is a genuine space ship, asking how to get on it.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 1: Bounce FM.

[edit] CSR 103:9

CSR radio logo

DJ: Phillip "PM" Michaels
Genre: New Jack Swing, R&B

Summary: Contemporary Soul Radio (CSR 103:9) is a new jack swing radio station hosted by Phillip "PM" Michaels (voiced by Michael Bivins[3]). Michaels is an extremely self-obsessed character who believes that he is the next big star, despite his entertainment career having very limited success. The game's "Audio" screen and instruction manual refer to this station as CSR 103:2.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 5: CSR 103:9.

[edit] K-DST

K-DST logo

DJ: Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith
Genre: Classic rock

Summary: K-DST "The Dust" is a classic rock station originating in Los Santos and hosted by Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith (voiced by Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose[3]), former frontman for the fictional 70s progressive rock band, Crystal Ship, which is also the title of a song by The Doors. Smith is suprisingly calm and constantly reminds the listeners about the 70s and the classic "rock n roll" lifestyle". He dislikes Sage, the Radio X DJ, telling her to "get over it!" during the intro to Tom Petty's "Runnin' Down a Dream", which is ironic because Radio X plays the Guns N' Roses hit "Welcome to the Jungle" And before the song commences Sage says "I slept with this guy once."

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 7: K-DST.

[edit] K-Jah West

K-Jah West radio logo

DJ: Marshall Peters and Johnny Lawton
Genre: Dub, Reggae, Dancehall

Summary: K-Jah West is a reggae radio station hosted by Marshall Peters & Johnny Lawton (voiced by Lowell Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare respectively[3]). It is also K-JAH's West Coast affiliate.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 6: K-Jah West.

[edit] K Rose

K-Rose logo

DJ: Mary-Beth Maybell
Genre: Country

Summary: K Rose is a Classic country station hosted by Mary-Beth Maybell (voiced by Riette Burdick[3]), and based in Bone County (Fort Carson). Mary-Beth has been married numerous times, many of her husbands having died under suspicious circumstances. Oddly, the track New York City was not listed in the included booklet guide for the first PS2 version. It was however included in later versions.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 4: K-Rose.

[edit] Master Sounds 98.3

Master Sounds 98.3 radio logo

DJ: Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson
Genre: Funk, Soul, Rare Groove

Summary: Master Sounds 98.3 is a San Fierro based rare groove radio station hosted by Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson (voiced by Ricky Harris[3]). Despite his nickname, it is implied that he is quite short in stature and is possibly a dwarf.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 3: Master Sounds 98.3.

[edit] Playback FM

Playback FM logo

DJ: Forth Right MC
Genre: East Coast hip hop, Golden Age hip hop

Summary: Hosted by self-righteous conspiracy theorist Forth Right MC (voiced by Chuck D[3]), Playback FM plays classic old school style rap from the Golden age hip hop. The Host is disliked by its listeners, as evident from the station callers. This station was released on a joint album with Radio Los Santos.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 2: Playback FM/Radio Los Santos. Despite the old-school designation, most of the tracks directly from the era the game is set.

[edit] Radio Los Santos

Radio Los Santos logo

DJ: Julio G
Genre: West Coast hip hop, Gangsta rap

Summary: Radio Los Santos is a Gangsta rap, modern golden era West Coast hip hop radio station hosted by Julio G, (who is a real life DJ[3]) located in Los Santos. Julio G is a very calm and collected person, who is simply a rap/hip-hop aficionado. He comments on many bad things going on in Los Santos, and persuades people to take a non-violent approach to all things. RLS hosts a number of shout-outs from the public of San Andreas and in-game characters. This station was released in a joint album with Playback FM as part of the 8-Disc soundtrack. The station also includes references to "carjacking on the rise", being that activity a key element of the gameplay. Sometimes after a mission, Julio gives out weather reports and news regarding Los Santos events, and encourages Carl "CJ" Johnson to phone his girlfriend, Denise.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 2: Playback FM/Radio Los Santos.

[edit] Radio X

The Radio X logo

DJ: Sage
Genre: Alternative rock / Alternative Metal / Heavy metal / Grunge

Summary: Radio X is an Alternative and period modern rock radio station hosted by Sage (voiced by Jodie Shawback[3]). Sage is a very self-obsessed woman and self-confessed rebel who seems to always be worked up about something, making her a stereotypical Gen X-er. Sage has a "lazy" outlook on life and most of her apparent obsession is the sound of her own voice, along with sex as she admits to have slept with the entire Danzig line-up, along with a man she "did behind the Cluckin' Bell", and pleads "could somebody please have sex with me!" during the outro to Soundgarden's "Rusty Cage", amongst at least two other references. Sage has strong dislike towards people over the age of 29, and admits to having huffed paint and ether.

Radio X picks up a couple of callers, however these "two" callers are both voiced by Jeff Berlin who voices and produces the Radio X imaging. The name itself is a possible reference on Generation X, who came of age and were the main listeners of the genre in the early 90s.

See also: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas OST Volume 8: Radio X.

[edit] SF-UR

SF-UR logo

DJ: Hans Oberlander
Genre: Chicago house, acid house, Deep house

Summary: San Fierro Underground Radio, abbreviated as SF-UR, is a San Fierro-based house music station hosted by Hans Oberlander (voiced by Lloyd Floyd[3]). Oberlander is a very insecure and hyperactive man. On a number of occasions he begs the public to hug him and even cries on a song intro. One of two callers is Hans' father who orders him to play some "Wagner", and Oberlander possibly does drugs as his father continues to say "you're mother found these pills in your room". Oberlander also inquires if his dealer has shown up yet in another song break. This station was never released on a music album, so none of these songs, barring "Break 4 Love", were released on the soundtrack.

[edit] Talk stations

[edit] WCTR

WCTR Talk Radio logo

Unlike some of the other games in the Grand Theft Auto series, San Andreas features only one radio station dedicated to talk and news. West Coast Talk Radio, abbreviated as WCTR, is a talk radio station. Depending on a player's progress through the game's storyline, the segments played on WCTR will change. Thus, during one segment of the game, the player may only hear specific portions of programs not to be heard again as new segments are aired. This is prominent in the 'WCTR News', 'Entertaining America', and 'The Wild Traveler' programs. Various intros, outros and comments are delivered by Barbara Fox. Several characters from the main game make cameos in the radio programs and advertising. Headquartered in Los Santos, WCTR consists of several programs:

WCTR News — Hosted by Lianne Forget (IPA[fɔːˈʒeɪ], "for-zhay") (Sharon Washington[3]) with Richard Burns (Wil Wheaton[3]), which features up-to-date news in the San Andreas state. Overall there are 11 separate installments of the WCTR News throughout the game. The program hints at Forget and Burns having an affair. As the installments progress, the tone gets more and more agitated. Richard Burns is frequently under influence of something whilst on the air. At the end of each segment, Lianne usually advises people to "stay inside", and tells them, "it's safer there."

The Tight End Zone — Sports program hosted by Derrick Thackery (Peter Appel[3]). Thackery does not actually care as much about the sports as the passions aroused from it. He was molested by his uncle when he was younger and appears to be afraid of making definite comments on sports, women and other things.

The Wild Traveler — Travel program hosted by James Pedeaston (Sam Tsoutsouvas[3]) Pedeaston is a child molester wanted in Malaysia and is being investigated by the FBI. He enjoys traveling the world and logging some of his most 'exotic' encounters in his travelogue, some of which he accidentally reads on-air to the disgust of the listener. His show appears to be so reviled by his listeners that at one point, he receives few calls which are not supportive. For example, a caller tells him to stop droning on about other countries and focus on talking about where he lives. He also got a phone call from a suicidal man that wanted to go to hell and he told him "Me too! Buy me a refrigerator magnet when you get there". On October 23, 2003, James was tried and convicted. Sometime in between his trial and the setting of Grand Theft Auto IV, a site was set up ( asking people to donate to his legal fund. The website only received $23.

Entertaining America — Entertainment program hosted by Billy Dexter (Peter Marx[3]) and later Lazlow (Lazlow Jones[3]), featuring various guests. Dexter is accidentally fatally shot by a gun-wielding Jack Howitzer (star of the Exploder movie from Vice City) and after a rather lengthy hiatus (which includes Howitzer's subsequent conviction on WCTR news) is replaced by Lazlow. When Lazlow took over the show, his guests included OG Loc, Chris Formage (leader of a cult called the Epsilon Program), and Darius Fontaine (a new age, radical preacher who urges his fans to 'face their fears'). Opie and Anthony made a cameo as callers on the show. Opie talked about hunter-gatherers while Anthony said that he'd "really like to make out with hot chicks in church", which is a reference to Sex for Sam 3. According to Dexter, Entertaining America is headquartered in Vinewood.

Gardening with Maurice — Gardening show hosted by Maurice (Andy Dick[3]). Maurice is a rather gay and horny personality that not only loves his gardens, but his own body as well. For example, he likes to take pictures of both when they are "blossoming." He also offers unorthodox advice and unusual plant suggestions to callers. The name of the show originated on the Grand Theft Auto III rendition of Chatterbox FM, where it was said to be 'taken off the air'. He does occasionally express less than loving comments on flowers, plants and living things in general, "A flower is nothing but an educated weed and like all weeds all living things need to be extinguished!". Maurice expresses much anger towards the Proposition 421 (anti-smoking campaign), "Tobacco is a plant, people, and if it comes out of the ground, you should be able to smoke it!".

I Say/You Say — Political debate show hosted by husband-and-wife liberal-and-conservative team of Peyton Phillips (Paul Ames[3]) and Mary Phillips (Jackie Hoffman[3]). Peyton and Mary are caricatures of their ideologies: Peyton is extremely liberal, and Mary is a hardcore conservative. For example, when dealing with a caller that had recently buried the corpses of numerous illegal immigrants in his backyard, Mary advises the caller on how to use the corpses to legally get a tax break while Peyton mentions recycling and organ donation. Early shows feature a desperate Lazlow looking for a radio job, asking if he can take Peyton's.

Lonely Hearts Show — Relationship advice program hosted by Christy MacIntyre (Sara Moon[3]), featuring Fernando Martinez (Frank Chavez[3]) of Vice City fame who deviously takes over one show; he briefly mentions being "chased out" (of Vice City) and alludes to a "Five Alarm Fire". Zero calls in early on, desperate to rid himself from celibacy, as does Jizzy B, hoping to promote his club.

Area 53 — A Coast to Coast AM spoof hosted by Marvin Trill (Bob Sevra[3]). Broadcasting from 'his trailer in the desert', Trill's main subjects are alien abductions and government conspiracies. Kevin Mitnick guests as a caller who says that he can launch nuclear missiles by whistling into a payphone. This is a reference to an allegation used by prosecutors to keep Mitnick in solitary confinement. He also says that he now only uses his powers for good (as the real Kevin Mitnick now runs a security consulting company). Adam First (Jamie Canfield[3]), the DJ from Vice City's Wave 103 also calls the show to tell him that he saw a man dressed in a space suit mating with Domestobots, to which Trill replies,"Uhh...He probably wants you to leave him alone," implying that it was Trill himself. Later in the same show, an actual Domestobot calls in to tell him that he knows what Trill is doing to his Domestobot brothers and sisters. The Truth also calls in, but is ridiculed by Trill. The first segment of Area 53, Trill ends his show by saying "Be careful out there, wherever you are". In the second Area 53 segment (while CJ is in San Fierro) the four callers in the middle of the show (Mike, Vyvyan, Neil and Rick) share the names of the four main characters of BBC sitcom The Young Ones. At the end of the segment, the announcer says " You are now leaving Area 53. Check your rectum." On December 26, 1999, Marvin made a website (viewable in Grand Theft Auto IV - announcing that he is shutting down the show to "protect his research". He also states that Y2K is very real. He then goes on to say that 10 years from December 26, 1999, he will re-emerge and start a new radio show.

[edit] Commercials

Commercials that reference events in game:

  • Zebra Bar (Ed McMann; two commercials) — An exotic chocolate bar that mixes white chocolate with black chocolate. It is mentioned in the first WCTR news bulletin that a protest outside the Zebra Bar Candy Company was occurring.
  • Proposition 421 — A proposition against smoking, which would allow a citizen to legally shoot and kill a smoker in self-defense.
  • The Epsilon Program (Fred Melamed, three commercials) — A Cult. Numerous people in the game appear to be members including original Entertaining America host Billy Dexter and Area 53 host Marvin Trill. Epsilon Program founder Chris Formage is interviewed by Lazlow on the third and final segment of Entertaining America. Dwayne Thorn, from VCPR in Vice City Stories also utters the Program's mantra "Kifflom" at one point, as does VCFL DJ Tina Jane, who insults the cult. It offers "eternal salvation for those who attend".
  • Inversion Therapy (Danny Burstein) — A form of therapy to overcome rather extreme fears by facing them (for example, if you fear dying, the therapy advises committing suicide to get over it), creator Darius Fontaine calls in on the final Entertaining America, Lazlow having tried the therapy unsuccessfully.
  • Castradon — A baldness remedy that eliminates Testosterone and attacks the glands that produce it (i.e. the testicles). Castradon is mentioned as a sponsor of car racing on the second episode of The Tight End Zone.
  • The Cavern of Sorrow — A role-playing game, spoofing Dungeons & Dragons. Playback FM DJ Forth Right MC mentions having to get supplies for a Cavern of Sorrow marathon.
  • Ammu-Nation — (Intro voiced by Frank Chavez) Advertising guns, telling everyone why we should all buy and own a gun ("Ammu-Nation, protecting your family from the evils of a liberal society"). Commercial for the Ammu-Nation store that is in the game. The Ammu-Nation commercial from Vice City that is played in the chain can be heard inside all of the stores throughout the state.
  • Cluckin' Bell (Two commercials) — A commercial for the fried chicken chain in the game, which is a parody of KFC. Sage from Radio X dedicates a song off the station (Primal Scream's Movin' On Up) to a guy she 'did behind the Cluckin' Bell.' The commercials make references to KFC's many controversies, including accusations of cruelty to chickens. The advertisement host also says, "If you like it, the chicken didn't die in vain!"
  • Blotto's (Three commercials) — A store catering for daily habits. At the end of the first Gardening with Maurice show, Maurice briefly mentions Blotto's.
  • Ultimate Disc in the Dark — A San Fierro based game where you throw a flying disc in the dark, the object is to catch a disc and run to the goal to score. It is mentioned as a sponsor for the first installment of The Wild Traveller by host James Pedeaston.
  • Bouche Cologne — A cologne for the man who wants to feel like a real man. This is the first of two different colognes that are advertised on the radio within the game. Christy (Lonely Hearts host) becomes aroused by Fernando's Bouche cologne in a later Lonely Hearts segment.
  • My Five Uncles — A TV series of which is both a parody of My Two Dads and Full House. The show is about an "emotionally abused orphan" teenage girl is adopted by five gay men. The show was broadcasted in "LSBC." CSR DJ Philip "PM" Michaels mentions in his DJ chatter that he auditioned recently for the show.
  • Celebrate with Cake — (Two commercials) Encourages eating when one is feeling depressed. DJ Philip "PM" Michaels states that he "really wants to sing in that Celebrate with Cake commercial".

Other Commercials:

  • Commemorative Miniatures — A historical miniature wargaming commercial, selling miniatures soldiers and tanks. General Custer, Napoleon, Charge of the Light Brigade and Trail of Tears are mentioned.
  • Law (Jeff Berlin, three commercials) — Legal drama series broadcast on Thursdays on cable channel Weasel . A parody to legal shows such as L.A. Law. "Catch Law before it catches you!"
  • Intergalactic Wrestling Title — A spoof of American professional wrestling that is also broadcast on Weasel.
  • Proposition 832 — B.I.G.O.T. (Ban Immigration Green Cards Outright Today) An organization aiming to ban immigration and instead create a new status for illegal aliens, whereby "while they're here, they have no rights." The ad also claims, "If we give them green cards, soon they’ll be just like us - overweight, unhappy, and too lazy to do menial tasks."
  • Proposition 602 — A proposition to end mass-transit, converting bus-lanes and train tracks into more roads for the benefit of car owners.
  • Commando Pest Eradication — A radical team of Vietnam Veterans acting as Insect Exterminators. "It's the War on Nature; and this time, we're winning."
  • Dreamakers — Agency where nobodies are trained to become "stars". Based in Vinewood.
  • eXsorbeo — A portable game console. The commercial equates playing games on the system with masturbation, with such lines as, "Look mom, I'm playing with myself!" and "don't play too long or you'll go blind". The console has its own website.
  • Tropicarcinoma — Anti-tan-cream made from coconut oil, zinc, aluminum, boron, magnesium, and other volatile metals.
  • Crimson Executive Spouse Indemnity Services (1-866-505-CRIM) — Easily obtainable legal service offering life insurance policies for husbands in case their wives suffer terrible "accidents" (similar to the D'Leo and Thurax commercial from GTA: Vice City.) The customers in both testimonials are strongly implied to have murdered their spouses to cash in on their new insurance coverage. Possibly a reference to Monty Python's Crimson Permanent Assurance.
  • Mike Andrews (Two commercials) — A self-help guru promoting a "less is more" approach to wealth for the poor.
  • Kilimanjaro (Two commercials) — A clothes shop "for the bigger men."
  • Eris Pump Up Shoes — A sports shoe commercial which parodies the mid-90s obsession with Reebok Pump shoes. The Eris brand previously featured in a commercial in GTA III. The advertising was voiced by Sean R. Lynch.
  • Creative Plastic Surgery — A plastic surgery clinic promoting unusual changes such as tails or a third breast.
  • American Bank of Los Santos — A commercial about bank loans, has the same music as the Little Lacy Surprise ad in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
  • San Andreas Telephone — (Four commercials) The commercials parody numerous "stay in touch with loved ones" phone company advertising campaigns.
  • Glory Hole Theme Park (Mike Blakeney) — (Two commercials) A theme park that caters to unconventional sexual behavior but presents itself as a family amusement park. "Gloryhole! Where strangers become friends! Gloryhole! You don't need to know names!"
  • Special Needs Cop (Randy Perlstein, Jeff Berlin, Ron Reeve, Mike, Chris and James Ferrante and Chris Silvestro) — A movie starring action star Jack Howitzer (from the "Exploder" movie in Vice City) as a cop going undercover in a school for special-needs kids. A spoof on Kindergarten Cop.
  • Carcer City — Commercial advertising Carcer City as a holiday destination for those who are "tired of all the sunshine and good weather." Carcer City was the setting of the Rockstar Games title Manhunt.
  • Shine by Helmut Schein — Designer perfume.
  • Renegade Cologne (Jeff Berlin) — "For the man who wants to reek of masculinity."
  • Sooth — A cold and cough syrup made from Codeine, Morphine, and Alcohol. Also available for children as Sooth Junior.
  • Rapidyke — The do-it-yourself sexual realignment kit: the quickest and latest way to change your sex. "It's just snip, chop, stuff & swallow. Four quick actions with amazing effects."
  • Herr Gruber's Spa — An international spa business owned by Herr Gruber, who has opened spas all around the world including such countries as Germany, Switzerland & Brazil
  • Sprunk — An explosive re-energizing soft drink carbonated with ether. The Sprunk logo and colour scheme bear a strong resemblance to those of Sprite. A Sprunk factory can be found situated in one of the Red County's country villages. There is also a Sprunk advertising board in Los Santos, which CJ crashes a car into during the mission "Reuniting the Families" (Reuniting the Families), the catch phrase on the board originally said A Taste of Things to Come, but after the crash, only the words A Taste of Come is left, referring to the word cum: (ejaculation - semen). A commercial is heard on the radio, saying that Sprunk now has a grenade shaped can. It is also said there is a sweepstakes to win a real box of grenades.
  • Grin — A medication that cures the depression and anxiety that one gets from living life in the suburbs.
  • Ice Diamonds/De Koch Diamonds — The perfect gift for your partner: "shut that bitch up with ice."
  • Fokari Film — Photographic film developing company. "Memories are forever...sort of"
  • Abbigo Brokerage and Pawn — Trade in absolutely anything in exchange for cash.
  • Logger Beer (Ed MacMann) — "The beer that brought the forest down!"
  • Logger Light (Ed MacMann) — A low calorie diet version which "facilitate[s] alcoholism without the attendant weight gain."
  • Redwood Cigarettes — A brand of cigarette that "helps cure stress." With sponsorship of Los Santos City Marathon.
  • Don't let Your Children Ride Bicycles — Do the motherly thing and buy your child an over-powered sports car instead of a bike. A public service announcement sponsored by The Governor’s Office of San Andreas, in association with Maibatsu Cars of America.
  • Lustrious — (Two commercials) A hair styling product.
  • The Crazy Cock — A strip club where the women know how to entertain "gentlemen."
  • Executive Intruder Extermination Services — Personal security service offering protection for wealthy paranoids.
  • Janus — Service to help people alienate their family to protect their new west coast identities.
  • Hampshire Nannies — Company offering strict classical British style nannies. The narrator is "Freddy," the nanny and spanking obsessed caller in previous GTA games.
  • Starfish Resort and Casino — Casino targeting children as well as adults.
  • Join the Military — Recruiting commercial for the military with the usual GTA touch.
  • Midlife Crisis Center — Services provided for middle aged men who want to regain their youth. (Specializing in real estate, divorce attorney's, mistress placement, plastic surgery, hair colouring and replacement and male fur coats.) "Come with your wife, leave with a sports car."

[edit] Trivia

  • Logger and Redwood are also mentioned in an Ammu-Nation commercial in Liberty City Stories. eXsorbeo is also mentioned on the Electron Zone on LCFR. DJ Michael Hunt mentions the Glory Hole theme park in a contest held by Head Radio in that game.
  • Area 53 consists of the shortest radio segment throughout the entire WCTR line-up (reaching 2:49) , whereas Entertaining America holds the longest (6:53).
  • In-game weather changes are announced by the DJ's which include; sunny spells (default weather), rain, storms & fog, however sandstorms are never accounted for (these occur in the Las Venturas, Tierra Robada or Bone County areas).
  • In total, there are 69 in-game radio commercials.
  • K-Jah West and Radio Los Santos are the only two stations to receive no callers, whereas every other station (barring WCTR) pick up two.
  • The commercial Shine by Helmet Shine is voiced by Jodie Shawback who also voices Sage of Radio X. She is the only person throughout the entire game to voice both a radio DJ and an in-game commercial. Lazlow does contribute to WTCR and a number of commercials but he isn't the sole DJ of his respective station.
  • K-DST's DJ, Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith questions the whereabouts of Vice City's metal band, Love Fist.

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  • San Andreas Radio – A free program that copies and transfers the sound files from the game (all: commercials, in-game music, DJ banter etc) into WAV files to the PC (Works with the PS2 game disc only)
  • Radio Free San Andreas – a free tool for extracting the soundtrack into Ogg files
  • GTA SA Radio on Pandora – A free collection of online radio stations seeded with the songs and artists from the various stations available in the game.
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