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Season four DVD box set, released October 23, 2007 in Region 1 format

The following is a list of episodes of the television series NCIS. The program and its characters were introduced in a two-part episode of the CBS television series JAG in April 2003. The show premiered on September 23, 2003 in the United States on CBS.[1] Created by Donald Bellisario and Don McGill, NCIS follows Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his team as they investigate crimes involving Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

The fifth season of NCIS concluded on May 20, 2008 with 19 episodes aired. NCIS returned for its sixth season on September 23, 2008. As of March 22, 2009, 131 original episodes of NCIS have aired.


[edit] DVD release

The first five seasons have been released to Region 1 DVD by Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment in the form of individual season box sets, which include behind the scenes featurettes and cast and crew commentaries.

Paramount has also released the first four seasons on Region 2 and Region 4 DVD formats.

Season Episodes Originally aired DVD Release
Region 1 Region 2 Region 4
1 23 2003-2004 June 6, 2006 July 24, 2006 August 10, 2006
2 23 2004-2005 November 14, 2006 October 2, 2006 October 12, 2006
3 24 2005-2006 April 24, 2007 June 25, 2007 March 15, 2007
4 24 2006-2007 October 23, 2007 May 19, 2008 July 10, 2008
5 19 2007-2008 August 26, 2008 June 22, 2009 May 7, 2009
6 28 2008-2009 TBA TBA TBA

[edit] Introductory episodes

The program and its characters are introduced during the eighth season of JAG. The JAG episodes, "Ice Queen" and "Meltdown", served as pilot episodes for the show. The character Special Agent Vivian Blackadder (Robyn Lively) does not appear in the series because producer Donald Bellisario felt that "she was a little soft for this kind of role".[2] In October 2003, the two episodes were edited together and aired as "Navy NCIS: The Beginning".[3]

Episode number Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
8x20 "Ice Queen" Donald Bellisario Donald Bellisario & Don McGill April 22, 2003
The NCIS team is called to investigate the mysterious death of a JAG officer, Lieutenant Loren Singer, when her body is discovered by a stray arrow. Before the episode concludes, Harmon Rabb is read his rights before being declared a suspect in the investigation. 
8x21 "Meltdown" Scott Brazil Don McGill April 29, 2003
Harmon Rabb is court-martialed for the murder of Lieutenant Singer and he does not appear to have an alibi. Meanwhile, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs tries to get information from Amad Bin Atwa, a terrorist, before there is another attack on an American ship. 

[edit] Season 1: 2003-2004

Originally broadcast between September 23, 2003 and May 25, 2004, the first season deals essentially with introducing the characters and their strengths, skills and weaknesses. It also introduces the main foe for the first two seasons, Ari Haswari, two recurring characters in the form of Timothy McGee and Jimmy Palmer after Gerald Jackson, Ducky's assistant, is shot, and Caitlin "Kate" Todd as Special Agent Vivian Blackadder's replacement.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
1 1x01 "Yankee White" September 23, 2003
While on Air Force One, a Navy Commander dies, forcing an emergency landing in Wichita. The NCIS Major Case Response Team travels to Wichita to take jurisdiction over the investigation, but are eventually forced into a joint investigation with the FBI and Secret Service. Working with Special Agent Caitlin "Kate" Todd of the Secret Service, the NCIS team is tasked with discovering what happened and why. Caitlin Todd resigns from the Secret Service once the investigation concludes, and is offered a job as an NCIS field agent. 
2 1x02 "Hung Out to Dry" September 30, 2003
A marine dies during a nighttime training run. The culprit seems to be a faulty parachute, but the standard investigation reveals that the death may not be an accident. As the case is upgraded to a murder investigation, Gibbs and Todd quickly find that the case isn't as straightforward as it first seemed. Meanwhile, Abby is swamped with forensic red herrings, and DiNozzo switches his reserve parachute in an attempt to trick a confession. 
3 1x03 "Seadog" October 7, 2003
When a Naval Commander is murdered, seemingly during a freelance drugs deal gone sour, the media is quick to link him to drug trafficking and the evidence stacks up. Gibbs refuses to believe that a good officer could be so corrupt, and in his efforts to clear the Commander's record, uncovers a turf war between two rival drug gangs, and a scheme to knock out the national power grid. The NCIS team is aided in its investigation by the DEA, and FBI Special Agent Tobias Fornell
4 1x04 "The Immortals" October 14, 2003
The discovery of a drowned sailor in dress whites, with an officer's ceremonial sword and weights chained to his waist, sparks a suicide investigation. Kate refuses to believe the deceased committed suicide, as like her, he came from a Catholic family. Abby discovers a link between the crew of the USS Foster and an MMORPG known as 'The Immortals', and searches the game for clues and evidence in order to assist Gibbs in solving the case. 
5 1x05 "The Curse" October 28, 2003
Gibbs and the team are called in when a mummified lieutenant, believed to have absconded with one million dollars of stolen Navy funds, is found in a half-buried cargo pod. Two former shipmates of the deceased come under suspicion for both the murder and the theft. Gibbs and Tony work at investigating the murder, while Kate is charged with tracking down the missing funds. Abby uses a computer reconstruction to work a confession out of a suspect. 
6 1x06 "High Seas" November 4, 2003
One of Gibbs' former team members calls for assistance when a sailor suffers a meth overdose while on leave, despite having never taken the drug. When another sailor is admitted to sickbay under the same circumstances, Tony and Kate investigate the source of the drugs within the crew, while Gibbs believes a senior officer may be doping the crew with performance enhancing drugs. 
7 1x07 "Sub Rosa" November 18, 2003
NCIS Norfolk Case Agent Timothy McGee works on a case of a partially dissolved corpse found in a barrel of acid at the Norfolk Naval Base, and calls in the Major Case Response Team to help. As the investigation opens, it becomes apparent that the killer took steps to prevent the body from being identified. Gibbs quickly comes to believe that the motive was identity theft. Tony, Abby, and McGee are tasked with identifying the deceased, while Gibbs and Kate are sent underwater on a submarine to vet the crew and prevent a biological attack. 
8 1x08 "Minimum Security" November 25, 2003
The team heads for Cuba when a Guantanamo Bay translator is found dead with a stomach full of emeralds. NCIS Special Agent Paula Cassidy proves more than a match for Tony when he is ordered to investigate her involvement, while Gibbs and Kate try to discover where the emeralds came from, how they ended up in their translator's stomach, and prevent the assassination of an important prisoner. 
9 1x09 "Marine Down" December 16, 2003
When a dead marine calls his wife on the day of his funeral, Gibbs begins to investigate. The case quickly becomes complicated, as the marine's CO apparently has two physical forms, and Tony somehow manages to meet and interrogate the wife's sister in a park without leaving the office. As the investigation continues, the marine turns up embalmed, having been killed two days after his funeral. Gibbs suspects CIA involvement, and is soon tracking a rogue operative in an attempt to rescue the deceased marine's partner before another murder takes place. 
10 1x10 "Left for Dead" January 6, 2004
Kate bonds with a woman suffering from amnesia after she wakes up and crawls from her grave following a murder attempt, claiming to remember that a bomb is present on a Navy ship. Gibbs and DiNozzo identify the woman as an explosives fabricator who works for a civilian contractor, charged with manufacturing and testing bomb detection devices for the Navy. When one of the woman's coworkers turns up dead, the team investigates the second murder. Meanwhile Kate attempts to help her recover from her amnesia, only for the case to come to an unexpected deadly close. 
11 1x11 "Eye Spy" January 13, 2004
NCIS is called in to investigate the murder of a naval officer at Little Creek Naval Base following an anonymous tip-off. McGee manages to track the tip-off to Langley, suggesting that the CIA have been spying on the base. Gibbs and Kate follow the tip-off, coming across a witness who leads the team to several possible suspects. At first the murder seems to be tied in with work the officer was involved with, but the team soon begins to suspect a more domestic motive. 
12 1x12 "My Other Left Foot" February 3, 2004
When the leg of a marine is discovered in a dumpster, Gibbs and the team have a problem - identifying who the leg belongs to and finding the rest of him. Kate and Tony are ordered to find the marine's place of burial and exhume the body, only to discover that the marine to whom the leg belongs was apparently cremated years ago. With no solid leads, the team is stuck following red herrings, until it becomes apparent that the marine was in fact alive until recently, and another marine was killed and falsely identified in the past. This revelation prompts the NCIS team to investigate closer to home. 
13 1x13 "One Shot, One Kill" February 10, 2004
When a marine recruiter is killed, the NCIS team quickly discover that a highly intelligent and skilled sniper was behind the attack. Initially, the team believes the sniper had a grudge against the recruiter, but when a second attack occurs the investigation takes on a wider scope. When Gibbs notices that the sniper left a calling card at each scene, he realizes that the sniper was meeting the recruiters before shooting. Hoping to lure out the killer, Gibbs drafts himself back into the USMC and takes over in the recruitment office with Kate, his new "commanding officer", coordinating with DiNozzo and assisted by an FBI team. 
14 1x14 "The Good Samaritan" February 17, 2004
A local county sheriff calls in NCIS upon discovering a murdered lieutenant commander by the roadside, quickly followed by the murder of a civilian contractor two counties over. As the team struggle to find a motive or suspects for either case, another murder occurs; this time a naval aviator. Ducky points out that while the murders appear to follow the same modus operandi and seem to have been carried out by a serial killer, some elements are different, indicating that the murders were not carried out by the same individual. A DNA sample draws suspicion onto the widow of the third victim, but she has an iron-clad alibi, leaving Gibbs with a complex investigation and many loose ends to tie up. 
15 1x15 "Enigma" February 24, 2004
Fornell and Gibbs clash when it is discovered that a marine colonel absconded from Iraq with two million dollars, and returned to the states under an assumed name. Fornell thinks he stole the money, Gibbs thinks he's innocent. The Colonel contacts Gibbs, and explains that he has discovered a conspiracy to siphon funds out of Iraq for use on black ops. Gibbs is drafted in to aid in bringing down the conspiracy, and meets the Colonel's partner - a lieutenant who had died in Gibbs' arms years ago. After being arrested for "pissing off the FBI", Gibbs and Fornell set out to discover the truth behind the Colonel's claims in a tense standoff. 
16 1x16 "Bête Noire" March 2, 2004
Ducky responds to an emergency call when the Israeli Embassy sends a Royal Navy officer to NCIS for autopsy, only to find a nasty surprise inside the body bag. As Ducky, Gerald and eventually Kate are held hostage in the autopsy lab, the director coordinates with an FBI strike team to negotiate their release. Meanwhile, Kate hesitates when presented with an opportunity to kill her captor, while Gibbs and Tony take more pro-active measures to get their co-workers out safely, ending with a showdown during which shots are fired. 
17 1x17 "The Truth is Out There" March 16, 2004
During a rave party, the body of a Petty Officer falls through the ceiling. Preliminary investigation suggests that the Petty Officer was killed in the nearby parking lot, and was dressed after his death. Upon checking the victim's room, evidence surfaces that he may have been taking financial bribes. Gibbs suspects the victim's co-workers of involvement in the death when their separate versions of events are too consistent. Forensic evidence links them to the scene, and they eventually confess that the death was a prank gone wrong, but Gibbs still believes that there's more to the case than meets the eye. 
18 1x18 "UnSEALed" April 6, 2004
A Navy SEAL convicted of double homicide escapes from Leavenworth, resulting in Kate and McGee being assigned to protect the son and in-laws of the escaped. During the night, the SEAL breaks into the house to see his son before fleeing, leaving Kate tied to a chair and unarmed. Profiling his behavior, Kate theorizes that he may actually be innocent, and discovered the identity of the real killer while in jail. Gibbs brings in the presiding defense and prosecution attorneys to go over the evidence, to bring the killer to justice before their fugitive delivers his own brand of justice: revenge
19 1x19 "Dead Man Talking" April 27, 2004
Special Agent Chris Pacci is killed while investigating a cold case, prompting Gibbs to step in and take over, as well as finding Pacci's killer. The team follows the trail of millions of dollars, and is led to a woman with ties to the thief. The agents take shifts conducting a stake-out on the woman's house, until Tony is caught raiding the mailbox. Forced to improvise, he introduces himself as a resident of the neighbourhood and strikes up a conversation based on what he had heard via surveillance. This gives him a chance to get close to the suspect in order to find out more, as he goes on a successful date with her. Meanwhile, Abby makes a shocking discovery which leaves Tony horrified and vulnerable to an onslaught of merciless taunts and teasing from Kate. 
20 1x20 "Missing" May 4, 2004
The disappearance of a marine draws NCIS in to investigate, and it is discovered that several marines from the same unit have also vanished under similar circumstances. When skeletal remains of one of the missing men is found chained to a pipe in a small sewer room, Gibbs begins to suspect the unit CO (the only team member not dead or missing) as a serial killer. However, after Tony goes missing, the investigation takes on a more frantic pace as the team try to find him before it's too late. 
21 1x21 "Split Decision" May 11, 2004
As Ducky meets his new assistant, Gibbs takes the case of a marine found impaled on a tree stump. The investigation uncovers the sale of decommissioned military weapons on the black market. Tony goes undercover and meets the buyer, only to stumble into an ATF operation. Working with ATF Special Agent Stone, Gibbs poses as a weapons supplier to complete the deal, and must double cross everyone in order to find the corrupt person at the centre of the investigation, and the one responsible for the marine's death. 
22 1x22 "A Weak Link" May 18, 2004
Routine training results in the death of a lieutenant just days before he was due to deploy on a classified operation. The death is initially dismissed as an equipment malfunction, but Abby discovers that the link attaching the lieutenant to his rappelling rope was made of a weaker material than factory standard, suggesting sabotage and potentially murder. Pressure is applied by the CIA for the investigation to be wrapped up within 38 hours so the operation can continue. As the case goes on, Gibbs discovers that the lieutenant had a secret, and that his wife may hold vital information about his death. 
23 1x23 "Reveille" May 25, 2004
As Gibbs becomes more and more obsessed over tracking down the infiltrator who held Kate and Ducky hostage, the team grow more concerned about him. McGee works at identifying him with a modified FBI program, while Kate and Tony go for lunch with Ducky. As Tony leaves in pursuit of his "dream woman", Kate heads back to the office for a video conference with Paula Cassidy, only to be kidnapped and reunited with her captor, now revealed as a Hamas terrorist who is planning to shoot down Marine One - a transport helicopter carrying the American and Israeli presidents. As Gibbs grows increasingly agitated, to the point of ordering McGee to place Tony under house arrest upon his return, the search for the terrorist is narrowed down by McGee and Abby calculating his exact age, and Ducky concluding that he attended medical school in Scotland. As the terrorist tries to convince Kate to identify Marine One, McGee discovers his name - Ari Haswari. 

[edit] Season 2: 2004-2005

Originally broadcast between September 28, 2004 and May 24, 2005, the second season shifts away from the naval setting of the show somewhat, and includes more character development than the first season. Season 2 sees Norfolk Case Agent Timothy McGee promoted to full-time field agent, and transferring to NCIS HQ in Washington to work with the Major Case Response Team. This season also sees Ducky finally solving the meat puzzle he had been working on since Season 1.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
24 2x01 "See No Evil" September 28, 2004
When an eight-year old blind girl and her mother are kidnapped to blackmail a Navy captain to transfer $2 million in government funds, Gibbs and his team are faced with a unique challenge. An unexpected twist is uncovered when Abby and McGee manage to trace the money. A delighted McGee becomes a permanent member of the team. 
25 2x02 "The Good Wives Club" October 5, 2004
The mummified remains of a woman are found in the abandoned Marine home. The team discovers that the woman was missing for several months, was wearing a wedding dress when she died, and may have been a victim of a serial killer. The search for the murderer uncovers a similar case in Florida, and upon arrival, they start looking for connections between the women and the locations. Some clever forensics work from Abby, combined with profiling from Kate and Gibbs, reveals an unlikely suspect. 
26 2x03 "Vanished" October 12, 2004
A marine helicopter is discovered in the middle of a crop circle in a rural area and the pilots are missing. Soon, NCIS discovers that only one of the pilots was on the flight, that there is a decade long feud going on in town, and that the missing pilot is out for revenge. 
27 2x04 "Lt. Jane Doe" October 19, 2004
A body of a woman in a Navy uniform is found by two sailors on leave. Ducky links the murder to an unsolved case 10 years ago, and starts behaving strangely. He later reveals to Gibbs that the old case is the only one he has ever dealt with in which he did not identify the victim. When a note is found at the new crime scene, the handwriting is matched to a similar one left at the other crime scene. McGee's dedicated detective work, combined with Abby's forensics, puts forward a suspect. 
28 2x05 "The Bone Yard" October 26, 2004
The NCIS team attends a crime scene, and end up finding multiple remains. When one set of remains is revealed to be an undercover FBI agent, the team realises that they have stumbled upon a dumping ground where the mob dispose of their victims. The FBI suspect an agency mole is responsible for the exposure and subsequent death of the murdered agent, and it appears as though Fornell is being set up to take the blame. Gibbs sets out to find the real mole and clear Fornell, using tactics that shock his team. 
29 2x06 "Terminal Leave" November 16, 2004
When an Iraq veteran is threatened and very nearly killed by a group of terrorists, the NCIS team steps in to protect her and her family. While trying to convince an FBI agent to help them, the team is convinced that they've discovered the bomber. However, things might not be what they seem when another car bomb nearly kills Tony and Kate during their protection duty of the Lieutenant Commander. A family secret may pose more of a threat than even terrorists could. 
30 2x07 "Call of Silence" November 23, 2004
A former Marine, and Medal of Honor recipient who fought in World War II, confesses to having murdered his friend in battle. Gibbs does not believe this is the whole truth and goes on to prove his innocence. The team become personally involved with the case, with Gibbs using deceptive tactics to pull the truth from the elderly man. 
31 2x08 "Heart Break" November 30, 2004
A Navy Commander dies after a successful surgery. At first glance, it appears that the sudden death might have been a case of spontaneous human combustion. While researching the dead man's past, the team discovers that he had gained a lot of enemies recently, not least of all a young ensign, who makes himself the prime suspect with some bizarre behaviour. However, while analysing the evidence from the scene of the death, Abby and Tony discover the truth, and in turn find a new suspect. Ducky develops a soft spot for the doctor who was treating the commander. 
32 2x09 "Forced Entry" December 7, 2004
A Marine's wife shoots an intruder in self defense when he is about to rape her. At first the teams believes that man got what he deserved, but the theory changes when it is revealed that the wife had been leading a double life (while her husband was serving overseas). Upon speaking to the intruder's sister, the team further theorise that the whole incident may have been set up as a 'date' by the wife, who got cold feet at the last minute. However, when Abby matches the intruder's DNA to a sample already held on file, the entire investigation changes. 
33 2x10 "Chained" December 14, 2004
Tony goes undercover as an escaped prisoner. He is tasked with sticking to a convict who has information about stolen Iraqi antiques. During the investigation, Tony disappears, and the GPS locator that Abby placed on him is no longer working. After some startling discoveries in the case, the team realise that Tony's life may be in danger and must race against time to find him. 
34 2x11 "Black Water" January 11, 2005
A Navy officer's body is found in a car pulled from a lake by a celebrity private investigator. The man had been missing for two years. The PI now wants to claim the reward posted by the family, but the NCIS team must complete the investigation to find the killer before the money is awarded. The case changes from accidental death to suspected murder when a bullet is discovered lodged in the car. The team initially suspect that the dead man's brother may be a prime suspect, but forensic evidence suggests someone unexpected. 
35 2x12 "Doppelgänger" January 18, 2005
A telemarketer hears a murder while trying to sell a long distance call package. The team investigates with a civilian law enforcement team that seem strangely familiar. Each team member discovers different crucial facts about the case, leading to the discovery that the murder may not have been all it seemed to be. When Abby and McGee discover that the dead man was using the Navy computer system for his own financial gain, they consult with the people he worked with to see if they can shed light on who may have wanted him dead. 
36 2x13 "The Meat Puzzle" February 8, 2005
Ducky and Jimmy finally begin to identify the bodies in the meat puzzle they have been working on for several months. It isn't long before Ducky realises he testified in a court case that the dead men were involved in, and it dawns on him that he might be the next victim. Tony and Kate are assigned to protect Ducky and his elderly mother, but a mistake by Kate leads to Ducky being kidnapped from his home. The team must race against time to find him before he becomes another victim. Jimmy and Abby work together to uncover the truth. 
37 2x14 "Witness" February 15, 2005
A beautiful young MIT graduate (Danica McKellar) witnesses a sailor being strangled. Local police doubt her story, but McGee asserts that her account warrants further investigation. When a sailor's body is found at another location, the story gains ground. The witness also captivates McGee who, after a sudden twist in the investigation, unknowingly holds the key to solving the case. 
38 2x15 "Caught on Tape" February 22, 2005
A Marine falls off a cliff, and his camera records him falling. The prime suspects are his wife and his best friend with whom he was staying in the camp. Gibbs finds out they had an affair behind a dead man's back and he tries to persuade them to blame each other. In the meantime, Abby reconstructs the damaged film footage on the camera and reveals a previously dismissed suspect to have been in the vicinity at the time of the death. 
39 2x16 "Pop Life" March 1, 2005
A dance club bartender wakes up in bed with a dead female petty officer and claims this was not the woman he came home with, despite the fact that he was drunk at the time. DNA tests reveal that he was telling the truth, but the team must still work to figure out whether this means that he didn't kill the dead woman. The victim's sister and a local corrupt businessman may know more than they are telling. 
40 2x17 "An Eye for an Eye" March 22, 2005
When a Petty Officer working in Intelligence receives a pair of cobalt blue eyeballs in the mail, the NCIS team starts investigating the case. The sailor commits suicide during the investigation and after Abby matches the eyes to a South American girl in a photo with the dead man's lecturer, Kate and Tony must travel to the Triple Frontier destination of Paraguay to discover the truth. 
41 2x18 "Bikini Wax" March 29, 2005
A Virginia Beach bikini contestant drowns in a public bathroom toilet. When the team discover she posed partially naked in a magazine, and was pregnant at the time of her death, clues are revealed that lead to an unlikely suspect. Tony finds a juicy secret from Kate's past. 
42 2x19 "Conspiracy Theory" April 12, 2005
The team investigates a suicide case, believing that the main reason of her death is a nervous breakdown, but Ducky believes that she was actually murdered. FBI Special Agent Fornell helps them in the investigation. The team discovers that the dead woman was involved in a love triangle and that this may have contributed to her death. 
43 2x20 "Red Cell" April 26, 2005
A marine is found murdered on the school campus, and the team immediately finds a suspect. However, they are forced to start again when they find the suspect murdered. McGee and Abby discover a trace in the e-mails, called "Red Cell," which leads them to believe that the marine must have been involved in a serious death game. 
44 2x21 "Hometown Hero" May 3, 2005
The executor of a petty officer's will discovers the skeletal remains of a missing girl in the dead man's rented storage unit. As the petty officer is up for a silver star, it is very important that NCIS determines if he was a murderer, within 24 hours. Soil samples and further forensics lead Abby to discover that if the marine was the killer, he could not have acted alone. Tony and McGee find CCTV footage that suggests the marine was entirely innocent. Tony also has to deal with his car being stolen. 
45 2x22 "SWAK" May 10, 2005
When Tony opens a mysterious letter thinking it is for him, a small puff of white powder comes out, releasing a possibly deadly virus. Kate calls for help and as a precaution, she and Tony are put into a bio-hazard isolation room. While McGee and Gibbs are determined to discover who sent the envelope and how to cure their friends before its too late for them, Tony's health gets worse. 
46 2x23 "Twilight" May 24, 2005
While the team investigate a double murder out on the highway, Kate pushes Tony down and he notices a bomb on the car, saving Kate and McGee. The FBI notifies the team that Ari Haswari has returned to the US and may be on a personal vendetta to assassinate Gibbs. Gibbs, Tony and Kate search for Ari, Kate takes a bullet in the chest for Gibb's life. She reveals that she is wearing a bullet proof vest but unannounced, Ari Haswari kills Kate with a bullet to the head, using a Bravo 51 (also known as a Kate) and the same ammunition Gibbs used when he was in the Marine Corps. Gibbs and Dinozzo are left shocked and searching for the killer, and Gibbs whispers "Ari" before the end of the episode. 

[edit] Season 3: 2005-2006

Originally broadcast between September 20, 2005 and May 16, 2006, the third season opens in the aftermath of "Twilight", with the entire team in shock and Gibbs on a vendetta. Matters are complicated by the intervention of Gibbs' former lover and new NCIS Director Jenny Shepard, and Mossad Officer Ziva David.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
47 3x01 "Kill Ari (Part 1)" September 20, 2005
As the team attempts to deal with Kate's death, Gibbs clashes with the new NCIS director, who believes that Ari Haswari was not the one responsible for firing the bullet that killed Agent Todd. Ziva David, Ari's Mossad control officer, sides with the director, and causes problems when she arrives in the NCIS office. However, Ziva's motives for defending Ari become murky, when she communicates with him and does not tell anyone in the NCIS office. Ari kidnaps Ducky to divert the team's attention away from Ziva. 
48 3x02 "Kill Ari (Part 2)" September 27, 2005
Gibbs' determination to kill Ari increases after he mounts attacks against various members of the team in his sadistic game with Gibbs. Ari's control officer, Ziva David, begins to doubt Ari's innocence and agrees with Gibbs' plan to present Ari with the opportunity to kill him. It is only after the encounter between the three of them, that Gibbs discovers why Ziva was so quick to defend the murderer. The team bids a sad farewell to Kate as she is laid to rest with civilian honors. NCIS Director Morrow approved Gibbs' request that Kate be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
49 3x03 "Mind Games" October 4, 2005
Death row prisoner Kyle Boone is a serial killer whom Gibbs arrested ten years ago; he insists that he will disclose the location of the missing bodies of his murder victims to Gibbs alone, forcing the reluctant team leader to meet with him. When Abby and McGee locate the place where the victims had been murdered, the team, assisted by Agent Cassidy, finds that the latest four victims in Boone's scrapbook had been killed in the last three years, meaning Boone has an accomplice. When Agent Cassidy goes missing, the team is forced into a desperate race against time to prevent her from becoming victim number five of the copycat killer. 
50 3x04 "Silver War" October 11, 2005
A deceased Marine is found encased in a Civil-War era tomb at the Smithsonian museum. Ziva David joins NCIS as a liaison officer for Mossad and is assigned by the new director of NCIS to Gibbs's team without his consent. She is forced to prove her worth to the team as they track down the people responsible for the officer's death, which is linked to a Civil War treasure. When Ducky and Ziva are placed in a difficult position, Ziva shows her value by saving both their lives. 
51 3x05 "Switch" October 18, 2005
The team is called to investigate the murder of a petty officer who was gunned down while driving on a freeway. While visiting the officer's commander to inform him of the officer's death, the team discovers that another man claims to be the petty officer and that his identity may have been stolen. Secrets in both men's lives are revealed, but it is shrewd observations by Abby that end up solving the case. 
52 3x06 "The Voyeur's Web" October 25, 2005
Jamie Carr, a Marine sergeant's wife, is thought to have been abducted until Gibbs and his team found evidence to suggest that she may have been murdered live on the internet. Carr and her neighbor, Leanne Roberts, had been making money by running a live internet sex site while their husbands' were deployed abroad. Roberts' body is later found but the team is still unable to find any trace of Carr. With the help of her new assistant, Charles Sterling, Abby determines that the video of Jamie might not be all it seems. 
53 3x07 "Honor Code" November 1, 2005
Gibbs befriends a young boy after his father, a Lt. Commander, is kidnapped. The Lt. Commander had been working on a classified project named Honor and is the only person who has the code keys to the project. The release of the code keys can pose a serious threat to national security. Although the evidence gathered by Gibb's team suggests that the Lt. Commander was a part of the scheme, Gibbs believes otherwise due to the strong bond between the Lt. Commander and his son. 
54 3x08 "Under Covers" November 8, 2005
When it is discovered that two married assassins, who were fatally wounded in a car crash, were planning an assassination at the United States Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Gibbs sends Ziva and Tony to pose as the married assassins in order to find out who the couple had planned to assassinate and who had hired them. After the team finds out that the couple were expecting a baby and may have been planning to retire, they realize that the assassination plot could have been a set-up and that the married assassins were potentially the real targets. 
55 3x09 "Frame-Up" November 22, 2005
A pair of legs is found on a Marine base, and the team is dumbfounded when every piece of evidence in a murder points towards Tony as the prime suspect. In an effort to help their colleague, the team compiles a list of people who may have grudges against Tony, providing them with a long list of suspects. Abby is upset that she may have incriminated Tony through the forensic evidence she provided and refuses to give up until she has proved his innocence. 
56 3x10 "Probie" November 29, 2005
While the team is on protective detail for the Chief of Naval Operations, McGee spots an argument taking place in an alleyway. He shoots one of the men, who he believed was aiming a gun at him. The deceased turns out to be a D.C. Metro police detective. When the team is unable to find any weapon or bullets left behind by anyone other than McGee, it appears that McGee may have made a probie mistake. McGee begins to doubt himself but Gibbs is suspicious of the detective's meeting, which took place that night. After speaking to the decedent's partner, the team realizes that McGee's story may be more accurate than any of them thought. 
57 3x11 "Model Behavior" December 13, 2005
A supermodel is found dead after having overdosed on phencyclidine at a Marine base, where the reality TV show in which she was participating was being filmed. Her ex-boyfriend is also found dead in a motel nearby having overdosed on heroin, leading the team to believe that their deaths may have been related to their relationship. However, when it is discovered that the Marine drill instructor in charge of the TV show was romantically linked to the dead supermodel, the team look closer at the others involved in the show. When the Marine boyfriend begins to overdose on the same thing that killed his girlfriend, it appears that someone may have disapproved of the relationship, going to extreme lengths to end it. 
58 3x12 "Boxed In" January 10, 2006
While investigating a naval stockyard for illegal weapons, Tony and Ziva are ambushed and forced to take cover in a container, where they subsequently become locked in. Gibbs, McGee and Abby attempt to search for them with the help of the port security office. Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva discover that the crates of DVD movies inside the container served as a cover for hidden crates, which contain millions of dollars of counterfeit money. 
59 3x13 "Deception" January 17, 2006
A Navy Lt. Commander, who was in charge of a shipment of nuclear weapons, is thought to have been abducted leading to Gibbs and his team being called in on a Sunday to investigate. The team discovers that the Lt. Commander had had a meeting earlier in the day at a shopping center and that she did volunteer work at an organization which combats online pedophilia, meaning that her abductor may not have been a terrorist but a pedophile she was tracking. 
60 3x14 "Light Sleeper" January 24, 2006
When the Korean wives of two Marines are murdered, Gibbs and his team are sent in to investigate. Since signs of domestic abuse were evident at the crime scene, they suspect that the killer is one of the women's husbands. The sudden disappearance of Yoon Dawson, a friend of the two victims, makes her husband a suspect in the case. However, the team soon discovers that Yoon is not all she seems, and that she and her two dead friends might have been in America for reasons other than having Marine husbands. 
61 3x15 "Head Case" February 7, 2006
While conducting a raid on an automotive chop shop run by Marines, the team finds a severed head in one of the cars. The head belonged to a Navy captain, who was thought to have been cremated. Their investigation leads them to the discovery of a scheme involving the illegal sale of human body parts, which came from stolen bodies. 
62 3x16 "Family Secret" February 28, 2006
An ambulance explodes and practically disintegrates the body of William Danforth, a deceased Marine it was carrying. A DNA analysis performed on a piece of body tissue informs the team that the body does not belong to Danforth. The team suspects Danforth's best friend, who was a bomb expert, helped Danforth fake his death in order to leave the Marine Corps. When Danforth is discovered to have been a recipient of a donor organ, the team realizes that the body may in fact be Danforth's after all, and they are forced to examine reasons as to why someone may have wanted to disguise that the body was his. 
63 3x17 "Ravenous" March 7, 2006
A Marine is suspected to have been eaten by a bear after a group of teenagers found his dog tags in bear feces in a national forest. However, autopsy reveals that the Marine was killed by a blade before his corpse was eaten by a bear. Evidence also shows that he was camping with a woman, who is now missing. The team's search for the woman and the Marine's killer leads them to a realization that their case may be linked to several women of similar appearance who have been found dead in the national forest. The team realizes that locals may know more than they have been telling. 
64 3x18 "Bait" March 14, 2006
The teenage son of a Marine major holds his classmates hostage inside a classroom by threatening them with a bomb strapped to his chest. Gibbs and his team arrive on scene but are unable to get audio and video of the situation inside the classroom, thus, Gibbs puts himself in danger by offering himself as a hostage. While Tony takes charge of the team, the boy demands that his mother be brought to the classroom by sunset, but the team discovers that she has been dead for a year. Gibbs suspects that the boy is not acting alone. 
65 3x19 "Iced" April 4, 2006
NCIS is called to investigate a dead Marine first sergeant found in a frozen lake. The discovery of three more dead men in the lake leads Gibbs to the underworld of an international street gang, which may threaten the safety of the team. The team finds a link between the dead men and a one-year-old case concerning the accidental shooting of a Marine by the gang. 
66 3x20 "Untouchable" April 18, 2006
Due to suspicions of a mole working inside the Pentagon, Tony and Ziva are charged with interviewing members of the Pentagon's cryptography department. When one of their interviewees is found dead in her home, the team investigates her apparent suicide. While the cryptography department is immediately locked down, Abby uses forensic science to prove that a second person was in the room when the gun was fired. 
67 3x21 "Bloodbath" April 25, 2006
After a room at a Navy lodging facility is found to have blood and fragments of flesh scattered throughout, the team is called to investigate. However, evidence suggests that it was a set-up crime scene. Meanwhile, Abby returns from court after giving testimony and is attacked in her lab. Gibbs puts Abby into protective custody with the team while they look for the person targeting Abby, who appears to be a stalker. 
68 3x22 "Jeopardy" May 2, 2006
NCIS investigates the death of a suspect who was in Ziva's custody, but the investigation turns critical when the dead man's brother kidnaps Director Shepard and threatens to kill her unless the seized evidence and his brother are returned. While Ducky works to find the man's cause of death, the team desperately searches for their director. 
69 3x23 "Hiatus (Part 1)" May 9, 2006
A bomb explodes as Gibbs contacts an undercover government agent on a suspicious foreign ship, killing the agent and placing Gibbs in a coma, in which he has flashbacks of the murder of his wife and daughter many years earlier, and his wounding in Desert Storm. Meanwhile, Tony becomes the temporary head of the investigation team as the group attempts to track down Pinpin Pula, a missing crew member of the ship, suspected to be an Abu Sayyaf member. Gibbs awakens from his coma at the end of the episode with no memory of Ducky, who is in the room with him. 
70 3x24 "Hiatus (Part 2)" May 16, 2006
Shepard contacts Gibbs' NCIS mentor and partner, Mike Franks, in the hopes of helping an amnesiac Gibbs regain his memory as only he knows the details to an impending terrorist attack. Ziva, who had appeared nonchalant about Gibbs' situation, visits Gibbs in a desperate and emotional attempt to revive his memory by telling him about their shared connection with Ari. Meanwhile, Tony and the team discover Pinpin Pula wants to blow the ship Cape Fear. Gibbs recovers his memory and tries to stop the terrorist attack, but fails because his superiors ignore his warnings. Finally, Gibbs hands his badge to Tony and retires. 

[edit] Season 4: 2006-2007

The fourth season of NCIS was originally broadcast between September 19, 2006 and May 22, 2007. Special Agent Gibbs left NCIS at the end of season 3 after a terrorist attack had been successful because his superiors did not heed his warnings. The team is now led by DiNozzo for a short time until Gibbs' eventual return. New characters introduced in this season are Michelle Lee, who was briefly on DiNozzo's team and was transferred to the legal department upon Gibbs' return, and (already in the final episodes of season 3) Gibbs' former boss & mentor Mike Franks, both as recurring characters. Also, albeit later in the season, Army CID Lieutenant Colonel Hollis Mann is introduced as another love interest for Gibbs.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
71 4x01 "Shalom" September 19, 2006
After witnessing a Mossad agent perform an assassination, which was not authorized by Mossad, Ziva is suspected by the FBI to be a double agent. Now a fugitive, Ziva is forced to ask for Gibbs' help, who is in Mexico after retiring from NCIS. Tony's leadership skills are tested as he leads the team to search for Ziva and to prove her innocence. 
72 4x02 "Escaped" September 26, 2006
A former Petty Officer, convicted of murder, escapes from prison and forces F.B.I. Special Agent Fornell to reopen his case in order to find the real culprit whilst claiming his own innocence. Fornell asks for Gibbs' help, who is reinstated as an NCIS agent by Director Shepard. To his former team's disappointment, Gibbs insists that the reinstatement is only temporary. The team soon finds discrepancies in the Petty Officer's case and that he may have been framed. 
73 4x03 "Singled Out" October 3, 2006
Gibbs returns to NCIS and leads his team to investigate the kidnapping of a Navy Lieutenant, who is a computer specialist. They discover that the Lieutenant had used her military knowledge to profile potential husbands and was attending speed dating events. When they suspect that the kidnapper may continue attending the event in order to avoid suspicion, Ziva goes undercover to identify him. 
74 4x04 "Faking It" October 10, 2006
A Petty Officer is found dead in his car with "NCIS" written in blood on the seat. The investigation becomes complicated when Homeland Security claims that the Russian Spy suspected of killing the officer is working for them. 
75 4x05 "Dead and Unburied" October 17, 2006
When a missing Lance Corporal is found dead in a vacant house, the NCIS team discovers that he was buried in the backyard and then exhumed. They learn about his identity and that he was to be deployed to Iraq, but he never showed up for duty. The investigation leads them to a new clue---he had two fiancées. Abby runs the DNA samples from the two women to find out if the DNA is a match to the soil found on the dead man's body. 
76 4x06 "Witch Hunt" October 31, 2006
It's Halloween and the NCIS team is busy investigating a ransom case. A Marine's daughter has been kidnapped after the kidnapper attacked a Marine in his home. The investigation leads them to a fact that the couple has been separated. They decide to focus on the wife's ex-boyfriend, after learning that the woman is the one who destroyed their marriage. Meanwhile, McGee and Tony are stunned by Abby's Halloween costume. 
77 4x07 "Sandblast" November 7, 2006
When a Marine Colonel dies in an explosion at a military golf course, the NCIS team must investigate a suspected terrorist attack with the help from the Army Criminal Investigative Division (CID). The CIA gives them a lead to an abandoned warehouse, but it turns out to be a trap - the warehouse is set to explode. McGee uses his computer skills to break into the secret government files to uncover the terrorist cell. 
78 4x08 "Once a Hero" November 14, 2006
When an honored Marine veteran is found dead in a hotel, the NCIS team must find out what happened to him. Soon they realize that the Marine didn't commit suicide and that he was homeless. After going through his personal things, they find compromising evidence against him, and Gibbs is determined to prove the man's innocence. 
79 4x09 "Twisted Sister" November 21, 2006
McGee breaks the rules, risking his NCIS job, to help his sister Sarah, who shows up disoriented and bloodied. While he works on figuring out what happened to his sister, the NCIS team is investigating a case of a Navy sailor, who is somehow connected to McGee's sister. Both Tony and Abby are busy with love problems, while McGee turns out to have another secret. 
80 4x10 "Smoked" November 28, 2006
A dead man in a chimney chute on a marine base leads the team to discover a serial killers burial ground. They believe that the dead man was the serial killer until Abby uncovers something which proves he may actually be a victim. Meanwhile, Tony helps the director with a special project and makes time for his girlfriend as well. And Ducky talks to Gibbs about how he felt betrayed when Gibbs left. 
81 4x11 "Driven" December 12, 2006
A woman is found dead in a classified robotic vehicle she was working on developing. Although it initially looks like suicide, when Abby puts the vehicle through some tests, it nearly takes her life as well. They discover that someone rigged the vehicle to kill the passenger and make it appear to be suicide. They discover that the woman who was killed was not the intended target. Meanwhile, Tony visits the hospital to see his girlfriend and continues working on special projects for the Director. Ziva notices Tony getting calls from the hospital and begins worrying that he is sick. 
82 4x12 "Suspicion" January 16, 2007
When a Marine is murdered in a small town hotel room, NCIS is called in to investigate. However, the local Sheriff's department already cleaned up the crime scene and performed an autopsy. They also have a suspect - an Iraqi national who just moved to town a few months earlier. 
83 4x13 "Sharif Returns" January 23, 2007
When the NCIS team learns that the missing 10 kilograms of highly toxic chemical weapons are now in the hands of Mamoun Sharif, a wanted terrorist, they will have to find a way to find the man and stop him before it's too late with the aid from Army Lt. Col. Hollis Mann and constant phone calls from Sharif himself. 
84 4x14 "Blowback" February 6, 2007
After catching an international arms dealer, the NCIS team learns that Navy's highly classified weapons system will be sold to "La Grenouille," an important arms dealer. To stop the transaction, the team will send Ducky undercover. Meanwhile, another government agency appears to be working on the same case, with different plans. 
85 4x15 "Friends and Lovers" February 13, 2007
A man proposing to his girlfriend finds the body of a sailor. NCIS works with local officers believing that the man died of an unintentional drug overdose. However, Abby discovers a message written in blood on a laminated card found at the crime scene. Meanwhile, Jimmy continues his relationship with Agent Michelle Lee. 
86 4x16 "Dead Man Walking" February 20, 2007
A Navy Lieutenant arrives at NCIS with radiation poisoning requesting that the team investigate his murder. The Navy Lieutenant is an inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency, so the team tries to figure out who would want to make sure he didn't make it to the next inspection. However, only his two closest colleagues knew where the next inspection was to take place. Meanwhile, Ziva sympathizes with the lieutenant, in whom she sees a reflection of her own most strongly held beliefs. 
87 4x17 "Skeletons" February 27, 2007
An explosion at a military cemetery mausoleum turns up a skeleton. As they investigate, Ducky discovers that they have turned up the skeleton of more than one body. The team talks to the families to try to find some link between the victims. Meanwhile, Abby is having personal problems. 
88 4x18 "Iceman" March 20, 2007
When the man on Ducky's table turns out to still be alive the unit must track the young Marine's actions prior to his arrival in the morgue. They discover that the marine had been on leave and used his time off for a secret trip to Baghdad. The case takes a turn when Mike Franks - Gibbs' old boss shows up revealing that the young marine is his son. 
89 4x19 "Grace Period" April 3, 2007
An NCIS team, led by Paula Cassidy, discovers a tip about terrorist activity but it turns out to be a trap, resulting in the death of two agents. Gibbs and his team are sent to investigate the deaths. While Ducky is sure that the man who Cassidy received the tip from was dead at least one day before the explosion, Cassidy insists otherwise. 
90 4x20 "Cover Story" April 10, 2007
During the murder investigation of a Petty Officer, McGee is unsettled when elements of the crime scene resemble the descriptions in his new novel, which is half-finished. The only person who had access to McGee's book, other than McGee himself, was his publisher. The killer promises two more kills and when the second body is found, McGee is pressured to determine who the killer plans to kill next. 
91 4x21 "Brothers In Arms" April 24, 2007
Director Shepard meets an informant for information on La Grenouille but the informant gets killed. Shepard is convinced the kill was ordered by La Grenouille but the team is doubting her judgment, thinking she might be on a personal revenge trip, which is further increased when he manages to lead the team into a trap, leaving the team with no clues to his whereabouts after days of investigations. 
92 4x22 "In The Dark" May 1, 2007
The assistant of a blind photographer's notices a dead naval officer in one of the photographs and calls NCIS. Gibbs and his team respond to the case and use the photographer's help to re-construct the crime scene through his heightened senses of hearing and scent to find out who killed the victim. Meanwhile, both Gibbs and Tony are having love troubles. 
93 4x23 "Trojan Horse" May 8, 2007
A man is found dead in a taxi headed to the NCIS headquarters but his body shows no signs of external injuries. Gibbs decides to lead the investigation into the man's death in preference to performing his duties as the Acting Director of NCIS while Jenny is in Paris attending an Interpol conference. When the team discovers that the people whose names were found on a list belonging to the dead man are all dead, Gibbs suspects that the list is a decoy used to distract them. 
94 4x24 "Angel of Death" May 22, 2007
Jenny returns from her European trip and discovers that she had an unannounced visitor at her home, who she suspects is her supposedly dead father. All NCIS agents are scheduled to take a Homeland Security polygraph test, which Gibbs found to have been arranged by the CIA. An unarmed Tony and Jeanne are held hostage in the hospital morgue by a drug dealer, who is desperate to remove his shipment of drugs from the dead body packer

[edit] Season 5: 2007-2008

The fifth season premiered on September 25, 2007 and marks the end of Donald Bellisario's involvement as show runner.[4] It concludes the La Grenouille storyline which ended with a cliffhanger in season four's finale, "Angel of Death". The fifth season also reveals more background information about Gibbs' past before NCIS.

The strike-shortened season ended with its 19th episode on May 20, 2008. The season ended with a two-part season finale called "Judgment Day". The season featured the departure of recurring character Jeanne Benoit and the death of Jenny Shepard, one of the main characters.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
95 5x01 "Bury Your Dead" September 25, 2007
Directly following the events from the previous episode, Tony is still undercover as Anthony DiNardo and meets Jeanne's father, La Grenouille, who is aware of Tony's true identity. Director Shepard reveals to Agent Gibbs and his team that she had given Tony an undercover mission to build a relationship with Jeanne in hopes of capturing La Grenouille. La Grenouille approaches Director Shepard for protection after deciding to quit the arms smuggling business against the CIA's wishes. 
96 5x02 "Family" October 2, 2007
A Petty Officer is thought to have died in a car accident until inconsistencies at the scene indicate that the Petty Officer was murdered and was not the driver of the crashed car. When the car's driver is later found, Ducky conducts the autopsy and discovers that she had been beaten to death and had given birth not long beforehand, leading the team to believe that the killer has taken her child. 
97 5x03 "Ex-File" October 9, 2007
Two women find a dead Marine Captain on an Army base, one of whom is his wife, the other is Gibbs' third ex-wife. As Special Agent Gibbs and Lt. Colonel Mann conduct a joint investigation between NCIS and the Army into the murder, a DIA agent is sent to overlook Abby's handling of the Captain's laptop, which contains highly classified information. Gibbs becomes uncomfortable when he is forced into a confrontation amongst his ex-wife, Colonel Mann, and Director Shepard. 
98 5x04 "Identity Crisis" October 16, 2007
Ducky is angered when one of his research cadavers is revealed to have been a murder victim and was mistakenly tagged as a "John Doe" and donated to science. The deceased man is identified by the team as a career felon, who was working with the FBI to track down a man suspected of supplying people with new identities. NCIS works with the FBI to capture him and find the killer. 
99 5x05 "Leap of Faith" October 23, 2007
When a Navy Lieutenant who worked at the Pentagon as an intelligence officer attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a rooftop, NCIS is called in to consult the officer. After Gibbs is able to persuade the officer to step down from the ledge, the officer is shot dead. Each member of Gibbs' team has a different theory on the murder, one of which includes the officer being a mole. 
100 5x06 "Chimera" October 30, 2007
Gibbs' team is sent to investigate a death aboard USNS Chimera, a top-secret naval research ship sailing in the middle of the ocean. After boarding the ship, they find it abandoned except for a dead U.S. Navy scientist, who died from viral hemorrhagic fever. However, they suspect that they are not alone. Their investigation is further complicated by the Navy's reluctance to share information regarding the research which took place on Chimera. Ziva's belief in the supernatural is shown. 
101 5x07 "Requiem" November 6, 2007
When a childhood friend of Gibbs' deceased daughter approaches Gibbs for help about a stalker, the case turns into a conspiracy about stolen US supply money in Iraq which nearly gets her and Gibbs killed. 
102 5x08 "Designated Target" November 13, 2007
Gibbs and his team investigate the assassination of a Navy Admiral and meet a woman whose search for her husband, a political refugee from Africa, is related to the case. It turns out that a death squad by an African dictatorship who fear that the missing husband (who they only have a vague description of) will return to lead the opposition in the country. 
103 5x09 "Lost and Found" November 20, 2007
While a group of boy scouts are on a visit to NCIS, Abby discovers that one of the boys was reported to have been abducted in 1998, leading the team to search for his father who is running from a murder he was accused of committing in 1998. The team reopens the case and manages to find the real killer as well as the father. 
104 5x10 "Corporal Punishment" November 27, 2007
The NCIS team pays a heavy price when they try to track down a Marine who believes he is still in Iraq. After a violent confrontation, the team realizes the Marine is the subject of a secret experiment. 
105 5x11 "Tribes" January 15, 2008
The NCIS team investigates when a Muslim Marine is found dead near a mosque that is suspected by the FBI of terrorist recruitment. Their search is delayed when Ducky refuses to autopsy the Marine in deference to the Marine's family's religious beliefs. 
106 5x12 "Stakeout" April 8, 2008
When a high-tech naval radar goes missing but is found again, the team stakes an abandoned warehouse to catch the thief - using the radar as bait. But the plan goes wrong and the radar is stolen - and a man is murdered nearby. In the end, the team manages to connect both cases - and reveal the truth behind the reason of the theft. 
107 5x13 "Dog Tags" April 15, 2008
When the NCIS team investigates a fatal dog mauling of a suspected drug smuggler within the K-9, Abby tries everything to prove the victim dog's innocence to save him from being put down. The team struggles with the case, with the director threatening to end their case, when they find a new victim and finally manage to track down the drug trafficker. 
108 5x14 "Internal Affairs" April 22, 2008
The dead body of La Grenouille finally surfaces and the Washington office of NCIS is investigated by the FBI, with Jenny as the prime suspect for his murder. The team assembles discreetly at Gibbs' house and investigate for themselves and confirm that he was indeed murdered. After evidence comes to light exonerating Jenny, Jeanne reappears and blames Tony for the murder, but Trent Kort (who has since, with the blessing of the CIA, taken over La Grenouille's business) arrives and claims responsibility. At the conclusion of the episode, Gibbs tells Jenny that the story she told wasn't accurate and implies she may have in fact been involved in La Grenouille's demise. 
109 5x15 "In the Zone" April 29, 2008
When a Marine Captain is killed during a mortar attack, it turns out that he was shot. Tony and Intel Analyst Nikki Jardine are sent to Baghdad to investigate, while the rest of the team assists by investigating stateside. The team uncovers that the man he contracted to provide soil testing hired a civilian contractor in Iraq to murder him when the captain discovers the soil sample was faked. While in Baghdad, Nikki tries to make up for a Marine mistake that led to the death of the man who helped her brother when he was wounded. 
110 5x16 "Recoil" May 6, 2008
Ziva is working undercover to find a murderer who killed five women and cut off their fingers. She leaves with the killer, when Tony finds the fifth victim and the killer, having found out about Ziva, directs her to an abandoned warehouse. Before he can kill her, she manages to get into a fight with him and then shoot him with his own gun. The team is happy with the killer dead but some things are still unclear. A partial fingerprint from his weapon finally leads to a Marine who killed his wife copying the killer. Meanwhile Ziva has an affair with one of the men suspected to be the accomplice of the killer. 
111 5x17 "About Face" May 13, 2008
When investigating the death of a man at a building site, Jimmy Palmer follows a suspicious man who is snooping around, only for the man to shoot at him. The episode revolves around Jimmy trying to remember the man's face and thus identify him. In the end, the team finds him but the shooter tries to flee and is stopped by Jimmy in his car. 
112 5x18 "Judgment Day (Part 1)" May 20, 2008
Two boys discover a dead man, which is later identified as former NCIS Special Agent William Decker. Director Shepard attends his funeral in LA, with Tony and Ziva tagging along as protection. Agent Decker's death was ruled a heart attack, but an encounter at the funeral leads Jenny to suspect it was murder. Jenny sends Tony and Ziva away. The Director secretly brings in Mike Franks to help her investigate, believing the murder is related to a covert mission in Paris 9 years ago, involving herself, Decker, and Gibbs. While searching an abandoned diner, four hitmen track Shepard and Franks down and a shootout ensues inside. Jenny manages to kill all of the men, but is fatally wounded in the gunfight. 
113 5x19 "Judgment Day (Part 2)" May 20, 2008
In the aftermath of Jenny's death, Assistant Director Vance searches for Franks, who escaped the diner after killing the fourth gunman. Meanwhile, Tony and Ziva try to locate the one responsible, while dealing with the fallout of failing in their assignment to protect the Director. The trail points to a former hitman called Natasha, who Jenny failed to assassinate in Paris. Since Gibbs killed Natasha's lover, Natasha is seeking revenge. Natasha, who never saw it coming, is killed by Franks, after Gibbs set a trap for her at Jenny's house. Gibbs burns down the house to cover up Jenny's death, making the public believe she died of smoke inhalation. In the fallout of Jenny's funeral, newly appointed Director Vance reassigns McGee to the cyber crime division, sends Tony to the USS Ronald Reagan, and terminates Ziva's liaison status (sending her back to Israel). Vance then gives Gibbs files for his new team members. 

[edit] Season 6: 2008-2009

The sixth season of NCIS started on September 23, 2008. The new NCIS Director Leon Vance (played by Rocky Carroll) becomes a regular cast character and Agent Gibbs' new team members are introduced: NCIS Agents Michelle Lee from Legal, Daniel Keating from Cybercrime, and Special Agent Brent Langer from the FBI.[5] After the end of the second episode, McGee, Ziva and Tony had returned to the team, while Lee and Keating were transferred back to Legal and Cybercrime respectively. Langer was killed in the first episode of the season.

Series # Season # Title Original airdate
114 6x01 "Last Man Standing" September 23, 2008
Gibbs is given the task of finding a mole inside his newly formed team. With the help of Agent McGee, Gibbs is able to trace phone calls between Lee and a dead Petty Officer the team had discovered earlier. After verifying Agent Lee's logs of the calls she is cleared. Daniel Keating is focused on next and he is interrogated. During Keating's interrogation, shots are fired, and Lee is found to have shot Agent Langer, who Gibbs and Vance agree to have been the mole. At the end of the episode, McGee and Ziva rejoin Gibbs in the squad room while Agent Lee moves out and receives a text message saying, "Do They Suspect?", to which she replies "NO". 
115 6x02 "Agent Afloat" September 30, 2008
Now stationed on the aircraft carrier USS Seahawk, DiNozzo finds that a Navy Lieutenant's apparent suicide may be connected to a larger, deadly scheme. His wife is discovered in D.C to be the victim of a fatal beating, before the Lieutenant boarded. Yet it turns out that the Lieutenant was murdered in Cartagena, Colombia within 24 hours of his wife's death, and several days before he was scheduled to board his ship. It seems that someone else took his place, and may have the intentions, it is initially believed, of exposing the ship's crew to anthrax. Gibbs and Agent Ziva David take off for Cartagena to help Tony with the investigation, and in the end DiNozzo is allowed to return to Washington D.C. despite Director Vance's apparent wishes to the contrary. 
116 6x03 "Capitol Offense" October 7, 2008
The NCIS team is investigating a murder, about which Gibbs is acting strange. It turns out that the murdered Lieutenant Commander was having an affair with Senator Patrick Kiley, a former Marine officer who served with Gibbs. Sen. Kiley tells Gibbs to suspect a lobbyist of the oil companies for the murder, but a remark from the Senator's wife leads Gibbs to deduce that they are the murderers, and they are subsequently arrested. Meanwhile Abby is making an investigation of her own, trying to find out who stole her cupcake. 
117 6x04 "Heartland" October 14, 2008
A pair of Marines are ambushed outside a nightclub, leaving one dead and the other in critical condition. The NCIS team's investigation leads them to Stillwater, PA, the hometown of one of the Marines - and of Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The search leads them to a mining director and his family; his daughter is the ex-girlfriend of the wounded Marine. When the team finds out that the wounded Marine is actually the son of the director, investigation turns to his son-in-law who is discovered to have ordered the attack on the Marines. While in his hometown, the team is introduced to Gibbs' father, explores his past and the origins of his relationship with Shannon (his first wife). 
118 6x05 "Nine Lives" October 21, 2008
Gibbs and Fornell reluctantly join forces in a murder investigation. The FBI is prosecuting a Mafia Boss. One key witness is a Marine, a man suspected to have been involved in another murder. Evidence from moldy rope used in the two murders links the crimes to the Mafia Boss. The Marine escapes from FBI protection to seek revenge, finds the Mafia Boss and shoots and kills him as Gibbs and Fornell try to stop him. Meanwhile Ziva plans for a vacation in Tel Aviv and Tony snoops around and finds a picture of a shirtless man on Ziva's desk (Ziva's partner with Mossad, although Tony doesn't know this), piquing his interest. 
119 6x06 "Murder 2.0" October 28, 2008
NCIS is targeted to investigate a series of murders by a serial killer who posts videos of the crimes on the internet. The first two victims have scrolls with links to websites of videos of their murders along with cryptic pictures spliced in. After a third video is posted, a live stream from inside NCIS, a suspect is brought in but dies in Interrogation. Video of the death ends up on the web linking the crimes to a female singer. NCIS storms a garage but Gibbs realizes that it was a setup for them to kill the singer and a man who she appears to have captive at gunpoint is the real killer. Gibbs is given a Civil Service Award but is a no-show and Tony stands in to accept the award on his behalf. 
120 6x07 "Collateral Damage" November 11, 2008
Gibbs and team are assigned a Probie to help investigate a bank robbery at Quantico. The security guard is shot and killed in the heist but only $27,000 was stolen and all of it was burned in the getaway vehicle. The Probie suggests looking into other similar cases and with DiNozzo's help finds a connection. It leads to the guard's son, a former convict, and his cell mate. Gibbs believe all parties will be at the guard's funeral, and with the Probie's help the team captures them both. Gibbs starts to believe that Agent Langer wasn't the mole in his unit and places Langer's old FBI ID at a bar wall dedicated to fallen officers and agents. 
121 6x08 "Cloak" November 18, 2008
Gibbs sends DiNozzo and Ziva to try and break into a top secret military facility, telling them that it is a test of the facility's defenses. After being caught halfway through the act, it is revealed that the facility is in fact all a hoax, and that halfway through their attempt to break in, the mole set off the fire alarm and managed to gain access to the main computer, which had its keyboard laced with a radioactive substance. After returning from the operation, the director explains to the team that one of them is the mole, and explains about the radioactive trace. He scans the hands of Tony, Ziva, Gibbs, and Ducky, and then goes to scan the hands of Abby. When he does the counter ticks, and Abby is placed into custody. Subsequently, Abby is revealed (though not to Lee) to have been in on the plan to catch the mole from the beginning. The team is monitoring Agent Lee to see if she contacts anyone, believing that the team no longer suspects her. After Lee makes a mark on a newspaper dispenser, she is brought into custody. Lee reveals that she was forced to trade secrets, because her daughter had been kidnapped. They let her go, and the episode ends with Gibbs sitting in the back of Lee's car saying "Looks like we're working together". 
122 6x09 "Dagger" November 25, 2008
Agent Lee becomes a reluctant participant in helping the NCIS team stop a top secret defense plan from being stolen. Lee is used as bait to capture her contact, Ted Bankston, who also tells of having a family member held captive. Bankston turns out to be the mastermind in the caper and takes Lee hostage, as Gibbs corners them on a bus. Gibbs receives minor wounds in the ensuing exchange. Lee gives a signal to shoot and is shot and killed along with Bankston. Gibbs takes Lee's badge and gives it to her "daughter" who was found alive, as the team sorts out Lee's ultimate role in the plot. 
123 6x10 "Road Kill" December 2, 2008
The team investigates the death of a petty officer, who was killed in a car accident, but the agents suspect foul play. The petty officer's death was thought to be connected to a fight club. He was killed instead by a man who was blackmailed by a ciminal using a female online profile to lure married men. When the man is found dead at the petty officer's home a fight club partner is the prime suspect, but it turns out that the next-door neighbor was behind the scheme and married man's murder. Tony engages in an on-line air guitar contest that Ziva finds childish, but she takes to heart Tony's words of having choices and the episode ends with Ziva playing air guitar. 
124 6x11 "Silent Night" December 16, 2008
The fingerprints of a presumed dead petty officer, Ned Quinn, turn up at the scene of a double homicide. Claiming innocence, Quinn explains he was in the garage working for the victims when they were murdered. While fighting with metro police who want Quinn prosecuted immediately, the team discovers evidence linking a security guard to an emptied safe at the crime scene. Having been exposed, the guard shoots McGee with a taser and unsuccessfully tries to escape. Quinn, explaining that he went "undercover" after his apartment burnt down believing his wife and daughter would be better off with the service benefits from his presumed death, is convinced by Gibbs to rejoin his family for Christmas. 
125 6x12 "Caged" January 6, 2009
McGee becomes trapped in a women's prison after inmates riot and take over while the team is investigating a guard's murder. 
126 6x13 "Broken Bird" January 13, 2009
When Ducky is stabbed at a crime scene, the NCIS team must delve into his past to find clues and uncovers some disturbing secrets. 
127 6x14 "Love & War" January 27, 2009
The team investigates the murder of a Navy captain and uncovers possible treasonous acts he committed that may have led to his death. 
128 6x15 "Deliverance" February 10, 2009
While investigating the death of a Marine, the team finds Gibbs Marine ID at the crime scene. It is revealed that he helped a Colombian woman 18 years ago and that her son (whose father Gibbs killed while on the mission there) tried to contact him about a major blackmailing, involving the theft of several crates of assault rifles from a Marine base. 
129 6x16 "Bounce" February 17, 2009
A Marine imprisoned for embezzlement because of a case DiNozzo was working on is released and the Navy lieutenant who witnessed against him is found dead. Tony is put in charge of the team because of Gibbs' rule #38 ("Your case, your lead") and they discover that the Marine was framed for embezzlement and now someone is trying to silence those who really did it. Gibbs' fondness of DiNozzo is shown and he announces how he is proud of his senior field agent. 
130 6x17 "South By Southwest" February 24, 2009
The death of an NCIS agent leads Tony and Gibbs to the desert to track down the one woman that holds the answer. 
131 6x18 "Knockout" March 17, 2009
Gibbs digs into Vance's past after the Director borrows Gibbs's team for an Investigation into a friend's murder. It is revealed that Tony has been in a slump with women since his break-up with Jeanne Benoit. 
132 6x19 "Hide and Seek"[6] March 24, 2009
A revolver is found in the affairs of a 12 year old son of a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy. Gibbs and the team are dispatched to find out the origin of the weapon. Things get complicated when Abby finds blood on the weapon. 
133 6x20 "Dead Reckoning"[7] March 31, 2009
Gibbs and the team must work with the shady Trent Kort to put away one of NCIS's most wanted. 
134 6x21 "Toxic"[8] April 7, 2009
When a government scientist goes missing, Abby is recruited to carry on his work, but the team worries that she may meet the same fate as her predecessor. 
135 6x22 "Legend (Part 1)"[9] April 28, 2009
The episode introduces the team of the NCIS spin-off entitled NCIS: Legend. Gibbs and McGee are flying to Los Angeles to work with the NCIS special-operations team to solve the murder of one of their agents.[9] 
136 6x23 "Legend (Part 2)"[9] May 5, 2009

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