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iconv is a computer program and a standardized API used to convert between different character encodings.


[edit] iconv API

The iconv API is the standard programming interface for converting character strings from one character encoding to another in Unix-like operating systems. Initially appearing on the HP-UX operating system, it was standardized within XPG4 and is part of the Single UNIX Specification (SUS).

All recent Linux distributions contain a free implementation of iconv() as part of the GNU C Library which is the C library for current Linux systems. To use it, the GNU glibc locales need to be installed, which are provided as a separate package (usually named glibc-locale) normally installed by default.

[edit] Compatibility

Under Windows, the iconv binary (and thus, likely also the API) is provided by the Cygwin and GnuWin32 environments.

Iconv is also one of the libraries supported by PHP[1] (also under Windows using a DLL file), so it is possible to use iconv() from a PHP program.

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