The Elements of Typographic Style

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The Elements of Typographic Style  
Cover image
Cover of The Elements of Typographic Style, version 3.0 from 2004.
Author Robert Bringhurst
Country Canada
Language English
Subject(s) Typography
Publisher Hartley and Marks Publishers
Publication date 1992
Pages 254 pp (first edition)
ISBN 0-88179-110-5
OCLC 25411784

The Elements of Typographic Style is a book by Canadian typographer, poet and translator Robert Bringhurst. Originally published in 1992, it was revised in 1996, 2001 (v2.4), 2002 (v2.5), 2004 (v3.0), and 2005 (v3.1). A history and guide to typography, it has been praised by Hermann Zapf, who said “I wish to see this book become the Typographers’ Bible.”[1] Because of its widespread use, it is sometimes abbreviated simply as Bringhurst.

The title alludes to The Elements of Style.


[edit] Chapters

The titles of the chapters in the book's third edition are as follows:

  1. The Grand Design
  2. Rhythm & Proportion
  3. Harmony & Counterpoint
  4. Structural Forms & Devices
  5. Analphabetic Symbols
  6. Choosing & Combining Type
  7. Historical Interlude
  8. Shaping the Page
  9. The State of the Art
  10. Grooming the Font
  11. Prowling the Specimen Books

In addition to these chapters, the book also contains five appendices, an historical synopsis, and a foreword.

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[edit] References

  1. ^ Hermann Zapf, as cited on the back cover of the book in version 3.1, ISBN 0-88179-206-3

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