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The soundtrack of the game Grand Theft Auto IV, like the previous games in the series, is mostly made up of in-game radio stations. These radio stations can be listened to when driving various vehicles in the game, or at the start menu. Radio stations in past Grand Theft Auto games have included licensed music, original music made specifically for the game, DJ chat, and spoof advertising. This game includes 19 in-game radio stations (20 in the PC edition) and over 200 tracks (whether licensed or original). Of the 19 stations, 16 are musical stations while the other 3 are talk radio.

The soundtrack of the Xbox 360 version is expanded by purchasing Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned which adds 54 songs and a talk radio program to the existing radio stations.[1]

Along with the in-game radio stations, other credited music is heard exclusively at certain points in the game. This includes the opening credits sequence and when walking through the interiors of certain buildings in the game. Michael Hunter composed the theme and incidental music for the game.

As part of a partnership between Rockstar Games and, most of the music heard on the in-game radio stations is available for download through the Amazon MP3 digital music store.[2] Beginning with the release of The Lost and Damned, Rockstar's soundtrack sales partner is the iTunes Store.[3]


[edit] Music stations

The following is a complete list of music-oriented radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV and the music programming found on them, as credited in the Grand Theft Auto IV game manual[4] and the MP3 Music Store.[5] In the PC version there is also a "Independence FM" station which plays music files stored in My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\User Music path.

[edit] The Beat 102.7

The Beat 102.7

DJ: Mister Cee, DJ Green Lantern, Funkmaster Flex† and Statik Selektah
Genre: Contemporary hip hop, R&B[6]

† Only in The Lost and Damned downloadable episode[1]

[edit] The Classics 104.1

The Classics 104.1

DJ: Mixed by DJ Premier
Genre: Golden age hip hop[6]

[edit] ElectroChoc


DJ: François K
Genre: Electro house, Electronica [7]

[edit] Fusion FM

Fusion FM

DJ: Roy Ayers
Genre: Funk/jazz-fusion

[edit] IF99 - International Funk


DJ: Femi Kuti
Genre: Funk and Afrobeat[8]

[edit] JNR - Jazz Nation Radio 108.5


DJ: Roy Haynes
Genre: Jazz[6]

[edit] The Journey

The Journey

DJ: A computer
Genre:Ambient/Chillout/Minimalism/New Age[6]

aWhile not credited as such, this piece is officially titled "[z twig] from the album 'Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2'."

[edit] K109 The Studio

K109 The Studio

DJ: Karl Lagerfeld
Genre: Disco[9]

[edit] LCHC - Liberty City Hardcore

Liberty City Hardcore

DJ: Jimmy Gestapo and Max Cavalera
Genre: Hardcore punk, crossover thrash, black metal†, death metal[10]

† Only in The Lost and Damned downloadable episode[1]

[edit] Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

Liberty Rock Radio

DJ: Iggy Pop
Genre: Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal

† Only in The Lost and Damned downloadable episode[1]

[edit] Massive B Soundsystem 96.9

Massive B Soundsystem

DJ: Bobby Konders
Genre: Reggae, Dancehall[6]

[edit] Radio Broker

Radio Broker

DJ: Juliette Lewis
Genre: Dance-Punk, Alternative rock[6], Indie rock[11]

† Only in The Lost and Damned downloadable episode[1]

[edit] San Juan Sounds

San Juan Sounds

DJ: Daddy Yankee
Genre: Reggaeton, Latin hip hop[6]
, Tracklist:

[edit] Tuff Gong Radio

Tuff Gong

DJ: Carl Bradshaw
Genre: Reggae

[edit] The Vibe 98.8

The Vibe 98.8

DJ: Vaughn Harper
Genre: Soul/R&B[6]

[edit] Vladivostok FM

Vladivostok FM

DJ: Ruslana
Genre: Russian/Ukrainian music (Eastern European music)[12]

  • Kino - "Группа крови" (Gruppa Krovi / Blood type)
  • Marakesh - "Ждать" (Zhdat' / To Wait)
  • Zvery - "Квартира" (Kvartira / The Flat)
  • Seryoga - "Король ринга" (King Ring)
  • Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion"
  • Splean - "Линия жизни" (Liniya Zhizni - Lifeline)
  • Basta - "Мама" (Mama / Mother)
  • Leningrad - "Никого не жалко" (Nikogo ne Zhalko / A pity for no one)
  • Ranetki Girls - "О тебе" (O Tebe / About You)
  • Dolphin - "RAP"
  • Glukoza - "Schweine"
  • Ruslana - "Wild Dances (Ukranian FM Version)"
  • Oleg Kvasha - "Зеленоглазое такси" (Zelenoglazoe Taksi / GreenEyed Taxi)(Club Remix)

[edit] Independence FM

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV adds Independence FM to the station line-up, which plays digital music files of the user's choice. Music files or shortcuts to music files placed within the GTA IV User Music folder are played in varying modes as selected by the user. Sequential mode plays the files in order, Shuffle mode randomly selects files, and Radio mode randomly plays songs with DJ commentary and advertisements. Supported file types are .wma, .mp3 and .wav. In order for music to be played in Independence FM, the player must tell the game to scan the folder.

[edit] Talk stations

The following is an incomplete list of talk radio stations in Grand Theft Auto IV and the programming found on them, as credited in the game manual.[4]

[edit] Integrity 2.0

Host: Lazlow[6]
Topics: Talk radio[6]
Other Info: This station follows Lazlow as he tours Liberty City, speaking with various vendors and pedestrians. During the program various references are made, mostly from Lazlow's life, like V-Rock in Vice City, WCTR in San Andreas, and Chatterbox FM in Liberty City, there are also specific references to the Chatterbox program aired in GTA III, as he is told to bring back "the vegetarian guy" (Reed Tucker) who Lazlow made fun of, other references include a Backstage encounter at a Love Fist Concert. During the course of his program he interviews a pervert, a Latin hot dog vendor, a taxi cab driver, and an artist shooting a music video about rain, he also enters into arguments with several pedestrians, including one who tells him to keep his voice down, one telling him that he is an asshole, an internet obsessed teenager who calls him an old man, and a geek who he asks to build a website to sell Lazlow stuff.

[edit] PLR - Public Liberty Radio

Public Liberty Radio

Program: The Séance
Host: Beatrix Fontaine (Ilyana Kadushin)
Topics: A call-in talk show[6] focused on New Age spiritualism. During the show, Beatrix, a phony psychic, provides callers with questionable advice, and constantly asks for their money. Beatrix's last name may be a reference to Darius Fontaine, a get-rich-quick huckster who appeared in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

Program: Pacemaker
Host: Ryan McFallon (Bryan Tucker)
Topics: A talk show[6] focused on health care. Host Ryan McFallon interviews a panel of three guests: Sheila Stafford, a spokeswoman for Betta Pharmaceuticals (who is said to have left a woman to die because Sheila feared the dying woman would sue), Wilson Taylor Sr. (portrayed by Bill Hader), a representative for an HMO, and Waylon Mason (portrayed by Rick Shapiro), an advocate of holistic medicine and home remedies. The show ends with Mason drilling holes in the heads of the other two guests.

Program: Intelligent Agenda
Host: Mike Riley
Topics: A left-wing call-in talk show. Host Mike Riley (played by Brian Sack) interviews a panel of three guests: Brandon Roberts, a Vinewood actor who associates himself with left-wing causes only to enhance his own image, John Hunter, a candidate for state governor, and Zachary Tyler, a child prodigy who was brought onto the show as an example of liberal parenting, but is in fact an elitist. The show ends with John Hunter spanking Zachary Tyler, and Zachary pleading 'No! Please no!'. Brandon also mentions a 'real' religion that he's a member of, The Epsilon Program of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas fame, and says "Kifflom" at the start and the end of the program.

[edit] WKTT - We Know The Truth

WKTT Radio

Program: Richard Bastion Show
Host: Richard Bastion (portrayed by Jason Sudeikis)
Topics: A right-wing call-in talk show.[13] During the show, host Richard Bastion answers guests' questions and statements about what they think is wrong with America.
Other Info: In July 2007, Rockstar sent out an e-mail to their mailing list subscribers advertising an opportunity to get on the radio in the game. The e-mail included a link to a website with more information. On the website, it was explained that anyone could call a phone number provided and leave a message complaining about America. Select messages would be chosen and would appear on the political talk station WKTT in the final build of the game.[14]

Program: Just or Unjust
Host: Judge Grady (Michael Leon Wooley)
Topics: A radio court show. The show's star, Judge Grady, is extremely misogynistic, and is constantly seen insulting and hitting on his female guests. At the end of each show, rather than the judge deciding who is right, the plaintiff and the defendant take part in a game to see who wins the trial. Games include duels, gladiatorial combat with lions, and glass-eating contests.

Program: Fizz!
Hosts: Jane Labrador (Melinda Wade), Marcel LeMuir (voiced by Fez Whatley), Jeffron James (voiced by Patrice O'Neal)
Topics: A celebrity gossip radio show, parodying TMZ and Perez Hilton. Features interviews with Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams. WKTT is based on the national talk radio station WTKK

Program: The Martin Serious Show
Hosts: Martin Serious, Lisa Lynn, Mark the Manager, Smithy the Stunt Boy (East Side Dave MacDonald of the Ron and Fez Show)
Topics: Only on Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned, this is a parody of Shock Jock style radio programs.[1]

[edit] Other in-game music

The following is a list of songs that are found in the game, but cannot be heard on any in-game radio stations, as credited in the game manual.[4] Instead, other than the song played during the title sequence, they can be heard exclusively while walking through the interiors of different buildings in the game.

[edit] Music in building interiors

[edit] Radio Commercials

[edit] Opening credits theme

  • Michael Hunter - "Soviet Connection - The Theme from Grand Theft Auto IV"

Several different adaptations of this song are used in various parts throughout the game. A remix of the theme, plays upon game's startup. A solemn version plays on the pause screen and several different short variations are heard upon the player's completion of a mission. A remix also plays during the last 20 seconds of a multiplayer match. There is also a short musical jingle version of the theme that is played from an ice cream truck within the game.

  • Stuart Hart - "The Lost and Damned Theme"

This theme and incidental music appear in Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned. The game's startup sequence is changed that no music plays during the Grand Theft Auto IV title screen, which is followed by specific loading screens and music for either the original game or the add-on game.


[edit] Ringtones

  • Most of the ringtones found on the game's ringtone download website are from previous Grand Theft Auto games in the series. The ringtone "Drive" , for example, is by 15 Ways (a fictional band made by Rockstar) and the full song appears on Head Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, and "Pager" is the tone your pager plays when you receive a message in Grand Theft Auto III (which is, in turn, the melody of the theme for the original Grand Theft Auto, "Joyride" which was also appeared on radio station Lips 106 in Grand Theft Auto III).

[edit] Soundtrack releases

Rockstar Games has released four soundtrack albums to date. The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV contains several soundtrack selections from the game.[15] Vladivostok Fm features tracks from and "inspired by" the in-game radio station.[16] Liberty City Invasion features original music produced by DJ Green Lantern, some of which appears on 102.7 The Beat in the game.[17] Similarly, Statik Selektah's The Lost and Damned EP features original music produced by Statik Selektah that features in the downloadable episode.[18] An announced future album, The Music of Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned will feature selections from the expansion's soundtrack.[19] Drive By Audio - "Jailbait" was released on the iTunes Store as a single from the upcoming official soundtrack.

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