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This is a list of projects related to digital libraries.


[edit] General collections

Digital library of Iran this library is biggest digital library of middle east and placed in iran and create by kavan charkhostIran Zamin

[edit] Specific Themes (alphabetical)

[edit] A

[edit] Accounting

[edit] Avant-Garde

[edit] Agriculture

[edit] Anthropology

[edit] B

[edit] Biology

[edit] C

[edit] Computer Science

[edit] D

[edit] E

[edit] Economics

[edit] Education

[edit] Engineering

[edit] Ethics

[edit] F

[edit] Fine Arts

[edit] Folklore and Legends

[edit] Food

[edit] Forced Migration

[edit] G

[edit] Geology

[edit] Scotland

[edit] Gnosticism

[edit] Government and Politics

[edit] H

[edit] Harvard Classics

[edit] Health Care

[edit] History

[edit] Homeland Security

[edit] Humanities and Social Sciences

[edit] Human Rights

[edit] I

[edit] Indian Digital Library

Indian Digital Library (lakshman)

[edit] Islamic libraries

  • Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project (Ahlul Bayt DILP) is the largest Islamic digital library on the Internet, hosting 4500+ resources.

[edit] iran zamin

This library is biggest digital library in middle east. This library is personal and create by person by name of kavan charkhost

[edit] J

[edit] K

[edit] L

[edit] Language

[edit] Chinese

[edit] Dutch Language Libraries


Essays and articles



Digitization projects

[edit] Early English Language Libraries

  • EEBO - Early English Books Online

[edit] French Language Libraries

[edit] German language Libraries

[edit] Germanic language Libraries

[edit] Greek Language Libraries

[edit] Hebrew Language Libraries

[edit] Hungarian language libraries

[edit] Indonesian Digital Library Network

[edit] Italian language libraries

[edit] Japanese Language Libraries

[edit] Latin Language Libraries

[edit] Latvian Language Libraries

[edit] Middle English Language Libraries

[edit] Nordic languages libraries

[edit] Persian Language Libraries

[edit] Polish Language Libraries

  • Polska Biblioteka Internetowa - Polish Internet Library [54] is gathering the digital versions of Polish language Texts.
  • Federacja Bibliotek Cyfrowych - Search engine [55] for more than 150 000 publications in Polish digital libraries

[edit] Portuguese Language Libraries

[edit] Romanian Language Libraries

[edit] Russian Language Libraries

[edit] Spanish language libraries

[edit] Tamil Language Libraries

[edit] Law

[edit] Library and Information Science

  • dLIST, Digital Library of Information Science and Technology - [57]

[edit] Literature

[edit] General Literature Sites

[edit] Beat Generation

[edit] Children's Literature

[edit] Classical Literature

[edit] Fan Fiction

[edit] Gothic

[edit] Poetry

[edit] Science Fiction

[edit] Short stories

[edit] Viking Literature

[edit] Women Writers

[edit] Miscellaneous

[edit] Specific Authors

[edit] A

[edit] B

[edit] C

[edit] D

[edit] E

[edit] F

[edit] G

[edit] H

[edit] I

[edit] J

[edit] K

[edit] L

[edit] M

[edit] N

[edit] O

[edit] P

[edit] Q

[edit] R

[edit] S

[edit] T

[edit] V

[edit] W

[edit] X

[edit] Y

[edit] Z

[edit] M

[edit] Materials Science

[edit] Mathematics

[edit] Medicine

[edit] Military

[edit] Mysticism

[edit] Music

[edit] N

[edit] Nanotechnology

[edit] Nations and Peoples

[edit] Africa

[edit] The Americas

[edit] Asia

[edit] Australasia and Oceania

[edit] Europe

[edit] O

[edit] Occult

[edit] P

[edit] Patents

[edit] Philosophy

[edit] Physics

[edit] Psychology

[edit] Q

[edit] R

[edit] Religion

[edit] Research

[edit] S

[edit] Science

[edit] Serbian Libraries

[edit] Space

[edit] Social Anthropology and Geography

[edit] Sociology, Demography and Social Studies

[edit] Sports

[edit] Statistics

[edit] T

[edit] Technology

[edit] Text

[edit] Theosophy

[edit] Travel and Exploration

[edit] Urdu Literature

Kitaab Ghar; Digital Library of Free Urdu Books is a growing collection of free Urdu books, most of them are available to download and offline reading. It has variety of books, mostly novels and afsanays (short stories).

[edit] V

[edit] W

[edit] Women

[edit] X

[edit] Y

[edit] Z

[edit] Searches and Meta-Indices

[edit] Search Journals and Magazines

[edit] See also

[edit] External links

[edit] Footnotes

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