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"OpenUP/Basic" is no longer called OpenUP/Basic. It has been renamed to simply OpenUP.

The OpenUP/Basic is the most agile and lightweight form of OpenUP, an open source software development process developed as part of the Eclipse Process Framework (EPF, an open source process framework developed within the Eclipse open source organization).

OpenUP/Basic is rooted in a donation to open source of process content known as the Basic Unified Process (BUP) by IBM. It was transitioned to the Eclipse Foundation in late 2005 and renamed OpenUP/Basic in early 2006.


[edit] Overview

OpenUP/Basic preserves the essential characteristics of RUP / Unified Process, which include iterative development, use cases and scenarios driving development, risk management, and architecture-centric approach. Most optional parts of RUP have been excluded, and many elements have been merged. The result is a much simpler process that is still true to RUP principles. OpenUP/Basic targets small and collocated teams interested in agile and iterative development. Small projects constitute teams of 3 to 6 people and involve 3 to 6 months of development effort.

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