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This is a list of environmental issues that are due to human activities. These articles relate to the anthropogenic effects on the natural environment.

SoilSoil conservationSoil erosionSoil contaminationSoil salination
Water pollutionAcid rainEutrophicationMarine pollutionOcean dumpingOil spillsThermal pollutionUrban runoffWater crisisMarine debrisOcean acidificationShip pollutionThermal pollutionUrban runoffWastewater
Air pollutionSmogTropospheric ozoneIndoor air qualityVolatile organic compoundParticulate matterSulphur oxide
ConsumerismConsumer capitalismPlanned obsolescenceOver-consumption
FishingBlast fishingBottom trawlingCyanide fishingGhost netsIllegal, unreported and unregulated fishingOverfishingShark finningWhaling
LoggingClearcuttingDeforestationIllegal logging
MiningAcid mine drainageMountaintop removal miningSlurry impoundments

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