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Latest release 2.2.2[1] / 2009-4-3; 14 days ago
Written in PHP 5.x
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Customer Relationship Management
License GNU AGPL 3

CiviCRM is an open source (customer) relationship management (CRM) solution. CiviCRM calls itself an 'constituent relationship management solution'. It is designed to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. The license for the current version is GNU AGPL 3.

CiviCRM may be deployed on Drupal and Joomla! content management systems. Both the Drupal and Joomla! professional associations use CiviCRM.

CiviCRM is also used by many other large NGOs such as Amnesty International[2], Creative Commons[3] and the Wikimedia Foundation[4] for their fundraising. There are also cases of very large record sets being used with one company claiming to have set up CiviCRM with a set of over 3 million constituents [5].

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