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This is a list of episodes for the Japanese animated television series Death Note, based on the manga series written by Tsugumi Ohba and illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The series primarily centers around high school student Light Yagami, who decides to rid the world of evil with the help of a supernatural notebook that causes the death of anyone whose name is written in it. The book was property of Shinigami or God of Death, named Ryuk, who became bored with his place in the Shinigami world.[1]

Death Note aired in Japan on the Nippon Television network "every Tuesday at 24:56"[2] The first episode aired on October 3, 2006, and the last episode aired on June 26, 2007.[3][not in citation given] A special two-hour "Director's Cut" compilation episode, entitled "Death Note:R (Rewrite)", was aired on August 31, 2007.[1]

The series has been licensed for North American distribution by VIZ Media.[4] Significantly, episodes of the series will be officially available for download soon after they air in Japan;[4] according to VIZ, this is "the first time a well known Japanese anime property will be made legally available to domestic audiences for download to own while the title still airs on Japanese television".[4] VIZ Media began releasing these episodes via Direct2Drive on May 10, 2007.[5]

On October 21, 2007, Death Note premiered on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.[6] The first episode had a "TV-14-V" rating, while the second was given a TV-14-LV rating. Most episodes have a TV-14 rating, except for the first 5, episode 12, episode 15, episode 17, which was TV-14-DV, episode 21, which was TV-14-DLV, episode 23, and episode 25. Episode 37 was given a TV-MA rating. Death Note episodes are also added to Adult Swim's streaming video service, Adult Swim Video, Fridays before airing on television. On October 26, 2007, it premiered on YTV's Bionix block.

On November 9, 2008, Death Note began airing weekly, at 3:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, starting with episode 1, "Rebirth" on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

On October 2007, Hong Kong began airing the Cantonese version of Death Note at 12:00 am Saturday nights on TVB.

On April 14, 2008, Death Note premiered in Australia, where it airs on ABC 2 on Mondays at 9:30 pm.

In the first 19 episodes, the opening theme is "The World" by Nightmare, and the closing theme is "Alumina" (アルミナ Arumina?), also by Nightmare. "Alumina" also appears as the closing theme in the TV special "Death Note:R From Vision of God", and as an insert in episodes 12 and 19.

In the remaining episodes, the opening theme is "What's Up, People?!" by Maximum the Hormone. In episodes 20-36, the closing theme is "Zetsubō Billy" (絶望ビリー Zetsubō Birī?), also by Maximum the Hormone, while the closing theme for the final episode (episode 37) is "Coda ~ Death Note" by Yoshihisa Hirano. "Zetsubō Billy" also appears as an insert song in the "Director's Cut Complete Conclusion Rewrite: The Visualizing God".

"Misa no Uta" by Aya Hirano can be heard as an insert during episode 25. The English dub is performed by Misa's English dub actress, Shannon Chan-Kent.


[edit] Episode list

# Title Original airdate English airdate
01 "Rebirth"
"Shinsei" (新生) 
October 3, 2006 October 21, 2007

The opening starts with a fly past an old, barren, desert-like plain, moving through a tunnel-like structure of, presumably, bones. Ryuk is sitting on the edge of a hill, overlooking the Realm of Shinigami. Shinigami are gambling with skulls, one of them asks Ryuk to join them in their game but he refuses. In the human world, high school student Light Yagami is seen bored in class, and other students are chatting among themselves. The teacher requests Light to translate an English sentence to Japanese, and Light does so with perfection. As Light walks home, news is being heard to be reporting about a death of a woman and an arrest of a man for rape and murder. Both Light and Ryuk's face come together, agreeing that the world is rotten.

Light, again, bored in class, notices a book drop from the sky to land on the floor. After school ends, Light walks past the book and hesitates before picking it up. He sees the book with the title written as Death Note. He opens it, reads the instruction on it, and laughs at "The human whose name is written in this note, shall die", thinking it to be a sick joke. After briefly discarding it he returns to put it in his bag. At home he reads the full list of instructions on the notebook in his room, still thinking it was a well thought-out prank. He begins to write in the notebook but then pauses, thinking that if someone died, he would be a murderer.

Later, after testing the note first on a criminal shown on TV, and second on the leader of a street gang who Light sees harassing a girl outside a bookstore, and seeing both victims die, Light concludes that the notebook is for real. He has a brief breakdown after he realises he has killed two people but quickly decides that he should use the notebook to cleanse the world of criminals.

Ryuk, in the Shinigami realm, says it’s been five days since he dropped his note to the Human realm and should be about time for him to leave. The other Shinigami are surprised he dropped his note in the Human realm. Ryuk walks down a long staircase to the entrance of the Humans realm, spread his wings and disappeared. Light returns home and passes his result booklet to his anxious mum, who is overjoyed to see her son getting first in examinations, and asks if Light has anything he wanted. Light replied no, thinking to himself that he has already got what he wanted. As he looks at the names he has written on the note, Ryuk appears behind him, much to Light's initial horror. After calming down Light tells Ryuk he has been expecting him. Ryuk is surprised that Light has done so much in only 5 days. Light asks if Ryuk is here to take his soul, and Ryuk tells him that the note is now property of the Human realm and is now Light’s. If Light should give it to someone else, then Ryuk will erase all his memories of it. There is no penalty for using the note, just that the user may experience torment it may bring and the user can neither go to heaven nor hell. When Light dies, Ryuk will be the one to write Light’s name on the note.

Ryuk tells Light that only he can see him. Ryuk emphasizes that he did not choose Light but it happened to land somewhere here and thus the instructions where written in English, the most popular language in the human world. Ryuk also says that he dropped the note because he was bored, explaining that Shinigami only sleep or gamble these days. He mentions that a Shinigami seen writing in his Death Note would be mocked by others for taking work seriously and that Shinigami don’t die even if you write their names on it. Light says that the best thing about the note is that it kills people with heart attacks if the method is not specified and he has killed the most vicious criminals, attributing it to the drop in rates of atrocity. Soon people all around the globe will know that someone is passing sentences on the bad guys. Light was bored, therefore he killed the criminals and wants to accomplish the task of eliminating evil doers from earth, himself being the god of the new world. Ryuk exclaims that he finds humans interesting. 
02 "Confrontation"
"Taiketsu" (対決) 
October 10, 2006 October 28, 2007

The episode starts with a reminder of the past scenes of Rebirth, they are the parts where Light uses the Death Note for testing and the encounter with Ryuk, the Shinigami. The 2nd episode begin after that. Light is in his classroom, other teenagers talking between themselves. Light writes in the Death Note that is hiding under his school books. The teacher asks him to translate a sentence from English to Japanese, and complements him for his excellent work, calling it "a perfect answer, as expected from Yagami-kun". Light walks ahead and Ryuk calls him. In the school's yard, Light tells Ryuk not to converse with him because others can hear his voice if he speaks. Ryuk finds it boring. A classmate invites Light to something but he cuts him off, saying that he is busy. Ryuk tells Light that he isn't busy, and asks if he isn't going straight home as always. Light answers, saying that he is busy with something very important.

In his room, Light is writing names in the note with his TV on, showing the news, while Ryuk lies on the bed, eating an apple. Ryuk comments that Light is working very hard, to which he answers that he couldn't waste time, that he could only write names on the note for a limited time each day, and still has to keep up his studies to produce top results, without sleep deprivation. Just then, Light's only and younger sister, Sayu, knocks on the door, asking him to help her with her math homework on quadratic equations, and Light accepts. Ryuk warns Light that if anyone touches the note they will be able to see Ryuk. Light is momentarily stunned but recovers and continues to help Sayu.

At ICPO, a briefing session was going on. 52 criminals have died from heart attacks this week and the conservative count of the total number might be around a 100. A comment was made that the criminals were on death row so it didn’t really matter, which sparked up a debate. They conclude it was murder by a large organization but had no idea of who might have done it, and decides to call upon the help of L, a mysterious genius who has solved many unsolvable cases world-wide. Watari, the only person who can contact L, then walks in to set up a laptop to connect to the people in meeting, so that they might hear what L has to say.

The scene then jumps to Light, at a secluded place, preparing a flammable liquid. He tells Ryuk that since anyone who touches the note can see Ryuk, he had to be very careful and if somebody from his household found the book, he might be forced to kill them. Then back at ICPO meeting, L says that this case is one of unprecedented scope, an atrocious crime of mass homicide that can only be solved with the help of the world’s investigation agencies, especially the Japanese police department. L has already concluded that the killer is, of a very high chance, in Japan.

Back at Light’s room, he explains to Ryuk that he has hidden the note in the drawer, beneath the false base, only leaving a normal diary on top to mislead people. Light then takes a normal ball-point pen, unscrews it and pokes the cartridge through a small hole at the bottom of the drawer, thus lifting up the false base to reveal the note. The cartridge, as well as a wedge stuck to the underside of the false base, acts as an insulator to prevent current from flowing in the wires, surrounding the note, to ignite the flammable liquid in a capsule. If someone removes the base by force, then the circuit would be triggered and the note burnt. Ryuk then tells Light that most people have trouble hiding the book and Light is the first to go this far in hiding it.

On the streets of Japan, people are all praising Kira for killing of the bad guys. Light entered one of such websites that is dedicated to Kira and showed them to Ryuk, feeling triumphant. Light tells Ryuk that even though the papers are reporting felons’ deaths as mysterious deaths, people in the world already feel that someone is passing righteous judgment on them. Light then tells Ryuk that humans are hypocrites, and if they were asked if killing criminals are fine, humans would always pretend to be good and condemn the act, but in fact they are all happy and praise it. Then an international broadcast from ICPO flashes on the TV screen.

A person by the name of Lind L Tailor, faking as L, appears on screen to address and calls the mass homicide the worst crime in history and that Kira is evil. Light has expected this and coolly flips open the note to write “Lind L Tailor” in it, and sits back to wait for 40 seconds. Tailor dies and is carted off. Then a computer-equalized voice of the real L speaks, calling Kira impressive as he can kill without touching the person. L also says that Tailor is a convict, not the real L and taunts him about trying to get him killed. L knows Kira cannot do so and gets another hint from there. L also says that the broadcast wasn’t international but only in the Kantou region and told Kira that he would send him to his execution soon. L used this to prove that Kira is in Japan and the mysterious deaths are murders. Light looks slightly fazed now. Ryuk looks amused and reiterates that humans are interesting! Light composes himself and swears to expose L's identity before killing him. L vows to bring Kira to justice by any means necessary. The episode ends with both shouting "I am Justice!". 
03 "Dealings"
"Torihiki" (取引) 
October 17, 2006 November 4, 2007

The episode begins at a meeting of NPA, where the police authority discusses recent observations relating to Kira. Some of the observations include counts of reports from individuals who claim they knew, seen or that they were Kira, the times in which KIRA had probably killed the criminals which concluded that during weekdays, deaths occurred during 4pm to 2am in which 68% were between 8pm to midnight, during Saturday and Sundays, there was a balance in the death patterns from 11pm to around 2-3am. L requested the latter information and hence concluded that Kira may be a student. The justification he uses for this assumption is that the times suit the free time of school students and that victims of Kira are criminals, and so suggesting that Kira was trying to bring justice, an ideal of naive mentality. L then requests all to remove personal bias that it cannot be an act of a student and must accept all possibilities. Shortly after, Matsuda puts forward the fact that crime rate has decreased since the appearance of Kira (especially in Japan). The meeting ends with L's request to the NPA to research how the victims of Kira were publicised. i.e. by internet, TV news etc.

After the meeting, Matsuda and Soichiro have an encounter in which Matsuda apologises about the information that he put forward about how crime rates were decreasing. Soichiro stands up for Matsuda and commends him for his courage to report and not discriminating the facts. At home, Light helps Sayu with her homework, in which this time their father comes home earlier than usual. Ryuk asks Light how he can manage to waste time helping with Sayu's homework. Light replies with confidence that he can gain insight to the movement of police. We shortly find out that the father is Soichiro. Ryuk understands the Light's reply moments ago as Light hacks into his father's police files and soon realising that the police has made an assumption of Kira as a student. Over the next two days, Light kills a person every hour, killing 23 a day. This has prompted the police to re-examine the suggestion where Kira is a student. However, L still keeps to his assumption and suggests to the police that Kira is saying "I choose the time in which I kill freely".

There is a transition of scenes in which L becomes suspicious that Kira has access to the police and Light tells Ryuk that it's not him that will find L, but the police (as L and police work together to find Kira) and that Light will merely get rid of L with the help of police. Three officers resign from the department fearing that they may fall victims of Kira unlike L claiming that L is the safe one because Kira doesn't know his face or his name. Whilst in college, Ryuk notices a stalker and there is a voice-over of Watari telling L that FBI have arrived since 4 days ago, suggesting that the stalker is FBI. Watari has also given research files to L of the NPA (done by FBI) and their details.

Whilst walking home, Ryuk tells Light that he is neutral to the situation and that he will remain so. However, he will tell Light one thing only because it is also making him feel uncomfortable, that there is a stalker. At home, Light starts to ask himself and tries to reassure himself that L could not have already tracked him down. Nevertheless, Light is planning to rid of the stalker. Ryuk tells Light of two differences between humans and Shinigami. Firstly, the reason why shinigamis' kill humans is to extend their lives. i.e. Shinigamis add to their lifespan equal to the amount that they have taken from a person who might have not died otherwise. This does not apply to humans who write on the Death Note. Secondly, shinigamis have eyesight which can see the true names and the lifespan (different to that of human calendar) of anyone they see. Ryuk also tells Light that he can trade half his remaining lifespan for the eyes of shinigami. Light is tempted to make the "transaction" and he is left in dilemma. The episode concludes with the stalker observing the Light's house. 
04 "Pursuit"
"Tsuiseki" (追跡) 
October 24, 2006 November 11, 2007

Presented with the Shinigami Eyes deal, Light tells Ryuk that it is out of the question. He explains that he’s trying to create an ideal world with no criminals, and as the god of such a world, he has to reign for a long time. Light claims that he would consider a deal for wings, but he’s actually joking. He amusingly says that if he made those kinds of deals, he’d be made into a real Shinigami before he’d know it. In response, Ryuk tells Light not to worry because he feels that Light is already a splendid Shinigami. Light, however, doesn’t want to be put together with Shinigami because he is using the Death Note as a human for the sake of humans. Flipping through it, he suddenly comes to a realization that he thinks will allow him to learn the name of the person who’s following him. But first, he wants to test out the extent to which he can dictate the details of a death.

The next day, Light’s father gets a call at work that reports six new deaths. However, three of them were strange: one drew a pentagram in blood before he died, one wrote a note, and the final one escaped, but went to a restroom and died. After learning of all this from Watari, L thinks that tells the police not to announce anything on these aside from the usual heart attack. However, Kira already knows the results because he’s able to access his father’s computer and thus the police records. All of them had died just like he wrote down for in the Death Note. However, there were the other three criminals too, and Light had given them all unreasonable death conditions, such as dying in front of the Eiffel Tower when the person was in a Japanese prison. From them, Light learned that the Death Note cannot do the impossible, but can do whatever is humanly possible for the criminal. As for the pentagram and the dying message, those are both things to throw L and the police off his tracks. Indeed, L is at that moment noticing a hidden line formed by the first character of each line of the dying message.

As for Light’s real plan, it involves a man who failed to rob a bank and ended up shooting people before escaping. It also involves a phone call to a girl that Light knows. Ryuk finds out later that Light is going on a date with that girl, named Yuri, to an amusement park. Watching from the shadows at the bus station, the man following Light thinks that Light is normal and not suspicious. In any case, he’s not going to be doing this anymore after today, and so he boards the bus, sitting right behind Light and Yuri. At a stop further down the road, they pick up a seedy looking man who is the failed bank robber that Light saw on the news. As expected by Light, the criminal pulls out a gun and holds the bus hostage, ordering the driver to call the amusement park and demanding their sales money. While everyone else is being afraid, Light writes a note to Yuri saying that he’ll take on the hijacker. When the man following Light sees the note, he tells Light not to do it and decides to take action himself. Light first questions the guy for proof that he’s not an accomplice since there have been cases where a second criminal acts as a lookout from the back for the first. To prove who he is, the man hands over his FBI credentials to Light, which show that the man’s name is Raye Penber. Since Penber has a gun, Light decides to leave it up to him.

Just as Penber is realizing that the person holding them hostage is the one who was on the news, Light drops a piece of paper. Penber panics because he thinks that it’s the note that Light wrote to Yuri earlier, but when the criminal notices and picks it up, he finds out that it has only got Light’s plans for the date written on it. Suddenly, however, the hijacker is able to see Ryuk. At first, Ryuk is confused, but he soon realizes that Light had dropped a piece of the Death Note, and by touching it, the hijacker is now able to see him. The scared robber empties his gun into Ryuk, but all the bullets fly right through and hit the back window of the bus. Ryuk remembers telling Light that a person touching the Death Note allows him or her to see Ryuk, that Ryuk would always be behind him, and that the Shinigami won’t die from getting shot by a gun. All of these things have come into play here and have allowed Light to use a hijacker to figure out the name of the person who was following him.

Out of bullets and with Penber after him, the hijacker stumbles off the bus and right into the path of an oncoming car. Checking his watch, Light notes that it’s 11:45AM, exactly the time when the hijacker was supposed to die. Everything that had happened had gone according to what Light had written in the Death Note earlier. And next is Raye Penber's turn... 
05 "Tactics"
"Kakehiki" (駆引) 
October 31, 2006 November 18, 2007

In the aftermath of the hijacker’s death, Raye Penber wants his involvement in all this kept a secret because of his own mission. Fortunately, this works just as Light had planned because he doesn’t want his father or L to know about it either. Raye returns to his hotel room where he tells his fiancée, who used to be an FBI investigator, about the incident. She’s worried that it wasn’t just a coincidence, but he doesn’t want her to play the part of the investigator anymore because she’s his fiancée now. Light meanwhile still hasn’t written down Raye’s name in the Death Note because he doesn’t want to arouse suspicion so soon after meeting the agent. For now, he decides to send L another message through a prisoner. L immediately notices that the top line of the new note continues with a sentence about the Shinigami.

It is on December 27th that Light enters a crowded underground shopping area with Ryuk. He’s been conducting some experiments which have taught him that you can write the circumstances and cause of death in the Death Note ahead of time. It will still work when you fill out the name later. As Ryuk is thinking that he didn’t know this, Raye appears, so Light hides himself. Light’s plan starts when he gets behind Raye and introduces himself as Kira. To prove who he is, he kills what seems to be a random employee from a nearby store, though Light later explains that it was a rapist who was never convicted because of insufficient evidence. Light suggests that there’s someone important to Raye that he can take hostage, making Raye think of his fiancée.

After he gives Raye an envelope that contains a transceiver, Light walks off so that he can communicate from a distance. He has Raye get on a train and sit in a seat by the door where he then interrogates Raye about the other FBI agents in Japan. Light has Raye write down all the agents’ names on special sheets of paper, before giving the instructions to leave the envelope with papers and transceiver on the train. As soon as Raye disembarks the train, he gets a heart attack. Raye turns around to see the door closing on Yagami Light, but this realization comes too late. At home, Light inspects those special sheets of paper, which were actually pages of the Death Note. Raye had filled in names into the right slots, but what were hidden from him were the descriptions of death circumstances.

The news of the FBI agents’ deaths soon reaches L, who gets a call from the head of the FBI. They are pulling the plug on their investigation in Japan, and the head also inform Light’s father about it all. Given the lack of trust with L and with the deaths of the FBI agents, the Japanese detectives on the case are getting uneasy about their involvement. Around this time, L is notified of another note that a prisoner left. This time, the hidden message talks about apples. As Light knows, the entire sentence put together is asking if L knows that the Shinigami love apples. At home, Light’s father tells his family about his involvement in the dangerous case. His wife and Sayu are very worried for his life, but he vows not to give up on it. Light declares that he’s proud of his father and says that if something were to happen, then he’d personally send Kira to his death.

The next day, after having grieved over his death, Raye’s fiancée interviews the bus driver from the hostage incident. However, the driver doesn’t remember anyone other than Raye, leaving his fiancée little to go on other than her suspicion that Kira was among the bus passengers. Light’s father meanwhile is giving all of his men the option to leave because of the danger of the mission. In the end, only five of them stay - six if he counts himself. L believes that only they have a strong sense of justice, but the men still don’t trust in L. Light’s father suggests that L come to the police headquarters, but L has a different plan. Since he only trusts them, he types them a message on Watari’s computer. In it, he asks them to keep what happens from now on a secret. He is considering meeting them, but he wants them first to go and decide if they can trust him or not.

In their discussion outside the police building, Light’s father suggests that L has been waiting for it to become like this so that he could have a group that he could trust. However, one of the remaining five doesn’t want to work with L and decides to leave. After Light’s father and the other four return to Watari and the computer, L tells them the hotel that he’s at. He wants his hotel room to be their true headquarters, and asks them to come in two groups. From that room, L thinks about how this will be the first time he’s shown himself to people. If Kira finds out, he’ll get closer, which is what L is hoping for. At the same time, Light is thinking about if he had any mistakes with all the moves he’s made these past few days and what he should do next. The real battle begins from this point forward. 
06 "Unraveling"
"Hokorobi" (綻び) 
November 7, 2006 November 25, 2007

A bit surprised by L’s appearance, the police group (Yagami, Matsuda, Aizawa, Mogi, and Ukita) introduces themselves, but L warns them to be more careful in giving away their names since Kira can kill with a name and a face. In order not to be interrupted, L asks them to turn off their phones and put them aside. He also insists on being called Ryuuzaki instead of L. Matsuda suggests that they just not release information about the criminals, but L thinks that Kira would then kill ordinary people since he feels that Kira is a childish person who hates to lose. L admits to being the same way and recounts how Kira killed the initial fake L on TV after being challenged and how Kira’s killing patterns are as if he were responding to their moves. He thinks that Kira would just hold the world hostage while blaming the police for withholding criminal information. Instead of going with Matsuda’s idea, L suggests that they announce the killings of the FBI agents causing 1500 additional international investigators to come to Japan, even though it’s not true. He hopes that this will pressure a reaction out of Kira.

L then reveals a few more things he’s figured out including how Kira is acting alone and how Kira can manipulate a person’s actions before death. He pulls out a pen and starts writing days, outlining what happened between when the FBI agents entered the country and when they were all dead. This time line includes the people Kira killed to test the extent of his power, and L concludes that Kira must be someone the FBI was investigating. The police group is quite impressed by all this, though Light’s father asks L if revealing himself is an acknowledgment that he failed against Kira. L does indeed feel that way, but he also thinks that he and justice will definitely win. Around this same time, Light is at home going over what he did on those same dates. Both L and Light know that it would only take one mistake for things to turn against Kira.

Confident that he hasn’t made any mistakes, Light offers to take a change of clothes to his father at the police station for his mother. Just in case, he brings with him a piece of the Death Note. When he gets there, he sees a woman at the front desk who is asking about speaking to the investigators on the Kira case. After he hands over the clothes to the receptionist, Light reveals that he is the son of the head of the investigation and offers to let her talk to him when his father calls. The two go outside where Light starts discussing Kira, but then realizes that he doesn’t know the woman’s name. Light intentionally introduces himself with his full name, including how it’s spelled out in kanji, which prompts her to tell him her name - Maki Shouko - in the same way.

Armed with that knowledge, Light pretends to have a theory that Kira can control someone before he kills them. Maki had the same idea and also thinks that Kira can kill people with ways other than heart attacks. As she reveals that she had an FBI agent fiancé who probably met Kira, Light realizes that she’s talking about Raye Penber. Her own investigation has led her to link the bus hijacking with the deaths of the FBI agents and her belief that Kira’s killing methods are not limited to heart attacks. She’s sure that the hijacker was controlled before he died because Raye had told her that he had to show his FBI ID to someone on the bus, thereby leaking the existence of the FBI in Japan.

Light tells her that these thoughts might allow them to capture Kira because the person who saw Raye’s ID has to be Kira. Thinking to himself, Light realizes that it would have been dangerous if she had gone to the police with that, but he feels that there’s a god who’s not a Shinigami helping him. 
07 "Overcast"
"Donten" (曇天) 
November 14, 2006 December 2, 2007

Knowing that he has to deal with Maki Shouko or else she’ll lead the police towards finding out who he really is, Light decides to pretend to take notes about the bus hijacking so that he can write on the piece of Death Note that he’s carrying with him. Ryuk starts laughing as Light is writing out the circumstances of her suicide starting at 1:15PM, and much to Light’s surprise, nothing happens when that time comes and goes. He knows that just writing suicide on the Death Note works because of the tests that he conducted, but since nothing is happening to her, something must be wrong. It is because of Ryuk’s continued laughter that Light soon realizes that Maki Shouko must be an alias. He concludes that she must be using this name because of how Raye died after he showed his ID, but Light’s problem now is how to learn her real name. He can’t just ask her for it without arousing suspicion since she already told him a fake one.

The woman then suggests that they return to police headquarters in case someone came back. As Light panics a bit and examines his options, Ryuk reminds him that there’s still the Shinigami eyes trade. However, Light still doesn’t consider that a deal he can make. When she stops and suggests that she can go to the police station on her own, Light knows that he has to make a move quickly. He decides to tell her that it’s impossible to directly talk to the people working on the case at headquarters because they’re concealing themselves to prevent what happened with Raye from happening again. As for why he knows this, Light pretends to reveal that he’s a member of the investigation that is being led by L. The woman still wants to talk to the police and to L, explaining that she’s worked under L before on a previous case. Upon learning that she used to be in the FBI up until three months ago, Light pretends to offer to let her onto the team. He notes that the three conditions are that she has some sort of ID, a recommendation of someone already on the team, and L’s personal approval. Drawing her into the idea, Light suggests that since he can recommend her for the team, all of this is due to fate.

Around this time, L is still in the meeting with Light’s father and the other detectives. He introduces them to the real Watari, who is actually an elderly man. Watari has brought special badges for each of them to use as fake identification so that Kira won’t find out who they are. He also provides them with special belts equipped with transmitters to allow L to know where they are. In addition, pressing the buckle twice will call Watari’s cell phone. L then suggests that they should keep someone in the main headquarters, so Light’s father sends Aizawa back. Because it’s snowing outside, Aizawa opens his umbrella, obscuring his vision and making him not notice that he’s walking past Light and the woman.

Light convinces her to join the team and hand over her ID for him to see, which she does after apologizing for not using her real name earlier. The driver’s license she gives him identifies her as Naomi Misora, which Light writes onto another scrap of the Death Note. When Naomi notices him checking his watch again and asks him about why he does it, Light calmly replies that it's because he is Kira. Naomi quickly realizes what this means, but it’s already too late. The Death Note takes effect and she starts walking away slowly, claiming that she doesn’t have anything to say to the police anymore. Light says his final farewell to Naomi and continues to watch as she walks towards the symbolic gallows that await her. 
08 "Glare"
"Mesen" (目線) 
November 21, 2006 December 8, 2007

While piecing together the clues from security camera footage of Raye Penber’s fated train ride, L notices that the envelope Raye was carrying disappears sometime from when he got on the train to when he got off an hour and a half later. L also sees how Raye is looking at the train when he’s dying, which could mean that Kira was aboard. As morning approaches, L gets a call telling him about Raye’s fiancée disappearing. The others think that it might have been a suicide resulting from of Raye’s death, but L thinks otherwise. Her name sounds familiar to him because he worked with her on an FBI case in Los Angeles, and the Naomi Misora he knows is an excellent FBI agent with a strong heart. This leads him to decide to narrow the search to the families that were being investigated by Raye Penber: Light’s father’s and sub-chief Kitamura’s. For these two families, L wants wiretaps and surveillance cameras installed. The detectives are worried getting in trouble for violating civil liberties, but L points out that they’re already putting their own lives on the line for this investigation. When Light’s father asks for the possibility that Kira is one of the families, L thinks that it’s around 5%. The others feel that 5% is low, but Light’s father believes that they’d have to investigate if there were even only a 1% chance, so he agrees to have the surveillance put in.

Back at home, Light has been busily spending his time writing names into the Death Note for future weeks so that people won’t notice the lack of deaths of criminals if he gets hospitalized or something. He then gets to making sure that no one can trace what he’s done with his computer. Light also cuts up pieces of the Death Note and hides them in preparation. It’s not until he returns home from school sometime later that he notices something strange. By this time, L and Light’s father have put the house under camera surveillance and see Light go to his room. Ryuk tries to talk to Light, but Light has stops responding. After lying on his bed for a moment, he goes back out, remembering to reset the paper slip trap on his door as he leaves. Light’s father wonders if his son is hiding something, but L finds that that kind of behavior normal for a 17-year-old.

With Ryuk still pestering him to respond as he walks outside, Light first checks to his clothes to make sure they’re not wiretapped. After he’s confident that they’re not, he tells Ryuk about the surveillance. Ryuk remembers that the door was trapped with the piece of paper to indicate that someone opened it, but that trap hadn’t been sprung until Light entered his own room moments earlier. Light, however, reveals that that piece of paper was only a fake - the first real trap had been the door knob. Light explains that he purposefully keeps the handle about 5 millimeters lower than it normally sits. When he got home earlier, he noticed that the handle was sitting in its normal position. However, that alone isn’t enough to determine that someone entered his room. That’s why Light also has a piece of mechanical pencil lead hidden on the door’s hinge that would break when the door opens. He would normally take this out before opening the door, but today it was already broken. Ryuk then suggests that it might be Light’s parents who entered his room, but Light refutes that because neither his parents nor his sister would have noticed the slip of paper and purposefully put it back. Having made this conclusion, Light is now going to buy books on wiretapping and surveillance.

On the way back home, he reminds Ryuk that the Shinigami won’t be able to eat apples anymore because of the cameras. Unfortunately, apples are to Ryuk like alcohol or tobacco are to humans, and Ryuk claims that his body will get screwed up without them. For Ryuk to be able to eat apples under the current situation, Light says that they first need to locate the positions of all the cameras because there might be a blind spot. Ryuk agrees to find the cameras, saying even that it’s another interesting thing to do.

That night, Light pretends to look at magazines while Ryuk searches through the room. With Ryuk discovering cameras in multiple hidden locations, Light thinks that L must be behind all this and suspects the people Raye Penber was investigating. But Light also assumes for now that he’s the only one being suspected. He then goes downstairs for dinner where his sister reads out a TV bulletin saying that the ICPO is dispatching 1500 agents to Japan because of Kira. Knowing that L has the living room bugged, Light says out loud that this announcement has no significance because a real investigation would be conducted in secret. He reasons that all the police are doing here is exaggerating a report to scare Kira. As he watches all this, L remarks to Light’s father that Light is clever. In any case, Light brings a bag of potato chips upstairs with him after dinner as a study snack. In his room, Ryuk has finished the search and has found all 64 cameras.

Since the entire place is covered, Light enacts a plan where he has hidden a tiny television and a piece of the Death Note inside the potato chips. Using his body to shield the TV from the cameras, Light is able to get see the criminals and write them down, all under the guise of snacking while studying. Once Light is done, he simply throws the bag of chips - with the TV in it - into the wastebasket.

At the hotel, Watari reports of some new deaths of criminals who were featured on the news. L had seen Light’s mother and sister watching a drama and then turning off the TV, and he saw Light studying all night. Since Kira needs a face and a name to kill, then those who didn’t watch the news can’t be Kira, or so he reasons. Light’s father thinks that this clears his family, but L finds it strange that today’s Kira killed minor criminals fairly quickly and that the Yagami family was cleared on the first day the cameras were used. The next morning, as Light’s mother takes out the trash with the potato chip bag still in it, Ryuk comments on how the small LCD TV cost Light 39800 yen ($360 US). 
09 "Encounter"
"Sesshoku" (接触) 
November 28, 2006 December 15, 2007

Desperate for apples, Ryuk has made sure that they’re not being followed, so Light goes and buys him some. While Light is feeding Ryuk an apple in the park, his father is with L wondering about the doubt on his family. As L thinks over how Kira kills, he notices that Light has returned home. The two of them watch as Light returns to his room and turns on his television to the news. Light’s plan now is for more minor criminals to die after he watched TV so that the deaths of minor criminals from last time aren’t considered special. To do this, he memorizes the names reported on the news and goes outside afterwards to write them down on a hidden piece of the Death Note.

It is sometime later that L declares that nothing suspicious has been observed with the surveillance equipment. He allows the cameras and wiretaps to be removed, but this doesn’t mean that his suspicions are completely gone. Kira could have killed those criminals without acting suspicious, and L still thinks that’s a 5% chance of Kira being one of the people he had under surveillance. As L ponders how Kira kills, he realizes that if Kira was in one of the families, Kira’s mind must be at the level of a god’s to be able to judge evil people without changing his expression. L then thinks that Kira can’t be a god because it seems like a joke for a god to need a name and face. Instead, Kira must be a childish person playing as god, and L needs to find a way to get him to reveal himself in the act.

Ryuk eventually notices that the cameras are gone, but Light continues to refrain from talking to Ryuk because of possible wiretaps remaining and instead just feeds the Shinigami an apple. When the day then comes for Light to take his college entrance exams, he goes to the testing room and is surprised to find someone there staring at him during the exam. That person is L, but Light doesn’t know that. It is months later, at the entrance ceremony, that the two come face to face again. Both scored perfectly on the exam, making them both class representatives. L, however, has taken on the name Ryuuga Hideki, the same name as the famous idol. Various Todai students remark on the contrast between him and Light.

On the way down from the stage after their joint speech, L reveals to Light that he knows Light is the police chief’s son and volunteers some information about the Kira case. That information is none other than the fact that he is L. At first, Light starts to panic a little since L revealed himself, but then he calms down as L claims to want help on the case. Light, however, realizes that he can’t do anything to L. Killing L now after L just revealed his own identity would make Light suspect. What’s more, by using an idol’s name, there’s a good chance that Light would kill the idol instead of L if Light used the Death Note and thought of the wrong person’s face.

After the ceremony, L bids Light goodbye and then leaves via a chauffeured car. Light is silent all the way home until he gets to his room where he locks his door and then loses it. Hearing that this is the first time Light feels that he’s ever been this humiliated, Ryuk suggests the Shinigami eyeball exchange to kill L. However, Light is worried that it’s a trap to expose him - he really wants to kill L, but such an action could be traced back to him. He is frustrated at the Death Note for not allowing him to manipulate someone to kill L, and in this situation, Light can’t make L commit suicide or die in an accident until he’s 100% sure that it’s really L. By revealing himself first, L is using a method that allows him to attack and defend at the same time. Still, Light soon starts laughing evilly, and then calms down again because he realizes that he has nothing to be pessimistic about. He now welcomes L to become his friend, so that he can bring out everything about his enemy and kill him. 
10 "Doubt"
"Giwaku" (疑惑) 
December 5, 2006 December 22, 2007

L begins to profile Light through a game of tennis. Afterwards, L asks Light some questions regarding the Kira case, and if he would be willing to help in the Kira investigation. During their conversation, they both receive cell phone calls with the same information: Light's father has had a heart attack. The two rush to the hospital to find Light's father has had a heart attack due to overwork. Light promises to his father that he will make sure Kira is executed, making L think Light is not Kira because he is acting too corny for it to be an act. On the way out, Light offers to be locked up somewhere without a television for a month in order to prove that he is not Kira. L replies that they’ll know sooner or later is Light is Kira, though Light’s earlier conversation with his father makes L think that he’s not Kira.

The episode ends with the Sakura TV Station receiving tapes that appear to be from Kira. 
11 "Assault"
"Totsunyū" (突入) 
December 12, 2006 January 4, 2008

The episode opens with the Kira Investigation Team discussing Naomi Misora's disappearance and probable death. L suggests that if the disappearance is publicised, it should be presented in a way that makes it seem unrelated to the Kira case.

The discussion is interrupted by Watari, who directs the team to broadcast by the Sakura TV Station. The reporters state that they are effectively hostages of Kira, who has sent them four tapes to be broadcast. The first tape foretold the deaths of two criminals, who indeed died the day before. The tape also directed the reporters to air the second tape in a matter of moments, otherwise they would die. The second tape is then broadcast.

In a manner similar to L's method of communication, the word "Kira" appears on the screen in a distorted version of the font L uses. A similarly masked voice directs viewers to switch to Taiyou TV, where they will find the news anchor dead. The members of the investigation team switch the channel and indeed see the presenter collapsed. Back on Sakura TV, the voice of Kira directs viewers to another channel, where one of his detractors has also just died. After viewing this death as well, L immediately calls for the broadcast to stop, and various members of the investigation team try to do so, with no success. One of them, Ukita, leaves to go to the station and stop the broadcast personally.

As Ukita speeds towards the television station, the voice of Kira states that he doesn't want to kill any innocent people, as he hates evil and loves justice. In fact, he declares that he does not consider the police his enemy. What he wants is to create a world with no evil, which will be easy if everyone co-operates with him. As long as they do not try to find him or speak against him publicly, no innocent people will have to die. It seems that Kira wants everyone to wait a while until this new world will be accepted by all. All of this is also watched by Light's father in his hospital room. His wife turns the television set off, concerned for her husband's health, but Light's father is determined to continue watching, since he is the leader of the Kira Investigation Team.

By this time, Ukita has arrived at the shut doors of the television station building and gets ready to shoot the locks open when he suddenly gets a heart attack. He tries to press his belt buckle to alert L, but collapses dead on the ground before he can do so. His death, however, is broadcast by reporters on the scene and viewed by L and the other detectives. One of them, Aizawa, starts for the door, but L stops him from going to the television station and urges him to calm down, as Aizawa will also die if he goes there. Aizawa counters by stating that Kira needs both a face and a name to kill, and they all use fake names. Matsuda wonders if this means that Kira knows their real names. While L thinks he cannot rule this possibility out entirely, he also believes that if this were the case, they would all have died long ago.

L concludes that Kira must be either inside or near the television station building so that he can see the face of everyone trying to enter the station. Aizawa still wants to go, and angrily reminds L about L's resolve to risk his life in order to capture Kira. L, however, tells Aizawa that risking one's life and letting it to be taken away so easily are two completely different things. Aizawa finally calms down after hearing this statement and noticing L clutching his own legs tightly, a sign of his frustration L's own powerlessness.

Meanwhile, Kira's message ends with him giving the police a four-day ultimatum about whether they are going to work with him or not. He has prepared the third and fourth tapes to be shown for each potential response. At the same time, Light's father has left his room in the hospital and drives through the front doors of the television station in a van. Coming out with his coat covering his head, he asks the security guard to show him where the studio televising the Kira tape is located. On arriving there, he commands the television manager to hand him every tape Kira sent as well as all copies, going so far as to threaten the manager with his gun.

The investigation team sees in the television screen a police car arriving at the station, and realise that there are some policemen who still want to fight Kira. L gets Aizawa to phone police Vice Director Kitamura on his mobile phone and tells him that the policemen who just arrived acted on their own volition. He adds that Kitamura needs to act quickly and responsibly to prevent a tragedy from happening. Kitamura sees the two policemen fall dead and the news crew hastily leaving the scene, and agrees to follow L's instructions completely. At the same time, Watari gets a call from Light's father and passes it to L. Light's father reports that he has all tapes, but is stuck on how he will leave the station safely. After speaking with Kitamura, L directs Light's father to exit the station from the main entrance in five minutes. Five minutes later, Light's father leaves the station through the main entrance, in front of which a large number of policemen have gathered, hiding their faces behind shields. Curtains and other obstructions help Light's father enter a car unseen and leave. Another journalist, encouraged by these acts, speaks out against Kira and in favour of the police, and even announces his own name in defiance.

Light’s father returns to the hotel and gives the tapes to L, who notices that the postmark is from Osaka. However, he takes into account Kira's suggested ability to manipulate people's actions and doesn't think much of it. He then delivers the original tapes to Aizawa to examine them for clues and views the copies himself. The next morning, L tells everyone that if the police agree to help Kira, they are supposed to broadcast the third video, which details various methods of co-operation between Kira and the police, such as announcing the names of all criminals and leaving them to the judgement of Kira. It also demands that L and the chiefs of police appear on television and state their support of Kira. This, the investigation team realises, would enable Kira to kill both L and the police chiefs if they ever moved against him. As far as the video corresponding to a negative answer is concerned, it essentially states the same things phrased differently. L allows this last video to be broadcast by Sakura TV, and everyone hears Kira demanding a sacrifice: within four days, either Light's father or L must appear on television and be killed.

Light has watched all this from the television in his room and laughs at the thought that the gods are on his side. In this case, the gods are Death Gods, as Light is certain that another Death God besides Ryuk must have come to this world and given a spare Death Note to another human. This human appears to be a supporter of Kira, and also seems to possess the Death God Eyes, enabling him to learn someone's name by looking at their face. Light thinks that if he takes no action, L will die in four days. On the other hand, he feels he can't let this imposter Kira sully the real Kira's name. Besides, if the impostor is caught, the existence of the Death Note might be revealed. Light concludes that the best thing to do would be to involve himself in the Kira Investigation Team, so he can get information on both th real ira case as well as the impostor Kira.

Back at the hotel, Light's father returns to announce that every nation in the world agrees that L should be the one to appear on television and die. L thinks that this is the correct decision, but is unhappy with it - not because he will die, as he explains, but because he will be killed by someone taking advantage of the Kira case. He reveals that he thinks it is quite probable that this Kita is an impostor, or second Kira. L explains that the two criminals this Kira killed in the first tape to prove his identity were reported only in a women's magazine and a variety show. The real Kira would never bother to kill such unimportant criminals, and the second Kira also needed criminals that were unlikely to be killed by the real Kira before he had a chance to do so. Furthermore, L reasons that the real Kira so far has refrained from killing innocents.

L believes that if they can capture one of the Kiras, they can obtain useful information on the other one, and asks Light's father to let Light join the Kira Investigation Team. Light's father wonders if this means L thinks his son is innocent, but L denies this, mentioning instead that Light's excellent deductive abilities are useful to him in any case. However, L does want to hide from Light all suspicions about the existence of a second Kira.

The scene then changes to a young girl, who is actually the second Kira. She is shown walking down a street, followed by a female Death God. The Death God asks her why she doesn't use the Death Note she gave her more for her own sake, but Misa - the girl - states they she is in fact using it for her sake by supporting Kira and drawing his attention to her so that he will meet her. She believes that Kira is already interested in her. The Death God warns her against playing such a dangerous game and mentions the possibility of her death, but Misa is convinced that Kira will not harm an innocent girl like her. Besides, she adds as the camera zooms on her unnatural-looking eyes, if it does come to the worst, her eyes will give her the edge. 
12 "Love"
"Koikokoro" (恋心) 
December 26, 2007 January 11, 2008

When Yagami Light is asked to join the Kira Investigation Team, he is asked to watch the Kira tape that was aired of Sakura TV. It is revealed that the previous night, L intends not to tell Light that they are suspecting the existence of a second Kira. He states that Light has an exceptional talent for deducing on-the-spot problems and that if he correctly deduces that the tape was from a second Kira, most of the suspicion will be lifted against him, due to the fact that the real Kira wouldn't interfere and let the fake Kira kill L. After watching the video, Light was about to not tell the investigation team what he and L deduced: that the tape was made by a fake Kira. Light decided that he must not interfere with anything that could lead to the death of L. However, Light is able to tell that he is being tested by L. Light thinks "Bastard!" to himself and tells the investigation team and L that he believes the tape was made by a fake Kira. For the time being, this lifts most of the suspicion that L has of Light being Kira.

To further discover the identity of the second Kira, L suggests that they broadcast a fake tape replying to the second Kira. L asks Light to act as "Kira" and make a script. When the tape is broadcast, Misa is overjoyed by the fact that Kira replied to her. She replies with another video, stating that she wants to meet Kira and asking him to pick a spot where there are no police. Misa, however, makes fatal flaws when sending the tape, as pointed out by Light. She mentions the Shinigami Eyes in the video, stating she won't kill him; however, the most fatal flaw is stating that when they meet, they can confirm each other's power "by showing our Death Gods."

L is shocked by the announcement and falls off his chair, scared. He is shocked about the announcement of Death Gods in the tape. While the others try to convince him that Death Gods don't really exist, he points out that Kira made prisoners write messages about Death Gods, taunting L. Light--in a bold move--tries to calm L down by saying that the words 'death god' may be a metaphor for something they both possess, such as demonstrating each other's power to kill. L agrees and, having calmed down, suggests that they'll let Kira take over from there on. He points out that if Kira replies, it would mean there is some physical evidence to track the real Kira, however, if Kira doesn't reply, it will make the second Kira impatient and cause him/her to leak some evidence that shows a connection between the two.

At the same time, Misa is having a photo shoot somewhere in town. Afterwards, she states that a Death God must always have a Death Note and asks Rem how come she had a second one to give to her. Misa continues by saying that Ryuk had two Death Notes because he tricked the King of the Death Gods. Rem replies, saying that unlike Ryuk, she didn't trick the King of the Death Gods to obtain a second note book--rather, she found one after a Death God died. Rem also states that she is one of the few Death Gods to know how to kill another Death God. After being pressured by Misa, Rem states that to kill a Death God, one needs to make them fall in love with a human.

Rem elaborates by telling a story about a Death God named Jealous, who was always watching a human girl through a vantage point in the Death Realm. On the last day of her lifespan, Rem got curious on how she would die and sat down beside Jealous to watch. That night, when a stranger with a knife confessed his love for the girl, she rejected him because she had never met the man before. The man then tried to stab the girl. Frantically, Jealous tried to change the outcome by writing the man's name in his Death Note. Suddenly, the man dropped his knife and walked off to commit suicide. Rem explains that Jealous did something that a Death God should never do. By saving the girl's life, he prolonged the lifespan of a person, whereas Death Gods are only meant to take life away from humans. As a result, Jealous died. The remaining life of Jealous was given to the girl and he dissolved, with only his Death Note remaining. It is then revealed that Misa was that girl, and because Jealous died saving her, his Death Note became hers.

The next day, Light is in the café drinking a cup of coffee in the secluded table area, thinking about what he should do. He thinks that he can't leave the second Kira alone and that if they're caught by the police, he will have to obtain their Death Note, no matter what. Unnoticeable to Light, Misa enters the café ordering a strawberry sundae. Both are unaware of each other's presence yet both wonder about what the other Kira will be like. 
13 "Confession"
"Kokuhaku" (告白) 
January 9, 2007 January 18, 2008

Light learns that the second Kira has sent another message to Sakura TV. This time, the message consists of a journal, which contains the entry, "Meet at Tokyo Dome. Confirmation by Death Gods" for the date June 30. The investigation team sees it as stupidity on the part of the second Kira for letting this information out; when the TV stations report this, Tokyo Dome will be closed down on the 30th and the second Kira will not act.

However, Light notices another entry, written on the 22nd, saying, "I met a friend at Aoyama. We exchanged notes." Light realizes that notes refers to the Death Notes. L also notices the other entries and points out that they should be investigated also. The other entries include Aoyama on the 22nd, and Shibuya on the 24th. Matsui and Light volunteer to scout out Aoyama on the 22nd.

Meanwhile, Misa and Rem discuss the Death God eyes. Rem explains to Misa that one cannot see the life span of someone else with a Death Note. She elaborates, telling Misa of how Death Gods cannot see each others life spans and why Misa cannot see her own life span.

At home, Light excuses his lateness by saying that he has a girlfriend at the university. Alone in his room, he asks Ryuk if Death Gods are able to converse with each other in the human world. Ryuk replies that it depends on the personality of the Death God in question. Therefore, the fake Kira's Death God may talk to Ryuk and reveal Light's identity to the second Kira. Afterwards, Light researches Aoyama on the internet and discovers the Note Blue club, which is having a special animation showing on the 22nd. Following the motif of the word 'note', Light deduces that the fake Kira must be waiting at Note Blue and that they may not be as stupid as he previously thought.

The next day, Light and Matsui meet up with a group of Light's university friends. Matsui realises that Light, almost typically, has engineered the perfect cover; the group look as if they are just casual friends on a day out. Meanwhile, Light ponders his actual reasoning for the crowd, which is to avoid L's security cameras more easily and to make it harder for the fake Kira's Death God to identify Ryuk as Light's Death God.

Whilst the group passes by Note Blue, Light glances in and notices nothing out of the ordinary. However, Misa is inside, disguised. She realizes Light is Kira due to the fact that she cannot see his life span. She then leaves, reasoning that it is too dangerous to try to talk to him; merely learning his identity was enough.

Back at the investigation headquarters, the team receives another message from the second Kira. The second Kira claims that she's found the real Kira. The team is shocked at the this turn of events, noting that an alliance between the two would be bad. L notices that the message was sent on the 23rd and immediately suspects Light again as he was at Aoyama the day before. Again, he has no solid proof Light is Kira.

The team decides to change their approach in handling the second Kira, and tries to reason with her instead. They release a television broadcast condemning Kira as a heartless murderer who will kill anyone who discovers his identity. Furthermore, they offer to lessen the severity of the punishment the second Kira will face if she reveals information about the real Kira.

Misa sees the broadcast and rushes out of her house, distraught, to meet Light. She arrives at his house and introduces herself as Misa, the second Kira. Light invites her in, passing her off as his girlfriend. Inside, she offers her complete service to Light, including giving him her Death Note to guard in case the police catch her. In exchange, she wants Light to be her boyfriend. Light remains suspicious of her motives and her competency, which upsets Misa. Exasperated, Misa explains that she wore a disguise at Aoyama, and that she duped a friend into sending the Kira videos, thus making it impossible for the police to trace her through fingerprints. She then explains that her parents were killed by burglars one year ago, and the man had been found innocent at the trial. In the end, it was Kira who passed judgement on the man. Because of this, Misa decided to devote her life to serving Kira. Light admits that she is more competent and honest than he gave her credit for and hugs her, agreeing to be her boyfriend. 
14 "Friend"
"Tomodachi" (友達) 
January 16, 2007 January 25, 2008

After Light introduces Misa to Ryuk, the two discuss their plan to entrap and kill L. Light comes up with a new plan: Misa is to send one last video, announcing that she will not reveal Kira's name and will try to gain Kira's favour by helping him kill criminals and passing on her powers to others. He hopes that this will confuse L as to how many people have Kira's powers.

As the two converse, Light becomes amazed at Misa's single-minded thoughts of love, and reminds her that as long as L is alive, they cannot be seen together. In addition, Light announces that he will have to start dating other girls to alleviate L's suspicion. Misa becomes outraged at this proposition and forbids Light from seeing any one else. In a fit of rage, Light threatens to kill Misa if she disobeys him, which he planned to do anyway after he killed L.

Rem steps in and announces that after watching and following Misa, she developed feelings for her. She then warns Light that if he kills Misa, she will use her own Death Note to kill Light, even though doing so would also kill herself. Their conversation is cut short as Misa has to return home. After she leaves, Light researches her on his computer and discovers that she is a famous model.

The next day, Light heads to the investigation headquarters and finds that L has already received Misa's tape. The message is exactly as Light dictated. After watching it, L immediately deduces that the two Kiras have met, due to the fact that fake Kira makes no mention of their meeting and thus may be trying to conceal it, and also that fake Kira openly stated that she would try to gain Kira's approval, something which she did not say in any previous video.

L openly muses on the possibility of Light being Kira, and seems to reject it by saying that if Light were Kira, he would tell the second Kira to force L to appear on television and kill him. Light sees that L is testing his intellect again, and responds that L would never surrender himself, therefore that approach wouldn't work. L then confesses that it would be troubling if Light were indeed Kira, as Light is the only friend L ever had. Light is shocked at this declaration, but plays along by reciprocating L's feelings. Nevertheless, L secretly orders Light to be followed wherever he goes.

As Light returns home, Misa meets up with him, saying that even though he told her not to see him, she could not wait two weeks. Light is initially angered that Misa let her emotions get the better of her, but then makes a proposition to Rem. Rem wishes for Misa to be happy, but as long as L is alive, Misa and Light can never be happy together. Therefore, Rem should use her Death Note to kill L. Light is skeptical that this approach will work, but is again surprised as Rem accepts his proposal. She states that because she has no feelings towards Light, L's death will not kill her. 
15 "Wager"
"Kake" (賭け) 
January 23, 2007 February 1, 2008

The episode opens as Light and Rem discuss how to kill L. Light thinks on the matter and decides to act the next day, as making a hasty move could result in a mistake. Light and Misa then ask for each other's cellphone number. Light explains that he cannot give Misa his own number as the police may tap his phone as a Kira suspect. However, Misa has three phones due to her popularity and gives one to Light so he can call her. Misa, flustered with total adoration of Light, explains that she is planning for their future. As she does this, Light strategically kisses her in order to persuade her to go home. After Misa leaves, Light tells Ryuk that he is planning to let Misa fall completely in love with him.

Meanwhile at the investigation headquarters, L, whilst examining evidence, deduces that if the real Kira and the second Kira have met, he may be at risk of death. He tells the team that if he dies within the next few days, they can assume that Yagami Light is Kira and that Watari and the team should arrest Light immediately and continue the investigation without him.

At college, Light notices L sitting on a bench and greets him accordingly. Light, acting worried about L, questions whether it is safe for him to be out in the open. L replies that only Light knows who he is, and that he should be fine as long as Light isn't Kira. He then elaborates, saying that if he dies soon, everybody will know Light is Kira. During this meeting, Misa catches up with Light and L. Light, whilst at first panicked, quickly calms down and realizes that Misa can see L's real name and can kill him later. A crowd gathers when several people recognize Misa as a model, and someone accidentally brushes up against Misa, much to her embarrassment. After the crowd disperses, Light gets the chance to phone Misa and ask for L's name. However, L's phone rings instead. Light realizes that L had stolen Misa's cellphone earlier when he brushed up against her. L's real phone then rings, and L reveals that Misa has been arrested on suspicion of being the second Kira.

Afterwards, Misa appears to be completely bound in a cell with her eyes covered. L instructs Watari to torture Misa but not to kill her. A few days later, Watari alerts L that Misa has something to say. Misa repeatedly begs Rem to kill her. She reveals to Rem that she is willing to die for Light, and attempts to take her own life by biting her tongue. Watari quickly prevents her from doing this with a gag. Rem, saying goodbye to Misa, then travels to Light and tells him that she had Misa give up ownership of the Death Note, and that this will erase all memories of ever having the Death Note and henceforth erase all memories of anybody Misa has killed with it. Also, she explains that Misa now cannot see Shinigami, and will also forget that Light is Kira. Consequently, Light has lost L's real name. Rem then tells Light that if he doesn't save Misa from her prison, she will kill Light herself. Light tells Rem that he has an idea to save Misa, and, to his surprise, bids Ryuk farewell. 
16 "Decision"
"Ketsudan" (決断) 
January 30, 2007 February 8, 2008

Light decides to tell L that he concludes that he may somehow be Kira subconsciously and wishes to be confined. The episode starts with Light giving up ownership of Rem's Death Note and burying his own. He tells Ryuk that only if he says "I discard it" will he lose all memories of it. Meanwhile L's suspicion of Light is even higher than before, he suspects that Light is Kira, only he doesn't have any evidence against him. L also tells chief Inspector Yagami that he might have to arrest his son. To his surprise, Light calls and comes up to L's room. Suddenly Light tells the investigation that he might be Kira, and says that he wants to be imprisoned. L agrees to arrest Light and the investigation team puts him under surveillance in a maximum security prison. Not too long after, Light's father decides to be imprisoned too because he cannot think straight with all this happening; L tells him that he suspected that something like this would happen and had Watari prepare a room for him. Chief inspector Yagami is allowed to have his cellphone on and L has told him that he will be briefed on the investigation.

After Light's imprisonment the Kira executions have ended, and L's suspicion of Light being Kira has never been higher. However, L is also confused as he expected Kira to arrange for the killings to continue after he was imprisoned to prove his innocence. On the 7th day of imprisonment Light thinks to himself "I've gone this far, I can't turn back now" and decides to discard the ownership of his Death Note. Losing all his memories on the Death Note and how he was Kira, Light's behavior suddenly changes from calm and cool to frantic. L is wondering what is going on, and says "This isn't like Light - no, Kira, to be doing this." Eight days later, L is informed on new news - the "Kira Executions" have resumed. Light's father is informed of this but infers that L still wouldn't label Light "completely white," which in Japan means innocent (whereas black means guilty). L responds by saying he is "gray." L also orders Light not to be informed that the executions have started again. L asks Light why he won't just admit to being Kira, but Light continues to say he cannot be Kira. The episode ends with L saying "I don't know what's what." 
17 "Execution"
"Shikkō" (執行) 
February 6, 2007 February 15, 2008

The episode begins with Rem telling a person who is hidden in shadows to use his Death Note to kill certain criminals and then he can kill whoever he wants. Rem says it is "good business."

Meanwhile, after 50 days of confinement, L finally decides on a plan to see if Light and Misa are Kira and the Second Kira. He has Light's father drive both Light and Misa in a car. Light's father--Soichiro--tells Light that he is supposed to bring him and Misa to an execution chamber, but he will instead shoot Light and then himself. After firing a gun at Light's head, Light does not die. Soichiro tells him that it was only a blank, and that this was a test to see if he would be killed by Misa since the Second Kira only needs a face to kill. Misa is then allowed to live a normal life again, if under the surveillance of the Kira Investigation team and others. L decides that Light must remain with him at all times and so they become handcuffed together, as L's suspicion of Light is not completely absolved. Misa is rather shocked that, in any date she organises with Light, L will have to be present.

L knows that Kira can control other people, and so he concludes that the most likely explanation is that Kira has been controlling Light and Misa. However, he is not yet sure that Misa is not the Second Kira. This is not only because of the tapes that were mailed, but also because she said that she met Light at Aoyama on May the 22nd and knew Light's name just by looking at him, though she cannot explain why. L asks Light to pretend to be more involved with Misa to get closer to knowing whether she is the Second Kira. Light says that he cannot do that because it would be immoral. L notices the huge change in Light's behavior, and wonders if it could be an act. L then shows the investigation team where they will be working from now on: a large office building that has been under construction since the Kira investigation began.

The last scene in the episode has eight young individuals having a business meeting. Together, they comprise the leaders of the Yotsuba Group. They reveal that Kira is now not only killing criminals, but also their competitors. One of the members believes that Kira is one of the eight people present at the meeting. He then says it is time for them to decide who they must kill for their business to continue being successful. The episode ends with Rem saying "Humans are truly despicable." 
18 "Ally"
"Nakama" (仲間) 
February 13, 2007 February 22, 2008

The episode begins with Aizawa entering L's new facility. Matsuda, Aizawa, and Soichiro are watching Light and Misa on a "date" with L present. Light asks L why he appears to be unmotivated. L responds, explaining how he is disappointed that he was wrong about Light being Kira, but also tells Light that he is still under a degree of suspicion. Additionally, he notes that Kira's power may be transferable to others, and the team shouldn't risk their lives by investigating too thouroughly in the face of such an obstacle. Surprisingly, Light hits L for these comments, provoking into L kicking him back. They proceed to hit each other again before Matsuda telephones L in order to stop the fight.

Two months later, Light notices that many of Kira's victims are top members of the Yotsuba Groups chief rivals. Both Light and L agree that Kira may be killing people for profit and using criminals as a distraction this time. Soon afterwards, the investigation team is informed that Kira sent a message to some politicians of Japan requesting that he will not kill any of them if the police stop hunting them. It is therefore decided that the police will stop hunting Kira, and members of the investigation who are also police officers are forced to choose between their jobs and continuing to hunt Kira with L. Soichiro and Matsuda decide that they will stay, but Aizawa is uncertain because he must continue providing for his family.

Watari, speaking through a monitor, reminds L in front of everyone that he has already decided that all those who hunt Kira will be given adequate finance for life. Aizawa asks L if he was withholding this information to test him, and L admits this to be the truth. As a result, Aizawa leaves in disdain.

Afterwards, the investigation team notices that many of the deaths benefiting the Yotsuba Group die during Friday evening or early Saturday morning. L then introduces the two new members of the investigation team, Aiber, a con artist, and Wedy, a thief. Light soon deduces L's reasons for hiring the criminals, and makes it clear that he will be happy to work with them.

The episode ends with Aizawa sitting on a park bench. His family runs over to him and asks if he will be visiting them more often. He responds, saying he will be receiving more breaks from now on. His daughter and wife are happy to hear this, but because of the circumstances under which he left the investigation team, he begins to cry in frustration. Obviously confused, his daughter tells her mother that "Papa is crying." 
19 "Matsuda"
"Matsuda" (松田) 
February 20, 2007 February 29, 2008

Matsuda, feeling inferior to the rest of the investigation team, decides to snoop around the Yotsuba group and do his own research. He leaves Misa's movie shoot and wanders to the door outside Yotsuba's secret Friday meetings. Upon hearing their conversation of "kill" and "kira" he is caught. He uses his fake ID and poses as Misa's manager trying to promote Misa to save himself. Matsuda signals the investigation team by using his belt, and L confirms that he is in trouble by phoning him. To distract the Yotsuba group from interrogating Matsuda they lure them to their investigation building pretending to throw a party with Misa and her friends.

During this Matsuda manages to phone L again in private, and receives instruction for the preservation of his life. Subsequently, he pretends to do stunts on the ledge of the patio while pretending to be drunk and "falls" off. The rest of the investagation team catches him from the floor below and Aiber posing as Matsuda lying on the sidewalk outside further convices the Yotsuba group that he's dead. Misa and her friends chase them out and tells the Yotsuba group that they would take care of what happened. When they leave, the members of Yotsuba say it's a good thing that Matsuda died before they had to take action. The investigation team is relieved and plans their next move against the company. The episode ends back at the Yotsuba group meeting. At the meeting, a member asks to quit the group but is pressured into staying in fear that kira would kill him. After L has Yotsuba successfully bugged, Soichiro notices on screen, that there are only seven members present at the Yotsuba meeting, one absent from the original eight. 
20 "Makeshift"
"Kosoku" (姑息) 
February 27, 2007 March 7, 2008

While the investigation team continues to watch the Yotsuba Group meeting, they are amazed by how openly they discuss their methods of killing using Kira. L wants to wait until the people the Yotsuba Group say they will kill will die in order to be sure Kira is apprehended, but Light and his father argue that any more murders must be stopped. As a solution, Light calls Namikawa Reiji--the Head of Marketing for the Yotsuba Group--on his cell phone, and announces (with an artificially distorted voice) that he is L. He then tells Reiji that he has placed cameras and bugs in the meeting room and he knows who they plan on killing next.

Light tells Reiji that he must postpone their latest planned killings for one month and that if Kira is caught, all other members of the Yotsuba Group will not be charged with a crime. Light argues that staying on the sidelines and waiting to see whether Kira or L dies in the next month is Reiji's best option, because he will not lose either way. Reiji agrees and tells the rest of the group that they should postpone their planned killings for now in order reduce the chance of L apprehending them until he is dead. The group agrees that that is the best course of action and will continue to use Erald Coil to gain information about L.

Once the meeting ends, L says he is impressed with Light and that if he were to die, Light could take over as L. L then asks Light if he would take over as L if he were to die. Light realizes that L suspects he is Kira and that Light either is pretending to not be Kira, or he chose to lose his powers and memories of being Kira until he was no longer under any suspicion. If Light were Kira and became L, he would then be in an almost invincible position. L confirms that this was his thinking. Light asks L if he believes Light is the kind of person who could be Kira, and L says he does. Light and L then hit each other at the same time and Matsuda again breaks up their fight. L then announces that he will continue trying to apprehend Kira on his own from now on, but Light will continue to be handcuffed to L.

L then asks Misa if she loves Light or Kira more. After she says she loves Light and not Kira, L asks her if she will help Light capture Kira because Light wants to capture Kira, even though she admires Kira. She agrees, and L proposes that she go to the Yotsuba Group for a job interview after he feeds them information from Coil that Misa was under suspicion of being the Second Kira and that she is connected to L. Misa agrees, but Light protests because he believes this will put Misa in danger. L then tells Misa that Light does not agree with his methods and will therefore not help him capture Kira. Because capturing Kira will keep L--and therefore Light--alive, Misa convinces Light to cooperate with her and L.

The episode ends with Soichiro commenting to Matsuda and Mogi about how difficult it will be to arrest all seven members of the Yotsuba Group at the same time. 
21 "Performance"
"Katsuyaku" (活躍) 
March 6, 2007 March 16, 2008

The episode begins with the Yotsuba Group having a new meeting before they were supposed to. Coil has contact the group and informed them that Misa may know who L is and that he recommends they use her to learn L's identity. However, the Yotsuba members agree that because Coil is supposed to find out who L is for them, they will not do this without Coil's help. While the identity of the Third Kira has not yet been revealed, he is shown telling Rem that he is sure Misa was the Second Kira and discarded her Death Note upon being captured by L. He also says that he will make Misa his wife in order to be admired once L is dead, and then he will kill Misa. Rem, concerned for Misa's life, decides to take out a piece of a Death Note page.

Misa goes to be interviewed by the Yotsuba Group, who have decided to interview her about L with Coil there with them. At the meeting, the Yotsuba members confront her about arriving in Tokyo to meet Kira and that she was captured and interrogated by L. Misa, as she promised L, tells them she was once captured by L, but does not know who he is. While going to the bathroom during a break in the interview, Rem has Misa touch the piece of the Death Note she tore out. This makes Misa be able to see and hear Rem, but her memories of being the Second Kira are not restored. Rem tells her that Yagami Light is Kira and that she was the Second Kira. Rem also explains to Misa how Death Notes work. Finally, Rem assures Misa that everything is going according to Light's plan, and that Misa should do whatever Light wants her to do.

Meanwhile, Light realizes that the current Kira cannot be the First Kira because he has chosen criminals who did crimes accidentally or showed remorse. Furthermore, Light believes that the First Kira's pattern of killing is the same as it would be if he were the First Kira. Misa accepts Rem's story because she knows so much about her and promises to do whatever Light wants done. Before Misa leaves the bathroom, Rem tells her she will be standing behind whoever the Third Kira is. When Misa returns to the interview room, she sees Rem standing behind Higuchi.

Misa returns to the Investigation Team and says she has been hired and was given the cell phone numbers of several of the group members. She says she wants to continue investigating the Yotsuba Group, but Light tells her any more investigating on her part will only put her in more danger. Misa is about to protest, but she quickly agrees. This takes L by surprise, making him suspicious of her actions. While on back the set of her newest movie, Misa goes to the restroom at a hospital during a break and trades costumes with another actress. When she exits the restroom, Mogi--her new "manager"--assumes she is still inside, and doesn't realize what has happened until the other actress exits the restroom wearing Misa's clothes, reluctantly telling him Misa is on a "date".

Misa is picked up by Higuchi outside the hospital and together they drive away. Higuchi asks Misa where they should eat and she says he had better not be taking her to a strange place, because she can kill people. Higuchi asks her why this is, and she says it is because she was the Second Kira. Higuchi already suspects this could be true, but he wonders then why she would still have her memory if he has a Death Note that belonged to either the First or Second Kira. Higuchi says he is Kira and asks Misa to prove that she is the Second Kira. Higuchi suggests she kill a greedy CEO using her power. Misa tells Higuchi to look away and pretends to use a Death Note knowing that Rem, who is watching, will do it for her. Higuchi calls the man's bodyguard who tells him his boss has just collapsed. Higuchi accepts that she is the Second Kira and asks her if she will marry him. Misa says she will, but only if he proves that he is Kira. Higuchi tells her he will not prove he is Kira right now, so Misa tells him to stop killing criminals when she asks him to in order to prove he is Kira. Higuchi agrees and allows Misa to leave. Misa then returns to the Investigation Team with a record of part of the conversation as proof that Higuchi is the Kira the team is looking for. Matsuda is thrilled to hear this, but Light looks over at L, who is clearly more suspicious of Misa than ever because of her being able to find the identity of the Third Kira so easily. 
22 "Guidance"
"Yūdō" (誘導) 
March 13, 2007 March 23, 2008

After learning that Higuchi is the Yotsuba Kira, L decides that Higuchi cannot be caught until he learns how someone with the Kira power kills. He decides that Sakura Television will air a Kira special where someone will claim to know the identity of Kira. Higuchi will know to watch the show because Light will call Namikawa and tell him of their plan. The Investigation Team agrees that Matsuda should be the one who will appear on the television special and his identity will be revealed by having tinted glass in front of him be deliberately knocked down (though it will appear to be an accident). At this point, Higuchi will try to learn Matsuda's name and kill him. Matsuda agrees with this plan and says he wants the team to go through with it immediately.

That evening, Namikawa is brought to a meeting with Midou and and Shimura. They tell him that something needs to be done about Kira's actions. If the Yotsuba Group continues to kill people, they believe that what they are doing will be revealed. The three of them agree with Kira is probably Higuchi. Shimura asks Namikawa who called him at the meeting following Hatori's death. At this moment, Light calls Namikawa once again. Light says he wants Namikawa to respond to him like he did before, but Namikawa says that there is no need and he reveals to Midou and Shimura that he is talking to L. Light tells Namikawa his plan and he agrees to call Higuchi at the appropriate time and try his best to keep all other members of the Yotsuba Group from interfering.

As planned, Higuchi is called by Namikawa about the special on Sakura, and Higuchi sees that it is Matsuda. At this point, he begins calling everyone he can think of to learn Matsuda's real name (assuming that the fake name on his card as Misa's manager is a stage name). He eventually calls the television manager, and he says he cannot remember Matsuda's real name and that he and anyone else who could know Matsuda's real name are on vacation. He then tells Higuchi that Matsuda's real name will be in a file on the lowest drawer of the desk on the far left of a particular room in the Sakura station. He also says he will tell Higuchi the combination for the lock of that drawer.

Realizing that he only has two hours until the end of the television special, Higuchi decides to drive to the Sakura station to learn the real name of Matsuda. Wedy immediately begins following him on her motorcycle. L and Light cannot believe that their plan has worked exactly as intended. The episode ends with Higuchi convinced he will succeed. 
23 "Frenzy"
"Kyōsō" (狂騒) 
March 20, 2007 March 30, 2008

While driving to the Sakura Television station, Higuchi talks with Rem about his situation. L, Light, and Misa watch from the Investigation Team building and wonder who he is talking with. L wonders if Higuchi is talking to a Death God. Rem convinces Higuchi to go to the station in case Matsuda's real name is there because she thinks what is currently happening on Sakura television is a plan of Light and Misa's.

Higuchi enters the station's offices and writes Matsuda's fake name in his Death Note. L and Light think he has just written a note of the name to himself, but when Higuchi goes back to his car to watch Matsuda on his car television, he yells "Shit! He won't die!" L concludes that Higuchi has already used his killing method, though neither he nor Light know what it is. Desperate and not thinking clearly, Higuchi asks for Shinigami Eyes in order to kill Matsuda. However, all this does is halves his lifespan: if he were in danger of dying already, he would have only decreased his short lifespan further. Higuchi then decides to go to Yotsuba's building to find a video recording of Matsuda to learn his name.

On his way, he is pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Higuchi uses his Shinigami Eyes and Death Note to kill the officer. The officer has a heart attack and crashes into another car. L is told by Mogi that the officer died. L immediately become agitated and orders his team to be prepared to capture Higuchi once he discovers all video recordings of Matsuda erased from the Yotsuba Group and returns to Sakura Television. L then tells Watari to patch him through to the chief of police. L tells them that Kira is driving a red Porsche and driving on the freeway. L confines Misa to the Investigation Team building and leaves with Light and Watari. The three depart the building in a helicopter that--to Light's amazement--L is flying. Light is also surprised to see Watari bring out a sniper rifle.

Wedy, Aiber, Mogi, and Soichiro wait in the Sakura Television station for Higuchi. Although the building has been evacuated and Higuchi sees no people when he enters, Higuchi continues with his plan of seeing Matsuda's face. When Higuchi finally enters the studio, he finds it empty and Matsuda and his interviewer are actually dolls sitting while an audio recording of their 'interview' plays. Higuchi is then confronted by the members of the Investigation Team--all protecting their faces from being seen. Higuchi tells them he is here to meet someone and pulls out a gun. He shoots at Wedy, but Soichiro jumps in the way. His arm is wounded and Higuchi runs out of the station.

While driving away, Higuchi sees on his television that Sakura's program has been cancelled. He then runs into a blockade of police cars with smoked glass on the freeway. Watari wonders why the police are there. L and Light conclude that Aizawa has continued to investigate the Kira case on his own. It is shown that Ide--the officer who quit the Kira Investigation Team right before they met L in the episode "Bargaining"--is with Aizawa. Higuchi tries to escape the blockade, but Watari uses his rifle to take out one of Higuchi's tires. Higuchi then pulls his gun to his head, but Watari shoots it from his hand. The episode ends with Light expressing his relief that the Kira ordeal is finally over. 
24 "Revival"
"Fukkatsu" (復活) 
March 27, 2007 April 6, 2008

The episode begins with Soichiro seeing Aizawa again and asking him to give his people backup. Soichiro then takes Higuchi out of his car and puts a headset on him to talk with L. L asks him how he kills and Higuchi tells him about his Death Note. Soichiro finds and grabs the Death Note and sees Rem. Mogi also touches the Death Note and sees Rem, leaving Yagami to conclude that only those who have touched the Death Note can see this "monster." After L asks to see the Death Note, Rem wonders what Light has planned, because he will only have his memories concerning the Death Note as long as he is touching it. L is given the Death Note and sees Rem. He realizes that death gods are real and remembers that Light and Misa met on the day that (according to the Second Kira's journal) the Second Kira exchanged "notes." This makes L's suspicion of Light and Misa increase and he realizes that there is probably more than one Death Note. Light asks to see the Death Note and takes it just as L is thinking about this. The memories of the Death Note return to Light and he screams. Mistaking this as a reaction to seeing Rem, L says anyone would be afraid after seeing such a thing. Light says he should check if the names in the Death Note match those of the actual victims. Light thinks to himself "I've won...just as planned."

The scene where Light says farewell to Rem is then revisited, where Light relinquished ownership of the Death Note given to Misa. Light asks Rem to give the Death Note to Ryuk, and she agrees. Light then asks Ryuk to drop the Death Note on the ground and he agrees. Afterwards, Light picks up the Death Note and says he is owner of the Death Note again. Ryuk says Light didn't change anything, but Light wanted to switch Ryuk and Rem's roles. Since a human user of the Death Note is haunted by the shinigami who previously owned it, Rem now haunts the owner of Light's Death Note, and Ryuk the owner of Misa's. This allowed Light to directly involve Rem in his plans while also ensuring that his own Death Note (and his memories of using it) would return to him. It also ensured that when Misa's memories were returned to her, that Ryuk would be there to see her instead of Rem.

As for the first Death Note that he owned, Light tells Ryuk he will give the Death Note to him, and that he should then give it to Rem. Light then instructs Rem to give the Death Note to someone in a position of power with strong ambitions because doing so will save Misa. Rem asks Light what he is planning, but Light simply says Rem should believe in him for Misa's sake. Rem then leaves with the Death Note Light gave her, and Light then tells Ryuk he is planning on discarding the Death Note he still has while he is imprisoned. Light says that once he is released from imprisonment due to the return of Kira killings, he will definitely catch Kira because he is the kind of person who would want to catch Kira if he wasn't. Ryuk realizes Light will get the Death Note he gave to Rem back once this happens. Light says this is correct, and afterwards, he will kill the owner. However, Light realizes he'll only have his memories of the Death Note while he is holding it.

Returning to the present, Light is shown being happy that he is wearing his watch. He pulls on the watch's stem four times and the watch opens up revealing a secret compartment. Inside is a small piece of paper from a Death Note, and a needle. Subtly, Light pokes his finger with the needle and writes Higuchi's name on the Death Note paper in his own blood. Light then waits what he feels is the longest 40 seconds of his life and Higuchi then dies of a heart attack.

Back at the Investigation Team headquarters, Aisawa reviews the rules of the Death Note. One of the rules written is "If you render the notebook unusable by tearing it up or burning it, all humans who have touched it will die." The scene where Light says farewell to Rem is revisited again, and it is shown that Ryuk writes this rule in the Death Note (knowing that doing so is not against the rules of the King of the Death Gods). Light did this in order to ensure that his past memories of the Death Note remained with him. Aisawa then reads the second fake rule of the Death Note: "If the person using the notebook fails to continuously write names of people to be killed within 13 days of each other, then the user will die." Light did this in order to ensure that all suspicion of he and Misa was lifted. Because of this rule, L reluctantly apologizes for his actions and allows Light and Misa to live without any surveillance.

Once alone, Light tells Misa she must go find something he has hidden. Misa realizes that Light's memories have returned. Out in the forest where Light parted with Rem, Misa finds the hidden Death Note and her memories return. Inside the Death Note is a letter from Light asking her to remember the real name of L and tear pages of the Death Note out before hiding it again. However, Misa cannot remember L's real name. Ryuk appears in the forest to greet Misa and she decides to make the deal for Shinigami Eyes, even though she has already done this with Rem and lost half of her lifespan. Misa returns to the Investigation Team headquarters and touches Light with the page of the Death Note she tore out. Light sees Ryuk and says "It's been a while," which makes Ryuk laugh. Misa reveals to Light that she could not remember L's real name, but that she once again possesses Shinigami Eyes. Ryuk thinks to himself that Light may have anticipated that Misa would not have been able to remember, but that she would still get Shinigami Eyes again.

In the main room of the headquarters, Rem sees Misa with Ryuk and Light on one of the several monitors, and also that Misa's lifespan has been halved once again. L is also watching the monitor that shows Light and Misa talking, and he seems to be fearful that the two are conspiring, despite the Death Note rule that he does not know for sure is fake. The episode ends with Light convinced he will finally succeed in killing L and creating his perfect world. 
25 "Silence"
"Chinmoku" (沈黙) 
April 3, 2007 April 13, 2008

The episode begins with a flashback of L with Watari during his childhood. In the background there is the sound of church bells, children crying (at an orphanage), and the whirring of mechanical devices. Afterwards, L continues to ask Rem about Death Notes, but she continues to reveal as little information as possible. L asks Light why he won't leave the Investigation Team headquarters, and he says he feels it would be inappropriate for him to leave until the Kira case is solved.

Meanwhile, Misa begins to use her Death Note to kill criminals. The Investigation Team does not understand why there is now another Kira. L realizes that it could be someone who used the Death Note previously if a piece of the Death Note could be used to kill. L decides that the fake Death Note rule about killing at least once every thirteen days is the only thing that prevents Light and Misa from being the prime suspects. Rem begins to panic because she believes it is only a matter of time until Misa is caught. She then realizes that Light is waiting for her to save Misa by killing Watari and L. This will lead to Rem's death and Light won't be able to be killed. She feels bitter resentment towards Light for this. However, she realizes that this is the only way to save Misa.

In the next scene, L is on the rooftop of the headquarters in pouring rain. Light joins him and asks him what he is doing. L says he hears church bells in the distance. Light says he doesn't hear any bells. L and Light then have a conversation concerning how they both stay distant from other people and how often people lie. When they go back indoors, L insists on drying and massaging Light's feet. While he begins to do this, his wet hair drips water on Light's feet. In response, Light dries L's hair with a towel. This creates an awkward moment for Light because he is waiting for L to die. L says he is sad and that Light will soon understand why. Just then, L's cell phone rings, and he asks Light to come with him.

Back in the main room of the headquarters, L reveals the rest of the team that he is planning on testing the Death Note once he gets approval from other countries. If approved, a criminal on death row would use the Death Note and would be set free if he survives after thirteen days. Rem realizes this will lead to the death of Misa. At that precise moment, a bolt of lightning strikes the top of the Investigation Team's building. The lighting in the main room is immediately replaced by back-up systems that glow red. Rem then kills Watari using her personal Death Note (she has always had two, hers, and the one she gave Misa). In Watari's last moment, he pushes a button on his keyboard which deletes all of the Investigation Team's files. L explains to the rest of the team that he told Watari to delete all files if anything should happen to him. The team immediately realizes that Rem is gone. L realizes something about Rem, and immediately after, Rem is shown writing another name in her Death Note. L wants to announce something about Rem to the team, but is then interrupted by his heart going into cardiac arrest.

L drops the spoon in his hand and falls to the floor from his chair. Light immediately catches L before he hits the floor and the two stare into each others eyes. A series of images from the flashback at the beginning of the episode are shown with the sound of church bells and Rem dies in the same way that Jealous (The previous Shinigami that saved Misa) did. Light's psychotic grin returns, seen only by L, and L slowly closes his eyes before his brain shuts down, acknowledging his defeat. L finally dies and Light pretends to go into a state of anger and fear, shouting that Rem is killing everyone in the team and that they are next. Aizawa, Matsuda, Mogi, and Yagami all look as if they are expecting to die at any moment, but nothing happens.

Everyone except Mogi goes to look for Rem. Light goes to the room she was in, where the cameras were turned off, pulls her Death Note from the remains, and calls everyone in. Inside is a pile of dust. Light tells everyone that regardless of what happens, he will avenge Watari and L. Matsuda says this may lead to their deaths, but Light simply reiterates that the Investigation Team is only for those who are prepared to die, casting fear into Matsuda that he's starting to sound like L. Light leaves the room thinking to himself that all of his obstacles are gone and that he is going to be the god of a new world. 
26 "Renewal"
"Saisei" (再生) 
April 10, 2007 April 20, 2008

Following the deaths of L and Watari, their headquarters in England receive all the data they gathered about the Kira case. Meanwhile, the Investigation Team learns that Watari was an inventor who used his wealth to create orphanages all over the world. Aizawa, Matsuda, Mogi, and Soichiro all agree that Light should replace L as the head of the investigation. Light agrees, but says he will be more cautious than L was. Light also requests that he work from his own one bedroom apartment. Soichiro says he has no qualms about that idea and Matsuda suggests they use the apartment as their new headquarters. Light says he can use software to re-create the voices of L and Watari so the Investigation Team can continue to work with the police.

The only problem the Investigation Team faces is what they will do with the Death Note. They agree that one of the members must hide it and not tell anyone where it is. Soichiro assumes this responsibility. The Investigation Team seems optimistic that they will succeed in capturing Kira and want to throw an inauguration party for Light replacing L.

While on a date in a café, Light tells Misa that he will now have his own apartment, and asks her to live with him. Misa is overjoyed and agrees to live with Light. Later that evening, Light stands on the rooftop of the Investigation Team's old headquarters with Ryuk. Ryuk says that with L dead there will no longer be anything interesting to see, but Light says that isn't true. Light declares that he will now create his new world and begins to judge criminals again. He also kills Aiber, Wedy, and all of the remaining six members of the Yotsuba Group leadership. Through narration, it is revealed that in April 2012, Yagami Light, now 23 years old, joins the national police. In the summer of that year, the rate of Kira's punishments dramatically increases. This makes Kira known to everyone all over the world and the voices of Kira's supporters start to become more dominant. The world is heading towards Kira being the law.

The episode ends with a man at an orphanage in England being informed of L's death, and revealing this information to two onlooking orphans. 
27 "Abduction"
"Yūkai" (誘拐) 
April 17, 2007 April 27, 2008

In 2007, a man informs two new characters (both male)--Mello and Near--of the death of L. He also tells them that because L did not choose a successor of the two of them that they should now work together on the Kira case. Mello rejects this idea because he does not get along with Near, and says he will now leave the orphanage.

Five years later, Near meets the President of the United States with the director of the FBI. Near (having been given a record of all of L's work on the Kira case) explains to the President how Death Notes work. Near also tells the President that there are two Death Notes--one that Kira possesses and another in the hands of the Japanese police--and that original L died and a second one has taken his place. It is revealed that Near has brought over three years worth of independent investigations regarding the Kira case to the U.S. government. Together with the FBI director, they create an independent investigation squad comprised of CIA and FBI members as its main force called SPK (Special Provision for Kira). Near is put in charge of the SPK and according the FBI director, he is the true successor to L.

Meanwhile, Light, Soichiro, and Matsuda discuss how people leak the faces of criminals on the internet (which are now no longer allowed to be revealed in Japan) at the Yagami residence. While discussing this, Light's sister Sayu enters the room. Matsuda is clearly surprised by how much Sayu's appearance has changed in five years. Misa laughs at how much Matsuda is blushing and Soichiro promptly proclaims that he will never allow Sayu to marry a police officer and his wife agrees. To give Matsuda a hard time, Sayu tells him that she would consider dating him if he were younger. Sayu then asks when Light and Misa will get married. Having observed all of this, Ryuk thinks to himself that it is amusing how people who are so troubled are all acting like everything is normal.

Afterwards, Soichiro answers a call from Aizawa and tells Light and Matsuda that they must leave. While en route to Light's apartment (the new Intestigation Team headquarters), Soichiro explains that the Director of Police--Takimura--has been kidnapped. The Investigation Team (now comprised of Light, Soichiro, Matsuda, Mogi, Aizawa, and Ide) meets at their headquarters to discuss what has just happened. Aizawa explains that the call came from Takimura's cell phone and that the kidnappers demanded the Death Note possessed by the Japanese police. The rest of the team is confused when they hear this, as the six of them should be the only people to know about Death Notes. Soichiro tells the team that no one other than members of the Japanese police can know that Takimura has been kidnapped.

The next day, an FBI agent calling himself John MacEnroe (but saying afterwards that the name is fake as a precaution against Kira) meets with Soichiro and says he wants to see Takimura immediately, but Soichiro explains that Takimura is currently unavailable. MacEnroe explains that the Japanese police are no longer fit to handle the Kira case, and he demands that they hand over the Death Note in their possession. Soichiro takes this as a sign that the FBI kidnapped Takimura, but MacEnroe explains that they did not know of the kidnapping. It is then revealed that MacEnroe is bugged, and the SPK is listening in to his conversation with Soichiro.

Meanwhile, it is shown that Mello and others have kidnapped Takimura. One of the people with Mello confirms from Takimura (who does not know otherwise) that the only members of the Japanese police working on the Kira case are Soichiro, Mogi, and Matsuda. Takimura explains that there was another member of the Japanese police working on the case named Ukita, but he died. The person interrogating Takimura then expresses disbelief that Takimura did not know of the existence of Death Notes. Mello then confirms that Yagami (although it is unclear whether he means Soichiro or Light) is a member of the Investigation Team and that he has the most power in the group. Mello then reveals to his followers that his theory is that there are two Death Notes--one in the possession of Kira and another in the possession of the Japanese police--and that he plans on acquiring both. His followers are confident that they will succeed, because in the year and a half since Mello joined them, he has never been wrong. Mello then thinks to himself that he will "use any means necessary to beat Near."

In the next scene, Light uses his Death Note to kill Takimura. Afterwards, one of Mello's followers tells him that he and another member both fell asleep while guarding Takimura and when they awoke had found that Takimura had hung himself with his necktie. Mello takes this as good news, as it probably means that Kira cannot kill any of them, and also that he has a way of getting information from the Japanese police. Mello then decides that Sayu Yagami should be kidnapped next.

At the Investigation Team headquarters, Soichiro tells Light that he is fairly certain John MacEnroe's real name is Rally Connors. Afterwards, Misa arrives in the main room where everyone is present as tells Light she will be good and go to sleep by herself. Mogi, Aizawa, Matsuda, and Ide all have shocked looks on their faces because of Misa's skimpy outfit. Light however, unphased, says goodnight and Misa leaves the room. Ryuk says he is about to leave as well, but just then, Light realizes that if the kidnappers extracted information from Takimura, then the families of the Investigation Team are in danger. Just as this thought occurs to him, the team gets another call from Takimura's cell phone. Soichiro answers the phone and Aizawa immediately starts recording and tracing the call.

The caller tells Soichiro that the deal to exchange the director with their Death Note is off because Takimura is dead. However, they are now offering Sayu for the Death Note instead. Furthermore, if any of them contact any other members of the police about this matter, Sayu will be killed just as the director was. He then sends Soichiro a picture of Takimura. Light realizes that he made a mistake in killing Takimura, and Ryuk tells Light that things are finally interesting again. Soichiro then calls his wife to ask where Sayu is. She tells him she does not know where Sayu is. He then calls Sayu's cell phone, but receives no answer--it is revealed that her phone is on a road near a sidewalk. Light then tells the team that he believes Kira killed Takimura instead of the kidnappers in order to keep a Death Note out of the kidnappers' hands. He says he believes this because Kira would not want a Death Note in the possession of those who would use it for their own ends instead of judging criminals. Therefore, this must mean that Kira has a way of getting information from the Japanese police (who were informed of Takimura's kidnapping).

Meanwhile, Near is informed at the SPK headquarters that Takimura is dead. Near and other SPK members discuss whether or not Kira killed Takimura. Near then asks if anyone has yet discovered Mello's whereabouts, but no one has. Near decides that this probably means Mello is behind the kidnapping. Near then thinks to himself that Mello let his emotions get the best of him when he did not take a picture of him from the orphanage when he left--a picture Near now possesses.

Later in the evening, the Investigation Team is contacted again by the kidnappers, and Aizawa again begins to record and trace the call. The kidnappers tells Soichiro to bring the Death Note to Los Angeles in two days. Soichiro says he will not bring the Death Note unless he knows that his daughter is safe. The kidnapper says he will send another picture to Soichiro and then hangs up. The picture is of a tied up and gagged Sayu in front of a television showing a program. Aizawa announces that he has traced the call to the fifth district of Los Angeles. Light then tells the team that the television program shown in the picture is on the air in Los Angeles at the present time. Knowing that Sayu is safe, Soichiro announces that as the Vice Director of the police (and therefore the ranking official in the Japanese police) and Sayu's father, he will take the Death Note to Los Angeles and this is his decision to make. Furthermore, he will take all responsibility for his actions. Light tells his father it would be better if the team came up with a plan and Ide concurs, but Soichiro remains defiant.

At the SPK headquarters, Near explains to the FBI director that it is only a possibility that Kira killed Takimura. However, if this were true, it would mean Kira has a way of getting information from the Japanese police. The FBI director then receives a call from Light (calling himself L). Light (in a distorted voice) tells the director that he heard what Rally Connors had to say and asks if they would aid the Investigation Team with investigation the kidnapping of of Takimura. Near asks for the phone, and, like Light, has his voice distorted in order to keep his identity a secret. Near greets Light as the "Second L" and Light begins to panic. Regaining his composure, he says "Second? What do you mean?" Near tells Light that he's from the new group that is investigating Kira without L's help called the SPK. He also tells Light that those higher up in the organization know about L's death. Near then explains to Light that he is the leader of the SPK and goes by "N." The episode ends with Light thinking that this N has an "aura" that is frighteningly similar to L's. 
28 "Impatience"
"Shōsō" (焦燥) 
April 24, 2007 May 4, 2008

The episode begins with Near suggesting that he and Light cooperate on the Sayu kidnapping situation. Near also tells Light that his Investigation Team should handle the hostage negotiation instead of the SPK. As Light's team prepares for their flight to Los Angeles, Soichiro says that his life may be sacrificed. Light rebukes him for saying this and tells his father to do everything he can to save his and Sayu's lives. Afterwards, Light tells Misa she should come along because he may need her Shinigami Eyes. While Misa remains oblivious to the kidnapping, Light wonders if he will need to kill Sayu or not.

The next day, the Investigation Team splits up into different planes in order to monitor Soichiro from Los Angeles. However, one of Mello's men forces Soichiro to board a different plane than was originally planned, making it impossible for the Investigation Team to monitor him during his flight. His new plane is also heading for Los Angeles. Light orders Aiwaza to stand down and allow this to take place as they can't do anything yet. On the plane, one of Mello's operatives "hijacks" the plane and tells the airport to back off as they drop off a passenger (Soichiro) in a disclosed, remote location. Otherwise, all of the passengers on the plane will die. Near sends satellite images of Soichiro's drop off location to Light. The drop off is done in the middle of the desert. Through a wireless ear-piece, Mello tells Soichiro that his only interest is in obtaining the notebook. Light orders Near to prevent any police or military forces from interfering. With the satellite monitering Soichiro, both investigation teams are confident that they will discover Sayu's kidnapper. However, a secret floor ramp opens up and Mello orders Soichiro to enter. Near and Light become worried because no satellite can show what will be going on underground.

As Soichiro enters an underground facility, he finds Sayu in a type of containment that resembles a revolving door. A masked operative appears behind the glass. He explains that the glass is bullet-proof and tells Soichrio to place the Death Note in a slot. Once that is done, the door will turn, giving the masked man the note and Soichiro his daughter. If he doesn't, the man will shoot through the another slot and kill Sayu. Soichiro decides to place the Death Note in the slot and the unknown man tests out the Death Note by writing in a name. Meanwhile, Light is debating whether or not he should kill Sayu. Misa asks Light why he is so tense, and Light takes his anger out on Misa by verbally abusing her. Ryuk chuckles and calls Light an "irritable guy." Meanwhile, in Mello's hideout, a bodyguard falls to the floor dead. They claim that he stole from the mafia and was now useless. Mello's men tell the masked man that the bodyguard has died from a heart attack, thereby confirming that the Death Note is authentic. Light finally decides that he cannot bring himself to kill Sayu. A moment later, Soichiro appears from out of the underground chamber with Sayu in his arms.

The masked man runs to a helicopter and Near's team decides to track it. A moment later, a missile appears from the ground. The missile is launched and Near states that he will be unable to track it. Near and L do not know whether the Death Note is in the helicopter or the missile. A moment later, Mello destroys the helicopter and Near loses track of the missile. Both teams realize their defeat and the consequences of their failure. Misa tries to comfort Light with a drink, but Light casually pushes the drink away, causing it to fall onto the floor. Later, when Near is continuing to work on a building on his desk made of dice, he deliberately has the building collapse. As this happens, most of the SPK's members die from heart attacks. Director Mason and Agent Gardner die of cardiac arrest, and Agent Ratt commits suicide by a gunshot to the head (though it is unclear whether or not this is because of the Death Note or his own decision). Light then gets a message from Near. The message uses the same black font on a white background that L and Watari used when communicating with each other, and Near's voice is now no longer distorted. Near tells Light of the SPK's crushing blow, and insists that the two cooperate completely in the future. Near then says that he suspects a teen, nicknamed Mello, for these deaths and tells Light that he is playing a game to see who can catch Kira the fastest. Whoever catches Kira first, Near says, will win. Near also tells Light that there are no known pictures of Mello, though we already know this to be false. Finally, Near tells Light that Mello came from an orphanage named "The Wammy's House," and Light realizes that that was one of Watari's orphanages.

The episode ends with two shinigami having a conversation in their realm. One of them approaches a shinigami known as "Armonia Justin." The other shinigami (named "Siddoh") tells Armonia that he reported a lost Death Note to "the old guy" (presumably the King of the shinigami), and this old shinigami told him that it was the one Ryuk dropped. He then asks Armonia what he should do about this situation. Armonia suggests that he make Ryuk "give it back" to him by going to the Human World, and Siddoh agrees. 
29 "Father"
"Chichioya" (父親) 
May 1, 2007 May 11, 2008

The episode begins with an unresponsive Sayu Yagami in a wheelchair being pushed by her mother. Soichiro looks on sadly, and is depressed by what has happened to his family and his giving the Death Note to Mello's gang.

The shinigami that went to retrieve his Death Note--named Sidoh--confronts Ryuk about his missing Death Note. Ryuk instructs Siddoh to find it himself, as he has no idea where the Death Note is. Meanwhile, Matsuda and Aizawa return from a trip to England to tell Light the orphanage where Mello came from was actually a facility that brought together gifted children and trained them to become L's successor. They also learned the most gifted was Near, assumed to be the N of the SPK. They also bring sketches of what Mello and Near looked like as children. Afterwards, Light receives a letter from the current owner of the stolen Death Note (which he learned by Misa looking at the faces of mafia members until she found one without a lifespan) with the address of Mello's location (through manipulating him using the Death Note). As Light burns the letter with the address, Siddoh sees the address (somewhere in Los Angeles) and goes to find the current owner.

Siddoh arrives in Los Angeles and has the current owner touch the Death Note in order to see him. The frightened mafia member instructs the others to touch the Death Note as well, and they all see Siddoh. Siddoh explains to them that the last 2 rules of the Death Note are in fact fake, and Mello wonders if the Death Note originally belonged to Kira. Mello also tells Siddoh to guard their facility. Meanwhile, Light tells Ryuk he will give up ownership of his Death Note and will borrow Misa's in order to keep his memories. Light then begins to explain his plan to Misa. The next day, the Investigation Team receives a call from the distorted voice of Misa claiming to be Kira. 'Kira' tells them that he will be giving them his Death Note soon, and that they'll only need to see a person's face in order to know their name. Kira also tells them that most of the members of Mello's mafia will die at 11:59pm on November 10th, and that that will be their best chance of retrieving the stolen Death Note.

After receiving their second Death Note, the Investigation Team decides to go through with Kira's plan. Soichiro decides that he will make the deal with Ryuk for Shinigami Eyes because he was responsible for giving away their first Death Note to Mello. On November 10th, the Investigation Team storms Mello's facility immediately after most of his members are killed. Ryuk is there to keep Siddoh from interfering, and the team members successfully retrieve the Death Note, but Light (still at their headquarters) tells them to find Mello.

Once discovered by Soichiro, Mello sets off an explosive, destroying the entrances. Mello then threatens Soichiro with a gun and tells him he can set off another explosive that will destroy the entire building. Soichiro, who is currently looking in Mello's face, reads Mello's true name out loud; "Mihael Keehl. Your real name is Mihael Keehl". Mello, who is surprised that Soichiro knows this much, is then threatened by Soichiro that his name will be written in the recently recaptured Death Note. However, one of Mello's members shoots Soichiro with an automatic rifle. Soichiro falls over and holds onto the Death Note tightly. While Mello and the mafia member try and take the Death Note away, other members from the Investigation Team arrive. The mafia member is shot dead, and Mello then detonates another blast, therefore ensuring his escape and injuring the investigation team members.

Afterwards, Soichiro is taken to a hospital. Soichiro tells Light that he knows he cannot be Kira because he can see Light's lifespan. Because Soichiro is the only member of the Investigation Team who knows what Mello looks like, Light asks his father to kill Mello before he dies. Unfortunately, Soichiro dies before he can do this. Later that night, Light returns the Death Note that was once belonged to him back to Siddoh, and he flees away. The episode ends with Ryuk stating that people who use the Death Note become miserable, but probably that was not the case of Light's father, because he never used a Death Note even though he had the chance, and must have died in happiness, believing that his son wasn't Kira. 
30 "Justice"
"Seigi" (正義) 
May 8, 2007 May 18, 2008

The episode begins with Near playing with toys at the SPK headquarters. Near tells another member of the SPK that he believes that the Japanese Investigation Team is aiding Kira and that the Second L may be Kira himself. Meanwhile, the Investigation Team watches the latest broadcast from Sakura television, called "Kira's Kingdom." The host of the show is Demegawa (the manager Soichiro confronted during the Misa's first broadcast as the Second Kira). Demegawa talks about how crime is decreasing and life is improving as a result of Kira's judgment. The team looks at the program in disgust. Matsuda reminds them about a worldwide speech that the President of the United States is about to give and they begin to watch the speech. With the exception of Light, the team is shocked to learn that America is declaring its neutrality with respect to Kira. Afterwards, Matsuda begins to wonder if Kira is truly evil or not. Light agrees that it is a matter of perspective, but that their job is simply to catch Kira. Meanwhile, Near is disgusted by the president's decision.

In the next scene, Halle Lidner (an SPK agent) is assaulted by an unknown assailant in their home. The attacker turns out to be Mello, deeply scarred from the explosion. He gains entrance to Near's headquarters using Lidner as hostage and he seems tempted to kill Near with a gun. However, he says he only wants the picture Near has of him so that he will remain safe from Kira. In return, Mello tells Near about the existence of shinigami and tells him that some of the Death Note's rules are fake. With this new piece of information, Near begins to contemplate which rule is fake. Eventually, he decides that it is most likely the "13 day" rule.

He then contacts Light and questions him on this new theory. Near then tells Light that he wants to test the "13 day" rule to see if it is fake or not by writing down Mello's name. Light asks the Investigation Team for their opinions, and they all agree that the rule should not be tested. Light now realizes that the Investigation Team is beginning to wonder whether or not he is Kira. Later, he overhears Ide telling Aizawa that he would rather work for him than for Light. Aizawa then tells Ide that he plans to visit Near sometime soon. In response to Near's actions, Light contacts the President of the United States and threatens to kill him if he does not cooperate. Light tells him that he wants any information on the whereabouts of SPK members.

Meanwhile, Demegawa arrives in America as Kira's messenger to increase his audience. He then gives a major worldwide broadcast of the newly found SPK headquarters saying that they are an evil organization looking to overthrow Kira. An angry mob then tries to break in to the building, while Misa watched the mob via television. The episode ends with her waiting to see the names of the SPK members in order to kill them. 
31 "Transfer"
"Ijō" (移譲) 
May 15, 2007 May 25, 2008

The episode begins with Mello arriving at an airport in Japan where he then watches Demegawa on television. Demegawa commands the followers of Kira to continue to smash into the SPK headquarters in New York from a helicopter. Misa continues to watch the scene on television waiting to kill Near as soon as he exits the building using her Shinigami eyes. Light tells Near that he should retreat from the building. Near deduces that the Second L is Kira based on the fact that the SPK has only now been targeted after he began suspecting the Japanese Investigation Team - the timing being too convenient. Near tells the other members of the Japanese Investigation Team to consider that the Second L is Kira, or at the very least that Kira is among them. Aizawa starts to think the possibility that Light is Kira, remembering that he was suspected by the original L.

As the protesters outside the SPK headquarters continue to break in, they become distracted and fight among themselves when Near and the SPK start dropping buckets of money out the windows (the original L's inheritance). Light and the Japanese Investigation Team watch as the police arrive and break up the riot. Near and the SPK exit the building dressed as policemen with face masks and body armor. After the SPK made it out safely, Near calls the Japanese Investigation Team from the now safe SPK headquarters. He tells them that his phone number has been re-established and any member of the team is free to contact him with information regarding Kira. Light considers his options and e-mails Misa with a plan.

Aizawa calls Near and gives him information regarding Light and Misa's confinement and how they used the 13 day rule to clear their name, but does not reveal their identities. Aizawa then tells Near about Chief Yagami pretending to kill Light and Misa and how L cleared their names based on Light not killing the Chief at that point. Near realizes that Kira used his confinement to clear his name and asks Aizawa if the First Kira suspect volunteered to be confined. Aizawa says nothing, and Near tells him that from this he knows that he volunteered. Near asks who the suspects were, but Aizawa refuses to reveal their names. Near thanks Aizawa for revealing this information as well as the information regarding the Shinigami eyes. Near discovers that Chief Yagami and Light were father and son and concludes that Kira and the Second L is Yagami Light.

Back at the Japanese Investigation Team headquarters, Aizawa tells Light that he contacted Near. Light asks Aizawa what they talked about, but then he changes his mind and says it would be inappropriate for him to know. Aizawa also says that he wants to resume video surveillance on Light and Misa to help clear their names, to which Light agrees. Aizawa and Mogi go to Misa's apartment to search for a Death Note, but they do not find anything. Meanwhile, Demegawa appears on television hosting Kira's Kingdom and asks Kira's followers to donate money to help them build a temple to worship Kira. The investigation team are disgusted that Demegawa is exploiting the Kira situation. Aizawa arrives back at the headquarters and watches the television along with the investigation team.

Demegawa then reveals to the public his "hand selected officers" of Kira's Kingdom. The investigation team agrees that Demegawa is using Kira for his own personal gain, and Light thinks to himself that Demegawa is now no longer useful. Demegawa and his officers are then killed on television by Teru Mikami. It is revealed that Light instructed Misa to forfeit ownership of her Death Note (thus erasing her knowledge of Death Notes) and mail it to Teru Mikami. Aizawa realizes that with Mogi still at Misa's, Light and Misa cannot be responsible for these new deaths. He then begins to doubt that Light and Misa are guilty. It is then revealed that Light selected Teru Mikami based on his television appearances on the tv show Kira's Kingdom, confirming that he has the same views as Kira. Also, Mikami is someone that would understand why he would be chosen if he were given the note. The episode ends with Mikami telling Ryuk that he is happy that he can pass judgment on criminals and answers the question (to himself), "What do you think Kira is?", by saying that Kira is God. 
32 "Selection"
"Sentaku" (選択) 
May 22, 2007 June 1, 2008

The episode begins with the back story of the new character Mikami Teru, mostly narrated by him. As a young boy, he took it upon himself to protect those at his school who were bullied. This was because Mikami felt that all humans could be divided into those that were "good" and "evil." By the time Mikami was in high school, his mother expressed frustration with him for attracting the attention of bullies for trying to protect their victims. In Mikami's view, she was on the side of evil because she refused to stand up to it. Not long afterward, the students who bullied Mikami and others were killed in a car wreck due to their recklessness. One pedestrian was also killed as a result--Mikami's mother. Mikami was first shocked to see all those he had judged had died. However, his class was peaceful afterwards, and Mikami began to believe that God wanted him to continued standing up to evil. As a result, he decided to become a prosecutor.

Many years later, criminals everywhere began to die from heart attack. Mikami was convinced that this was God committing righteous judgment. In order to help God, Mikami decided to be a frequent guest on the show "Kira's Kingdom." As a result, he was noticed by Light and given a Death Note. Mikami became ecstatic and began passing judgment on criminals in Light's stead.

Back at the Japanese Investigation Team headquarters, Light began to wonder who Mikami would choose as the next spokesperson for Kira. At that moment, Matsuda arrives to tell them that Kira has chosen a new spokesperson--Takada Kiyomi. This woman was one of Light's girlfriends in college (in order to keep suspicion away from Misa). Mogi remembers this, and wonders if this makes Light more suspicious. At first, Light is worried because of this connection, but he realizes that he can use her to his advantage, and make the Investigation Team believe that he can use her to their advantage. Light promptly informs the Investigation Team that she was his girlfriend in college and that she is definitely a supporter of Kira. He then tells them he will set up a meeting with her in order to use their past relationship for the benefit of the investigation. Aizawa tells Light that he will want to listen to his conversation with Takada, and Light agrees.

Light calls up Takada's on her cell phone and tells her it is important for the two of them to meet soon. She wonders why he hasn't spoken with her in so long. Light immediately apologizes, and tells her that he was unable to talk with her as often as would have liked back in college. Light then tells her that he is now a member of the Japanese police. Knowing that the Japanese police currently do nothing to stop Kira, she agrees to meet. Before ending the call, Takada asks Light if it would be appropriate for them to meet, considering he is together with Misa, but Light tells her that Misa lacks the intelligence to be his partner.

Meanwhile, at Light's apartment, Misa tells Mogi that he shouldn't tell Light that the two of them have been seeing each other so often, as they would surely be misunderstood. It is revealed that the room is bugged with cameras and microphones, and that Mello and one of his henchmen are watching her. Mello says to himself that although he found out from Near that Misa could be the Second Kira, he doesn't see how she could be considering how stupid she appears.

Afterwards, Light prepares for his meeting with Takada in a hotel room. During Takada's latest broadcast, she says that people who do not do as Kira wishes will also be killed. A few people watching in the hotel lobby wonder if this means Kira will kill lazy people. Light determines that it is very important to talk with Mikami, as this decision has been a hasty one. The room where he is to meet Takada is bugged by the Investigation Team and Aizawa, Ide, and Matsuda watch Light and Takada's meeting. After her broadcast, Takada goes to meet Light in the hotel room.

It is clear that Light is attempting to seduce Takada, and it appears that he is succeeding. Then, Takada receives a call from Mikami, and tells Light that it is a call from Kira. Mikami asks Takada if she is with anyone, and she says she is meeting an old friend. Mikami wonders who an old friend suddenly deciding to have a private meeting with her could be, and so he asks to talk to this person. Takada gives the phone to Light and Mikami asks (in a distorted voice) who it is. Light replies, "November 26th? 5 pages? What are you talking about?" Mikami realizes that this is a clear reference to the package he received with the Death Note and exclaims "God!" Mikami asks Light if he is unable to act freely and whether he is under surveillance to which Light responds "Yes." Light then asks Mikami if he is really Kira. Mikami then tells Light to tune into Sakura television.

Light responds "Sakura television you say?", and both Takada and the Investigation Team tune into that channel. Another spokesperson is elaborate clothing is speaking as a false spokesperson for Kira. He then dies of a heart attack. Light then tells himself that Mikami has exceeded his expectations and puts a piece of paper in front of one of the Investigation Team cameras. The paper says that Kira wants him to remove all bugs from the room. Knowing they have no choice, the Investigation Team allows Light to turn off all of the bugs. Now that it is safe to speak, Light informs Takada that he is Kira and that Mikami is currently the person with the power to judge criminals. Light then finishes his conversation with Mikami and tells Takada that he wants her to be his goddess in the new world. Takada is overwhelmed since she greatly respected Light in college and embraces him.

After the meeting, Light calls the Investigation Team to inform them that he will pretend to be Takada's boyfriend from now on and that this will be in order to catch Kira. The episode ends with a delirious Mikami judging criminals at a fast pace. Ryuk watches as Mikami repeatedly writes down the names of criminals and says "delete!" over and over. 
33 "Scorn"
"Chōshō" (嘲笑) 
May 29, 2007 June 8, 2008
Near arrives in Japan and his group starts to investigate Mikami. 
34 "Vigilance"
"Koshi" (虎視) 
June 5, 2007 June 15, 2008
Aizawa uses a trick of his to see through Light's deception and discovers the truth about him. Later, the SPK puts Misa and Mogi into their custody. 
35 "Malice"
"Satsui" (殺意) 
June 12, 2007 June 22, 2008
In a daring operation, Mello makes his move and successfully kidnaps Takada, posing as a hindrance to both Near and Light's plans. During the kidnapping, Matt is killed by Takada's security force. Takada kills Mello; Light then induces her to commit suicide. 
36 "1.28"
June 19, 2007 June 29, 2008
Each having developed a strategy to bring the other down for good, Light and Near finally meet face to face. Light carries out his plan using Teru Mikami, while Near is confident that the pages Mikami is using are fake, confessing he tampered with them. 
37 "New World"
"Shinsekai" (新世界) 
June 26, 2007 July 4, 2008
The fight between Kira and his pursuers finally comes to an end. After Near confesses that the Death Note Mikami has is a fake, he tells Light that he has lost. Out of options, Light desperately claims that Near has framed him, but finally resorts to trying to write Near's name on a piece of the Death Note. Before he can, Light is shot several times by Matsuda, the latter angry that Light did not care about his father's death. As Light writhes on the floor in agony, Mikami goes insane and commits suicide. Light manages to escape the wharf, but as he runs away he is killed by Ryuk, using his Death Note. Misa Amane prepares to commit suicide. 
38 "Death Note Rewrite, Vol. 1"
"Direkutāzu Katto Kanzen Ketchaku ~Riraito · Genshisuru Kami~" (ディレクターズカット完全決着版 ~リライト・幻視する神~) 
August 31, 2007 June 16, 2009
A special two hour episode of Death Note, mainly a compilation of the confrontations between Light and L, re-edited from Ryuk's perspective with new dialogue and soundtrack along with additional animation that could not be included in the original series. A shinigami comes to Ryuk to question him about his new story in the human world.[1] 
39 "Director's Cut Complete Conclusion Rewrite 2: L's Successors"
"Direkutāzu Katto Kanzen Ketchaku ~ Riraito 2 Eru o Tsugu Mono~" (ディレクターズカット完全決着版 ~リライト2 Lを継ぐ者~) 
August 22, 2008 TBA
A sequel to the previous "Death Note Rewrite." This story continues where the previous left off, continuing the story of Light. As the previous special told Light and L's battles, this story does the same with the conflicts between Light, Mello, and Near.[7] 

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