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Image:Mindmanager icon.png

Developed by Mindjet
Latest release 8.0 / November 11, 2008
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Mind mapping
License Commercial
Website http://www.mindjet.com/

MindManager, called MindMan until version 3.5, is a commercial mind mapping software application developed by Mindjet Corporation. Mind maps created in MindManager are based on the mind mapping method by Tony Buzan. The latest version, MindManager 8, is available for Microsoft Windows only, though previous versions supported Mac OS X and files created in the most recent versions are compatible with both platforms. In 2008 Mindjet introduced Mindjet Connect, an online collaboration service with centralized storage, Instant Meeting, and communications features. Connect is accessible with MindManager 8 on Windows and via MindManager Web, a Flash-based client.

Features include support for manual and automatic task management, filters, an open API, and RSS support. Maps can pull data from Microsoft Excel and Outlook, and can be exported to Word, PowerPoint, Visio and Project, as HTML web pages, as an embeddable Player, and as PDF documents.[1]

MindManager supports Ecma International's Office Open XML format[2] and has adopted Microsoft's Fluent user interface, commonly known as the Ribbon.


[edit] Product history

Current product line in bold.

Date Name and version Supported OS Languages
1994 MindMan 1.0 Microsoft Windows English, German
1996 MindMan 2.0 Microsoft Windows English, German
1997 MindMan 3.0 Microsoft Windows English, German
1998 MindManager 3.5 Microsoft Windows English, German
1999 MindManager 4 Microsoft Windows English, German
2000 MindManager 2002 Microsoft Windows English, German
2002 MindManager PocketPC and PalmOS English, German
2003 MindManager for Tablet PC Microsoft Windows English, German
2003 MindManager X5 Microsoft Windows English, German
2005 MindManager 6 Microsoft Windows English, German
2006 MindManager 6 Microsoft Windows French, Japanese
2006 MindManager 6 Mac OS X English, German, French, Japanese
2007 MindManager 7 Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X English, German, French, Japanese
2008 Mindjet Connect Microsoft Windows English, German
2008 MindManager Web All (Adobe Flash) English, German
2008 MindManager 8 Microsoft Windows English, German

[edit] File format

The MindManager file format is a ZIP archive with XML and binary data inside:

  • Document.xml: this contains the structure and data in the map. The format of the XML is defined by the XML Schema files also included in the zip archive.
  • Preview.png: a small thumbnail-sized image of the map
  • xsd\MindManagerApplication.xsd: the primary XML Schema file
  • xsd\MindManagerCore.xsd: a supporing core XML schema file
  • xsd\MindManagerDelta.xsd: a supporting XML schema file that supports differences between map versions
  • xsd\MindManagerPrimitive.xsd: a supporting primitive XML schema file.
  • bin\*.bin: all attachments and images not provided with MindManager in the map

The MindManager file format is backwards and forwards compatible with versions 5 through 8. The MindManager file format XSD schemas are also publicly available.

[edit] Integration & add-ins

MindManager also integrates into many other applications through its published API. The availability of this has made it accessible so that third party add-ins can be created to extend the functionality of MindManager. These add-ins cover applications such as Lotus Notes & Salesforce.com. Further examples of extensibility for MindManager can be found on the Mindjet Solutions Website.

[edit] Awards

MindManager has received numerous awards over its lifetime, including "Collaboration Product of the Year" for 2008 by Intranet Journal,[3] a Jolt Productivity award for Design and Modeling tools from Dr. Dobb's Journal[4], and "Best of CeBIT" in the Personal Software category in 2004[5].

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