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Ross Jeffries (born Paul Jeffrey Ross on 20 September 1958) is a former comedy writer and the creator of "Speed Seduction," a set of personal development writings and seminars that draw on Neuro-linguistic Programming and hypnotic techniques. Jeffries claims these methods help men understand women, particularly their motivations and psychology, in order to successfully pick-up women. Ross's current version of Speed Seduction focuses on techniques of moving "energy" through the body and the practice of magick. His techniques and online persona have been the subject of some controversy.


[edit] Speed Seduction

Jefferies' first book.

Jeffries is said to have started the seduction community with his online posts. He was the first of the Seduction Community to create a website, usenet newsgroup; he also published books, CDs, Videos; and runs seminars which thousands of men who he claims to have helped with dating and self-improvement. Speed seduction is based on adaptations made by Jeffries to techniques found Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The basis of the original Speed Seduction books and courses is the belief that in order for a person to interpret a story, question or any linguistic pattern they must first experience its content eg. asking someone “Have you ever been really attracted to someone?” will cause them to remember how it feels to be attracted. The goal is to arouse women by guiding their emotional states by using language. This is said to put them in a connected or sexual state, similar to the experiences of women reading romance novels. Phonetic ambiguity (such as your mind vs you're mine) and emotional anchoring are used. The concept is that by using "anchors" and "weasel phrases," these positive states can be associated to oneself and negative emotions can be avoided. From that point on, Jeffries says that the seducer can remind a woman of these emotional states by his appearance or touch, as explained in How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed (1992). Jeffries' students have included David DeAngelo, a well-known seductionist who popularized of “cocky comedy”. He was featured as a pick-up mentor to Neil Strauss in Strauss' bestselling book The Game.

[edit] Controversy

Jeffries argues that his methods are completely different from the dating framework that is advocated by other romance gurus. However, others deny this, and it has earned him the nickname Mine99, as he says all the techniques are based on ones he developed in 1999. Jeffries considers the dating framework to be heavily promoted by the entertainment industry for commercial reasons and to be ineffective for bringing men and women closely together, either for sex or romance. Jeffries denies that he is a misogynist, claiming his techniques are designed to bring pleasure to both men and women through a deeper understanding of the needs of each person. [1] However his technique explicitly tells men to demonstrate mastery over a woman and her world.[2]

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