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Ubuntu Netbook Remix
OS family Unix-like
Working state Current
Source model Free software / Open Source
Available language(s) Multilingual
Update method APT (front-ends available)
Package manager dpkg
Kernel type Monolithic kernel
Default user interface GNOME + Ubuntu Netbook Remix
License Mainly the GNU GPL / Various others
Website http://www.canonical.com/projects/ubuntu/unr

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is an official distribution of Ubuntu for netbooks, optimized for use with the Intel Atom processor.[1] It is based on the standard (full version e.g. Ubuntu 8.10) Ubuntu Desktop distribution, but adds a window picker and an application launcher optimized for netbooks.[2] Canonical, the company that backs Ubuntu, is collaborating with Moblin project to ensure optimization for lower hardware requirements and higher battery life.[3] Ubuntu Netbook Remix will be available to the public, with optional audio and video decoders for OEMs.[4] The first devices using Netbook Remix were scheduled to be released in late 2008. Development version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix is available at Launchpad as Personal Package Archive for the standard Ubuntu Desktop 8.04 and 8.10 versions.


[edit] Specifications

Minimum System Requirements
Processor RAM Storage
Intel Atom processor 512 MB 4 GB Flash disk (SSD) or hard disk

[edit] Applications

[edit] Standard

[edit] Optional

[edit] Codecs for OEMs

[edit] Devices

Ubuntu Netbook Remix is shipped with the following netbooks:

  • Sylvania G Netbook Meso[5]
  • Toshiba NB100[6]

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