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This is a list of applications designed for use with the GNOME desktop environment.


[edit] Official applications

GNOME includes several pieces of software directly visible to the user. Here is the list of applications supplied as part of a GNOME release:

aisleriot A collection of solitaire card games
Alacarte Menu editor
Baobab disk usage analyzer
Banter real time collaboration client focused on the big three: text, voice and video
blackjack Game
Brasero application to burn CD/DVD
Coaster cd burning application
Cheese a Photo Booth inspired GNOME application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam
DeskbarApplet omnipresent versatile search interface
dia diagram creation tool that supports UML modeling
dogtail GUI test tool and automation framework written in Python
Drivel blog client.
Ekiga Telephony, video conferencing and Voice over IP
Empathy a gnome instant messenger.
Epiphany Web Browser
Evince Document Viewer
Eye of GNOME Image Viewer
File Roller Archive Creator and Extractor
gattaxx Game
gcalctool Calculator
gconf-editor Advanced Configuration Editor
gdm X display manager
gedit Text Editor
Geyes A goofy little xeyes clone for the GNOME panel.
gfloppy Floppy disk formatter
glines Game
gnet a networking API built atop GTK's GLib library
gnibbles Game: Apple eating worm
gnobots2 Game
gnome-cd Audio CD player
gnome control center
gnome keyring manager Password manager
gnome-mag Desktop magnifier
gnome-panel Desktop panel for launching applications and showing applets
gnome-nettool Network diagnostic tools
gnome-screensaver Simple screensaver configuration
gnome-screenshot Take screenshots
gnome-search-tool Search for files
gnome-sound-recorder Sound recorder
gnome-system-monitor Process and resource monitor
gnome-system-tools System configuration tools
Gnome Terminal Terminal emulator
gnometris Game
gnome-volume-manager Daemon to manage removable media (flash drives, DVDS, etc.)
gnomine Game : Avoid the mines
gnopernicus Screen reader for blind or visually impaired users
gnotravex Game
gnotski Game
gok On-screen keyboard
gtali Game
gucharmap Character map
iagno Game
logview Logfile viewer
mahjong Game
Nautilus File Manager
nautilus-cd-burner Simple data CD burner
Novell Evolution Email Client and PIM
pessulus Lockdown editor
Preferred applications Web browser, Mail reader, Text editor and Terminal [1]
Print Manager manage print jobs [2]
Same Gnome Game
Sound Juicer CD Ripper
sabayon User profile editor
Tomboy Note-taking software
Totem Media Player (sound, video)
Update-manager GNOME application that manages software updates [3]
vino VNC server
Yelp Help viewer
zenity Show GUI dialogs from scripts

[edit] Other applications

Although GNOME can run most X11-compatible applications, the following list presents software products which use GNOME development libraries and technology, grouped by where they will most likely appear in the GNOME menu structure.

[edit] Accessories

[edit] Games

[edit] Graphics

[edit] Internet

[edit] Office

[edit] Other

[edit] Tablet Applications

  • Gournal - pen notetaking application
  • Xournal - pen notetaking application
  • Jarnal - pen notetaking application

[edit] Programming

[edit] Sound & Video

CD manipulation

[edit] System Tools

  • GNOME Commander - "two-pane" graphical filemanager
  • GParted - Partition Editor
  • wnck - the Window Navigator Construction Kit
  • gnee, a Gnome GUI and a panel applet that can be used to record and replay test cases.

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[edit] References

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