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An e-book reader, sometimes also called an e-book device, is a device used to display e-books. It may be a device specifically designed for that purpose, or one intended for other purposes as well. The term is restricted to hardware devices, not software programs.[citation needed] The main advantages of these devices are portability, light diffusion,[citation needed] and long battery life. It should be noted that any Personal Data Assistant (PDA) capable of displaying text on a screen is capable of being an e-book reader.


[edit] Commercially available devices based on electronic paper

[edit] Rebranded devices

[edit] Announced devices or prototypes

[edit] LCD and other screen technologies

  • JetBook, 5 inch display, 7.5 ounces (212 grams), by Ectaco - 2008
  • Cybook Gen1 (2004), 10 inch color LCD tablet from Bookeen
  • Ebookwise 1150 (2004), 5.5 inch LCD, a re-branded Gemstar GEB 1150.
  • MyFriend (~2001), 7.5 inch LCD (640 x 960), about 1 kg, by IPM-Net
  • Hiebook (2001?), 5.6 inch LCD, 250 gram.

[edit] Discontinued

  • Gemstar REB 1200 and GEB 2150 2001 - 2004 [15]
  • Gemstar REB 1100 [16]
  • Rocket Ebook (1998-2001(?)) [17]
  • Softbook
  • Everybook
  • Handera H330
  • Franklin eBookMan - 1999(?)-2002

[edit] Other mobile text viewers

Some portable multimedia players and smartphones include a text viewer, e.g. several Cowon players, including the Cowon D2 and the iAUDIO U3 and Mobipocket Reader for Symbian OS mobile phones.

There are also mobile devices capable of wordprocessing.

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