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An IBA Official Cocktail is one of several cocktails selected by the International Bartenders Association (IBA) for use in the annual World Cocktail Competition (WCC)[1] in bartending. As such, these mixed drinks are some of the most notable and frequently-made cocktails by professional bartenders around the world.


[edit] List of cocktails

As of January 1, 2008, the IBA Official Cocktails were divided into four categories:

[edit] Before-Dinner Cocktail - Dry or Medium


[edit] After-Dinner Cocktail - Sweet

[edit] Long Drink - Collins Type

[edit] Fancy Drink - Long, medium, short

[edit] List of sweetened products

The following "Sweetened products" are restricted to two centilitres (4 tsp, or 2/3 US fl oz) in the Before-Dinner Cocktail category:

  1. Vermouth (White, Red, Rose)
  2. All Sweet Liqueurs, e.g. Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Drambuie, Midori, Galliano, and Creams
  3. Bols, Monin, Marie Brizard, De Kuyper range of products
  4. Sweet Port, Sweet Marsala
  5. Cream Sherry
  6. All Syrups
  7. Asti Sparkling Wine

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[edit] References and notes

  1. ^ World Cocktail Competition (WCC) International Bartenders Association. Retrieved 2007-01-01.
  2. ^ WCC rules stipulate: The Before Dinner Cocktail shall not contain more than two (2) centilitres of Sweetened products.

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