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Drawing depicting bukkake

Bukkake (Japanese: ブッカケ) Bukkake.ogg pronunciation (1: IPA: /bu̜ˈk:ake̞/ 2: IPA: /bʊˈkæke/) is a sexual practice that features a woman being ejaculated on by multiple men. [1][2][3][4]

The term has seen current usage in pornographic films, more expansively to include one or more subjects. Bukkake, in porn-parlance, also refers to mass ejaculation on any part of the body (not just on the face), or into various types of containers for the purpose of ingestion by the receiver.

See main article: Gokkun.


[edit] Etymology

Bukkake is the noun form of the Japanese verb bukkakeru (ぶっ掛ける, to dash [water]), and means simply "splash". The compound verb can be decomposed into two verbs: butsu (ぶつ) and kakeru (掛ける). Butsu literally means to hit, but in this usage it appears to be an intensive prefix as in buttamageru (ぶったまげる, "completely astonished") or butchigiri (ぶっちぎり, "overwhelming win").

Kakeru in this context means to shower or pour. The word bukkake is often used in Japanese to describe pouring out water with sufficient momentum to cause splashing or spilling. Indeed, bukkake is used in Japan to describe a type of dish where the toppings are poured on top of noodles, as in bukkake-udon and bukkake-soba.

A significant factor in the development of bukkake as a pornographic form was the mandatory censorship of genitalia in Japan. Since the directors could not show penetration they sought other ways to depict sex acts without violating Japanese law. Semen was not required to be censored, thus creating a loophole for harder sex scenes.

[edit] History

One theory states that bukkake originates in ancient Japan, where unfaithful women were publicly humiliated by being tied up as every man in town ejaculated over her.[5] No historical records of such a practice are known, and it is possible that the theory was invented by an adult website designer.

The first known recorded and publicly released act of bukkake in Japanese pornography was in the movie Mascot Note (マスカットノート ?) starring Matsuoka Aiko, released in December 1986, the act being previously known simply as gansha (顔射 "facial ejaculation"?). However, popularization of the act and the term for it has been credited to director Kazuhiko Matsumoto.[6]

The name "bukkake" has also been applied to the act of men ejaculating on other men[7], and pornographic use of the word has been expanded to include lesbian bukkake, which obviously contains no semen.

[edit] Sociology

Some feminists have described bukkake as a fetish culture beyond sex. Others describe bukkake as symbolic group rape, and its primary purpose as the humiliation, degradation and objectification of women,[8] and that the use of ejaculation is part of a humiliation ritual and generally does not involve any of the female characters experiencing orgasm.[9]

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