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Almost every April Fools' Day (1 April) since 1989, the Internet Engineering Task Force has published one or more humorous RFC documents, following in the path blazed by the June 1973 RFC 527 entitled ARPAWOCKY, which parodied Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem Jabberwocky. The following list also includes humorous RFCs published on other dates.


[edit] List of April 1st RFCs

[edit] Other humorous RFCs

[edit] Non-RFC IETF humor

  • An announcement on the IETF list [2] about the appointment of the Sesame Street character Bert[3] as member of the IAB appears to have been the April Fools' Day 2006 stunt.

[edit] Submission of April Fools' Day RFCs

The IETF accepts submission of properly formatted April Fools' Day RFCs from the general public, and considers them for publication in the same year if received at least two weeks prior to April, 1st.[1][2]

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