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This is a list of official U.S. state foods:

State Food type Food name Image Year &
Alabama State nut Pecan 1982[1]
State fruit Blackberry 2004[2]
State tree fruit Peach 2006[3]
Arkansas State fruit/vegetable South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato 1987[4]
State grain Rice 2007[4]
Florida State pie Key lime pie State flower: orange blossum
State fruit Orange 2005
Georgia State prepared food Grits [5]
State fruit Peach
State vegetable Vidalia Sweet Onion
Idaho State food Potato
State fruit Huckleberry 2000
Illinois State snack food Popcorn [6]
State fruit Apple [citation needed]
Indiana State pie Hoosier Pie (Sugar cream pie) 2009[7]
Kentucky State fruit Blackberry 2004[8]
Louisiana State fruit Strawberry 1980
State jellies Mayhaw jelly
Louisiana sugar cane jelly
State meat pie Natchitoches meat pie 2003
State vegetable Sweet potato 2003
Maine State fruit Wild blueberry 1991
Maryland State food Blue crabs 1989
State dessert Smith Island Cake 2008
Massachusetts State fruit Cranberry
State muffin Corn muffin [9]
State bean Baked navy bean [10]
State dessert Boston cream pie [11]
State cookie Chocolate chip cookie [12]
State donut Boston cream donut [13]
Minnesota State fruit Honeycrisp apple
State grain Wild rice
State muffin Blueberry muffin [14]
State mushroom Morel
Missouri State fruit Norton Cynthiana grape
State dessert Ice cream cone
New Hampshire State vegetable Pumpkin [15]
New Jersey State fruit Highbush Blueberry 2004[16]
New Mexico State cookie Bizcochito [17]
State vegetables Chiles
Frijoles (refried beans)
New York State muffin Apple muffin [18]
State fruit Apple
North Carolina State blue berry Blueberry 2001[19]
State red berry Strawberry 2001[19]
State fruit Scuppernong Grape 2001[19]
State vegetable Sweet potato 1995[19]
North Dakota State fruit Chokecherry 2007
Oklahoma State menu item Barbecued pork [20][21]
State menu item Chicken fried steak
State menu item Sausage
State menu item Biscuits and gravy
State menu item Fried okra
State menu item Squash
State menu item Grits Grits, served with a waffle.
State menu item Corn
State menu item Black-eyed peas
State menu item Cornbread
State menu item Pecan pie
State fruit Strawberries
State vegetable Watermelon 2007
Oregon State fruit Pear
State mushroom Pacific Golden Chanterelle
State nut Hazelnut
Pennsylvania State cookie Chocolate chip cookie [22]
Rhode Island State fruit Rhode Island Greening Apple
South Carolina State fruit Peach 1984[23]
State snack food Boiled peanuts 2006[24]
South Dakota State dessert Kuchen
State bread Frybread
Tennessee State fruit Tomato 2003
Texas State bread Pan de campo 2005[25]
State dish Chili con carne 1977[25]
State fruit Texas Red Grapefruit 1993[25]
State health nut Native pecan 2001[25]
State pastries Sopaipilla
2003-2005 [25]
State pepper Jalapeño 1995[25]
State native pepper Chiltepin 1997[25]
State snack Tortilla chips
State vegetable Sweet onion 1997[25]
Utah State fruit Cherry 1997[26]
State historic vegetable Sugar beet 2002[27]
State snack food Jell-O 2001[28]
State vegetable Spanish sweet onion 2002[27]
Vermont State fruit Apple
State pie Apple pie
Virginia State meat Virginia ham
Washington State fruit Apple [29]
State muffin Blueberry
State vegetable Walla Walla Sweet Onion
State tuber Russet potato
West Virginia State fruit Golden Delicious apple
Wisconsin State fruit Cranberry
State muffin Cranberry

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In some cases where a reference in the chart above refers to more than one food item, it will be listed only with the first food item.

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