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Design by Moonlight (Infantile Paralysiser)
Developed by Krishen V. Persaud
Initial release 2008
Latest release 2.00 beta 10 [Link]
Operating system [1]
Platform Nintendo DS (Homebrew)eg Nintendo DS card slot
Available in Multi
Type Media player
License Open Source / Freeware

MoonShell is a homebrew multimedia player for the Nintendo DS dual-screen handheld videogame system. It is one of the most well known pieces of Nintendo DS homebrew software, and as of August 2008, one of the few ways to play video on the DS.

The player supports DPG video files, MP3 / OGG / MOD / SPC / MDX (no PCM) / GBS / HES / NSF / XM / MIDI / WMA / low bit rate AAC audio / non-progressive JPEG / BMP / GIF / PNG images, and text files. MoonShell plays fullscreen videos at 20fps and widescreen videos at 24fps, with joint stereo sound at a samplerate of 32.768 kHz. Both screens on the DS are used, with the bottom screen allowing file selection and control via touchscreen. The integrated plug-in system provides extensibility of program features. To add a feature, the plug-in files are simply copied to the appropriate folder. In order to function as a media player, several plug-in files are distributed with the software.

MoonShell is included as the default multimedia player for the commercial products N-Card, R4 DS, EDGE, CycloDS, AceKard, i-cheat XTRA and M3 DS Simply. The EZFlash V Flash Card and SuperCard One has modified Moonshell source code for firmware use which can be used for booting NDS files. Another modification made for the product M3 Real is the DSM Player.

It can also be loaded onto TTDS/DSTT carts by following this faq -


[edit] MoonShell 2.00

[edit] Videos

As of version 2.00 (Currently in development), video playback does not skip as it uses a buffer instead of direct reading, meaning that movies/videos with a lot of action will not skip. Because of this, it is also possible to use a higher bitrate. People have encoded videos using 800kb/s and higher and can watch the videos without problems at all. Audio can have a higher bitrate as well.

[edit] Audio

Audio has been improved. It now fully supports MPEG-4 AAC Files and as of the latest beta, it is also possible to listen to WMA files.

[edit] The GUI

The gui has been slightly improved and is more user-friendly. It now displays informations such as the length of an audio file and it displays the ID3Tag at the top screen using transparency so people can see the playlist.

[edit] Video encoding

There are several methods of encoding standard video formats into the DS-native DPG video format. On Microsoft Windows, the programs SUPER, batchDPG[1] and dpgenc, the latter being included with the Moonshell package, are able to convert a wide variety of video formats into DPG. There are also other alternatives for Windows. On other platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS X, MEncoder is capable of producing compatible files if given the right settings, and numerous scripts such as mpeg_stat and DPG Converter exist to automate this process. Also, the Moon Books Project website offers browser based, online video conversion, providing another, platform neutral alternative.

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