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The following is a list of algorithms described in Wikipedia. This list is manually updated and additions of links to existing pages are welcome. See also the list of data structures, list of algorithm general topics and list of terms relating to algorithms and data structures.

If you intend to describe a new algorithm, please read algorithms on Wikipedia first, then add a link to your article and a one-line description here.


[edit] Abstract Algebra

[edit] Coding Theory

[edit] Combinatorial algorithms

[edit] General combinatorial algorithms

[edit] Graph algorithms

[edit] Network theory

[edit] Routing Problems

[edit] Subgraphs

[edit] Search algorithms

[edit] String algorithms

[edit] Searching

[edit] Approximate matching

[edit] Sorting algorithms

[edit] Merge algorithms

  • Simple Merge algorithm
  • k-way Merge algorithm

[edit] Compression algorithms

[edit] Lossless compression algorithms

[edit] Lossy compression algorithms

[edit] Computational geometry

[edit] Computer algebra

[edit] Computer graphics

[edit] Computer vision

[edit] Cryptographic algorithms

[edit] Digital signal processing

[edit] Image Processing

[edit] Electronics and hardware algorithms

[edit] Machine Learning and Statistical Classification

[edit] Number theoretic algorithms

[edit] Numerical algorithms

[edit] Elementary and Special Functions

[edit] Geometric

  • Level set method (LSM): a numerical technique for tracking interfaces and shapes

[edit] Interpolation and Extrapolation

[edit] Numerical Integration

[edit] Linear Algebra

[edit] Monte Carlo

[edit] Root Finding

[edit] Optimization algorithms

[edit] Programming Language Theory

[edit] Parsing

[edit] Quantum algorithms

Application of quantum computation to various categories of problems and algorithms

[edit] Science and Medicine

[edit] Astronomy

[edit] Geoscience

  • Vincenty's formulae: a fast algorithm to calculate the distance between two latitude/longitude points on an ellipsoid

[edit] Physics

[edit] Linguistics

[edit] Medicine

[edit] Software engineering

[edit] Database algorithms

[edit] Distributed systems algorithms

[edit] Memory Allocation and deallocation algorithms

[edit] Operating systems algorithms

[edit] Disk scheduling algorithms:

[edit] Networking algorithms

[edit] Process synchronization algorithms:

[edit] Scheduling algorithms

[edit] Statistical Algorithms

[edit] Theory of computation and automata

[edit] Other

[edit] See also

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