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WinBuilder 074
Design by Nuno Brito [1]
Latest release WinBuilder 076 / 2009-02-02; 87 days ago [2]
Preview release NA / NA
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Development status current
Type System Diagnostics and Administration
License Freeware

WinBuilder is a free application designed to build and customize boot disks (Live CDs) based on Microsoft Windows.

The main advantage of WinBuilder is the relative ease of use, friendly GUI, and the ongoing community effort to further automate and develop the customization of these boot disks[citation needed].

Boot disks are based on projects and scripts that can produce very different results, depending on the expected result from the end user.


[edit] Currently available projects

  • VistaPE Based on Windows PE 2.0 (included on Windows Vista DVD and WAIK)
  • NativeEx - Small sized Windows XP PE boot disk (~50Mb)
  • LiveXP - Based on nativeEx, contains a large archive of programs targeted for computer repair and administration
  • UXP - Based On Windows XP for making a multiboot CD/DVD which includes The LiveXP and WinRoot ( also for customization of the CD/DVD there are other apps used such as Nlite , etc.
  • PicoXP - Minimalistic 14 MB boot disk based on XP
  • ReactOS live CD - Based on the open-source ReactOS
  • BartPEcore - running bartPE inside a winbuilder environment
  • NaughtyPE - Windows XP PE boot disk with sound support and other multimedia features.

All of these projects are developed and distributed freely and aim to provide an alternative to other popular Live CD distributions based on Linux such as Knoppix, Slax, Damn Small Linux, which are known for their use in rescue or administrative actions on PCs.

New projects are found published on this location:

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