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usb-creator on Ubuntu
Developed by Evan Dandrea and Colin Watson
Latest release 0.1.10
Written in python
Operating system Ubuntu
Development status current
Type Live USB creator
License GNU GPL v3
Website https://launchpad.net/usb-creator

Ubuntu Live USB Creator (usb-creator) is an official tool to create Live USBs of Ubuntu from the Live CD or from an iso image. The tool is already included in Ubuntu 8.10, but can also be installed on Ubuntu 8.04.


[edit] Features

  • Install bootloader to USB device
  • Optional persistence (all changes made to the system are saved, unlike a Live CD)
  • Progress indicator
  • Does not format the device

[edit] Future development

Currently the tool is only available for Ubuntu, but Windows and KDE versions are planned. [1]

However, you can still install this utility through Kubuntu (or other official derivataves, depending on what disc or ISO you select) with the command: sudo apt-get install usb-creator

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